Coming quickly on the heels of storming the Crimea, NATO’s top commander US Air Force General Philip Breedlove  is now warning that Russian has massed along both the Moldavian and Ukrainian borders including some 8500 artillery troops. The massing of troops was covered under the “Snap” exercise but that now appears to be ploy to put large amounts of troops in strategic positions to move into the Ukraine and Moldova’s separatist Transdniestria region.

101506178-150389020.530x298Gen. Breedlove is quoted as saying “The (Russian) force that is at the Ukrainian border now to the east is very, very sizable and very, very ready.”  Which is very worrisome and forced NATO commanders back onto a Cold War era footing as they are now seeking to mobilize forces. Meanwhile Tony Bilken, Deputy National Security Adviser, is quoted by CNN as saying “It’s possible that they are preparing to move in.” This appears to be consistent with Moldova’s request to rejoin Russia.

So what does this really mean?  Simply put, these actions move the dialogue back to a 1980’s era Cold War and will erase the last 30 years of dialogue.  We will once again live in a world, with a reconstituted Warsaw Pact, where the Russian Federation stands as the staunch adversaries to NATO and we may see increased preparation for a World War 3 kind of large scale conflagration.  This would include the rapid expansion of the US Military as well as reinvigorated military industrial projects like the original SDI initiative coming back into the fold. This will most likely also lead to the rapid pull out of NATO forces in Afghanistan as those forces will be requiring to aggregate forces in western Europe to counter these movements.

Major_russian_gas_pipelines_to_europeIt’s a Dangerous Time

As the Russian Federation begins to actively expand its borders, and reignite the Cold War, its a dangerous time for NATO and affiliated countries.  The annexations will no doubt continue but outside of actual engagement there is not really much the west can do to prevent the turmoil. The interesting element to note is that the countries which are rejoining the Russian  Federation are mostly conduits of resources or resource providers (i.e. grains, foodstuff, minerals etc..).  In the case of the Ukraine, it represents a massive set of pipelines into the west for natural gas.  Without that natural gas, produced by Russia, most of Europe will be forced to ration natural gas usage and will be put into a very perilous position and if Russia controls the pipelines end to end, through the total annexation of the Ukraine, they are free to set export policy.

If that is the ultimate plan, after the Ukraine, the next large target for annexation is Belarus to fully control the Yamal-Europe pipeline which bisects the country.



img-bric-2011-russia-oil-and-gas-graph-02With energy exports accounting for some 65% of Russian exports, this would appear to represent a good root cause for Moscow’s aggressive annexation of former Soviet states.  A quick look at the destination for the natural gas also shows that almost 75% of that natural gas is headed for NATO/EU countries.  This represents a powerful bargaining chip as a even newer New World Order comes into play.

This natural gas gambit appears to represent a huge security gap on the part of the EU, and despite natural gas exports by aligned and neutral countries such as Algeria and Norway – the net loss of energy supplies by Russian producers would dramatically effect day to day life and sustainability of EU / NATO member countries.

World War Three Coming? 

Do these provocative movements indicate World War Three is eminent?  Not necessarily but the re-activation of “The Woodpecker” and “UVB-76” seem to indicate there is something larger afoot as deep cover agents are now receiving orders via covert numbers stations in greater numbers.  That means something is afoot.  That coupled with the presence of the spy ship near Cuba would also indicate a more aggressive posture. No matter how you cut it day by day as Russia moves to consolidate its former satellite republics we enter a new phase of detente.  Effectively we are seeing the re-emergency of the Cold War and all the good, bad and ugly that comes along with it.

Does it mean world war three is emanate? Possibly.  The annexations are worrisome and destabilizing. Obviously from the tone of NATO’s commander would be that they are concerned about this new Soviet style expansion, and as with World War I it just takes one small mistake to set off a chain of events which will change the face of the earth and all of those who occupy it. In the near term, next winter may be very expansive or very cold in Europe.

Day by day the world is getting a little more dangerous and the doomsday clock is probably going to move forward some which is never good.

NOTE: Thank you MIB – for the FYI!