The Most Dangerous TV Show Ever Made

by Olav Phillips

In June 1977, Great Britain was rocked by the airing of a television program so controversial it was aired once and only once before being banned.  It was then shown in Australia where the reception prompted yet another ban.  Finally, it was optioned by NBC in the United States only to be roundly rejected by its Broadcast Standards and Practices department: it was too dangerous to be aired on mainstream network television and represented a major risk to the network. Since then, the program has lived on in infamy and has been the source of many a raging debate about its legitimacy and ramifications. Called Science Report: Alternative 3, it is the most dangerous television program in the world.So let’s start in the beginning with a grainy 10th-generation copy of a strange TV show aired in the UK in the late 1970s, Alternative 3 being the final episode. I saw it in the mid-1990’s and experienced a paradigm shift, like a hydrogen bomb going off.  Until then, conspiracies hadn’t much interested me, though I had followed the machinations and governmental cover-ups around UFO’s. In Alternative 3, I saw such a grand plan, such a long-term vision, that I had to know more. I researched it again and again to deduce the theory I have today.

What is so dangerous about Alternative 3? In essence, it presents a kind of grand unified conspiracy theory, the glue and missing link for so many of the conspiracies we puzzle over today. And the premise is so elegantly rational and simplistic:

When Alternative 3 is involved, a lot of things go “missing,” including people. But more on that later.

So what is Alternative 3 in the hard science series shown on East Anglia Television in 1977?



Originally it was to be broadcast as an April Fools joke on April 1, 1977, but due to various events—including a scheduling mistake and a strike—the episode wasn’t shown until June 1977. According to David Ambrose and Christopher Miles, they had been approached to film the Alternative 3 final episode as a spoof. The problem was that by retaining the format of the original hard-science series as well as hiring Tim Brinton, a well known presenter and host, the presentation came off as authentic.

The public reacted quickly and vocally, and all parties involved in the production of the film went on to stellar careers. Christopher Miles went on to direct a series of well-received feature films, David Ambrose pursued a successful career in writing, Tim Brinton became a member of parliament, and Brian Eno is now a household name in the world of ambient and electronic music.

Another interesting fact needs airing: to my knowledge, there is no available master copy of the film. Purportedly, all masters were destroyed in a fire, and all contracts and legal documents pertaining to Alternative 3 have been lost. The only original in existence is a film copy that Christopher Miles kept as a personal memento of the production, but as far as ITV/East Anglia TV is concerned, the show does not exist.

Now this is a VERY important piece of evidence because in television much of the money you make is off syndication rights, film rights, as well as selling the film directly through various outlets. In the case of Alternative 3, and as a direct result of the loss of all paperwork and master copies, ITV can no longer assert authority over the show and has lost all ability to legally protect the show. It is as though Alternative 3 never existed.

To better understand the hoax and the truth behind it, we need to look at each of the three alternatives as well as their real life substitutes.

The Premise

Now this is a VERY important piece of evidence because in television much of the money you make is off syndication rights, film rights, as well as selling the film directly through various outlets. In the case of Alternative 3, and as a direct result of the loss of all paperwork and master copies, ITV can no longer assert authority over the show and has lost all ability to legally protect the show. It is as though Alternative 3 never existed.

To better understand the hoax and the truth behind it, we need to look at each of the three alternatives as well as their real life substitutes.

Alternative 1

Alternative 1 was to use a series of nuclear devices to attempt to blow a hole in the upper atmosphere to vent pollutants and gases into space. This alternative may have been the basis of the 1958 high-altitude nuclear weapons test known as Operation Argus, or Floral as it is sometimes known, ostensibly to test manipulating the Earth’s radiation belts. Argus was carried out in half the time normally allocated for such a test. Additional evidence suggests that the top-secret High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) may also be used for such a purpose. The Obama administration is currently investigating attempting to modify the atmosphere as well.

It is important to include chemtrails in this discussion. Some evidence points to chemtrails being a modern implementation of Dr. Edward Teller’s theory that global warming could be reduced or abated by jettisoning large quantities of metallic debris into the upper atmosphere to deflect sunlight and cool the Earth’s surface. Chemtrails entail high-altitude dumping of materials like barium and aluminum.

But from Alternative 3’s point of view, such projects have failed, so resources and planning have been shifted to Alternative 2.





Alternative 2

Alternative 2 recommended moving a percentage of the population into underground facilities. This project is ongoing, and if Alternative 3 is to be believed then it will probably continue to the very end.  The evidence for Alternative 2 is ever- present around us, and the doomsday preparations going on are mind-boggling. We need look no further than the Nordic Seed Vault, a kind of Noah’s Ark for seed species. In the seed vault, there are no genetically engineered seed varieties. Other such vaults are either built or being planned around the world.

From the human point of view, one among many examples is Camp David or Site R, which can easily maintain fairly large populations for years if not decades. Such facilities exist all over the world. In Norway is the Sentralanlegget; in France, a hardened facility in Taverny; in the United Kingdom, Whitehall—each facility spawned by the cold war and retrofitted today for an impending manmade or natural apocalypse.

Nor should we forget the Denver Airport, central to NORAD and massive governmental migration, indicates that something is being planned (For underground facilities, including a worldwide maglev train network, I would suggest you read the excellent work of Richard Sauder.)

As with Alternative 1, from a program point of view Alternative 2 was deemed a failure, due in part to the inability of various governments to build fast enough facilities that can survive long enough and hold enough people.

Thus we arrive at Alternative 3: to move a selected population off-planet to Mars, utilizing the Moon as a way station—a grandiose and desperate plan, and the most nebulous. In the cases of Alternative 1 and 2, we could easily show evidence of these projects, albeit obscured as cold war survivability projects, be it nuclear weapons tests or underground command-and-control bunkers. But moving selected populations off-planet is a whole other discussion implying a secret space program of some capacity. Absolute proof is impossible, given that we lack schedules and are dealing with devices that have been mislabeled over the years as alien UFOs. But let’s see what we can see about Alternative 3.

Alternative 3

As we have discussed above, the evidence for Alternatives 1 and 2 are fairly straightforward, at least from a “conspiracy” point of view. Though nothing in the clandestine world of national security is straightforward, the tentacles of Alternative 3 touch almost every modern conspiracy we have seen, read, or heard—the grand unified glue of a 50-year conspiracy framework. While there is no “smoking gun” style evidence for Alternative 3, there is enough to start asking some really hard questions.

Inductively, we can test the validity of concepts and executions; locate support facilities; weigh corollary research; explore the Moon as a waypoint en route to Mars; examine the two categories, those who are picked as individuals and those who merely form part of a “batch consignment.”

Delving directly into Alternative 3 itself is a much more difficult and murky proposition. We get glimpses of elements of the larger project manifesting as little clues left in strange and out-of-the-way places; manifesting in photos, rumors, and minor comments made by notable figures like former President Dwight D. Eisenhower (about the military-industrial complex), Buzz Aldrin (about a monolith existing on one of the Mars’ moons), and Richard C. Hoagland (about an artificial moon on Mars). The glimpses are there but difficult to ferret out.

Recently, the Webbot team on Coast to Coast AM let it slip that a secret “break away” civilization has achieved Type I status in interstellar propulsion. Or take a discussion between researcher Jim Marrs and George Noory about the UFO development program run under SS General Dr. Ing Hans Kammler from the Skoda munitions works near Pilsen in then-Czechoslovakia. The stellar research of Joseph P. Farrell, who has specialized in investigating the Bell, Die Glocke, a secret Nazi torsion devices powered by “Xerum 525,” takes you from inception to potential completion and dissects in great depth each element of the project.

In order for the Alternative 3 scenario to work according to our outline, we must have spaceships capable of reaching not only the Moon but Mars. These ships must be capable of carrying large amounts of cargo and personnel, be they “batch consignments” or scientists with families. So we need a vessel powered by the Bell power source and large enough, such as the Haunebu electromagnetic disc, two or three of which were in development late in World War Two. The Haunebu was capable of at least Moon travel by the late 1940’s.

Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara’s seminal 2007 work Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA exposes the secret space program’s occult aspects, from star alignments during launches to the names of missions and debris of an ancient civilization on the Moon and Mars. Or is it so ancient? The debris Hoagland and Bara have found may be hallmarks of an operational program, such as “The Shard,” a 3-mile-high structure towering over a ruined cityscape once geometrically planned. Amidst the “junk” that Hoagland and Bara assert is millennia old, is there also fairly recent “junk”? Could prior habitation have merged with new facilities?

As for activity on the Moon, one possibility might be the recent cancellation of a manned re-landing attempt. The best way to cover up a Moon base is to not allow astronauts to unwittingly take photos of it. This plays in well with some of the modern conspiracy research into a faked Moon landing, and while I assert that we did land on the Moon, it is obvious that the astronauts were conditioned to “forget” about the mission, and that many of the photos were doctored.

But aside from doctored photos and stories and the odd leaked photo, what else do we have? Transient Lunar Phenomena or “TLP.” Since the 1950’s, astronomers have tracked and catalogued the movement of lights across the surface of the Moon. Though attributed to “outgassing,” meteorite, and atmospheric conditions preventing favorable observation, the sightings continue unabated. The 1950’s was when a wave of interest washed over the United States and the world regarding UFOs. John Lear, Former CIA pilot and son of the Lear Jet founder, for one has spoken about this at length, believes that TLP incidents on the Moon may be nuclear reactors and titanium, helium 3, or iron mining operations. Helium 3 could provide the power stepping point to Mars, the ultimate destination.

So now let’s look towards Mars, the red planet of legend. Photographic evidence of structures on Mars is well known, thanks again to Hoagland’s research. But ruins of ancient settlements won’t be enough.  What we need is evidence of recent builds and activity. For this, we have only to look at a structure that shows no wear or damage, smooth and completely out of place. I call it The Facility that is part of a more modern settlement. I would also argue that if Hoagland’s line of research is accurate, then the possibility exists that tunnels, structures etc. of the long-vanished civilization have been re-purposed, such as the 1997-2007 Stargate SG-1 television series points to. (As Arthur C. Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Or fiction.) Hoagland has also theorized that the Mars moon Phobos is actually hollow and serves as a kind of space station hanging above Mars, which again would make sense.

But as with many things in Alternative 3, we are dealing with camouflage and subversion. Still, we’ve established a good case for the craft as well as a moon base way station for Mars and a long-term migration program. Now, we must address another facet of the Alternative 3 scenario: the people.

Missing scientists. Entire books could be written about missing scientists of all capacities—biologists, geneticists, physicists, computer scientists—the list goes on with a stunning body count indicating people read into the project and then read out for varying reasons, their deaths helping us chart some of the corporations involved in the project. For example, 25 highly trained scientists murdered or ‘suicided’ in 1980-1992, many of whom were working on the SDI initiative through Marconi.

Batch consignments. Unskilled labor transported to otherworldly facilities will be used as slave laborers.  In the United States, at least 800,000 children disappear each year—some kidnapped by family members or random violence, but conservatively that probably leaves 500,000. If we look to the developing world, entire villages are uprooted with no perceptible notice or tally. In other words, menial laborers are not that hard to come by.

In Dr. Helmut Lemmar’s 1999 book Milabs: Military Mind Control & Alien Abduction, he outlines military lead abductions that simulate or mirror the alien abduction scenario. In other words, by utilizing magnetic waves, an individual can be induced into believing he or she has been abducted by aliens. Even noted author Whitley Strieber has discussed an abduction experience in which humans were assisting aliens.

This is not to say that alien abduction is not real. Quiet the contrary: it is a true and real phenomenon. What I am saying is that rogue elements of the Intelligence Community are willingly abducting people for no known reason. Is it possible that a subset of those abductions are being done with Alternative 3 in mind?

Prepare for the future.

The End Game

Why are military planners preparing for a nuclear war that will never come? Why are so many people disappearing? What is the point of Alternative 3?  Climate change? Mass extinction? No one is really sure. The show itself references climate change, and I believe it is a very important element, but I believe there is more at work here than just climate change. Seed vaults, massive underground facilities, and Alternative 3 reveal that elites are preparing for something for which climate change will be a smokescreen. Still, climate change is a good place to start.

There are two schools of thought on climate change. The first is that humans are polluting the planet and this will inevitably lead to the greenhouse effect and massive climate damage. The second school of thought is that these are natural weather cycles and fluctuations. What is undeniable is that the weather is changing and we are being affected by it. Whether you believe we are heading into an ice age or a super greenhouse, either would be catastrophic.

Overpopulation and scarcity are facts as well, but again with varying schools of thought. Are there not enough resources, or is it about how we politically divide up those resources?

Remote viewers, be they human or of the Webbot Project, report that the post- 2012 future gets a little hazy, then snaps back into place, almost as if a massive catastrophic event takes place and rocks the world. An almost total extinction event? A solar flare? The asteroid Apophis? Only in a catastrophe so great would an Alternative 3 level of preparation make sense. If the source is climate change, then underground dwellers might have to spend generations down there. Only if a meteorite causes a nuclear winter that would clear in just a few years would subterranean survival make sense.

So what’s the clock? When is it going to happen? Target date 2012?

In Closing

Is Alternative 3 the grand unified conspiracy theory ranging from climate change, to webbots to even Nazi UFO’s? In my estimation, it is, but many concepts and news events must still be explored and researched. Preparations are being made for some sort of event. We demand the truth and support people like Jospeh Farrell, Jim Marrs, Richard Hoagland, and Mike Bara. Keep your ears close to the ground. Be vocal about things you witness…