UFO’s are one of those things; those things people always latch onto. They are prolithic in science fiction and once people learn of my interest, always a topic of conversations at parties. I saw a light in the sky, or this funky triangle flew over my head. My life is bereft with these statements, but in the annals of conspiracy research UFOs are also a high debated topic.

Like many I started out as a firm believer in the alien hypothesis, meaning that I believed all those triangles and funky lights in the sky were alien in origin, but what if they weren’t? It’s a question, which has vexed me for the last decade because in time I started to believe, at least a percentage might not be. Now in some circles that is a heretical statement, but a statement I believe to be true never the less.

For me it started many years ago in my journey. I had been gifted a 10th generation VHS copy of the long sought after “Science Report: Alternative Three.” Back then it was a kitschy 1970’s era conspiracy mockumentry shown on East Anglia TV back in 1977. But as time went on and I started to really watch it something dawned on me, maybe it was fundamentally true? Maybe some, but not all, UFO’s were not alien in origin but instead man made. But for what purpose, and that was the question, which launched the decent into, where I find myself now.

Space is a funny thing, they call it the high frontier and like many I had dreams of space shuttles going to the moon eagerly anticipating taking my seat on a Pan-Am shuttle to a space station and scooting across the surface much as Haywood Floyd did in Kubrick’s amazing, and conspiratorially controversial, 2001: A Space Odyssey. A say conspiratorially because that film like so many has played a part in this new secret space age.

So what is knocking around in the high frontier, and what does it have to do with movies or the enigmatic Alternative Three?

Sometime in the late 1990’s rumors started to emerge of a secret program, utilizing high technology to conquer space and possibly other planets. A secret space force, replete with high tech vehicles regularly leaving the planet for parts unknown. It was the age of the SERPO question, the idea that military personnel were being assigned to an exchange program with aliens and while the fascination of SERPO died away, rumors emerged that it might have been a hoax. The hoax labeled killed investigation into SERPO, but what if SERPO might actually have been real?



Then in 2002 a lowly systems administrator from Scotland, utilizing only a 56k modem cracked the question wide open. His name was Gary McKinnon and what he found was so amazing that it caused the full wait of the United States government to come after him.

McKinnon was accused, and did, hack into a series military and NASA computers but it wasn’t the hacking that makes his story interesting. Its what he found. McKinnon claims to have found references to a program called Solar Warden, which was nothing less then a secret space fleet darting around the space above us and more he claims to have found manifests and crew transfer notices for a series of ships and installations which don’t exist here on Earth.

Solar Warden had entered our psyche and popular culture. Researchers rushed out to discover more about Solar Warden and discovered that a program under SDI had existed called Solar Warden. In fact an enterprising journalist from the Huffington Post filed a freedom of information act request and received a very interesting response.

Darren Perks in a blog posting from 12/7/12 stated:

“About an hour ago I spoke to a NASA rep who confirmed this was their program and that it was terminated by the President. He also informed me that it was not a joint program with the DoD. The NASA rep informed me that you should be directed to the Johnson Space Center FOIA Manager.

I have ran your request through one of our space-related directorates and I’m waiting on one other division with the Command to respond back to me. I will contact you once I have a response from the other division. Did NASA refer you to us?”

It produce an interesting response, and proof of an actual program.

UntitledAround the same time near Thousand Oakes California a pilot reported seeing a strange object in the sky overhead. His report was that this odd craft was proceeding at 5000ft at around 200mph heading S/SE which would have placed it on a approach flight path to Edwards Air Force Base, the home to many an odd aircraft. But this aircraft was very large, and very slow.

Merely a month later the same object was seen over the San Francisco Bay Area, again flying S/SE, but only this time at around 70,000ft and flying at an 45 degree angle down. It was a very serendipitous set of sightings, which started to form a construct for what McKinnon had claimed to have seen, and it only took 10 years for the pieces to come together.

One of the things McKinnon had claimed to have seen on his journey to the classified unknown was a specification for a ship which could carry more then 300 people, a troop transport if you will and possibly the troop transport sized object witnessed by these individuals. But that also had another link to Alternative Three and its notion of “Batch Consignments,” but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Solar Warden, secret space fleet, bases on the Moon/Mars sounds a little nutty right? Maybe not s crazy as you think and maybe more real then you know.

For many years, and originally on STS-88 in 1989 a strange object has been seen in low Earth orbit. Originally it was claimed, and still is for that matter, that this object was the elusive “Black Knight,” and alien space probe which has been producing Long Delay Echoes for the last 70 years. The Black Knight was also implicated in the research of Duncan Lunan who claimed in the 1970’s that he had cracked the code of the object, a brace well probe, which he believed had come from Epsilion Booties and was here to do research on us earthlings.

The problem is that this mysterious vessel, photographed numerous times, is not a bracewell style probe, and the Black Knight is known to haunt L2 (Lagrange Point 2) out past low earth orbit towards the moon which gives it a wonderful location for monitoring the earth and its friendly inhabitants.

No this vehicle is not the Black Knight, but given its location could very well be part of Solar Warden.


But its Solar Warden’s use of high technology extends the conversation and takes yet another technological detour. Because it could be argued the genesis of Solar Warden’s high technology originated in a series of ultra secret Nazi programs operated out of a facility known as “Der Riese” (“The Giant”) located at the Skoda Munitions facility in occupied Czechoslovakia. If the research of pioneers such as Joseph Farrell and Henry Stevens are to believe, one of the most significant leaps ever made was made at Der Riese, by the Germans, in the 1940’s.

It was at Der Riese under the leadership of a SS general named Hans Kammler, who incidentally at a PhD in Engineering and had taken control of Nordhausen and Peenemunde, the Nazi’s had a breakthrough during the experimentation with a device called “The Bell.” The Bell, or Der Glocke as it is sometimes known was a bell shaped device which was powered by Xerum 525 and have antigravity characteristics. It is important to not that a scant a mere 21 years after the bell disappeared an object of similar shape and size crashed into a forest near Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.
Since this is about a conspiracy, it is also interesting to note that Kammler died approximately five times under different circumstances, but in reality it is believed that he took the bell and most of its scientists, he killed the technicians, to Base 211 which is so covertly hidden below the ice in Antarctica and he did this aboard several massive Junkers transport aircraft called the JU-390.

The JU-390 with a cargo capacity in excess of 30,000lbs and a listed range of over 6000 miles would have been the right aircraft for the job and probably could have made it to Base 211 with a strategic refueling somewhere in Africa.Untitled3

Based on the capabilities of the Bell propulsion system the story goes the German scientists and flight engineers setup to contract a series of circular airframes which they called “The Haunebu.” According to the literature there were several variants of the Haunebu and there have even been pilots over the years who have come forward claiming to be former test pilots for the aircraft. There is even a line of thinking which proposed the it was not an alien craft which crashed at Roswell but instead was a crashed German shaped UFO.

Untitled4Additional proof has been uncovered including a rather odd compass labeled “KT-P2” or the “Kreisel Teller” gyro plate which served as a celestially calibrated slave compass that would have impervious to the magnetic field distortion caused by the operation of the Bell.


But perhaps the most interesting proof to surface in recent years about the Bell and Haunebu came on the night of May 30, 2011 when Clyde Lewis, of Ground Zero Radio fame, was interviewing former Skunkworks engineer T.D. Barnes about his work at Area 51. During the interview Lewis asked Barnes pointedly about the Bell, and its final resting place. Barnes of course, and as you would expect, responded that he wasn’t sure what Lewis was talking about and was unfamiliar with the name. Lewis pushed the issue and described the Bell and its operation to Barnes who responded that all that “German stuff” was sent to Wright Patterson AFB. Lewis, a little shocked at this point asked him again about the Bell to which Barnes responded something to the effect of “yes that thing” was sent to Wright Patterson AFB.
Again independent confirmation of the existence of a Bell like device, and this time in the hands of the United States Government along with a whole host of other German high technology. But the story doesn’t end there, normally it might but in this rare case we also have the end game or end objective of such a program.

End games are one of those things, every program or project has one – it has to. The ultimate objective and the source of its funding. See everything is done for a reason, and even in DARPA funding is not just handed out, you need an objective for your project or the purse strings are close. It’s also the most difficult thing to deduce since; at least in conspiracy research we have scant evidence and mostly secondary testimony. I think in conspiracy research we are also dazzled by the means but often pay no attention to the end, but the end is the reason for the means. So the research becomes circular.

In this case I do think we have a glimpse at the end game, and it goes back around to that mysterious 1977 broadcast, because for some reason the powers that be seem to subversively announce the game plan. I’ve never understood that, maybe it’s to taunt us with glimpses of the larger agenda, but never the less we are given those glimpses.

Science Report: Alternative Three – what does that have to do with Solar Warden or Nazi UFOs you might ask? In my simple estimation of the situation, Everything.

If we look critically at the plot of Alternative Three we see a world on the tipping point with climatic disaster, in the case of Alternative Three its wild climate changes which bring about an Ice Age but really it could be that or it could be something more ominus such as a asteroid threat. A theme echoed in Ronald Reagan’s 1987 speech before the United Nations General Assembly.

“In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world”

Over the years that speech has widely been interpreted as a truly alien threat such as big green multieyed monsters from Venus coming to take over the earth. This is especially true because of earlier comments he had made but what if, just for a minute, that alien threat was something else, and Reagan who was a shrewd politician obfuscated the true threat by cloaking it in UFO/Alien imagery.

To uncover this tangent of thinking we need to look at another quote, this time by famed physics superstar Neil deGrasse Tyson of the Hayden Planetarium and all around media superstar:

“On Friday the 13th, April 2029, an asteroid large enough to fill the Rose Bowl as though it were an egg cup will fly so close to Earth that it will dip below the altitude of our communication satellites. We did not name this asteroid Bambi. Instead, we named it Apophis, after the Egyptian god of darkness and death.”

Names mean something and as Tyson points out here Apophis is named after the Egyptian god of death and darkness. A coincidence? Probably not and incidentally the aftermath of Apophis, which Tyson points out in a FORA.tv interview, would be the literal sandblasting of the entire western coast of the United States.

But it could be an oncoming ice age as well. In a November 9th, 2012 article in The Register author Lewis Page discusses recent evidence that we are currently at the early stages of a coming ice age and this is the kicker, only CO2 can save us! These ideas were echoed by the father of the hydrogen bomb, and all around destroyer of worlds, Dr. Edward Teller who during a 1958 meeting of the American Chemical Society proposed the dumping of large amounts of very fine aluminum and other chemicals into the upper atmosphere to trigger a greenhouse effect to heat the world. Chemtrails anyone?

Ok so back to Alternative Three, we have something bad coming. Maybe its an asteroid, or a Ice Age both of which would be equally disastrous but really it doesn’t matter. In both cases bad things happen and out of that were born three options:

1) The detonation of a high altitude nuclear device in the upper atmosphere to disrupt the world climate pattern. Most likely Project Argus which detonated nuclear devices at over 300 miles in altitude and was planned as well as executed in almost 1/3 of the time which was normally spent on such tests. In Alternative Three this was deemed a failure, and frankly I’m not surprised. It’s a pretty harebrained idea right along with Operation Plowshares using nuclear bombs to make radioactive contaminated deep harbors and water canals.
2) To build underground bunkers, also deemed a failure since not enough of the population could be saved and frankly the surface would be pretty badly damaged in either scenario for quite some time. Never the less underground bunker construction continues as well as troop movements, mass purchases by the Department of Homeland Security of food, ammunition, and body bags (we’d need a lot of those, so its good to hear they bought several million!).
3) To leave and move somewhere else. Setup shop on the Moon and then colonize Mars. Apparently this program is underway which coincides with McKinnon’s claimed uncovering of mass troop transports capable of carrying 300 or more people be they scientists or “Batch Consignment” slave labor. Richard Sauder and others have documented the bunker building program quite well and I would suggest investigating their work. They make a seriously compelling argument that there is not only a massive underground network but even high-speed trains which run between the various facilities which dot the globe.

If Alternative Three is underway the establishment of a Solar Warden program in those deep special access programs is entirely feasible. We would need a space fleet to move things around as well as to prevent nasty things such as asteroid strikes from occurring. So in that way Solar Warden suddenly makes sense. Solar Warden coupled with Project Horizon’s aims at a manned moon base really bring this idea of Alternative Three to the forefront and should be seriously considered.

But could we really do it? Could we really have a Moon base or Mars base? The answer is absolutely, and we need look no further then statements by Ben Rich, former head of the Lockheed Skunkworks, the same organization T.D. Barnes worked for.

“We now have the technology to take ET back home” – Ben Rich 1993 UCLA School of Engineering Alumni Speech.

That is really a pretty compelling quote in relation to the revelations of Gary McKinnon, Alternative Three and Solar Warden, especially when we consider the source. Rich was a man who knew secrets, and worked his whole life and the penultimate secret state of Special Access Programs funded by the government and apparently designed to reach into space and to take E.T. home.

Is Alternative Three active? Is Solar Warden real? I think quite probably yes, and if that is the case and as the powers that be ramp up the program we will continue to see strange things in our skies and most likely if it is an oncoming ice age more aggressive chemtrail activity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for chemtrails, but on the flip side no one has ever figured out the end game of chemtrails. Most researchers would just chalk it up to a secret government program which was bad, but there is always a reason especially for GeoEngineering. As humans everything we do has a reason and now we just need to confirm what that reason is. But it is that search for the endgame that is the hallmark of coming of age in the secret space race. When we find that answer we will have graduated and as humans we will be in the full possession of the facts, the only problem is that graduation may come a little late this time.


NOTE:  This article was originally published in Paranoia Magazine – GO CHECK IT OUT!