PARANOIA Issue #60 Tesla Special (DOWNLOAD)


PARANOIA Magazine #60 – Tesla Special Issue 2014

Stolen Tesla Technology and the NAZI Flying Discs – Were NAZI UFO’s based on Tesla Technology?
Tesla, Marconi and a Secret City in the Clouds – History is replete with stories of lost magical cities including one which may have been built by Marconi and Tesla!
The Trail Leads to Columbia – Could a Tesla Death Ray have Caused the Columbia Di- saster?
The Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires – Is it possible to transmit electrical energy without a wire?
How Differently Advanced Civilizations Cross the Galaxy and Possibly the Universe – UFO’s, Tesla, Bob Lazar, and a Theory….
Nikola Tesla’s Electrostatics: The Secret of UFO Technology – An exploration of the technology behind the UFO’s


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