Recently it has come to my attention that a series of bizarre aircraft have been sighted over the skies of western California, their origin a mystery and their shape? Truly bizarre…

Untitled1The witness, a pilot, claims the aircraft (see to the right) was cruising at around 200mph at around 5000 ft. on a South/South East Heading.

The second sighing of a similar craft was seen almost a month later outside San Francisco, CA flying extremely slowly and a steep angle again towards the South/South East.

But what interesting about these sightings is not only the strange shape, or the course which could be taking it on an approach pattern to the test facilities in Palm Dale or even Edwards, but instead the steep angle the second sighting was seen at as well as the slow moving speed.

The Investigation Begins

Untitled2It prompted me to do some searching to see if I can find a comparable aircraft design, and that search initially lead me to the idea that this object was a prototype aircraft, maybe sub-orbital given the angle of decent reported by the second witness.



The problem that vexed me was the propulsion system.

Why would such an immense object (it was reported as being very large) be flying so slow it should be descending at a fairly rapid speed given its altitude. That is if it is using conventional propulsion…

Then I started to think about this, and nothing seemed to add up.

The Black Knight Satellite?

Untitled3This photo was reported as being the Black Night, an almost mythical anomalous space object originally reported by Duncan Lunan in the 1970’s.

The Black Knight was a large object sitting stationary at the L2 point in space. It was characterized but a funny habit of transmitting whatever was transmitted towards it at decreasing delay caused a Long Delay Echo.

The object at that time, and to my knowledge to this date, has never been photographed per se and has been known to move slightly. But what is a Bracewell Probe? From the Wikipedia:

“A Bracewell probe is a hypothetical concept for an autonomous interstellar space probe dispatched for the express purpose of communication with one or more alien civilizations. It was proposed by Ronald N. Bracewell in a 1960 paper, as an alternative to interstellar radio communication between widely separated civilizations. (Bracewell, 1960)” ~ Wikipedia


The Black Knight

Untitled4Lunan hypothesizes it was a Bracewell Probe from Epsilon Bootis and the Long Delay Echo’s were in fact a method to determine it was artificial, which leans weight to John Moore’s claims that our early space missions to not actually destined for the moon but instead destined to dock with the Black Knight to, in a Rendezvous with Rama style program, board the vessel and extract its ancient knowledge.

The Black Knight is heavily documented, and probably real but I think only a piece of the puzzle here. The real focus has to be on the odd aircraft, so the search continued.

So I stumbled across a supposed photo of the Black Knight:


The Jigsaw Puzzle Takes Shape

And now the pieces started to fall into place. The shape although not exact was close’ish and could represent evolution of the design or even a different angle.
So why is this not the Black Knight?

That answer is simple, and the location this photo was taken, low earth orbit, it could not be the Black Knight because the Black Knight is found at L2 almost exclusively, and that makes since sense the L2 point is one of the most stable orbital points around the earth and also an excellent vantage point of the earth.
So if this thing is not Black Knight then what is it? Now that is where things get interesting… Barring the idea of the object in any of these images as being a Bracewell Probe, it would have to be a space craft.

But given the space based weapons we have (brilliant pebbles, lasers etc..) and the amazing tracking we have its hard to believe that we, the Earth, would allow any alien object to just sit there and be photographed.

It has to be a spaceship because it is hovering in space but I would argue it is not alien in nature or we would not have such lovely photos and given the speed of what our witnesses observed it would have been swarmed by F-18’s out of NAS Lemoore, F-15’s out of Edwards AFB or more F-18’s from Twentynine Palms.

And that’s just what we know about.

So what would these objects be doing flying around the earth, or California for that matter? I mean someone should know right? And that is where the wrinkle comes in. For several years now there has been much brouhaha in the conspiracy community about a breakaway civilization.

It’s something I tossed my hat into the ring on as well when I wrote several articles about the end game of the breakaway civilization and will be the subject of Episode 2 of The Sixth Extinction series by Rob Daven.

But we’re never had really good observations of the vessels. Its long been hypothesized that the ships of the breakaway civilization would be saucers of the Haunebu class of original Nazi design done under Hans Kammler, but that’s only one type of class.

Even in our public arsenal we have different types of aircraft and a secret space program would also be similar in its, very human, approach.

So I think what we may be seeing here might be related to Solar Warden, a shadowy organization apparently conceived of in the 1980’s and its name and much of its detail comes from much hunted hacker Gary McKinnon who, having broken into a government computer, came across references to Solar Warden.

A vast space fleet, off the books, which flys around the Solar System doing stuff. McKinnon’s story is truly fascinating and worthy of its own article.

He found references for fleet to fleet transfers, off-world officers and many tantalizing tidbits about some awfully interesting stuff going on upstairs in space but also down here as well. But you know even in the non-classified world we have attempted such program such as the MOL, which was the public US attempt at a manned weapons platform or the Almaz which was actually publically flown and crewed by the Soviet Union!

Now in doing a little refresher on Solar Warden I came across a article on the Huffington Post blog about Solar Warden and in it Darren Perks writes the following: “Whilst conducting an FOI (freedom of information) request with the DoD (department of defense) in 2010, I had a very unexpected response by email from them which read:

“About an hour ago I spoke to a NASA rep who confirmed this was their program and that it was terminated by the President. He also informed me that it was not a joint program with the DoD. The NASA rep informed me that you should be directed to the Johnson Space Center FOIA Manager. I have ran your request through one of our space-related directorates and I’m waiting on one other division with the Command to respond back to me. I will contact you once I have a response from the other division. Did NASA refer you to us?”

Very interesting indeed and like most programs “cancelled” by the President, such as Star Wars, Brilliant Pebbles, The Hammer of Thor (yes that’s really its name) and so many other DARPA programs they lived on as Special Access Programs.
And for the last 30 years we have pumped billions of dollars into these programs and I have it on good authority from a former Soviet army officer who worked in the Soviet space program that these Star Wars weapons are real, in orbit and held onto closely by both sides.

In fact long ago in a different time he had worked on such projects. But what’s truly interesting here is that not a debate about the validity of the star wars program but instead we may actually have photos of a Solar Warden vessel and its coming back to Earth on two separate occasions.

And these photos have been misidentified for many years.


Now I know some people might think these are drones or sensor platforms designed to spy on us and the slow moving speed would certainly lend some credence to that if it were not for the severe angle the object was traveling at and the truly unconventional airframe, not to mention how big it was.
I think the other factor to think about was the direction, in both cases I believe the vessel was heading towards Edwards to land. In the case of the Thousand Oakes sighting I suspect the vessel was on approach and being given a landing head.
In the case of the San Francisco sighting the only thing which lies South/South East is Edwards AFB and that would make sense since Solar Warden is a military program. No, I think those factors coupled with the clear design of the object seen in orbit indicate that we just might have seen a Solar Warden vessel.

Or at least one of the vessels utilized by this multinational space fleet, if it exists. But one thing is for certain, these object are real, human and pretty odd.
Now the question is if Solar Warden is real what are they protecting us from? Why do we need an interstellar space fleet? I know this sounds like an episode of U.F.O. but this might just be real.

These recent events coupled with the work of Ed Grimsley and the recent resurgence of the conversation about the Aphophis asteroid make you wonder. If the breakaway civilization is real, Solar Warden would be the logical military outgrowth from it.

Every new civilization needs a defensive arm, and given the level of technology we are dealing with as well as multinational nature of the proposed Solar Warden program this would make sense. Think of it this way. Something bad is coming and selected people are leaving, Alternative Three has been activated.

Meanwhile Alternative One is underway as a fails afe building bunkers and preparing. Stockpiling food, ammunition and body bags. If something bad does come, or even if it doesn’t the members of the Alternative Three program need some way to come home, and they need to do it securely – enter Solar Warden.
Also consider this, if there is a breakaway civilization, and as John Moore has concluded they are able to get to other place in the extra-solar realm you would need a military like element to ensure your projects safety, again enter Solar Warden.

There are strange things in the sky, some of them are possibly alien and some are possibly human.

There are interesting things going on up there, and my best advice to you comes from the late Jack Horkheimer (The Star Hussler) “Keep Looking Up!”