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MKzine was the only magazine exposing coercive mind control, invasive; non-consensual human experimentation and other related abuses.

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MKzine was the only magazine exposing coercive mind control, invasive; non-consensual human experimentation and other related abuses. Here are a few reviews:

“It has been my intention to sit down and read the first issue of MKzine from cover to cover. Because this issue is so jammed packed with information which is intellectually challenging and in some cases, emotionally disturbing, I found I had to digest it in several readings.
To be honest, I had prejudged this magazine as probably just some disinformation mind control group’s effort at watering down the truth. I was so pleasantly surprised that it proved to be just the opposite. The content is so complete, yet varied in its appeal. I found the balance of short articles mixed with longer ones to be most helpful. The contributors are actual survivors or experts who have done their homework in presenting personal stories, cases, facts and statistics.
I look forward to reading additional issues and expect it to continue the groundbreaking forum that Ron Patton, Publisher, has opened for the truth to be shown without it being looked at as just another conspiracy drama.”
Carol Rutz, Author of, “A Nation Betrayed: Secret Cold War Experiments Performed on Our Children and Other Innocent People”
“Thank you so much for sending me a copy of MKzine. It is really good – the first publication I’ve gotten about these issues I’ve felt good about.
Anyway, thank you so much for putting the magazine out. It’s a real encouragement to me.”
Kathleen Sullivan, Author of, “Unshackled: A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control
“Thank you very much for sending us a copy of MKzine — took a look at it and it’s excellent. Quite possibly the best magazine on the market right now. What I was most impressed with was the depth into which you explored each topic.
In a day and age where our collective attention span seems to keep growing shorter and shorter, it’s refreshing to see a publication not shy away from the meat and potatoes of an issue. So yes…keep up up the excellent work.”
Victor Thorn, Publisher of Sisyphus Press 

“We are so pleased that you have the courage to go after the False Memory Syndrome movement by printing information about ritual abuse. It will be by standing tall and speaking clearly about the heinous crimes ritual abuse-torture perpetrators have inflicted upon infants, toddlers, youth and vulnerable adults, that society will be forced to grant justice for such horrible human rights violations.
We are proud to be part of such a human rights movement.

Linda McDonald, RN and Jeanne Sarson, RN: Persons against Ritual Abuse-Torture and other non-political tortures