[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ind control? How would you know if you were…? A fearsome concept, a historic reality and a super-secret underground burgeoning technology. Are millions now under forms of mind control that will be used in the future to control, alter and transmute hundreds of millions more?

Now just like before Auschwitz was ever visited the skeptic will ask with a scowl….How can this be?

What you’re about to read is not conjecture or just flying saucer conspiracy. The victims of this menace are already her by the millions. Their pain, stolen history and disfigured minds have sought to find reality, but reconstructing what has happened to them is like working on a 10,000 piece puzzle that the wind just scattered all over the ground. Though the process of figuring it all out piece by piece is arduous the growing puzzle is revealing the source, the perpetrators and purpose behind such a life consuming mind altering grip – technology from hell itself!

In this article I will touch on some of the main issues that are perplexing our minds but I will also focus on a technology so radically evil that to go there is to feel the hot smoke of hell itself. This radical form of mind control involves the subjugation of an entire life and the fact that it has captivated millions drives many to look away because of its implications and the possible retribution of its handlers.

Just to mention a few of what Jack Sparks author of  book from the 70’s called….‘THE MIND BENDERS’

The elimination of choice:

Just keep the public from knowing! It’s like out of sight out of mind, Right? Then they say the mind will not be burdened with all facts! However in reality the control of vital information is a form of control of what a mind (is allowed but by whom) can think about or choose. It seems clear, politicians do this all the time but where I heard and saw this used with an appeal to ‘protect the public’ was not at a political function but in a police training academy. The course was on satanic crimes the attendees were told to just deal with the crime and to NOT tell the public about the “scary satanic stuff” even though it was the motivation for the crime. If you just eliminate and or control information so that the public cannot hear, see, be warned, understand and or react, this ‘controlled information’ is a form of plotted mind or choice control. It keeps a person from knowing and reacting. You’re in the dark.



The pressure of indoctrination:

Just believe what I tell you. Go over it again and again! Don’t think about anything else. Don’t read anything else and don’t talk to anyone who tells you another story. Like in the Wizard of OZ: Don’t look at the man behind the curtain, just keep your mind on the delusion or deception being pumped into you. This is a form of mind control and forces one to look only in one direction. To only read, believe and follow a political or even cultic doctrine NOT because you have studied it, believe it and you choose to embrace it, but because you just ….MUST!

Not withheld information but forced information (indoctrination); an authoritarian do it or be punished approach that demands compliance or else. This is mind and life control. The Nazi SS soldier, Mao’s little red book and the Unification cult (Sun Moon) ‘divine principles’ comes to mind. Indoctrination forced in this way seeks to force the person, group or even nation to act only on what the indoctrinator wants. This ultimate forced mind and will compliance finds its culmination in the future when all must be forced to worship the Beast of the new world order. (See concept in the Book of Revelation 13)

Cults and totalism:

The old cults, many of which still exist, have captivated millions. Please think of this, millions! These cults still use things like 1) Love bombing you and pulling you into their group, school or job. 2) Moving you away from your known environment and then preoccupation with the new group of like minds. 3) With little sleep, lack of food and oh yes, your new clothes, you are now under what Robert Lifton called ‘TOTALISM’. Once again the elimination of not just information but the consuming of a person’s time, food, looks, location and process of free and thorough consideration. A consideration that involves thought, reflection, perception, discernment and the right to ask questions or go to trusted friends and family for their input. A real cult seeks to captivate you TOTALLY.

Voice to skull

A bull horn is one thing but what about a machine or device that can send thoughts? And what if you did not know ‘they’ were using this machine and sending you messages? The technologies that are here now are scary. If they have a machine that can send thoughts then my first question is how do you defend yourself against that? Can I have a shield or a countermeasures machine? Who is in control of the machine? What thoughts are they sending? Is this a weapon where military psy-ops team can point the machine at the enemy and (by thoughts sent) tell the enemy to surrender? Or as one experienced in “voice to skull” Eleanor White states:  “One especially invasive attack method in the arena of ‘psycho-electronic’ mind control is ‘voice to skull’. Voice to skull is the transmission of voice, or any other audible or subliminal sound, directly into the hearing sense of the mind control victim. This is sometimes done around the clock and can be one of the severest forms of torture. Voice to skull technology is sometimes referred to as “synthetic telepathy”. (http://targetedindividualscanada.wordpress.com/ )

Non-human intelligences:

What about other worldly beings? You know aliens, spirits, dark angels and even the devil? The claims are many concerning the abilities and agendas of aliens and demons. The Nazis referred to these beings as ‘non-human intelligences’ claimed to be out there communicating with human kind. The Nazis even had the ‘hall of the dead’ in Himmler’s castle where SS leaders could go to ‘meditate’ on the human skulls of past leaders in order to get a ‘message’ for an advantage in war. We can also look at Dr. Steven Greer who says he interacted with extra dimensional beings. His pursuit to engage and welcome them has lead to claims of having made contact with the Orion’s (beings from out in space) which also led him to claim he has over 300 US government officials from even the CIA and DOD as part of his believers. His new film ‘Sirius’ just now being pushed will influence many more to believe and seek these beings: Whoever they really are.

Many of the new remote viewers speak of beings out there in the ‘either’. Ed Dames admits in his last book, ‘TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE’ that the ability to do remote viewing comes from the ‘hall of records’ (akashic records) and that is where the ‘data’ (information) comes from. But who sends the information? Are the Orion’s and the beings from the Akashic Records controlling, influencing or pumping the data they want humanity to believe? And then there is the man from the NSA who claims he was used to receive information from outside non-human intelligences. Dan Sherman says:  “The story I’ve documented in this book is an authentic first level account of the existence of aliens. It is a story of my personal experiences as an intuitive communicator with the United States Air Force (USAF), while working for the National Security Agency (NSA). My going public with this story will hopefully be considered by historians of the future as the catalyst that opened the gate to the flow of relevant and concrete information.”

The bottom of the rung

SRA MPD DID…… the broadest and most covert form of mind control?

And then there is satanic ritual abuse, multiple personality disorder (which they now call dissociative identity disorder). This is the main focus of my article and will be the most eye opening. The information I now write is well…not supposed to be on the table per say.

In the 1980’s thousands of individuals with voices in their heads began showing up at psych wards and counseling centers everywhere. By 1992  Dr. Holly Hector who worked in the psych ward at Centennial Hospital in Denver stated that there is an estimated 2.4 million victims of ‘multiple personality disorder’. Going beyond that Dr. Collin Ross in his original first edition ‘PROJECT BLUEBIRD: the purposeful creation of multiple personalities’ agrees with an assessment that there may be 10 million victims of this form of mind and life control.

Ten million! Those numbers are astounding and force us to ask many questions. 1. What is this MPD? 2. How exactly is it caused? 3. Who is causing this?  4. Why are they doing it?

If in the USA alone we have 10 million victims of this ‘disorder’, that is massive and huge. Let’s start with question one and proceed to the sinister side of all this:

  1. What is MPD? The definition is basically that a person has more than one personality. They have the main person who we may talk to and know and then they have inside them a number of other personalities different than the main person. Some call these other personalities ‘sub persons’, ‘alters’, ‘alter personalities’ but as stated in the diagnostic books of the DSM3 and DSM4 (diagnostic manuals of the American Psychological Association) the victims have been forced to create inside them these separate sub persons. The stress in the definition is that the ‘alter’ personalities inside are distinct, have their own memories, age and personality. Though some may write this off as ‘mentally crazy’ the issue is far from that. They victims are not crazy; they are victims of a mind control technology that goes back to the Nazis and Dr. Mengele himself. This mind control includes the purposeful creation of these sub persons who are then programmed (a mental/mind control imposing an agenda) and here is the kicker…there really are millions of them and they are also found in Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, Germany, Italy and other nations which begs many more questions!
  2. How exactly is it caused? Well, all of the book authors (and there are many now) tell us the same thing: It’s ‘trauma based’. The cause for the creation of the ‘alter personalities’ is from severe trauma (mental and emotional). A person is pushed so far mentally that they ‘snap’ or ‘split’ and the main person goes down and a new part of them appears. The forced new part is the one that takes in all the pain and abuse. When the trauma is over the new ‘sub person’ goes down and the main person as if they were sleeping comes back up (to consciousness) the main person doesn’t remember because the ‘sub person’ has encoded the bad or traumatic episode.Those who know how to cause this split are called ‘splitters’. As in hypnosis a hypnotist gets the main person out of the way and then creates mentally a new persona. A stage hypnotist will then get the new persona to do things they normally would not do…things they don’t know they are doing and then when the hypnotized person is brought back…they don’t remember. In the purposeful creation of MPD the ‘splitters’ are creating permanent sub alters, sub persons who can then be programmed, trained and assigned to tasks.  Programmed for what? Trained by whom? Assigned to do what type of tasks? All of this is done with the goal that the main person will stay clueless.
  3. Who then is doing this? Tens of thousands of victims of this MPD have come forward in these last 30 years. They have remembered the stories of who did this and the ‘who’ did this to them is sobering. Inside each victim are personalities who know what they have been through and do remember some of the perpetrators. They tell the stories of military, psychiatrists, doctors, labs, bases, covens, programming and so much more. The readers of this may be very familiar with ‘the Monarch’ ‘Phoenix’ and the projects in MK Ultra, Artichoke and others. The victims and now the dozens of books on the subject (see some listed under sources) tell us that this started with the Nazis who wanted to create a master race of controlled super soldiers (see Secret Weapons by Dale Griffis, The Manchurian Candidate by John Marks, The Black Awakening; rise of the satanic super soldier by Russ Dizdar, Journey into Madness by Gordon Thomas or The CIA Doctors by Colin Ross to start with. The claims of thousands, the volumes of books now written and after personally working with MPD victims for over 25 years tell us: a. the Nazi doctors, b. the CIA, c. specialized ‘satanic covens’ d. globalist elites are synced together as the perpetrators and that they work together in a very sinister multinational project.
  4. Why are they doing this? This is the million dollar question and the answers will cause some to look away and pretend it just can’t be. From some of the other books but mainly from my work directly with many victims the sexual, mental, emotional and physical abuse is only part of the process. The reason for it all is (if it were possible) even more sinister. The splitting to create sub personalities includes programing those sub personalities to be assassins, bombers, killers, infiltrators, spies and eventually troops of a new Reich! They say they are the coming chaos makers etc.

The Monarch Project and even Thomas McGowan’s book ‘PROGRAMMED TO KILL points to this. My book THE BLACK AWAKEING: Rise of the satanic super soldiers gives deep details. The claims are: A. ‘They’ are doing this to create an army. B. They create, program (mentally) and are training millions of these ‘chosen ones’ to be troops. C. Most of the victims are intact and are sleepers waiting to be triggered. D. It all relates to a new world order. E. They have been placed in government, law enforcement, military and churches purposely! Most of which for now are sleepers. F. They are in numerous other countries created and placed same way.

But now for the kicker:

I can talk about the biblical end time prophecies and what the dark satanic agenda is all about. Some will listen others will look the other way and watch some more TV. But if you know about the end time events, antichrist and coming Armageddon from the Bible please realize that the fulfillment of these (like in all Biblical prophecies) has real places, people and events with boots on the ground. What I tell you now must be looked into quickly and when anyone does they, like myself and others will realized This mind control agenda is so vast, so deep and so far advanced that it’s like we are 50 years behind in scratching at the surface of a runaway bull that we know now ….can’t be stopped.

The kicker to all of this is found in a little book by a once renowned (in the sinister way) worldwide known psychologist who was hired by US military to help in the ‘super soldier’ experimentation. Enter G.H. Estabrooks and his little book HYPNOTISM and especially the chapter on ‘the weaponizaton’ of creating sub persons in solders to make programmed super soldiers.

G H Estabrooks tells us that they know how and used soldiers who had ‘alter’ personalities created within them. They created the alter persons and kept the main person amnesic (blind to it). They programmed sub persons inside to be a. assassins, b. reconnaissance agents, c. infiltrators, d. spies, e. sowers of disinformation (they could create/program) the sub persons to be whatever they wanted. They then created ‘cues’, triggers’, ‘phrases’ they would give to the sub persons so when they (the handlers splitters programmers) would trigger them the sub person would come up do the job (programmed task) and then go back down inside with the main person coming back and not knowing what was done or when (missing time).   Now more of the kicker: G. H. Estabrooks revelations of what they could do in creating mind controlled programmed super soldiers was released in 1944. They were taking the technology from the Nazis and using it way back in 1944. Ramifications, they have had a long time to create many mind controlled, programmed shooters, bombers, assassins etc. and to hold them as sleepers to be used at the will of the handlers.

And now the final kicker in all of this mind control:

In 1944, G H Estabrooks  upon revealing this process (and he called it then multiple personalities) in his chapter on weaponizing mind control for warfare made this startling revelation: He stated that the US government military must create many of these programmed soldiers and place them in all the departments of US military. Why? G H Estabrooks says so that we can have a 5th column of sleeper soldiers for the future.

Hmmm, a hidden programmed nationwide army to be used for what?

It is the belief of this author that G H Estabrooks from way back in 1944 was trying to spill the beans of a long range agenda that is in place right now. The goal Estabrooks has revealed is among us. Tens of thousands of programmed sleeper shooters, bombers, killers and chaos makers. It is the belief of this author that Estabrooks was only ‘scratching’ at the surface of what is now a:

Multi-continental, multi-national deeply and supernaturally hidden agenda that is behind the current global melt down. It is paving the way for the coming chaos that forces the way to a new order just as ‘they’ the controllers have plotted. And behind the globalist elites (‘them’), if you’re ready for it is hell’s kitchen and mind controlling powers of darkness. The conclusion… mind control is much more sinister then we thought.



Russ Dizdar
Conference speaker
Author of The Black Awakening Rise of the satanic super soldier
Forth coming books ‘ONCE BLIND’ and R1919: the real reason for Armageddon


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