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The Summer 2013 issue has arrived! Subscribe now!

Return of the Phoenix: The Four Suns of an Intruder Planet
By Jason M Breshars

The Dead Comedian Conspiracy: Suspicious Deaths of Controversial Comics
By Adam Gorightly

Hidden in Plain Sight: “ELISA” Programming and Body Cloning
By Elisa

A History of Silence: Child Trafficking in the United States
By David Shurter

The DOD’s Paranormal Files: Transhumanism and Singularity
By H. Michael Sweeney

Conspiracy Comics: Secret CIA Links and Brotherhood of the Magic Bullet
By Doug Moench

Meteors in Counterpoint: Proof, if proof were needed
By Thomas N. Hackney

Boston Marathon Bombing: “Wag the Dog” meets a Strategy of Tension
By Victor Thorn

Book Review: Uncovering the Mystery of MPD
By Elana Freeland

Film Review: The Host
By Columbia Jones

The Ahnenerbe: Hitler’s Occult Warrior Historians
By Olav Phillips

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