By Olav Phillips

The San Francisco Bay Area has been graced with the presence of many world-class hospitals that dot the landscape of the Bay Area. Supported by dedicated professionals and providing the life-saving services we need in our times of emergency, but this is another darker side which is not often discussed but is known.

It won’t surprise anyone that in some hospitals, around darkened corners, there are whispers of strange happening and ghostly manifestations. The staff, in those empty hallways, will tell you of mysterious specters who roam the floors lost in time confused, frustrated or maybe even playful. Cold spots, which persist even in the heat of summer and visitations of those, lost too soon. They all know where this spots are but are very hesitant to discuss them, but they are there and as the sun sets over our golden bay and the fog gently rolls in the spirits come out of the darkness.

One such haunted hospital is the University of California Medical Center, located on a gentle hill near Golden Gate Park. Long a bastion of research and cutting-edge science it is also the home to a number of ghostly residents who never checked out of the hospital, despite having been discharged from our earthly realm.

It has been reported that multiple ghostly visitors reside in this hallowed abode including a young mother who died in childbirth who is still known to visit the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Her restless spirit forever walking those halls visiting the children she longed for in life, but there are others as well. Such as the 9th and 13th floors, where ghosts have been seen roaming the halls, still dressed in their hospital gowns. Some even pulling the IV Polls they were tethered to in life, now forever tethered to the hospital wards they passed on in.

As we look deeper into the ghostly history of the Hospital we find more stories. Perhaps the most interesting, found on the 8th floor. Formerly home of the Pediatric care unit, now it is now dedicated to Neurology, but that hasn’t stopped the had passed on from staying. Apparently, the level of activity was so high that an exorcism was ordered to cleanse the floor of its unwelcome visitors and help the children’s spirits move on to another, better, place.



The results of the exorcism are shrouded in mystery but one could only imagine the scene as the Exorcist moved from room to room freeing lost and confused spirits and helping the little ones move into the light.

There are still other stories which surround the UCSF Medical Center, but those will have to wait for another time, and place and my time with you grows thin as the veil thickens.

Be warned, and do not visit this place without an invitation. Some haunted locations you can visit, maybe even experience, but not this one. Those coming unannounced will not only anger the spirits who dwell there, but also the security guards who are very much in the living and don’t like unannounced guests, especially in the darkness of night.

So as the fog settles over our city by the bay I bid you adieu until our next visit, and don’t forget to watch and listen for the echoes in the darkness all around us. As the veil things, maybe you to will see something, and if you do pass it along to us. You can email us at [email protected]


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