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Scientific Report Confirms an Alien Presence in Puerto Rico?


by Jorge Martin Many of the unidentified objects and luminous anomalous phenomena originate in a zone south of the island of Vieques, coming out from or entering the sea. The object was sucking water from the sea, and the water was swirling like in a blender. A column of bright green light, similar to that of a powerful spotlight, was ...

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UFOs At The Edge Of Reality : A Lecture by Jim Keith


The following talk was delivered by the late Jim Keith in Atlanta, Georgia in November, 1995 and was published in Paranoia’s special People’s Think Tank Issue 17, in Fall, 1997. What I intend to explore today are some of my own thoughts and opinions about the nature of UFOs and  aliens and reality, based upon an interest that goes back to ...

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Geometric Revelations : Tracy Twyman interviews co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Henry Lincoln


Henry Lincoln began his career as an actor, but turned to screenwriting early on, pumping out hundreds of dramatic scripts for television. He was especially adept at writing scripts for historical documentaries, such as Nostradamus, The Tomb of Akhehnaton, and The Man in the Iron Mask, which he wrote for BBC Chronicle. In 1972, he wrote his first documentary about Rennes-le-Chateau, ...

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What Really Happened to Amelia Earhart?

amelia earhart

by Liz Lee Most of us know Amelia Earhart as the famous aviatrix tragically lost at sea during an attempted round-the-world flight in 1937. The Kansas-born darling of early aviation was an international sensation in the 1930’s, setting world records as the first woman to complete a solo, round-trip flight across the United States, and the first woman to cross ...

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The Biological and the Silicon : Modifying Humans for Deep Space Travel


by Joan d’Arc Telepathy, a word coined in 1882, was originally called “thought-transference.” Telepathy is most often thought of as “brain to brain” or “mind-to-mind” contact, or along a “mind invasion” sort of paradigm, but ESP as a subliminal relationship between two minds is actually an obsolete point of view. As is evident in David Bohm’s physics, the idea of ...

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Atmosphere Under Assault The Plot Against Hurricanes


by Joel Carlinksy The term “hurricane” is an official but arbitrary designation for a tropical storm that reaches sustained wind speeds of more than 75 miles per hour. Thus a single storm might pick up speed and become a “hurricane,” then lose speed and be downgraded to a “tropical storm,” then gain speed again and so on, several times in ...

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Abductees and Beyond The Human Re-Abduction Scenario and the Quest For Psi-Tech


by Randy Koppang Within and without the greater UFO studies community, one issue persists in provoking disbelief. This enigma is extraterrestrial ‘abduction.’ Even in light of ET research done for decades now, abduction eludes actual understanding. Thousands of case studies bear out consistent patterns, where ‘experiencers’ perceive ETs. Yet, the very nature of abduction testimony is also consistent, as if ...

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David Bowie, UFOs, Witchcraft, Cocaine and Paranoia


by Timothy Green Beckley Born David Robert Jones, I first met David Bowie during his original tour of the United States having adapted the stage persona of Ziggy Stardust, a sort of lost in space androgynous alien, complete with cosmic makeup and a painted lightning bolt zig zaging across his face down to his naked chest. Before venturing across the ...

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Alien Autopsy – Game Over The Spyros Melaris story

Spyros Melaris & paintings. 16.11.2007 crop

by Philip Mantle In 1993 I was contacted by London businessman Ray Santilli. In l995 Santilli’s controversial Alien Autopsy Film was released around the world. I have covered events surrounding this film in many publications around the world and in my book Alien Autopsy Inquest. On June 22, 2007, I travelled by train to London to meet up with Ray ...

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People Are Strange: Unusual UFO Cults Examined


by Scott Corrales Small armed groups defying the government are nothing new – one just has to look at Israel’s mighty Masada fortress to be reminded of this. The Nineties had their share of armed resistance, most notably the Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents. But in these cases the common denominator was mistrust of the Federal government and the desire ...

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Aleister Crowley: The Midnight Messenger


by Mike Culkin “The future was darkening, we were nearing the terrible catastrophe which was about to overwhelm France. The abyss was at our feet; yet averting our eyes, struck with a fatal blindness, we hurried from fête to fête, from pleasure to pleasure. It was a kind of frenzy which thrust us gaily on to our own destruction. Alas! ...

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True History of Man in Space


Can Lucian’s True History Explain Legends of Missing Warriors?   by Steve Ahlquist ” … for this one thing I confidently pronounce for a truth, that I lie … for I write of matters which I neither saw nor suffered … Let no man therefore in any case give any credit to them.” – Lucian, True History, translated from the ...

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The Sinking of the RMS Lusitania


by Christine Cowling The RMS Titanic may very well be the most famous shipwreck in the world however another magnificent ocean liner was sunk under tragic and mysterious circumstances just three years later. The RMS Lusitania was a luxury ocean liner, with nine passenger decks, a typical crew of 850, and capacity for up to 2,198 passengers. Her elegant domed ...

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