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Mystery Men in Black Plague UFO Witnesses

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By The Modern People Staff Originally Published in UFO Reports Thousands of people, after having seen a UFO, are paid an unusual visit afterwards by mysterious men in black suits. These men warn the witness not to reveal any knowledge of the incident to anyone and many times these visitors illegally confiscate photos of the UFO or other information the ...

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America’s First UFO Experts – The HOPI


By John Keel (Source: UFO Report Summer 1974) Author’s note: During my flying saucer investigations in 1967 a. “silent contactee” (a person claiming to have had direct contact with UFO pilots) gave me a list of predictions allegedly passed on by the space people. This list included specific information about pending airplane crashes, power blackouts, and proph­ecies about my own ...

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The Ghosts of the Satanic LUCEDIO Abbey


Written by The Unexplained Mysteries Team Original Source Unexplained Mysteries According to legends, It is written that in 1684 many young girls who lived in the area met the devil in their dreams. After seducing them, he sent them to visit the monks at Lucedio’s Abbey. The girls managed to corrupt the abbey and convert the monks to Satanism. From ...

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by Clyde Lewis (Ground Zero Radio) When Ground Zero first aired two decades ago, the show started at around the same time the internet was still called, the information superhighway. I fortunately worked for a radio broadcasting company that decided the internet could co-exist with radio. This philosophy also was passed on to another company that was a startup I ...

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Mysterious 1970s NORAD UFO Red Alert Remains Unexaplained


By The Modern People Staff Originally published in UFO Reports In 1972 the International UFO Bureau investigated reports of an Oklahoma City couple who overheard a telephone conversation that appeared to be a high-level communication involving the underground North American Air Defense Command Center at Cheyenne Mountain, Colo., and several military installations. Sherry Eckhardts had been talking to her mother ...

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Mind Control in Black and White


by Jaye Beldo The NSA “the small intestine of the CIA ” Id Canal System” promotes infantile indulgence on a mass scale via colon induction using resonant base frequencies that promote a vacuous feeling in the individual citizen, who then tries to fill the void via conspicuous consumerism. – Jaye Beldo If you ever want to get to the bottom ...

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Mystical Mountain Haven For UFOs, Weird Cults


By The Modern People Staff Originally Printed in UFO Reports Rising white, ghost-like and abruptly 14,162 feet, Mt. Shasta, in far northern California, encompasses more mysteries than Edgar Allen Poe could have dreamed up. Thirteen occult cults worship at its base, and, such is its “pull,” thousands of the curious from all over the world come to commune with the always snow-topped ...

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TAKING IN THE TRASH: Why Smart People like Trash Films


By Mr. Lobo I’m not surprised about the findings in the recent academic study on the phenomenon of highly intelligent people enjoying films that are poorly made, poorly acted, and often in poor taste. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/enjoyment-of-trash-films-linked-to-high-intelligence-study-finds-a7171436.html Connecting to a similar topic, I’ve written about the Psychology of Horror films often to justify my job. Not to confuse Trash films with Horror ...

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Mastering the Art of Occultism

Spiral Arrangement

by Isobel Blackthorn That there persists in western society a widespread ignorance of and fascination for the paranormal and the occult, particularly in pop culture, is well known. The paranormal might be considered to be ‘out there’ on the fringes of society, but its portrayal in books and films has taken firm root the mainstream. Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series might ...

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Are We Conspiracy Geeks?


by Joan d’Arc Some people are addicted to heroin, some are addicted to shoplifting, but I, my friends, am addicted to conspiracy theories. I recently came to the realization that I am a “conspiracy geek.” I love science fiction films too, but this might be because they contain themes of futuristic authoritarian control and corporate malfeasance, which also happen to ...

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Pokémon Go Is a Government Surveillance Psyop Conspiracy (Gawker)


by Ashley Feinberg Less than a week after Pokémon Go’s launch, our streets are already filled with packs of phone-wielding, Weedle-catching zombies. They’re robbing our teens,filling our churches with sinners, and tricking our children into exercising. But worst of all, Pokémon Go is turning us all into an army of narcs in service of the coming New World Order. 1. ...

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The Stronghold and the Shrine Revisited


by David G. Pearson This article will illustrate that the state is extraterrestrial in origin and that the city emanated from the state. The city is also, therefore, ET in origin. The abolition of slavery necessitates the eradication of the state and city (i.e. civilization). In the 1960’s Erich von Daniken asserted that ETs mated with apes via artificial insemination ...

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