by Olav Phillips

chemtrail-hell1Chemtrails started to come into the public imagination as a conspiracy topic in the mid 1990’s. With the advent of the internet individuals from around the world started to congregate and share data showing strange persistent contrails being emanated from aircraft as they flew overhead. It was a story which grabbed the public imagination and sent shock waves of fear through the populace as theories started to filter through in the public space.

Theories ranged from mind control to depopulation and about everything in between. Websites started to spring up and by the early 2000’s it had become an obsession of many to understand what was going on in the skies overhead. The search was on, who was doing this? Were those military or commercial aircraft? There was a concerted effort to find the squadrons, the pilots and the designers of this thing called chemtrails.

As with many thing conspiratorial the true story starts far before it gripped the international public with panic. It is a story far older and probably more disconcerting then any of the, sometimes outlandish, theories which have been presented to date and like many things the story is probably not as complicated as we, the conspiracy demanding public, want to believe.

carbon_fluxThe story starts in the late 1950’s with a meeting on the American Chemical Society. During that meeting a conscious was reached that industrialization was producing an increase in CO2 and other gasses. It was also discovered by Roger Revelle of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography that the worlds oceans, long thought to be the magnificent air scrubbers of the world could no longer keep up with the amount of ambient gasses building up in the atmosphere. Revelle discovered at the oceans could only deal with a mere 10% of the original estimation. In short we had a problem. As Revelle wrote “Human beings are now carrying out a large scale geophysical experiment of a kind that could not have happened in the past nor be reproduced in the future.” An experiment which would lead to large scale greenhouse effects which would heat up the entire planet amongst other things. In effect Revelle discovered Global Warming.

Welcome to Alternative 1.5 – an audacious plan to geoengineer our planet out of an impending and catastrophic system failure. This was the next logical outcome from the failure of Alternative 1’s Operation Argus/Hardtrak which was designed to vent the gasses to space. It is important to note that Argus did succeed in demonstrating that artificial Van Allen style radiation belts could be generated with high altitude nuclear detonations. A strategy which could deflect oncoming solar radiation or serve to bolster the ever weakening Van Allen radiation belts.



Starting in 1957 there was a rush to solve the problem. Patents started to be filed from US2730402A which represented a aerosol dispersal device to US2908442A which was a method for the dispersion of natural atmospheric fogs and clouds. Eventually a plan seemed to move in the direction of “Solar Radiation Management,” a process by which a reflective material such as aluminum would be scattered at high altitude to change the albedo, or reflectivity, of the Earth causing less light energy to make it to the surface of the Earth. An effect called “Global Dimming.” It should also be mentioned that if over your life span you believe the world has gotten strangely darker you would be correct. As these geoengineering programs are more and more active the surface of the Earth will become darker in order to control and stabilize the global ambient temperature.

o-GEOENGINEERING-RESEARCH-570By the 1970’s more papers and ideas were being written on the subject advocating for the continued use of metallic particles in the upper atmosphere. As time went on the support of this idea continued.

In 1997 Dr. Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb, penned a piece in the venerable Wall Street Journal called “Sunscreen for Planet Earth” where he points out that this is extra-governmental problem which needs to be addressed. An attitude which garnered the support of physicist Freeman Dyson (the man behind the Dyson Sphere concept). But it was a problem detected in the late 1950s and by the time this paper was written the vast geoengineering project was most likely well under way.

So where are we today?
US5104069-1Like many things in the conspiracy universe, we as researchers tend to over complicate the issue. We find a need to make these kinds of programs much more devious and complicated then they really are. I think that’s a natural inborn process of the human mind deciphering the issue. But it is real never the less. I think the simple answer to this question is that we are well into the program. One of the key patents I discovered which leads be to believe this is Patent 5003186 called “Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming.” A very interesting patent which came out of Hughes Aircraft Company in 1990. The patent also references older patents from 1965 and 1988. There is also Patent 5104069  which shows a dispersal system for a jet engine!

This patent appears to be a act of evolution, not revolution, and deals with the types of materials used to produce the global dimming effect. This patent would not necessarily be as useful if the program was not already underway.

Another case in point was research conducted during the groundings after the 9/11 attack. During that time aircraft, except for military aircraft, were grounded across the United States. This presented atmospheric scientists with a unique window into an un-contrail effected sky and the results were staggering. In the hours after the grounding, as the contrails began to dissapte the scientists found a 1.1 degree C increase in ambient ground level temperature over the 1974-2001 recorded numbers. This is important for several reasons. Number one it shows that larger scale geoengineering started in the early 1970’s and the second is that they have been able to stave off at least one degree for almost 30 years. What is also of import is that that one degree represented only 4 days without jet exhaust. If we were to go weeks, months or years the ambient ground temperature would rise more significantly maybe 10 or more degrees. In fact, the reports show that the overall air temperature was 1.8 degrees higher than the previous 6 days. That is a massive increase in temperature. You can read the short report here.

So what does this really mean?
gw_and_gdIf there is a large-scale geoengineering project underway, which I think the 9/11 results prove, it is not a new thing. In fact the artist Prince, in an interview on BET discussed chemtrails and his observation of them as a child in Minnesota. Given his age that would put his observations in the 1970s (Prince was born in 1955 so if we assume he was 15 would place the date around 1970). This project has been underway for at least 30 years or more. Probably early on the aerosol dispersal was on a trail basis which would account for some normal contrails and some persisting contrails. At this point, I would believe whatever additive is being used to produce this phenomenon is generically placed into the jet fuel used since more and more the contrails seem to persist. This would explain why you cannot find a specific culprit because there is none. They are all producing the problem.

It is also important to note that since 2000 Alzheimer’s has increased by 63% and that aluminum in the brain and long-term exposure to aluminum is one factor in the progress of Alzheimer’s. This would coincide with the increased use of metallic, possibly aluminum, particles used as part of the program.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Of course, this kind of project presents a huge problem. On one hand the program, if it exists which I think you can argue, has carried out its mission to stabilize our climate. The bad on the other hand is that it carries with it risks such has Alzheimer’s and other unforeseen catastrophic medical issues like Morgellons, potentially. But the ugly truth is that without it we have an uncertain, even more uncertain, climate problem. At this point climate change is upon us, whether man-made or natural the outcome is the same – the production of a greenhouse environment with wild weather patterns, unreliable resources, and massive heat. I’m not saying chemtrails are good, far from it but what I am saying is what they are – simply an attempt to control the global climate albeit conceived in desperation.

What they are not is a depopulation bomb, mind control, or global toxification. If these were the objectives then mass kills would be far more commonplace and the coverup of such an extensive project would be almost impossible. This program is being concealed in the open and without the willing participation of pilots, ground crews or anyone else. They are a passive delivery agent, that is the very reason finding the culprit has been almost impossible because on a mass scale there is no culprit per say. Things like mind control are more easily executed through the water supply, which contains large amounts of birth control drugs, mood stabilizers, and other things. Your water, which is the ultimate delivery mechanism, is like a pharmacopeia of mood stabilizers, anti-depressants and all kinds of other things.

Good, bad, right, or wrong that is what is it is. Each individual has to make their own assessment of the morality of such an undertaking but the undertaking itself, the program, is probably numerical and amoral in nature. I doubt during those conversations, where ever they were had, the issue of morality or even long-term consequences was discussed. It was probably a purely an analytical discussion of cause and effect. The one thing to keep in mind is that long term this will probably push us into an ice age. I know that sounds crazy, and I will save that for another article but long term I believe we are probably going to head into a ice age which is precisely what Alternative 3 warned us of.

I recognize that stating a view which is in opposition to the conventional and accepted conspiratorial view of chemtrails may not be popular and although I can see why the program exists, and I can rationalize how the program was conceived, I am not endorsing the program itself. My role here is the reporter. As the reporter of facts I exist only to explain what my research has shown. I defer to each reader independently to come to their own conclusions and to establish their own course of action. My own beliefs as to the validity of the program and its objectives are not germane to the conversation, instead, this is a starting point for a much larger problem on our doorstep. If this level of climate engineering exists it is a desperate attempt to stave off an impossible future. I wish I did not have to put in a disclaimer but that is where we are and I’d like to stave off the condemnation and shill comments and keep it to the facts which I think are bad enough.