by Otto O. Binder
Source: SAGA UFO Report Summer 1974

c72d87f139a7b23b385bdcd5e560b254Almost everything about the flying saucer phenomenon is a mystery. But the most baffling question about these strange alien craft that haunt our skies is why have they come to Earth. Do they have a purpose? A mission? A goal?

Are UFOs here simply to observe us scientifically? Or are they secretly digging up some kind of “treasure” in minerals or vital metals? Or preventing nuclear war, planning our conquest, keeping us “quarantined” from contaminating outer space with our warlike tendencies or planning to eventually ” uplift” civilization on Earth? Any number of motives could be thought up to explain their presence by sheer guesswork alone.

But one motive that is much more than guesswork seems to thread its way throughout all UFO data with dramatic impact-the UFOnauts are here to save the Earth from utter catastrophe!

Wild? Incredible? Unbelievable? Perhaps, but let’s examine some very startling statistics and revelations about the Earth itself, indicating that our world may really be heading for disaster.

And if so, we can readily see why the UFO starmen could be concerned and why they might be trying to prevent this catastrophe. As in my two previous articles, they may be leading mankind to the stars (SAGA, March 1972) and preparing earthmen to join the grand “United Worlds” in our galaxy (SAGA’s UFO REPORT, Spring 1974) but they couldn’t do this easily if the human race were wiped out. Hence, their more immediate task would be to stop Earth from being listed in the obituary column of galactic worlds.



That I am not alone in this belief, is borne out by what Gordon Creighton of England, distinguished scientific researcher of UFO phenomena, said after reviewing all the evidence of flying saucers constantly being sighted over or near the major fault lines of Earth: “I regret tohave to say that I think the most probable reason for at least some if not all of the current activities of alien beings in the sky and in the sea and on the surface of our planet is that they are watching some process that is now taking place within the bowels of Earth.” He means that such events taking place within the inner core of our planet represent a potential upheaval on a cataclysmic scale. Creighton implies the aliens are here only to observe the possibly rare cosmic spectacle of a living world meeting doom, whereas there is also the believable premise that they will try to prevent the catastrophe. It seems intellectually irrational that they are cold-bloodedly taking ” grandstand seats” to observe the tragic demise of a civilization of billions of intelligent beings. Surely the flying saucer occupants are not sadists who rush around all over the galaxy to watch inhabited worlds die in agony.

But is Earth really in danger of oblivion through rampaging natural forces? The following facts about our 1planet are on record and can be confirmed. They add up to an alarming pattern that could truly threaten the wholesale annihilation of the human race, or a good part of it, in the all too near future.

  • Since 1904, earthquakes around the world have increased in frequency fourfold.
  • Undersea volcanic activity has steadily risen in quantity and violence.
  • Along with that, there are oceanographic soundings showing that the floor of the Atlantic ocean has been pushing UPward (up to 2,000 feet in some places) as if ancient Atlantis were rising out of the deep.
  • In the past decade, meteorological factors have changed radically, triggering weird weather conditions around the world , including unprecedented droughts, floods, blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, and destructive storms of all kinds. Coupled with this, and being partly the cause, is the very abnormal behavior of our sun in the past two decades, which has had direct and indirect effects on Earth’s atmosphere, the Van Allen radiation belts, and the thermal balance of the entire planet. These solar anomalies are:
  • Between 1956-58, the sun ‘s magnetic field reversed its polarity for the first time in millions of years;
  • Sunspots have increased in number and size to three times normal; and
  • Some of the largest eruptions in the sun’s incandescent surface, called flares, have occurred within the last three years. We can add a third factor that will frighten anyone believing in paranormal powers possessed by human beings:
  • An overwhelming majority of famous psychics or ” seers” (such as Jeane Dixon) have independently predicted that aworldwide holocaust will overwhelm Earth before the year 2000.

Taking each item in turn, let’s see what possible connection there is to UFOs.

Strange Weather

If you do not believe the weather has become steadily more unusual, note these comments:

“It was freakish all over the world in 1972,” states the bulletin of the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ireland, for instance, had the coldest June in 100 years, while Moscow had its hottest summer. Other parts of Russia did not fare so well and ice in the Black and the Caspian Seas stayed a month longer than normal and reached a record-breaking thickness. Spain saw more rain then any time since 1859, and floods wreaked havoc among vineyards, destroying three-quarters of the crop in the La Manchea area.

In July, whirlwinds in Finland blewdown 70 square miles of forest. Gales reached the ” astonishing” force of 160 miles per hour in the Harz Mountains in Germany and swept across northern Europe to kill 54 people and smash thousands of homes. The cold in Canada and its arctic regions “spawned 10 times the average number of icebergs in the western North Atlantic.” Over 48 weather “disasters” struck the U.S., topped by Hurricane Agnes in June with its terrible toll of 122 people killed in five states. Sioux Falls, S.D., recorded 86 degrees below zero in January, the 16west since 1918, while Concordia, Kans., sweated in 86-degree heat a· month later, their highest temperature for 87 years.

On the other side_ of the world during the same time in 1972, India baked in a frightful heatwave that killed 750 people.

On the west coast of Japan wind and rainstorms knocked down 3,300 houses and killed 464 people: In June, an incredible 26 inches of rain set off disastrous mudslides near Hong Kong and many lives were ,lost. Australia paradoxically had seven times as much rain in the east while the west suffered the severest drought in their recorded history. Another freakish contrast was the Rhine River in Germany that dropped to its lowest level in 25 years in October, then rose by November, 34 days later, to a high only reached four times in the past 60 years.

Did the weather return to normal in 1973? Hardly!

The Los Angeles Times of Apr. 21 , 1973, had the headline – WEIRD WEATHER! ” A freak thunderstorm, complete with snow and hail, hit scattered sections of San Diego.” The storm, which crackled and roared for two hours, was completely unexpected according to a “perplexed forecaster” who failed to see it coming.

Texas was ” blitzed” by a series of tornadoes in March 1973, causing PresidentNixon to declare two counties disasterareas. Eight cities were struck by the violent winds, leaving a wide swath of smashed homes, demolished buildings, and scores of dead and injured. It was the worst Texas tornado ever.

Two months later in May, the South and Midwest regions got hit as overheated air began to spin in larger and larger spirals that grew into a roaring monster that swept across the land. Alabama and Arkansas were hardest hit but before it was over, 11 states saw devastation that killed 48 and left untold destruction in its wake. Like a broadside from nature, the raging winds also screeched through Kansas,Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina,and Virginia.

The National Weather Service in Washington tabulated 160 separate tornadoes in the weekend between noon Friday and noon Monday, and labeled it “the worst 72-hour period on record.”

“There has never been in anybody’s memory such a period lasting that number of days,” said Herbert Lieb of the Weather Service.

Had nature done its worst? Had it used up its arsenal of monster storms? Not that anybody could notice! The above storm only marked the halfway point and by September 25th, tornado number 930 set a new all-time record for the number of twisters in the U.S. in any one year. The first few months of 1974 saw no improvement. By all accounts, the tornadoes that ripped through the midwest in early April were the most destructive on record.

Additional weather bureau statistics tell a grim long-range story. From 1916 through 1935, there was an average of 136 tornadoes per year. From 1952 to 1972, however, the annual average had shockingly climbed to 659-almost five times the previous rate. And from 1970 to 1973, the total for each year was over 700, another unwelcome record.

Following in the wake of tornadoes and hurricanes are often equally destructive floods. But even these are dwarfed by the worst of spring floods. In April 1973, the Mississippi River rose higher and higher and then spilled over its banks at hundreds of places. From the Great Lakes down to the Gulf of Mexico, torrential rains fed the Mississippi, Missouri, and all their tributaries. Almost 11 million acres, much of it farmland, was inundated in eight bordering states. More than 30,000 people were evacuated from their homes. At St. Louis, ·Mo., the waters crested at the highest level since 1764. The Yazoo River peaked at 102 feet above sea level, another incredible record.

In perhaps the understatement of the year, Col. John Foley of the harassed U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that was engaged in repairing the damage, said, “This is the wettest spring on record.”

Almost every state was hit hard by the winter of 1972-73 on into the next five months. Snow, rain, and floods created havoc with farm crops and livestock in midwest and southern states. Five states lost a total 207,000 head of cattle. Four states reported delayed planting that would cut their crops by 30 percent. Three states had 33,000 acres underwater after flooding, that were useless for planting the rest of the year.

What is the meaning of all this violent weather? Is it just a freakish year or two or something more significant?

Taking a longer view at the world’s weather picture, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has issued what amounts to a warning: “Drastic changes in the Earth’s climate are now underway,” and the report goes on to say that the main feature of our recent weather in the U.S. has been the way it “jumps around crazily.” One area may have bitterly cold weather one year and mild conditions the next. A drought area will suddenly become flooded. Temperatures will shoot from highs to lows for no reason. But the main factor is that the world’s temperature is slowly but steadily dropping. From this they predict encroaching” glacial conditions ” in the next 100 years that may bring on a new Ice Age.

However, they may be wrong. Long before a century has passed, Earth’s “crazy weather” may increase to insanely destructive weather that will obliterate our civilization.

This alarmist prediction is bolstered by other natural forces that are being unleashed around the world. Impending disaster faces four continents, said scientists at a London conference on meteorology, because of widespread droughts that have struck in the past few years. As a result, because of crop failures and damage, millions of people face near starvation in such areas as Africa, India, and many parts of Asia and Central America.
Another danger sign is that earthquakes and volcanic activity have greatly increased in recent years. As one example, Mount Etna in Sicily erupted in May 1971, pouring rivers of molten lava down its scarred slopes and came close to wiping out several villages. It was the first time since 1928 that Europe’s highest volcanic peak erupted.

Wild weather is difficult for anyone to tame. But erupting volcanoes are specific earthly convulsions that UFOs can focus on and perhaps do something about. At any rate, UFOs are almost invariably reported around active volcanoes, often beforethey erupt. Reports have come infrom Mount Etna, for instance, of hovering shapes in the sky, from the dangerous Trazu Volcano in Costa Rica, and many others around the globe. Today there are no less than 400 active volcanoes on Earth.

But most of the volcano eruptions are unseen, beneath the oceans. There, along the ” World Fault Line” that runs under the Atlantic from north to south and over to the Pacific Ocean, deep-sea volcanoes are increasingly becoming more active. Most of these upheavals occur deep , enough to be smothered by layers of water but occasionally, spumes of ash and hot gases burst through the surface like geysers. Sometimes a tiny new island is formed as an undersea peak pours out enough lava to harden and build itself up to the surface.

In general the world’s volcanic activity is multiplying and adding its bit to the dangerous upheavals of ‘Earth ‘s crust that can culminate in the end of the world as we know it unless UFOs have something to say about it.

And it is quite possible that the undersea domain is as much under ” danger patrol” as Earth ‘s surface. In 1965, when the U.S. Navy carrier Wasp was practicing maneuvers, their sonar sensors suddenly·

picked up unbelievable signals. An unknown submersible of giant size, at a depth far below the range of conventional submarines, was speeding along· at a rate of 200 knots. This same mystery sub was reported a dozen times more by other ships, including Soviet vessels that bewilderedly exchanged information with U.S. units.

On every Navy vessel of that time, there was a MERINT placard that warned all seamen to watch for unidentifiable craft in the air, in the water, or under the sea. A few simple drawings of typical UFOs were included, plus instructions to take careful note of any sighted. The Navy, strangely enough, has always been less reticent than the Air Force in acknowledging the possible reality of flying saucers.

But now it was USOs-Unidentified Submerged Objects. The Navy has accumulated a thick file of such reports through the years, as have various scientists aboard ships engaged in oceanographic research. Sounding devices have repeatedly detected mystery submersibles moving at fantastic speeds and at depths down to 27,000 feet.

Strange objects have also been seen erupting from the ocean amid an immense geyser of water, and then soaring into the sky. Conversely, UFOs of conventional saucer shape have been seen diving into the water. They apparently double as USOs underwater as well as aerial UFOs. One of the most startling sightings was made during the Navy’s Operation Deep Freeze, in Antarctic waters.

A half-mile from an icebreaker, thick ice abruptly cracked open, sending huge chunks flying in all directions. A silvery shape then shot into the sky with steam boiling all around it. Later measurements showed that the thickness of the ice around the new hole was 37 feet deep! We can only surmise how many unseen UFOs are diving constantly into the sea, but we can give an educated guess as to what they do as USOs down in the depths. They’re patrolling the deep-sea fault lines of Earth to somehow quell the increasing number of underwater volcano eruptions that in time might rupture the Earth ‘s crust where it is thinnest at the bottom of the sea.

Solar Phenomena

Another portent of possible Earth upheaval is the sun and its recent strange behavior. In addition to conditions on Earth, and in fact contributing strongly to them, are the recent solar phenomena that have astounded and alarmed scientists.

As mentioned before, the sun’s magnetic field reversed in 1956-58, so that the north and south poles switched position.

Can this occurrence harm our planet?

Decidedly so, for it radically changes the whole pattern of how the solar ” wind” effects our atmosphere and weather. The solar wind is composed of the vast swarm of electrons, protons, and other ions constantly being radiated by the sun. These strike Earth’s Van Allen Belts, create the aurora, are the major part of the ultraviolet shield and ionosphere, and heat up the air and ocean waters. When fluctuations occur in the solar wind, the effects on Earth are often drastic because of the enormous energies involved. As the sun goes, so goes our planet.

The sun ‘s magnetic reversal has a special effect in the way it clashes with Earth’s magnetic field, which has not reversed.
Obviously, the sun’s north magnetic forces which formerly were aligned with Earth’s south magnetic pole now mesh with our north magnetic pole, and vice versa. And as we shall see later using Immanuel Velikovsky’s theories, such electromagnetic inteq1ctions between the sun and its planets may be as strong or even stronger than gravity.

In other words, the solar magnetic reversal may have “jolted” Earth and may still be jolting it in a variety of ways throughout its underground depths. It is comparable to an electric motor switching its magnetic poles which would make it jerk violently.

Another kind of “jolt” from the sun comes from its photosphere (surface) and corona (atmosphere). Such phenomena include solar flares and sunspots.
And again we find that these phenomena have increased in quantity and violence in recent years, and have set new records. On Aug1 7, 1972, astronomers witnessed a tremendous outburst of solar energy; so great that the OSO-7 space vehicle (Orbiting Solar Observatory), reported that the solar eruption released more power in one hour than the entire U.S. could consume in 100 million years.

The temperature of the solar wind that resulted from this eruption was two million degrees-20 times higher than normal. This was accompanied by the appearance of many sunspots, one of which broke all records by having a diameter of 62,400 miles. And all this occured during what was supposed to be the lowest period of the 11-year sunspot cycle!

In 1973, the sun astonished scientists even more. “The flares of last August (1972) were unusual for this time period,” said NASA’s James E. Milligan of Marshall Space Flight Center, “but at least they were limited to just one region. Now (1973) the active regions are popping out all over the place. The sun is just blowing its top!

During three weeks in August/September 1973 there were 24 “active” regions, which displayed two giant X-rayflares, dozens of huge surface flares, and enormous interplanetary magnetic fields that upon reaching Earth caused geomagnetic (lightning) storms, brilliant aurora displays, and disrupted shortwave radio reception.

According to the telescopic observations of the Skylab astronauts of that time, “the sun danced in the sky.” They reported that on September 7th the “big daddy” of all flares occurred, a proton flare that released energy equivalent to 10 times the Earth’s mass. The total power was equal to 100 million major earthquakes.
Is it any wonder, when such colossal radiant energy literally collides with Earth, that our planet receives an enormous jolt that shakes it to its very core? If the sun is hurling out such cosmic “bombs” during its “quiet” period, what will it do when the next maximum sunspot cycle begins in five years? Scientists may not say it publicly, but they must be worried.


Getting back to the Earth itself, we come to the greatest single sign that our planet is entering a period of major upheavals.
And we also encounter definite signs of some sort of UFO activity connected with these dreaded convulsions of the ground under our feet.

As mentioned before, earthquakes are occurring more frequently than ever before,as determined by the worldwide seismological detection system that has been in use for a long time. And their tempo has increased enormously in just the past 10 years. There are over a million minor earth tremors each year, but here is what the official records show as to big earthquakes’ over 7.5 on the Richter scale, which goes up to 10.

Decade / Number of Quakes
1911-1920 / 98
1921-1930 / 163
1931-1940 / 194
1941-1950 / 292
195.1-1960 / 350
1961-1970 / 405

The final figure for the most recent decade plainly reveals the four-fold increase in earthquake activity since early in twentieth century.

Major earthquakes rated as over 7.5 on the Richter scale have increased to around 10 per year since 1970. All big earthquakes are not disasters if they occur in remote regions or under the sea. But if they occur in heavily populated areas they become great tragedies, such as the Chilean quake of early 1973.

More than that, seismologists are discovering mysteries about the recent quakes. One example is the earthquake of April 1973 in Hawaii. An hour before the upheaval occurred, pulling phenomena were recorded. The ionosphere, 50 miles high, that reflects radio waves disappeared. Also, the Navy’s Omega Navigational System, a sophisticated technique of long-wave radio signals for guiding ships at sea “began drifting and making no sense.”

Scientists were quoted as saying, “It’s too much like Buck Rogers – we have no explanation for it yet.” They went on to report that “another peculiar thing about the quake was that our seismographic instruments … kept on vibrating. The ground vibrated for about two hours … whereas it should have died off in about a half hour or 45 minutes. We’re still trying to figure out the reason for this.”

In short, it was a new kind of quake that went ,on too long according to previous knowledge, and had great repercussions in the atmosphere and ionosphere.

We come next to what is either an amazing coincidence or something very significant-the link between UFOs and earthquakes. Immediately before, during, or after every earthquake there is a flurry or “flap” of flying saucer sightings as proved by many records.

  • As far back as 1731, when Florence, Italy, was struck by an earth shock on December 9th, a “luminous cloud disappeared behind the horizon.”
  • Also, the following year on May 22nd, when another shock came, the authorities reported that “several weeks before the shock, globes of light had been seen in the air.”
  • During the English earthquake of 1816, the press reported that “a large luminous body, bent like a crescent, was seen.”
  • In 1923 strange “lights” were observed in the sky during the Japanese quake of September 1st.
  • During the quake in France of 1954, a “bright flash” and a “fiery disk” were seen.
  • At another earthquake in 1954, which struck Algeria, witnesses reported, ” immense numbers” of UFOs passing high over the land and reappearing for weeks afterward.
  • Five UFOs shaped like “black tadpoles” visited the scene of a British quake of 1957.

And various kinds of UFOs have constantly hovered over the ill-famed San Andreas Fault of California since 1896.

From Pereiro, a small town in Brazil, comes the most telling evidence of all, linking UFOs and earthquakes. Since 1968, a series of tremors has plagued the region , always accompanied by tremendous thunderclaps and giant bluish-green fireballs either shooting over or stopping to hover. Oddly enough, the fireballs always appear three hours before each earth shock. More than 30,000 people have witnessed these events in that general region. Avalanches, too, seem to attract the attention of UFOs as reported by people at Puente del Inca who saw shining lights hanging in the sky.

The clincher to all this is that UFO researchers have examined a massive portion of all flying saucer reports through the years and came to the conclusion that 40 percent of all UFO sightings occurred along Earth ‘s known fault lines.

Fault lines are those portions of the Earth’s crust which are in a state of imbalance, as determined by seismological instruments.
At least 90 percent of all earthquakes occur in those areas. The main fault lines of earth are:

  • Throughout Indonesia and the islands of the South Pacific;
  • From Malay north along the coast of China;
  • All of Japan and its chain of islands, extending on to the Aleutians and Alaska;
  • In Europe, from the Mediterranean eastward into Turkey, Iran and Iraq, to the Himalayas; and
  • Last but far from least, along the entire western coast of North and South America, from northern Canada down to Chile.

It looks very much as if there is a UFO “Peace Corps” (see SAGA, March 1972) that patrols the fault lines of Earth, already knowing of increased earthquake activity, and hopefully planning to do something about it.

We have a strange clue in a book written by Capt. Bruce Cathie of Australia (HARMONIC-33). In it he develops a cogent theory, backed up by intricate calculations, that UFOs are building or reconstructing from ancient times – a “grid” around our entire planet. The “grid” is composed of “energy receptors” buried deep in the Earth. The completed grid, Captain Cathie believes, will draw enormous’ energy from within Earth, either to utilize it in some mysterious way or to siphon off dangerous energy pools underground.

As Captain Cathie says: “The Earth continues to move around the great year-circle (solar orbit), and other places will face disaster (referring to Atlantis) unless the UFO crews complete the rebuilding of the grid in time to stop more devastation. Under those circumstances, I am glad they are around, and the sooner the work (on the grid) is completed, the better.”

By means of magnetometers and other  instruments, Cathie states he has discovered a few of the grid ‘s ” nodal points” which are devices buried deep underground or undersea. His theory ties in strongly with the cirthotenic straight lines of French engineer Aime Michel, one of the most respected names in UFOlogy. (Orthotenic lines are the plotted courses and geographical positions of sightings, indicating that they all converge at certain “nodes” along Earth’s great circles the same keynote as in Cathie’s worldwide “grid.”

Let’s turn now to another clue to impending Earth doom that is less material but may, for all we know, be the most certain the predictions of psychics and seers. Edgar Cayce, famed “Sleeping Prophet,” psychic healer and master of ESP phenomena, predicted the following (in which the end of the known world and the end of the 20th Century coincide):

  • Earth breaking up in western America, engulfing California completely;
  • Land to appear off the East Coast and especially near Florida. This being the rising of ancient Atlantis;
  • Northern Europe “will be changed in the winking of an eye, ” meaning that the topography will completely change with mountains moving, land sinking, and all waters overflowing;
  • Vast upheavals in the polar regions and volcano eruptions in the torrid zones will result from a shifting of Earth ‘s poles;
  • Such coastal cities as Los Angeles and New York, and many others, will be destroyed and vanish completely.

Cayce is not alone in his chilling predictions. Today’s seers almost seem to be trying to outdo one another, yet they are deadly earnest, claiming higher knowledge through paranormal powers.

Britain’s famed John Pendragon, before his death in 1970, predicted that ‘The cities of the Atlantic coast (in theU.S.) from Boston to Baltimore will be wiped out . . . I have already published my predictions on London being partially underwater, and the lowlands of England being submerged.” Other parts of the world, he predicted, would be equally devastated in a worldwide holocaust. In line with the above are the glimpses into the future, via “precognition,” claimed by Countess Amaya of Puerto Rico, who states: ” People should prepare for widespread disasters. Earthquakes, famine, plagues, and a shifting of the Earth ‘s polar system is starting. Our planet is under considerable stress . . . pressure is building up to create massive destruction in the future.”

Bertie Catchings of Dallas, Tex., acclaimed as the “Psychic of the Southwest,” foresees major catastrophes including great earthquakes that will crumble much of Earth’s surface, huge tidal waves that will drown millions, and hurricanes ravaging large areas.

Dr. Ernesto Montgomery of California envisions earthquakes starting as “a deep subterranean roar. The noise will be so terrible that many people will die from shock. The Earth will twist and great, enormous cracks will suddenly open up. Entire cities .. . and towns will plunge downward into a dark, bottomless chasm.”

Ted Owens, who avows he is the voice of the SIS (Space Intelligences in UFOs):

“Earth changes in the future will be utterly shocking .. . vast forces are bulging up throughout the world. The destruction (from earthquakes] will be utterly fantastic; the loss of lives and property unimaginable, He also predicts that the forces of “outraged nature” will join in the destruction of mankind, including animals, birds, and insects.”

Other seers are Malva Dee of Canada, Joseph De Louise of Chicago, Ill., Harold Shroeppel of Oak, Park, Ill., Dr. Ingrid Sherman of Yonkers, N.Y., Del St. Clair of Missouri, and Ruth Zimmerman of Chicago, to mention a few. The really peculiar thing is that they almost unanimously express the same thought a cataclysmic fate for Earth in public without hedging.
All of them have been uncanny in predicting events such as assassinations and unexpected political changes. Some have been tested scientifically in parapsychology laboratories and have proved their psi powers are real.

It makes one shudder to hear dozens of people who can (as proved) look into the future and have them all tell you they see the same horrendous event the end of the world as we know it. Even Jeane Dixon sees an end to our civilization, in part or entirely.

And to top it all off, the famed Nostradamus of centuries ago, according to certain interpretations, clearly foresaw that cities would crumple in the 20th Century.
Scientists consider predictions of world catastrophes as silly scare-mongering, but a Russian geophysicist named Belouzov startled the International Geophysical Congress held in Helsinki, Finland, in 1960, by boldly saying there is scientific evidence that the Earth is headed for another spell of immense geophysical upheaval within the lifetimes of some now living. He bases his gloomy prediction on the fact that vast quantities of magna (Earth’s molten interior) are now on the move, which will cause titanic upheavals involving vast areas of our planet.

And this brings up the big question. Are all the psychics and seers wrong and the scientists right? The scientific establishment in general tenaciously adheres to the long-held doctrine of “gradualism” which sees Earthly geological changes as occurring through eons of time, without violence. Mountains take 50 million years to rise, oceans change the shape of coastlines so gently that bordering settlements are never endangered but simply move away, earthquakes and volcanic activity are nicely spread throughout thousands of years so that there is little threat to human beings.

However, directly opposed to this cheerful picture is the ominous “Cat as trophic Theory” of Immanuel Velikovsky. A controversial figure since 1950, Dr. Velikovsky exploded a bombshell among scientists by stating the theory that vast Earth changes do not take millions of years but often happen like a thunderclap in mere hours or days. He pointed out that the myths of all peoples around the world in ancient times invariably tell of the Great Flood, quite like the Bible with its story of Noah and the Ark. Further evidence are the stories in the Bible of entire cities destroyed, nations wiped out, and “hosts” killed. Every culture in our ancient past has similar accounts of massive annihilation. Another point Velikovsky brings up is that at times paleontologists are amazed when they dig up enormous heaps of animal bones 40 million specimens at a time that became extinct virtually overnight.

From these and other telling clues, Velikovsky makes statements that are shocking to orthodox science: “There were civilizations like ours (in the past) that were destroyed. We see that these  so called Old Bronze Age of ancient Egypt was destroyed in universal catastrophes…”

And so, too, he predicts, our world and our civilization can someday fall before the mighty forces of rampant nature gone wild as the entire face of the Earth is totally changed.

Velikovsky is only the latest (and best) of the “cataclysmists.” Other famed scientists espoused this anti-gradualism concept, such as J. Andre DeLuc in 1779, Georges Cuvier in 1812, also Dolomleu, Escher, Forel, and Von Bue-all renowned geologists.

Said Cuvier in no uncertain terms: “It is of much importance to mark that these repeated eruptions (of the land) and retreats of the sea have been neither slow nor gradual; on the contrary, most of the catastrophes which have occasioned them have been sudden…”

Now then, we reach a jarring thought – if UFOs are here to save our world, why didn ‘t they save those lost civilizations of the past? Perhaps they did, at least to a limited extent. Obviously, the human race is still going and was never wiped out completely. Also, Velikovsky cites Earth upheavals occurring on two occasions only 10,000 and 23,000 years ago, which were “limited” in scope and did not cause worldwide destruction of civilization.

Did the UFO “Good Samaritans” begin their Earth-saving practices long ago? Have they in effect been perfecting their techniques of quelling disruptive forces within our planet? And this time will they succeed in staving off the kind of major disaster that periodically overwhelmed the world?

This may be sheer speculation, except for one factor in the UFO mystery that seems to prove they have already saved the world from one kind of doom-man-made doom. And this was from one of the results of atomic bomb tests that the U.S. and Russia so recklessly carried out after 1945 up until the test ban treaty.
Why did the alarmed predictions of certain scientists, that radioactive contamination of the air would wipe out millions of lives, never come about? One scientific quote of that time, out of many was: ”The multimegaton bombs being carelessly, and criminally, exploded in the atmosphere will bear a fearful harvest within a year, as poisonous fallout residues settle down all over Earth with the rain .” Those doom-prophet scientists were probably as surprised, and overjoyed, as anyone else when such a ” nuclear massacre” did not happen, even though it seemed mathematically and biologically certain.

The vital clues are the “green fireballs.” They first appeared during the fall of 1948, just when our atomic tests in New Mexico and Nevada began regularly with larger and larger plutonium fission bombs-the kind that release vast quantities of radioactive fallout.

The mysterious large and small green fireballs blazed across the skies year after year and in 1951 reached a crescendo when nine huge and brilliant ones were reported. They were seen by at least 165 qualified witnesses who were all Air Force or technical men associated with the many atomic installations in the Southwest. The Pentagon quickly became interested, and no doubt alarmed, and Project Twinkle was established in 1949 to determine what the amazing green objects were. The project’s scientific staff never did find out nor issue any final conclusions.

What were the green fireballs? Could those blazing objects, as many scientists shrugged, merely be unusual meteors or meteorites?

The data completely refuted this in several undeniable ways…

  • Their color was the green of ” burning copper,” and copper particles discovered in the air at that time were 10 times normal in quantity. Meteorites which fall to Earth contain little or no copper.
  • Meteorites travel in a downward curve or trajectory and often strike the ground. The green fireballs traveled in straight lines overhead, and never landed, usually fading out or exploding in mid-air without any pieces falling to Earth.
  • Meteorites that explode aboveground make a thunderous detonation heard for dozens of miles. The green fireballs exploded silently.
  • Meteorites never fail to appear year after year. The green fireballs virtually disappeared after 1952.

Then came another explanation off the scientific cuff – they were ball lightning.
This theory also fell with a dull thud upon closer inspection of the data. Lightning balls have never been seen as huge as the green fireballs, nor can they last longer than 15 minutes. Some green fireballs blazed across several states and stayed aloft far longer. Finally, ball lightning can only appear during an electrical storm or at the end of a thunderstorm. The green fireballs appeared il’.l clear skies with no visible storm in sight.

But the quotes of scientists themselves are of sufficient weight to dispel any confusion between meteorites and green fireballs.
Lincoln LaPaz, the government investigator sent to solve the mystery, was told of the nine big fireballs of 1951 andsaid that “A fall of nine bright meteorites in a year (over one certain area) would be considered exceptional.” The nine green fireballs all appeared in a period of three weeks over an area restricted to five southwestern states.

In LIFE magazine of Apr. 7, 1952, two scientists apparently groping for any reasonable explanation of the phenomena, were finally quoted as· saying : “They are not distortions of the atmosphere resulting from atomic activity. Nor are they aberrations of the Northern Lights. Magnetic disturbances cannot ‘account for them.” At that point there was nothing left to suggest.

If we link the relatively brief period of green fireball sightings (1948-1952), with their geographical location in the southwestern U.S. near atomic installations, plus the many UFO sightings all over that area, we can either marvel at the fantastic coincidence-or believe that the UFOs created the green fireballs for some purpose.
What was this purpose?

In plain and simple terms (as believed by many serious UFOiogists) the green fireballs were created to cleanse the atmosphere above atomic test sites and to absorb radioactive fallout before it spread around the world. This explanation has been reported many times over from “contactees” (people who claim to have met UFO occupants) and also by earthbound psychics who report ESP messages from the “Space Brothers” in UFOs. If we tend to frown at such “dubious” sources of information, let’s remember the previous “doomsday” psychics whose ESP powers have been authenticated information received paranormally cannot be that easily discounted. One such highly respected psychic in California was Mark Probert.

Among the many communications he supposedly received from “higher entities” guarding Earth are these words: “The Guardians are doing all they can under cosmic law to help men of earth They send these green balls of light into the atmosphere to help neutralize dangerous atomic radiations. They (the fireballs) gather the radiation and convert it to forms less dangerous to the human body.”

There we have it. Frightened scientists in 1945 making clear-cut calculations and fully expecting worldwide death from fallout, then this catastrophe astonishingly failing to come to pass after the phenomenon of the green fireballs in the southwest atomic testing grounds of the U.S. After having already saved the world once, are the humanitarian UFOnauts about to save it twice? This time from geological disaster?

In conclusion, let me quote from a tape I received from Norma Cathy (the same sensitive who sent me the data for my article “Psychic Pearl Harbor,” SAGA, October 1971 ). She explains that she receives these messages by clear telepathy from the Space Brothers and jots down the words somewhat like a “secretary.” They call her one of their “channels” of communication.

Totally untrained in science or technology, Norma produces texts containing highly technical details, many tinged with unearthly phraseology. In one long tract, of which only a small part can be presented here in paraphrased  form, she conveys the following revelations concerning UFO activities on Earth as carried out by landed saucers and their crews.

The date is August 1969.

Greetings, Channel 88 !

The Space Brothers contact you once again.

As you know, we have established our laboratories on other planets of your solar ,system , also on high plateaus on Earth. Today we are holding a meeting in a hidden spot southeast of Reno, Nev. We formerly cleansed your atmosphere of radioactive poisons, (sic) and now we are neutralizing the dangerous effects from the tests of nuclear blasts underground carried out by your scientists.

We have also attempted to curb adverse weather conditions by using huge vacuum chambers that will stabilize the atmosphere. But it will take time and meanwhile expect an increase in. lightning storms around your world.

But a more serious matter before our council is that unchecked forces are building up in your world’s interior between the molten core and the crust.

Earth is suffering from a lack of balanced fields of force in the solar system. All planetary orbits are now imbalanced due to gravity clashing with space magnetic bottles (probably interplanetary magnetic fields produced by solar flares). We are seeking stabilization by placing bands or rings of protective energy [like the Van Allen Belts?] around the Earth.

But we must attack the problem in different ways. Down on Earth itself we have already placed damping forcefields around fault lines which are producing earthquakes. We also follow your planet’s magnetic lines of force to map large mineral deposits which bisect the transition power zones. For the purpose of studying and preventing or subduing such Earth shocks, we have established large workshops underground.
In them, devices are made which neutralize Earth movements below ground in several ways.

1) We have placed cone-shaped thermal sensors-somewhat like huge thermometers-at strategic points to record all shifts of heat-power within Earth.
2) We also have “rods” recording Earth vibrations and underground lava migrations that may mean trouble.
3) Our “optiscope” is like a telescope but gives us distant observations through solid rock. A vision beam is projected at right angles to provide 4D images deep down.
4) Among the methods used to quell earthquakes are the ultrasonic technique (high-pitched sound waves) and the molecular fusion of crystals that you call gems.

If our project succeeds, we will gradually gain control over earthquakes and other destructive forces of inner-Earth, and thus prevent what would otherwise be worldwide catastrophe for your people. Our target time is fairly close, about one human generation ahead.

Contact over. Farewell for now, Channel 88.

Previously, Norma Cathy correctly predicted the vast upsurge of psychic research in the Soviet Union, which some scientists fear will mean uncanny forces used by the Soviets against the Western world.

Is her new message equally valid?
The weird and wild weather of recentyears … the alarming Increase in earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and other natural disasters … the abnormal behavior of the sun, affecting Earth . . . the statistical fact that 40 percent of all UFO sightings are along Earth’s fault lines . . . the near urianimity of the doomsday seers… and the message of Norma Cathy, among others, from the Space Brothers… all of them point, if our interpretation is  right, to the possibility of mankind being ann ihilated or at least the eclipse of our civilization before the end of the 20th Century.

It is disturbing to find another corroboration, even if indirect, in how the activities of flying saucers and of the occupants of landed UFOs fit into this theme. It.tends to explain the following:

The “pointless” way UFOs will sometimes hover over one area for hours as if seeking trouble spots in Earth ‘s interior; The intense “searchlight” beams they shine straight down to the ground…and maybe into the ground to perhaps detect or correct Earth slips; The widespread electromagnetic effects that cutoff car lights, radios, and engines, which may be an accidental by-product of their applying powerful electric magnetic forces underground; “Heat rays” that have at times inadvertently burned human witnesses whose real purpose m~ be some thermal operation in the soil or rock below; The many times UFOnauts stepping from their landed craft carry various strange instruments that sparkle or click . .. which may be sensors to check on underground conditions that may be dangerous; and the many conversations, verbal or telepathic,that are reported in contactee cases in which Earth is warned about nuclear explosions, ‘imminent holocausts,and a “new age” may not be hallucinations. . . but could be bona fide revelations from the “guardians” in flying saucers.

Sheer speculation, possibly. But it ties in remarkably with the evidence for the Earth-saving motive as the best possible reason why UFOs are here.