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In this issue: Jack Parsons: The OTO’s Rocket Man Eyes Wide Shut: The Illuminati at the Movies Who Killed Jimi Hendrix Mind Control Update ET’s at Vieques

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In this issue: Diana Was NOT the Targtet! Who are the Men in Black Did Tim McVeigh Have a Biochip in His Ass?? Is the Queen Mum a Shapeshifting Alien??

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In this issue: Who Killed Dorothy Kilgallen? Planet X: Does a Runaway Wrecking Ball Belong to our Solar System? The magical roots of Nazism? A New Generation of Vipers Cults a Global Perspecitive  

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In this issue: Antidepressants May Be Killing You Why We’re Really in Kosovo Remote Viewing Secrets Exposed Aleister Crowley: The Medium’s Time Release Message Nightmares of the Third Reich

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In this issue: Honey, Did you leave your brain at Langley again? A brief history of modern mind control Psy-Ops and the Flying Saucer Flaps The Spooking of a UFO Researcher UFOs at the Edge of Reality (By Jim Keith!) HAle-Bopp, The Green Horse and the Opening of the Fourth Seal

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In this issue: Larry Flynt vs. the Assassins TWA800 Missile Coverup Gulf War Syndrome and Aids Where is Madalyn Murray O’Hair? The Real Evita EMF Weapons: Another Arms Race and much more!    

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In this issue: Project Monarch: NAZI Mind Control (By Ron Patton!) Star Trek: SciFi or Psy-War? A New Generation of Vipers: Liberation Theology and the New World Order Dead Ringers: The JFK/Tippit Connection Diet for a Zombiefied Planet The Great American Holocaust: How Mainstream Media Obscure a Cure for Cancer    

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