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Paranoia #57 – Fall 2013



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Get the FALL 2013 copy of PARANOIA MAGAZINE mailed directly to your house, or select a downloadable PDF version to begin reading immediately. Supplies are limited!

Check out these great articles:

Conspiracy Theory: The Incredible Story of the Cancer Treatment Krebiozen
By Thomas N. Hackney

Dealey Plaza and the Dream: A Fifty-Year Journey
By Mack White

The Use of Synthetic Body Odor for Mind Control
By Clare Wehrle

The Big-Data Street Fight: Turf Wars in the Shadows
By D.J.O. Callahan

Mysteries in the Skies Over Camelot
By Olav Phillips

My Gun is Long
Comics by Mack White

The Secret War on Human Consciousness
By Frater X

Book and Film Reviews
By Elana Freeland / Columbia Jones

Mothman Goes to San Diego: Magic and Mystery at ParanoiaCon 1
By Andy Colvin

Good Vibrations! The Healing Power of Resonance
By Marie Jones & Larry Flaxman

Release the Stars: Babylonian Mind Control in the Entertainment Industry
By Jamie Hanshaw

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