by Otto Binder

Why is it that all reports of UFO sightings describe different craft every time? Some may be superficially similar, such as the common “saucer” or disk shape, but the details are never alike. Why, when witnesses describe the UFO occupants, are no two creatures ever the same? The “little men” may often be described as wearing “spacesuits,” but in other details, the similarity ends. Which leads to a third question: Discounting the “spacesuits,” why is the garb of the ufonauts unique, and never seen on any other occupant?

Why does each occupant, according to witnesses’ testimony, speak a distinctive language unduplicated by other ufonauts? Or, if the ufonaut uses some Earth language, why does he have an individual accent never before heard? Why do the occupants of UFOs claim they are from various worlds, never naming or describing the same one twice?

For the uninitiated who are not too familiar with the many facets of the UFO phenomenon, there may be slight exceptions to this recorded data about the creatures and their flying saucers. But all ufologists will agree that these points are overwhelmingly true in at least 99 percent of the cases that have been reported around the world since the flying saucer controversy began in 1947.

Now, what is the meaning of such a random conglomerate of sightings not having the slightest common denominator? Perhaps there is an “uncommon” denominator. The very fact that there is no common thread leads squarely to my premise. The only logical answer to the above haphazard disparities in UFOs is that ufonauts come from different worlds in space, with different evolutions, different cultures, and different technologies.

Let’s run down the list of the incredibly different items relating to UFOs, which has made the phenomenon as mystifying as a disordered dream. It can be positively stated that no two flying saucers sighted on Earth have ever been identical in all details. Ufologist John Keel points out that out of several hundred UFO photos, not more than a dozen include shapes that are essentially alike. As for detailed witness reports, no two are ever alike.



Even the most common saucer shape comes in a bewildering variety, from “two pie plates stuck together” to a “flattish disk” to a “lens” shape, sometimes with sharp edges, and sometimes with broad edges that have small “windows.” They may have a dome on top, or a “hump” with portholes; a “housing” may project from the bottom, or three or four “landing legs.” The color and texture of the hull may be white, dull gray, aluminized, pitted, striped, or even translucent, and so on.

Sometimes they appear in a “mist” and look “hazy” in outline; other times, they are sharply defined. During flight, they may display any color in the spectrum, in any order. Or they may not be luminous at all. They may be equipped with intensely powerful searchlights, with ”running lights” that sometimes blink on and off, with round or square or triangular portholes, with knobs and protuberances of every kind, even with unconnected ”Saturn” rings whirling around them.

Most are noiseless at a distance, yet others will sound like “wind rushing,” “an electrical generator,” a “siren’s wail,” or the “hiss of sparks.” Reading through several hundred reports, you will never find the same description twice.

The overall structural forms of UFOs include an amazing assortment of shapes. This writer, from reports he has collected through the years, has come up with the following UFO forms: potato-shaped crescent; saw-toothed ball skull; kite-like teardrop; cross with dome spool or spindle globe with antennae; doorknob wedge; drum-winged torpedo; humped scow; giant wheel; diamond boomerang; “Christmas tree.”

These types reflect the probability of the infinite number of different technologies involved. Of course, it may be that many advanced civilizations in other galaxies have discovered and utilized the same basic principles – such as how to fly faster than light by using a space warp technique – but their application of it can involve quite different power plants requiring varied internal mechanisms and hulls.

Here we come to the true mind-boggling diversity of the strange beings who land their flying saucers on Earth and are seen by human witnesses. As with their craft, no two ufonauts (except, of course, those in the same party) have ever been described as alike. They can be divided into five general categories: “little men”; giants; robots; monster-men; and humanoids.

Let’s start with the Little Men. There are over 600 reports of UFOs that have landed, and 400 included occupants that emerged from their craft. Of these, about 70 percent, or 280, involved sightings of men or creatures who are below average human height – anywhere from one to four-and-a-half feet tall. Not only do their heights vary, but so do every other facet of their bodies, faces, limbs, and mannerisms.

The following compilation leaves out such things as time, place, and witnesses, and concentrates only on the astoundingly different kinds of beings of short stature that have emerged from their space vehicles to amaze human witnesses. The sightings range from 1950 to date, although a few occurred before that. The encounters took place in many parts of the world, notably the U.S., Brazil, France, Spain, Scandinavia, and the Far East.

Here is a list of the Little Men (who are definitely little, but questionably men), either the color of their skins or their overall clothing: black or blue; bearded with green skin and hair; shining yellow eyes, black face, and glowing green torso; outfits that look like potato bags; fish-scale skin; legs with golden glow; striped clothing; bright red faces; pure white skin.

There are also many kinds of anatomical features: dwarfs; hairy bodies; glowing orange eyes; misshapen bald head; no arms; slit mouth; nostril holes; three-fingered hands; shriveled face; white hair; pumpkin head; eight-fingered hands; large chests; huge heads; furry, clawed hands; thin, hooked nose; heads like potatoes; one-eyed; elephantine ears; fingerless hands; twisted legs.

But the following are real mind-blowers that must have seemed utterly fantastic to the unfortunate people who happened to stumble on them. One “being” was described as having a “phosphorescent chest.” Another as being egg-shaped, flabby, with webbed hands. Then there was the tiny creature that was transparent as a ghost, but nevertheless stepped out of what seemed to be a solid metal craft. But what would you think of a midget creature having the right side of his chest much larger than the left, and his right arm longer than his left! Or how would you like to meet a three-foot high “shrub” with a single glaring eye?

But one of the strangest reports came from Malaysia, where six schoolboys described seeing a soup plate-sized flying saucer land. Out of it stepped five “Lilliputians” only three-inches high! They seemed to have “rayguns” and one of them shot at a boy, hitting him in the leg that raised a small red welt, which was later examined. The story at this point might seem pure imagination among young schoolboys, except that in the following days, the same “mini-men” were reported by many adults.

And of course evolution, if applied on a galactic scale, could conceivably produce tiny intelligent creatures only inches high on some odd world. The three-foot-tall little men and giant-sized ufonauts make it clear that the human size of five to six feet is not necessarily the “norm” throughout the universe.

Another group of little men had the ability to levitate and fly, according to the witnesses. Some could “glide” over the ground without moving their legs, while others “floated” around with no visible support. A few actually flew as quickly as birds, but without wings. At least one little man shot straight up in the air and vanished, as if to meet a UFO hovering in the sky. These flying tricks, sheer “magic” to our 20th century eyes, may be forms of psychic levitation that will be practiced by everyone in the 22nd century.

In keeping with our original premise, we again have no running thread linking any of the Little Men together as denizens of the same world. There are vicious little dwarfs, who attack human witnesses; others who are smiling and good-natured; those that are shy and scamper back to their craft as soon as they are seen; others who apparently were startled, and blasted some kind of “paralysis beam” at witnesses; some, in turn, who walked up and talked pleasantly to people (usually in the witness’ own tongue); and still others who completely ignored their human observers and went on collecting rocks or plants.

If we think that these reports of “little men” represent the uncorroborated stories of single witnesses, or two witnesses who are unreliable, let’s examine one of many cases with multiple witnesses that is extremely difficult to discredit. The place is Hopkinsville, Kentucky, during August 21st and 22nd, 1955. Eight adults and three children of the Sutton family were all participants in the frightening events that began on the eve of August 21st, when one of the men, on his way to a well for water, saw a UFO land.

Thereafter, throughout the night, “little men” kept coming to the house as if trying to get in, and were only driven back by rifle and shotgun fire. The terrifying visitors were described as “specter-like,” and only three to three-and-a-half feet tall. They were more inhuman than “humanoid,” with huge elephantine ears, slitlike mouths extending from ear to ear, and enormous eyes. No neck was visible, and their arms were very long, with clawed hands. They stood upright, but dropped to all fours when running.

Sometimes the devilish little creatures “floated” around, and several perched on the roof at one time. But the most mind-staggering thing of all occurred when one of the Sutton men fired a shotgun point-blank at one “being” outside a window. The mini-monster was knocked back by the blast, but then got up and scuttled away, entirely unhurt.

There are dozens of such lurid, mind-numbing cases in UFO files, and probably 10 times as many that were never reported for fear of ridicule. Yet there was never a single repetition of the Hopkinsville event, as to the UFO seen, what the occupants were like, and how they acted. Like all other UFO visitations, it stands unique, a one-time-only experience that occurred nowhere else on Earth.

The clothing of the little men can be divided into two broad groups: those that wear space suits and those that don’t. Presumably, the first group cannot breathe our air and must wear sealed suits just as our astronauts do on the Moon. Yet even these “suits” differ from one ufonaut to another; some are silvery, some dull, some with fish-globe helmets, blackened visors, and a variety of strange “gadgets” hung on belts. No single description of these “suits” coincides with any other report.

The garb worn by the Little Men who apparently can breathe our air are also infinitely varied, as if a product of widely divergent cultures. Among them is this fantastic wardrobe of colorful garments and ensembles: one-piece coveralls of various colors and patterns; billed caps (worn by beings two feet high with yellow faces); dressed all in red; in a stiff “iron” suit; a garment looking like layers of tires; a grayish suit that constantly radiated flashes of light; shiny metallic suits of golden color with no buttons or zippers; green suits with shiny buttons; gloves whose tips glowed; black leather pants with white jerseys; blue coveralls with high collars; helmets with spikes.

Other costumes included monklike garb, speckled clothing, and skintight outfits – almost every conceivable kind of apparel known, or unknown, to this world. One cannot picture all the ufonauts, if they are from one world, wearing such Mardi Gras haberdashery without one single standardized item. All this proves that our space visitors must have originated on as many worlds as there are little men, their costumes, and their UFOs.

The overall numbers of humanoid occupants is much less than the small beings. It includes the man-sized saucer men emerging from landed UFOs, who seem as human as us. They are the same general height, and have human facial features. But here the similarity ends. The same anomalies that apply to the little men (variety of craft, costumes, and characteristics) also apply to “normal” ufonauts.

Generally, they are not clad in spacesuits. Their costumes vary from simple robes to nondescript baggy or skintight garments, always in different styles and colors. Their hair often seems to be long – often down to the shoulders. Very few women are mentioned in reports, as if these other worlds tend to be male dominated, excluding females from space exploration.

In certain cases, these manlike visitors are accompanied by Little Men, as if they are in “partnership.” Why? Assuming they are from two different worlds, it may be that the Little Men have invited the “human” people along, in order to provoke less fright on Earth when they are seen.

Some of the man-sized visitors, however, are not human-like. Reports reveal one alien with very white skin – much whiter than is known on Earth – pus a high-domed head, as if having enormous brain capacity. Another grotesque note is that he had bulging eyes like a frog. Other “human” beings have had long beards down to their waists, extraordinarily long arms, “electrified hair,” and other physical oddities.

One could easily believe that each of these beings comes from a different world, because no two have the same costumes, hairstyles, complexions, manners, speech, or craft. It might be noted that in most of the contactee stories where witnesses have supposedly taken rides in flying saucers or visited the aliens’ home worlds, the beings are described quite differently in every case. Nor do they come from the same worlds, as plainly stated by the ufonauts.

A rather rare category of ufonauts are the robots. Witnesses often describe these creatures as having “stiff” movements and angular lines, quite unlike living beings. These strange entities range from “little machine-men” to stumpy objects that waddle along without flexing their legs or bending their arms, to small mechanical ufonauts that glide or float.

“There was fire coming out of its eyes, and the head was square like a machine,” one woman said about the weird creature she saw beside a landed UFO. When a South American truck driver was forced into a ditch by a huge UFO that blocked the road, he was stunned to see three giant robots emerge, 12 to 15 feet tall. They wore helmets with antennae like the horns of snails.

In one of the weirdest cases of all (thoroughly investigated by ufologists who eliminated any suspicion of fraud or hoax), a man out hunting was treed by two man-sized beings accompanied by a huge black “robot” with glowing orange eyes and a rectangular mouth. The queerest thing of all was that this robot could spray fumes or gases from its mouth, which wafted up to the treed man, causing nausea and temporary blackouts.

Evidently, the robot was trying to get the man down for his two “masters,” but failed. By morning, the entities gave up and left. The man stumbled back to his hunting companions, one of whom said he saw a glowing UFO land the night before, just when the whole affair started.

One creature seemed to be a strange combination of a living entity and a robot. It was described as moving with jerky, mechanical motions. The stiff legs did not bend at the knees, yet it had a slender build and a mop of straggly brown hair. We can logically assume that some worlds do not send their living explorers to Earth, but use robots instead. However, apparently the aliens seem to have perfected mechanical observation “vehicles” in the form of living creatures!

Yet again, our premise holds; no two robots are ever alike, and presumably have been sent here from different worlds.

The list of alien entities in the “Giant” category is much shorter than those in other categories, but nevertheless they have been reported often enough to lend credence to the presence of oversized ufonauts on Earth. Most of them are barely “humanoid” – that is, possessing two arms and legs, and the usual facial features, distorted though they may be. Beyond that they become grotesque.

The following cases are typical‚Ķ A report of a giant man 11 feet tall, in a white suit, who seemed to crackle with electricity. The creature finally shot straight up into the sky and vanished. A giant man 10 feet tall, wearing a white robe like a monk. His form was translucent at times; the witnesses could see through him. Another giant of unspecified height was said to be “conical” in shape, and dark like a shadow.

From South America (where the majority of giant entities have been seen) there is the report of three seven-foot-tall beings wearing inflated, transparent suits, possessing huge eyes, large bald heads, no eyebrows, and very long legs. From Brazil comes the story of two humanlike giants who were no less than 18 feet tall, dressed in brilliant red costumes. A witness in Argentina described a dark man, 10 feet tall with bushy black hair, who emitted a thunderous yell that scared the witness senseless.

One subcategory of giants includes those without the normal number of eyes. For instance, in Brazil, a being seven feet tall, wearing a helmet, with very red skin appeared. The most striking feature, almost blowing the witnesses’ minds, was that he had one huge eye in the middle of his forehead.

In Argentina, five “Martians” emerged from a landed UFO, each about seven feet tall, and with a single eye. A man on a motorcycle in Argentina nearly crashed as he observed a tall creature with a “melon head” and no less than three eyes, which stared at him unblinkingly. This completely unnerved the man, especially when his motorcycle engine died. The fearsome entity then walked away, and the engine started again.

Although these giant creatures seem to predominantly “haunt” South America, they have also been reported everywhere else in the world. They seem “alien” in two senses: they come from another world and are totally nonhuman. Still, they could very well represent highly intelligent beings that only look “monstrous” in our eyes – as monstrous as we may appear to them.

Those in the Monster-Men category go beyond mere giant beings, who are still partially humanoid, to creatures who are entirely unlike ourselves. They comprise a surprising number of reported UFO entities, of which one subgroup are the winged or flying creatures. The first case, as discovered by John Keel, goes back to 1880, and was extensively reported in newspapers of the time. A man with bat’s wings and frog-like legs flew over Coney Island, New York, using a motion like a frog swimming through water.

In 1922, a farmer in Nebraska swore he saw a “magnificent flying creature,” eight feet long, which flew over and then landed in the snow “like an airplane.” It almost sounds like a mechanical device or aerial robot shaped like a man.

In 1948, three men dressed in “Buck Rogers” suits flew at an altitude of 250 feet, over two witnesses, without rocket tubes or any other visible propulsion device. They were “wingless” flying men.

A strange “birdman” was reported in 1953, and was watched for some time by various witnesses, both in flight and standing on the ground. He was six-and-a-half feet tall, wearing a black cape, skintight pants, and boots. Two wings at his shoulders propelled him through the air.

But that “birdman” gave way, in 1966, to an even more bizarre creature that came to be known as “Mothman.” He was seen in West Virginia dozens of times by dozens of witnesses, from September 1966 to November 1967. Almost all the witnesses agree on the creature’s general appearance. The following comes from data gathered by John Keel:

Up to seven feet tall; much broader than a man; its clothing (or skin) was gray, and perhaps furry; in some cases, it seemed to have no head at all; eyes were three inches wide, luminous, and fiercely red; arms were replaced by two batlike wings that spread at least 10 feet across; the wings did not flap in flight, but were extended sideways like rigid airplane wings; it flew at fantastic speeds, up to 100 miles per hour when chasing cars.

All these sightings were in West Virginia except for a few in Ohio and Kentucky. But oddly enough, in Kent, England in 1963 – before Mothman in America – a creature amazingly similar was seen.

In most of the (U.S.) sightings, there was no landed UFO seen. But almost every time, there were reports of a UFO flying around the area just before the Mothman appeared. From this we can infer that this winged monster-man was indeed another visitor from outer space. The fact that the wingspread was far too small to aerodynamically support any man, and that the wings never flapped, are strong clues to its non-earthly origin. As to how it flew despite those “handicaps,” anyone can guess.

Now we come to a subgroup that is truly strange. These beings are not monster-men at all, but simply “monsters.” Here are a few examples: a vaguely human form 13 feet tall with six arms; a four-legged creature with a tail and two front “feelers”; a red entity, 10 feet tall, which spat fire and nauseous gases; two creatures about three feet tall that resembled octopi, with four or five legs or “arms,” described by the witness as “thoroughly disgusting”; and the equally disgusting creature that gave its name as Kronin, which had no bones or eyes.

Other nightmarish entities were haltingly called a “pyramid shape with cracks all over,” a three-legged figure shaped somewhat like a man, queer plantlike beings looking like asparagus, and “amoeba-men” that were sexless and were seen to divide into two equal halves, which then became individual parts (reported twice by two different and widely separated witnesses).

Periodically, luminous beings are reported, which glow so brilliantly it hurts the eyes of the witnesses. In some cases, they wear suits that glow, while in others their own bodies are luminescent. One typical case was reported in Argentina in 1963. A railroad worker was sitting in a coach when a luminous figure, surrounded by “dazzling light,” entered without warning. Without a word, the entity snatched a newspaper from the man’s hands and tore it up. The figure then emptied the contents of an oilcan into a container and left, apparently heading back to the UFO in which it had landed.

Perhaps the strangest of all among the weird UFO entities is the “monster” that has no form at all – in short, an invisible creature whose presence is known only by a voice. Several people around the world have reported such frightening experiences, and it always occurs when a UFO is hovering overhead. It may be that the beings are there but hidden within their craft, but it is also not impossible that they are truly invisible. Practically anything is possible in this listing of the fantastic types of UFO creatures.

In summary, it is quite evident that the ufonauts – whether “little men,” humanoids, giants, robots, or monsters – are distinct and unique individuals, as if each is cast from a different mold.

We are finished examining the UFO occupants themselves. Only one factor remains to be discussed: their methods of communication. A considerable number of contact cases include attempts by the ufonauts to talk to the witnesses in their own incomprehensible language (or else that unknown tongue was merely overheard by the witnesses as the aliens conversed among themselves). In the other cases, the creatures used an Earth language that they somehow had learned.

In the first category, where an alien language was used, the descriptions of what the witnesses heard vary a great deal and, once again, no two versions are alike. Here are some of the impressions of witnesses who listened to ufonauts speaking: many diphthongs and few consonants, so that it seemed to be sung rather than spoken; soft and melodious speech, with no guttural sounds; language loaded with gutturals; sibilant language with many “S” sounds; shrill sounding words; a language of “grunts and growls”; gurgling sounds and “grumblings”; harsh, staccato-like speech, similar to the “cackling of geese”; voices that rapidly changed pitch; and one that sounded like a repeated “buzz,” but with inflections.

Then, in the cases where some Earth language was used by the aliens, we have the following impressions of witnesses: spoke good Spanish, but strung all the words together; spoke “broken English”; spoke Portuguese ”precisely,” as if learned from a schoolbook; spoke French without any idioms.

The cases go on and on, including aliens who spoke very rapidly or hesitantly, others who drew out the words like “slow motion” speech, and those who used the wrong words, as if unfamiliar with the language they were using.

One interesting case is where Betty and Barney Hill, in their well-known “abduction” case, at first thought that they heard the aliens speaking proper English. But then Betty analyzed this and suspected she only thought she heard English. In reality, she had heard an alien “humming.” Then how did she understand? If she’s right, this would be a clearcut case of telepathy, in which the meaning of the alien words was projected into her mind, making her think they had spoken her own language.

There are many oddities connected with these verbal contacts between ufonauts and humans. In one case, the witness said the alien’s voice did not come from his mouth, but from his “middle.” In other cases, though words were heard, the witness was surprised to see that the alien’s lips did not move at all.

One witness tried to imitate the way the aliens had talked, but then helplessly gave up. He said he simply could not reproduce the sounds, because human vocal cords weren’t made for that. And some witnesses felt that when the aliens talked they had great difficulty in using earthly speech, as if their speaking apparatus was physically different from ours.

As if to overcome this handicap, some ufonauts seemed to speak like a “microphone” or “loudspeaker,” as if they had devised some machine to handle Earth words they could not reproduce themselves. Strange gadgets sometimes hung from their belts or were strapped to their chests, which could be artificial “voice boxes.”

Witnesses have been able to repeat only a few distinguishable alien words. It is also noteworthy that those words, if used by one ufonaut, were never heard from a different ufonaut. Obviously, they all spoke their own individual languages.

In sharp contrast to the above cases, and the very skimpy communications achieved between space beings and earthmen, we have the well-publicized contactee cases, such as the late George Adamski’s. In all these cases, the witnesses not only met the occupants of the flying saucers, but also were invited aboard for long flights.

In all these instances, the aliens talked (either verbally or via mental telepathy) in Earth tongues fluently, transmitting a great deal of information to the contactee. It is not so important that these particular ufonauts were such excellent linguists; what is important is what they said about themselves, their home worlds, and their purpose in visiting Earth.

Here again, if we accept the contactee stories as bonafide, we find not one has the slightest connection with the others. The various informants separately reveal that they come from Mars, Venus, Ganymede, Saturn, Orion, Arcturus, and so on. In some cases, they say they’ve come from planets unknown to our astronomers, such as “Clarion.”

At any rate, we can see that the languages and messages of the ufonauts bear out the theme of this article: that we are being visited by the denizens of an incalculable reservoir of millions of very different worlds in outer space.

This brings us to the crux of our story. There is one significant statement, in almost every contactee story as given by the aliens, that is the same. A thought-provoking common denominator is that their aim is aiding the earth to take its place in the grand community of civilized worlds in our galaxy. Several quotes from scientists will reveal the grand purpose for which all the spacecraft of many thousands of worlds have visited Earth.

Dr. Carl Sagan, astrophysicist at Cornell: “A Central Galactic Information Repository, which keeps tabs on all habitable worlds and watches for the rise of intelligent beings, might someday welcome Earth into the space community.”

Dr. Fred Hoyle, English astronomer: “Earth may someday be invited to join the Interstellar Club of advanced, civilized worlds.”

Both of these scientists say “some day,” and deny that the craft are here today. But perhaps Newsweek summed it up best. They stated several years ago that a growing number of scientists were now convinced that there are “superior beings of a community within the Milky Way Galaxy” – a kind of United Stellar Organization.

Simple, isn’t it? If millions upon millions of super-scientific worlds have existed for perhaps a billion years or more, and eventually sent spacecraft out for mutual visits, isn’t it perfectly logical for them to sooner or later form some kind of institution? It’s not just logical, but inevitable – just as the highly developed nations on Earth had to leave isolationism behind and form the United Nations.

Inexorable social forces would oblige intelligent beings anywhere in the universe to combine efforts to their mutual benefit. It can hardly be any other way. Granting this, another step also seems inevitable – the formation of a kind of “Peace Corps” to aid less civilized “emerging” worlds.

Many other worlds, even at this moment, are undoubtedly sending their first manned rockets and astronauts to their moon or moons, or to nearby planets. They too, no doubt, are puzzled by the mystery of the UFOs seen in their skies.

The theme of one my articles was that this UFO “Peace Corps” came a long time ago in order to lead mankind to the stars, for it is out in the great community of intelligent worlds that the ultimate destiny of all worlds lies, our planet included. The “Space Peace Corps” simply speeds up the process.

It also becomes quite obvious that such a “Peace Corps” would be composed of denizens and spacecraft from thousands of worlds, all united in one project, but each carrying out its part in its own way.

The reader’s mind of course will immediately leap ahead and see that the puzzle of why all UFOs and occupants are different is no longer a puzzle. All the jigsaw pieces fall into place by themselves. In fact, it is that very diversity of craft, occupants, clothing, and speech that makes extraterrestrial theory a necessity in order to explain the UFO phenomenon.

Finally, let us listen to the message one contactee reportedly received from his ufonaut hosts: “We are not alone. We have space brothers who are here to reach us and teach us. They are preparing us to join the Federation of Planets. ”

Almost all the contactees report similar messages from the spacemen, informing earthmen that membership awaits us in the Brotherhood of Worlds, the Universal Community of Peace, or the United Civilizations. They have many names, but only one meaning. We have tended to be skeptical of the “utopian” messages relayed by the contactees from the spacemen, but should we be?

Perhaps the very words we thought were only the preachings of self-appointed and deluded “messiahs” are actually genuine admonitions from a vast community of worlds far wiser than we are. Is it the skeptics who are “deluding” themselves? The briefer “contact” reports often bring up concise references to a “United Worlds” organization.

As reported by ufologists Jim and Coral Lorenzen in their book UFOs Over the Americas, a Peruvian witness claimed to have a rather lengthy discussion with ufonauts that actually asked: “Let us speak to your chief.”

When the witness pointed out that it was rather difficult to arrange appointments with presidents or premiers, the aliens revealed that they came from a distant star; that their propulsion system obtained energy from stellar radiation, allowing them to cross space easily; that they are “gods,” or were called such by earthmen at one time; that they were eternal beings, having conquered disease and death; that Earth people would someday achieve a “utopian” state with the aid of benign brother worlds.

The witness did not ride in their flying saucer or write a book about his experience. He was proclaimed psychologically “normal” by doctors. All other questions about UFOs have answers inherent in the extraterrestrial theory. The great number of UFOs (a million or more sightings estimated to have been made around the world) is simply the result of many millions of worlds with billions of spacecraft, visiting countless worlds like our own.

Ufologists, as well as skeptics, have often wondered why whole formations of UFOs should even visit our tiny, insignificant planet. The answer is simple: because it is the “Space Peace Corps” job to assist the most backward worlds that need the most help.

We may rest our case, so to speak, with a noble thought. If this hypothesis is true, then the future holds a shining and exalted promise, when Earth is entered in the roster of the United Worlds, and its million-fold membership of civilized planets that have long achieved lasting peace and a heavenly way of life.

Printed the with permission of New Saucerian Press