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In this issue: Whats the frequency Dan? Dan Rather, CBS, JFK and the CIA Oklahoma Bombing Suppressed Cancer Cures Tokyo Gas Attacks Food Risks Exposed ET Body Found Brits Blast Clinton

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In this issue: Chappaquiddick – Who Sank Ted Kennedy’s Presidential Hopes? Secret Roots of the KKK Rock and Roll Satan The Night Wilhelm Reich Disabled 2 UFOS!  

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In this Issue: – The Killing of the King – Masonic symbolism in the JFK Assination – River Phoenix – Cult Victim? – Blackdeath – OJ vs. THE NWO – Alias Oswald – Clinton Deaths? – Medical Mayhem – We the People….  

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In this issue: Madonna Live! Virgin Mary Sightings, Prophecy and UFOs Satanic Child Abuse Coverup! Psychic Warfare Watergate Deaths Lindbergh Baby Hoax

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In this issue: – Waco Secret Weapon – Who Framed Leonard Peltier – Child Abductions – Flight 007 – The Oswald Myths – Jonestown Part III – Fascist FEMA  

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This is the magazine which started it all.  The infamous PARANOIA MAGAZINE ISSUE #1 – Now available as a PDF download!  Check out articles on Who Killed Malcom X, ’92 Voter Fraud, Mysterious Deaths, Nuns on the Run, Alien Coup d’Etat, and Tribulation 99. DOWNLOAD!

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by Clyde Lewis (Ground Zero Radio) Throughout history, there have been cycles where governments have found ways to use disinformation in order to steer consensus intelligence away from the truth about what is truly happening behind the curtain of government. The general root of all conspiracy theory is the notion that someone in a group of someone’s are not telling ...

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The Ghoul That Travels Among Us

By Olav Phillips Fall is a mysterious time of the year around the Bay Area. As the night steadily encroaches on the day, the clouds swirling around the impending storm, and the temperature steadily begins to drop it seems the ghouls come out in force. Some believe this is because of resonant energy thins the veil between our worlds allowing ...

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The Mysterious Green Children…

By Olav Phillips The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. Joseph Campbell – The Power of Myth Myths, we are told, are apocryphal stories used to convey a meaning.  In some cases that meaning is a life lesson like – Don’t be too curious, or maybe be kind to others.  But in general those stories are just ...

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The Unmarked Remains of a Eugenics Nightmare

By Jeff Wolfe (Secret Transmissions) Back around the Halloween season, my wife and I along with another couple, visited a local cemetery with a really frightening historical background. A fairly dark history as a matter of fact, that has its roots in white supremacy, anti-immigration laws and ultimately, eugenics. Like many states in early 20th century, Michigan was on-board with the business and political elites of their day ...

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President Elect Trump – A New Era of Unpredictability Awaits

By Makia Freeman President Elect Trump is the new title for New York businessman, millionaire and Republican candidate Donald J. Trump, who yesterday on November 8th, 2016 successfully won the US presidential election. Trump managed to defeat favorite Hillary Clinton by a relatively narrow margin. The victory came as a shock to many Americans, regardless of where they reside on the ...

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Magic Battles for the Mind: Escaping the Dark Cave of Political Sorcery

by Jeff Wolfe Secret Transmissions “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” ― George Orwell, 1984 The mental mass hysteria on display during this American Presidential election has become unbearably stomach turning. Blocking oneself off from television news and mainstream printed media is no longer sufficient shielding from the cult of ...

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