zzz Serge MonastIn the mid 1990’s a new conspiracy started to make the rounds, a conspiracy of epic proportions.  To the uninitiated the conspiracy, Project Blue Beam, was proposed as a secret NASA program to develop a cutting edge display system which would allow the powers that be to project a 3D holographic image in the sky.  A single individual named Serge Monast emerged as the thought leader on this conspiracy and his conclusions seemed epic in its scope.  Prophets in the sky, earthquakes and massive UFO fleets but to name a few of the events which were to take place, all of which we designed to usher in a new level of panic as the populace ran to the powers that be to protect them and usher in the New World Order, the conspiracy theorists favorite end game – a totalitarian state rules with an iron fist.

The claims were controversial to say the least, and Monast’s claims have yet to materialize.  But does that mean that its all wrong?  As with so many things in the conspiracy world, the truth is somewhere in between I think.  Its also a good time to point out that as with so many situations his information was only as good as what his handlers gave him.

That being said, it is very possible and likely that deep within DARPA there probably is such a project.  So my intent here is to discuss why Blue Beam is not only possible but reasonable based on what we know.  Monast may have gotten the events wrong but I think he certainly got the technology right.  A technology we have not yet seen used, but that doesn’t mean it wont be.


Blue beam like technology has been in the public sphere for the last few years, and is one of the main reasons why I think a Blue Beam like project probably exists in DARPA.  Although we can debate when or if it will be used, it would make a powerful asset in any psyops (Psychological Operations) portfolio of options.

One of the technologies which could be used is to project a message, symbol, or 3D image onto a cloud or water vapor.  In the example below CT Lasers projects a message into the sky.



In this next example you can clearly see the projection of interactive 3D objects on a water cloud as part of the “World of Color” show performed in Disneyland most evenings.  Although it maybe Mickey Mouse wowing you with this amazing demonstration, the technology is still the same. It is important to notice the cloud which is being generated at surface level, but were the cloud generated and higher altitude the same effect would exist. Also remember the image does not need to be perfect to get the point across but it is an amazing use of cloud projection and could easily be adapted to display anything at high altitude.

But as good as the Disney water projections are, to see the true state of holographic projection we need look no further then the 2012 holographic projection of Tupac at Cochella.  The quality of the projection is uncanny and although not 100% life like it would be more then sufficient to be projected at high altitude to make a point.

But what really peaked my interest was a demo from the DEMO 2004 conference, dated 2004, which demonstrated a very sophisticated 3D holographic system.  You need to remember when watching this demo that the technology demonstrated is almost eight years old.  Even today the demonstration provided is very powerful, and it makes you wonder where they have gone on the technology front some eight years later!

So from these examples we can clearly see the Blue Beam technology not only exists but is in commercial use today. Could this technology be adapted for military or government use?  Absolutely it could.  Would it be a powerful tool?  Absolutely it would and in a lot of ways it would make perfect sense as a psyops tool.


spiral_norway_moreSo if we step back for a moment and ponder the implications here, they are vast, powerful and disturbing.  As a commercial technology cloud projection makes absolute sense, its a kind of sky writing in the 21st century.  It allows you to powerfully express a message, and quickly.  Along the same lines, as a psyops tool it allows you to express a message very quickly.  Picture for a moment a battlefield were an angel descends from the sky and says to the soldiers below – Lay Down Your Weapons or as another medium of control we could look at something like Medjugorje where for many years the Virgin Mary has appeared to the faithful to deliver messages of peace as well as danger.  That is theoretically possible with simple commercial technology, not to mention DARPA which is probably another 50 to 100 years beyond the mainstream.

In that way a project like Blue Beam would effectively turn the sky, or at least clouds, into a TV station in the sky projecting the message of the powers that be to the confused public below. It could also be used to project aircraft, ufos, or fish the subject doesn’t matter at that point. What is more important is the ability to engage such a project.

Is Blue Beam a NASA project as Monast had suggested?  I find that claim unlikely, as I find the name Blue Beam to be unlikely as a project name but what I do find likely is that such a project exists in the bowels of DARPA.  I also have no doubt that if such a project exists it is A) Weaponized and B) will make it onto the battlefield at some point. In fact there have been rumors Blue Beam was deployed in at  least IRAQ to control Saddam’s army during our invasion.  It could also be argued that Blue Beam like technology was even used in the Norway Spiral instance.

As with any disinformation program, which I think Monast was a unknowing participant in, there is a grain of truth.  In intelligence circles it is called the “Golden Thread” and is something absolutely true, while at the same time the “Golden Thread” is compromised by the disinformation itself.  I suggest to you Blue Beam, in some form exists and I further suggest that it has been weaponized to be used before, during, and future as a psyops tool. We have the capability today so why wouldn’t it exist in weaponized form. The answer to that is that it mostly likely does but only time will tell.