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Everything you always wanted to know about cancer, sex, and the mandatory Human Papilloma Vaccine

HPV has been found in a variety of human cancers, such as cancer of the mouth, tongue, tonsil, esophagus, lung, breast, liver, colon, lymphoma, and in skin cancers and in healthy skin. Evidence suggests that cancer could be a communicable and/or a sexually transmitted disease. How effective is it then to forcibly inoculate young women? By Alan Cantwell, M.D. Is ...

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Decoding the D.C. Sniper

by Michael A. Hoffman II [Introduction]  In October, 2001 this writer compared the most highly charged image of the World Trade Center attacks—a burning tower spewing flames and people jumping to their deaths—with the number 16 Tower card from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck (cf. Revisionist History newsletter no. 20, “Towering Inferno: The Cryptocracy’s Great Game”). In October, 2002 the Establishment ...

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The Russian Woodpecker: Experiments in Global Mind Control?

By Philip Coppens   In 1978, various U.S. researchers argued that a signal originating from within the Soviet Union, the so-called Russian Woodpecker, was an experiment in global mind control. Thirty years on, what do we know? Before sentencing Ira Einhorn to life in prison in 2002, Judge William Mazzola called him an “intellectual dilettante who preyed on uninitiated, uninformed, ...

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The Four Horsemen of Oil

by Dean Henderson In 1906, the US government ordered the dissolution of the Rockefeller Standard Oil Trust. On May 15, 1911, the US Supreme Court concurred, declaring, “Seven men and a corporate machine have conspired against their fellow citizens. For the safety of the Republic we now decree that this dangerous conspiracy must be ended by November 15th.” But the ...

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What You Need to Know About Depleted Uranium

by Alan Cantwell, MD Recently I received an intriguing email claiming that the rapidly increasing worldwide epidemic of diabetes was caused by depleted uranium (DU). As a medical doctor I never heard of such an idea. Every physician knows that radiation can lead to cancer, but the DU and diabetes connection seemed ludicrous. Nevertheless, I thought it would be interesting ...

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When The Truth Is Found To Be Lies

by Frank Berube a.k.a Disembodius Dehumanization is what the new world order is all about. Cold and merciless impersonal life forces determine what life will be like inside the blank walls of the corporate monolith. In a time before video arcades there were penny arcades where, amidst the bustling arena of flashing lights and the clatter of games, we would ...

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The Mental Status Quo

By Frank Berube a.k.a Disembodius   Do you think you’re living your own life? Ask yourself how much of it is yours to live. First look behind the curtain of your subconscious mind and behold the subliminal strings controlling your thoughts. Try to free your mind from these imprisoning forces and see what happens. You’ll soon discover that you cannot ...

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The Process Church of the Final Judgment and the Manson Family

The Robert F. Kennedy Connection by Adam Gorightly   In The Ultimate Evil, author Maury Terry contended that the Son of Sam killer, David Berkowitz, was a member of “The Children,” a satanic cult based in Venice, California, with links to the military and intelligence establishments. According to Terry, The Children is a splinter group of The Process Church of ...

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Sci-Fi Predictive Programming: The Semiotic Deception of 9-11

By Phillip D. Collins Replete with esoteric symbols, conspiracy research certainly warrants semiotic examination. Although fraught with historical flaws and theological distortions, The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown acknowledges the value of semiotics in studying the conspiratorial world. In fact, the novel’s central character is a semiotician specializing in symbology. Evidently, Brown recognized the potential of semiotics in analyzing the ...

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21st Century Electronic Voice Phenomena & Instrumental Transcommunication By Iona Miller “We don’t die,” was the message that first got me interested in this, in 1966 ~KT Can esoteric realms reach us through our own growing arsenal of telecommunications and recording devices? And, if so, WHO are they, are their efforts coordinated, and WHAT do they say? If THEY are ...

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Human Compromise and the Protection Racket

by Paul D. Collins The following seamless story of human compromise, and the protection racket surrounding it, spans decades and continents. This is how it works. Listen up. When the Eliot Spitzer Emperors Club prostitution scandal broke out on March 10, 2008, the first person this author thought to call was retired legend, New York Police Detective James “Jim” Rothstein. ...

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Clyde Lewis – Denizen of the Darkness


By Olav Phillips It’s night, the stars are emerging, and darkness is creeping in. Deeds of the day are done and you’re settling into a nice evening. You turn on the radio and tune in to the evening’s entertainment. In a dimly lit radio studio perched high above Portland, Oregon, a man leans forward, presses a blinking button on the ...

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