by Michael A. Hoffman II

[Introduction]  In October, 2001 this writer compared the most highly charged image of the World Trade Center attacksa burning tower spewing flames and people jumping to their deathswith the number 16 Tower card from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck (cf. Revisionist History newsletter no. 20, “Towering Inferno: The Cryptocracy’s Great Game”). In October, 2002 the Establishment massively publicized and reproduced another card from the Tarot deck, the number 13 Death card, in connection with the D.C. Snipers. Newsweek featured this Tarot card on the cover of its Oct. 21 issue, and dubbed the sniper, “The Tarot Card Killer.” All Hallows Eve was just around the corner and the movie “Red Dragon” was being shown on the silver screen, as snipers’ bullets commenced the ceremony by which coercion and control are maintained by the Great Satan that is the U.S. government. Michael A. Hoffman II reports.

The System’s media drew attention to the FBI profilers who were supposed to have been concentrating on the shooter’s “geography,” in other words the Downardian realm of Mystical Toponomy, which was perhaps most notably relevant in the JFK assassination and the Jack the Ripper murders. The Establishment dismisses these toponomic connections in those cases, but here touts them when used by the FBI.

The FBI’s behavioral psychologists (“profilers”) are sometimes the guiding light for ritual murderers and “serial” killers. The FBI’s HRT unit committed the most infamous sniper murder in memory, FBI agent Lon Horiuchi’s shooting of Mrs. Vicky Weaver at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, as she cradled her infant daughter. FBI profilers certainly played a criminal role in the Unabom murders and I surmise that they shepherded the D.C. area sniper(s). It appears that the sniper(s) were monitored by the government until Revelation of the Perp time on the 6 o’clock news.

One of the police road blocks shown on national television and allegedly maintained to apprehend the sniper(s) was manned by a purported police officer wearing a full face mask. The roadblock was close to the Exxon sniper kill site. Why would a policeman be masked? What Hell-Fire Club jest on the gentiles is conveyed when the cops dress like the robbers?

Assassination of a Federal Agent



What was Linda Franklin, a Federal agent CNN described as “an intelligence operations specialist for the FBI,” doing at the Seven Corners shopping mall Oct. 14, when the sniper(s) were stalking there? Just a coincidence? FBI agent Franklin was subsequently killed and the media attributed her death to “the sniper.”

Police officials said the snipers’ alleged murder of the FBI intelligence operations specialist had no particular significance and was just a coincidence: “Charles Moose, the police chief of Montgomery County in neighboring Maryland, said Franklin, an FBI intelligence analyst, was not involved in the sniper investigation and was therefore considered yet another random victim.” (Reuters, Oct. 15, 2002).

How could they know this particular killing had been random when the spectre of Arab terrorism had not been ruled out?

Federal investigators refused Tuesday (Oct. 15) to rule out the possibility that organized terrorist groups are behind the shootings that have left some residents apprehensive all around the nation’s capital. ‘The communities are terrorized,’ said the homeland security director, Tom Ridge, who said federal investigators don’t know whether the sniper might be a domestic or international terrorist … Asked whether there were links to al-Qaida or other foreign terrorists, Ridge said, ‘I don’t think we can foreclose that. Certainly, nobody in the FBI or the White House has foreclosed that. (A.P., Oct. 15, 2002).

If the sniper case was a possible Islamic terrorist operationand Ridge refused to rule out the possibilitythen how could Police Chief Moose know for certain that the shooting of the FBI official was “random” rather than deliberate? If the Establishment truly believed in the possibility of Islamic terror there would be no way they could label the murder of an FBI official random.

How was it that the shooter or shooters had the guile, meticulous planning, control and prudence to elude massive police roadblocks and dragnets, allegedly travel day in and day out to the murder scenes in the same light-colored “astro van” with a defective taillight and a telltale silver ladder on the roof? Of course, when the suspects’ vehicle was finally impounded it turned out to have not the faintest resemblance to a light-colored truck or van of any kind. Someone within the Establishment had consistently circulated false descriptions of the killers’ vehicle, providing the killers with excellent cover.

What happened to the Oct. 11, 12 and 13 focus on a large white commercial truck with the words “Total Recall” on the side? The words on the truck have faded from the official record and the two trucks, the tradesman’s large white truck, pictured in the Sunday New York Times of Oct. 13, and the astral astro van, back in the limelight as of Oct. 14, appear and disappear from the list of suspect-connected vehicles, episodically.

At the very least, the invocation of the Tarot card in the sniper case indicates that the System wants us to think occult thoughts, perhaps along Hannibal/Red Dragon lines—the snipings debuted close to the time of the latest Hannibal Lecter movie Red Dragon. The Game Players wish to keep the American Group Mind pressure cooker on “high.”

Arcane considerations of this nature were germane long before the era of FBI profilers and are hardly unique to the FBI’s psy-war specialists. What is unique is that under the aegis of “FBI profiling,” occult elements heretofore dismissed by the Establishment as the phantasmagoria of “conspiracy kooks,” have lately been held aloft as both credible and relevant in elite police homicide “investigations,” bringing occult themes of sub-rosa processing and “Satanic” symbolism to stage center. This process plays bi-polar havoc with the mentalities of those who thought the Establishment wanted them not to believe that psychological warfare entails manipulating the archetypes of the public’s subconscious.

In October of 2001, a year before the D.C. snipers’ October, 2002 reign of terror, America was in the grip of an “Arab terrorist” anthrax scare that kept hundreds of thousands of children indoors on Halloween and made millions of Americans apprehensive about opening their mail. Halloween 2002 fit the same profile: “Too Spooked to Trick-or-Treat: This year the monster lurking in the shadows is real…”  (Washington Post, Oct. 24, 2002, p. B-1). Stay tuned for the October, 2003 episode.

Maryland’s The Enterprise newspaper published a front page story directing readers’ attention to a Pentagram pattern allegedly formed by the sniper shooting locales. A Pentagram is of course a five pointed star and I wrote extensively about this symbol in connection with the 9/11 attacks in issue no. 20 of Revisionist History Newsletter.

Pentagram Connection?

The Enterprise article, sub-titled, “Last leg of pentagram could point to Michaels in St. Mary’s,” states:

“Among the theories considered in an ongoing hunt for a Washington D.C. area sniper is the possibility that he has targeted places near a chain of craft stores, in a star pattern… ‘It’s just one theory of many,’ St. Mary’s sheriff’s Capt. John Horne cautioned… but he noted the pentagram created by the location of four Michaels stores in areas where many of the shootings have occurred… ‘When you add ours in, that completes (the five points of) the star,’ Horne added… ‘The pentagram star is a familiar part of Satanic cult activities, the sheriff’s captain said.’” (The Enterprise, Oct. 18, 2002, pp. 1 and A-13).

The public’s attention and alertness to these themes is turned on and off episodically. It’s permissible to think along these lines if FBI profilers, sheriff’s captains and Establishment newspapers are doing so in specifically circumscribed areas of concern. But to apply this type of heightened consciousness at all times to all areas of criminology and pathology without Establishment authorization, is strictly forbidden, and the “conspiracy kook” label will be quickly cranked out, also on cue, and applied to whomever dares violate the protocol.

Hence, for someone to take Capt. Horne’s statement about the pentagram being “a familiar part of Satanic cult activities” and apply it to the U.S. military’s five-sided, star-shaped headquarters known as the Pentagon would invite media derision, or even a one-way ticket to the funny farm. Much of U.S. Law Enforcement (perhaps even Capt. Horne?) display a pentagram as their badge of identification and authority, and have it emblazoned on their patrol cars. In Russia the pentagram is daubed red and is the symbol of the bloody tyranny of Bolshevism. The red star pentagram was retired by Russia in the 1990s, but was recently resurrected as the nation’s emblem by the former KGB agent who is currently Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin.

The Sniper case also featured major broadcast media hosting various former detectives who had “investigated” the “Son of Sam” killings in 1976 and 1977. This was mockery. These detectives retailed a moldy pack of lies, including the preposterous claim that David Berkowitz was the “lone nut” responsible for all Son of Sam connected fatalities. In fact, the Son of Sam case, which I investigated on the scene and reported in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare 2001, was the most spectacular ritual murder series the Cryptocracy managed to mount in the 1970s. The Son of Sam killers were part of a larger ceremonial series that included the Hillside Strangler in Los Angeles, Kenneth Bianchi, and the alphabet soup rape/murder of little girls in Rochester, New York that came to be known as Double Initial.

Total Recall

As noted, the Feds issued repeated disinformation about a white van. At one point they issued a report that the suspect white van had the words “Total Recall” on the vehicle and that this “Total Recall” vehicle was spotted at the scene of “the Exxon shooting.”

Total Recall is the name of a movie (from a science fiction novel by Phillip K. Dick), about a “zombie” programmed with hidden commands to execute a specific mission, and a company called Recall that implants false memories. In the wake of the “Total Recall” truck sighting, the police were said to possess only a “composite” picture of the truck and that “witnesses cannot agree on the writing that they saw on the white truck, nor can they come up with a license plate number.” One correspondent referred to this as “puzzling amnesia.”

In the Oct. 13 edition of the New York Times a photo of the suspect white truck was shown with the phrase “Unknown Words” printed on the side. The significance of words in connection with the sniper case was being emphasized by the Times, though the words themselves were evanescent, flashing on and off, leaving almost no trail (until the profilers decide to script a more tangible trail for us through their mouthpiece media).

Let us endeavor to “totally recall” that we don’t just see words, we hear them in our heads. “Serial” killer is heard as “cereal” killer (from Ceres the vegetative goddess of human sacrifice). This writer didn’t coin the word “serial” killer for ritual murder, the U.S. government’s FBI profilers did. Their “profile” is actually a script. A better name for them would be FBI scripters. They point the way out of amnesia into last-minute recall, ceremonially, like the sacrificial victim whose hands are bound and who is being led through an October cornfield, then jolted into total recall when he or she spies the smoking altar atop the pyramid, or the Wicker Man of immolation amidst the harvest mow.

Advertising agencies are paid millions of dollars to conjure names such as Exxon and Viagra (which conjures Niagra, as in the waterfall) , because the ruthlessly pragmatic corporate money-men know that sub-rosa manipulation of the Group Mind pays huge dividends in sales and profits.

One of the most important branches of Dr. John Dee’s epistemology is run by the symbolic character of Dr. Syntax, who features in a masonic engraving showing him lecturing at Freemason’s Hall. What the masons called word magic, scientists today call neuro-linguistics. Advertisers term it “branding” (as in cattle). Following are some examples.

  • The written word “serial” is transformed into the phonetic sound “cereal” in the synapses of the brain, which link the raw sounds to new meanings not denoted in the textual rendering of the word. These raw sounds are known to the creators among advertising executives, as “phonemes.”
  • The recently formed corporation which goes by the brand name “Verizon” (which connotes  a new horizon) paid several million dollars for that name to be conjured. In terms of textual denotation, Verizon means nothing. Brand names like Prozac and Kodak both have a hard “k” sound indicating daring and courage. Expedia is redolent of a trek or adventure. Exxon invokes the double cross, which people secretly admire, if successful.
  • The “astro” van said to have been seen at the sniper shootings connotes the stars and higher realms. It is also a phoneme because astro van is heard as “astral” van when broadcast.

FBI profilers have thus far marketed at least two brand names to the public. The aforementioned phoneme, “serial” killer, and one which I think is almost as clever though primarily textual rather than phonetic in effect, “Unabom.” Unabom was the name the FBI scripters gave to the purported environmental fanatics who bombed corporate polluters and academic computer gurus, and who eventually were said by the FBI to consist solely in the person of the “lone nut” Dr. Theodore Kaczynski. But why this odd spelling, Unabom? The FBI brand name “Unabom” is incomplete. The letter “b” has been left off the end of the word. This omission telegraphs to our subconscious the fact that something is being left out of the case.

It should be noted for the record that the phoneme mechanism is a neutral technology that cuts both ways. Someone on our side came up with a phoneme in the 1980s, describing Washington’s Zionist Occupation Government as “ZOG” (invoking the image of a monstrous idol and a false god). I mention this datum to awaken the reader to the fact that we are not powerless. We were destined and empowered to be peers of the realm in the Kingship of Christ on earth, “as in heaven.”

During the sniper’s shootings the emotional energy of the nation’s Group Mind was focused like a burning light in a mirror. Scott Thornsley, a “criminal justice scholar,” said that the shooter “is planning how to increase the thrill level” (AP, Oct. 15, 2002). The question is, whose “thrill level”that of the shooters’ or the public?

The spotlight was on, and the masses were paying strict attention to Pres. Bush’s “noble resistance” to gun-grabber “firearms fingerprinting”; to the urgent need for surveillance cameras and satellites everywhere, and military assistance and intervention in domestic affairs; to the FBI’s 400 assigned detectives, to random traffic stops by police who terrorize citizens in white vehicles. The mounting tension, fear, anxiety and expectation in connection with the sniper were palpable, commensurate with the melodramatic media “Countdown on War with Iraq.”

All this was building to a spasm of ecstatic releasethe anticipated thrill of the imminent capture of the fiendish culprit(s) and the post-spasm euphoria of a mystery solved and the “case closed.” Those who have been programmed to kill on cue are often also programmed to self-destruct or self-incriminate on cue. In the wake of the most famous masonic murder in America, the assassination in New York of writer William Morgan in 1826, the investigators of that time remarked on the tendency of the “mesmerized” perpetrators to incriminate themselves or commit suicide. The investigators of that era dubbed this strange phenomenon “Masonic apoplexy.”

The sniper case is not a matter of good vs. evil. It is about cryonic, freeze-thaw Revelation of the Method amid the clamor of adrenaline-pumping thrills. It is a medieval mystery play for the Pepsi Generation, a sobering parable about the crying need for a benevolent Super-State, an army of cops and a digital All-seeing Eye to “keep us safe.” After all, this is the 21st century! “Life is not so simple anymore.”

“The government is often arsonist and fireman”

During the sniper killings this writer was contacted by a Department of Defense official who has been known to me for some time, but this was the first time he was willing to speak this candidly on the record:

As you know from my other e-mail I work for the Defense Department…While I am a well compensated member of the military-industrial complex I have had growing concern over the years about the direction of our government and who is really controlling it. I wrote you recently about the D. C. Sniper asking you if you believed this killing spree was an occult black arts operation and this has initiated e-mail from you on the subject.

…This would be the first time that very sophisticated U.S. Military intelligence assets would be used against a (supposed) U.S. citizen in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1877. Thus we see the real reason for the D.C. Sniperto get our military to conduct operations against U.S. citizens with the approval of those citizens…

…the military is very concerned about the erosion of the Posse Comitatus division between police and military work in the U.S., but military assets have been used in the past few years to digitally map with infrared sensors most of the major cities of the U.S. I’ve heard a lieutenant general in Army intelligence speak of the fact that all 21st century wars will be urban wars since most people in the world will soon live in urban areas. This may explain the need for a war with Iraq. Our leaders want our military to have a Stalingrad or Berlin house-to-house battle in Baghdad in order to train them for coming events…(some of those events will be here in the U.S.)

…It looks like Secretary Rumsfeld wants the people to know that the U.S. Military will ‘save’ them from the sniper so they will welcome military intrusion into their lives. As the French say, sometimes the poison and the antidote are concocted in the same laboratory. Or as E. Michael Jones put it recently: the government is often the arsonist and the fireman.

Dispensing Disinformation

The last time this writer witnessed a police dragnet comparable to the one in Maryland was when neo-Nazi patsy Buford Furrowafter shooting up a Jewish daycare center on cuewas being hunted by the LAPD. Like the sniper(s) in Maryland, he easily eluded the formidable Los Angeles police and their intensive manhunt, tiptoed through the roadblocks and chopper spotter beams, and got all the way to Las Vegas, where he promptly reported directly to his handlers at the Las Vegas FBI headquarters.

Some disinformation in this case came from outside investigators, useful idiots and sloppy or intellectually dishonest researchers who happen to prolifierate in this field. For example, conclusions were floated at the point when the shooter(s) had allegedly killed nine and wounded 11 (9/11). Some Internet scribes fell for this rush-to-judgement pitfall by proclaiming a 9/11 sniper signature or message. One must be prudent and avoid forcing data to fit one’s own personal prejudices or pet theories. Wishful thinking has no place in sleuthing.

The Feds are certainly capable of playing pranks on independent investigators and the public, and I would characterize at least some of the reports about this case which appeared on Oct. 21 and 22 as telephone pranks and deliberate misdirection, such as what a stage magician uses. For example, the white van parked at the pay phone with two dark-skinned, Hispanic suspects. They were said to be definitely not involved, and yet the pay phone where their van had been parked had, according to the media, been used by “the sniper” to make a call to police.

Moreover, it is the police who routinely confirmed that all the shooting victims were victims of the same sniper(s), based on bullets allegedly extracted from bodies and subsequent police ballistic tests.

So-called expert criminologists who automatically proceed from the assumption that the police are retailing infallible truth about the victims and the bullets, are about as sophisticated as the kids who whitewashed Tom Sawyer’s fence. Without independent corroboration of police ballistics tests, I do not see how any authentic criminologist or journalist can assume anything about who killed the victims grouped and ascribed to “the sniper” (cf. Tainting Evidence by John F. Kelly and P.K. Wearne).

One may wish to study the Pentagon’s Urban Warfare Doctrine to see the role which “information superiority” and control of the media play in manipulating a target population. PSYOP, according to the Pentagon’s doctrine, entails having the media disseminate only the “approved message … modifying attitudes and behavior of selected audiences.” Cf. Joint Publication 3-06: Doctrine for Joint Urban Operations, (Pentagon, 2002).

The System did get its requisite “Muslim monster,” John Allen Muhammad, a U.S. Army veteran, into theatrical custody. The supposed “sniper” was indeed struck with that ancient, self-incriminating malady, masonic apoplexy:

“The link to the two Washington men came in part from a call from the suspected sniper himself. In the call, the sniper told investigators to look into an incident in Montgomery, Alabama, a federal law-enforcement official said.” (Seattle Times, Oct. 24, 2002).

The Hypnotic Cue

The snipers turned themselves in on hypnotic cue. Reading a carefully drafted, cryptic message to the snipers, Chief Moose said:  ”You have indicated you want us to say and do certain things. You want us to say, ‘We have caught the sniper like a duck in the noose.’ We understand that hearing us say it is important to you.”

A few hours after Chief Moose’s brazen conveyance of this hypnotic cue in public, the suspects were found conveniently asleep in the wanted car, at a public rest stop, not far from I-70, a heavily-traveled Interstate highway. Sleep well, America. The Manchurian candidates have emerged from the shadows. A “Manchurian candidate” is defined as: “A group of American soldiers brainwashed into becoming sleeper agents.”

After the hypnotic cue was conveyed to Muhammad, the Cryptocracy needed a cover story. The Establishment media contacted a “folktale expert” who “solved the riddle” by explaining that Chief Moose’s statement was just an old Cherokee Indian story about a rabbit that goes hunting for a duck. The System will have a tougher time of explaining away and solving the riddle behind certain other facts, such as the datum that well before the snipings occurred, police in the state of Washington, as well as Federal agents there, had received numerous red flags concerning the suspects, including information concerning Muhammad’s acquisition of an illegal silencer for his weapon.

According to the Seattle Times, ATF Special Agent Patrick Berarducci stated that the ATF learned of Muhammad and the silencer, but took no action. Neither did the ATF act against the gunshop where some say the sniper rifle was obtained. The rifle cannot be traced any further than this gun shop, to Muhammad or anyone else, because the record for this rifle and hundreds of other rifles are missing.

The teenaged Jamaican national, Malvo, the alleged sniper’s accomplice, was designated an illegal alien in 2001, but was allowed to remain in the U.S. after a top official of the INS intervened, and overturned the U.S. Border Patrol’s deportation advisory. Or how about this howler: “According to several news reports, authorities spent so much time trying to collect forensic evidence from the (sniper’s) letter, which was retrieved from Saturday night’s shooting site in Ashland, Va., that they missed a deadline the sniper had imposed.” (Seattle Times, Oct. 24).

The D.C. Sniper reign of terror was a Black Mass performed in public by the Cryptocracy, part of a series of infernal rites, like Son of (Uncle) Sam and 9/11, calculated to cause us to forget our destiny and go back to sleep, then to briefly awaken and shock us with ritual and symbolic jolts of terror and awareness; then soothe us again into the arms of Morpheus. This process was once administered in insane asylums to control and mold the inmates, and in the lodges of Freemasonry to control and mold the initiates.

©2002 by Michael A. Hoffman II. Michael Hoffman is the editor of Revisionist History Newsletter. He may be reached at Independent History & Research,, Box 849, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83816.