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An American classic car drives past the Russian warship the Viktor Leonov CCB-175, docked in Havana’s harbor in Havana, Cuba, Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014. (AP Photo/Franklin Reyes)

There is an ancient Chinese curse that says “May you live in interesting times.”  Well it would appear that has now come to pass.

About  month ago (February 27th , 2014 to be exact) it was reported that the Viktor Leonov, CCB-175, a Vishnya-class intelligence ship had pulled in and docked in Havana Harbor.  Since that time the ship has stayed docked at the former cruise ship terminal in Havana.  Inquiries into the Cuban and Russian government as to the purpose of the trip has met with silence but would would appear obvious that the ship is present to setup monitoring of the East Coast of the United States.  The ships presence in Cuba also positions the ship very close to several other key naval facilities, a fact probably not lost of Russia and Cuba.

Not long after the Viktor Leonov arrived in Cuba, Russian annexed the Crimea. So at that time the odds seemed to be on the ship being present to monitor US military activity and response to the Crimean situation.  It would also appear with new reports of Russian troops massing along the Ukraine and Moldavian borders that more response monitoring is required.  But there is probably another reason for the presence of the Leonov – the Vishnya intelligence ship is also capable of acting as a signal hub to support a large localized surveillance network  (i.e. Fishing Trawlers).

S-125 Pechora

Now things start getting strange – Seevral days ago, while monitoring shortwave broadcasts, a Spanish speaking  numbers station comes on using a previously unused frequency.  Not all together unheard of, but with the Leonov active in Cuba and the movement of S-125 Pechora ground to air missiles into Caracas from the military industrial hub of Maracay (FOXNEWS 3/21/14) this represents some interesting activity.  Why would the Venezuelan government move anti-aircraft missiles into the capitol city unless they were expecting an air strike?  Who would carry out that air strike? There is also another country on full alert during this crisis.  Isreal has put its forces on full alert as well.

Russian / Soviet Fishing Trawler

Then just a few days ago, while again monitoring shortwave broadcasts, I came across what appeared to be an encrypted transmission on 4986khz.  So why is 4986khz interesting?  Apparently some sources report that this frequency is used by the Russian navy and/or Russian “Fishing Trawlers” aka surveillance ships.  The signal seemed to be strong and clear so I would guess it was originating in the Pacific Ocean at minimum off the west coast if not off the northern California coast. This again is not all that uncommon.  Countries do spy on each other, and doing so in international waters is a wise idea. The important part is timing – within a two month period we have the annexation of the Crimea.

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 11.00.26 AM
Flight Path from Nellis AFB, VIA Kirtland AFB to Havana. Also shown Shepard AFB and Amarillo, TX

So enter the events when a aircraft enthusiast caught a photo of a new, high altitude, wedge shaped aircraft in the skies over Amarillo, Texas.  The aircraft, now believed to have been an Aurora, is possibly the near mythical next generation surveillance aircraft which has been rumored to take the slot of the now defunct SR-71.  With at least two squadrons rumored to be in operation, the aircraft has a cruising altitude of apparently north of 80,000ft and a max speed in excess of Mach 5 (max speed is 800px-Aurora_x-plane_3rumored to be Mach 6).  What makes the Texas photo even more interesting is that the aircraft, if it is an Aurora, was:  Flying at relatively low altitude, accompanied by 2 other “odd” aircraft, and did not generate the typical doughnut on a rope contrail.  So what that tells us is that it was either climbing up to engage its pulse detonation engine or descending for a landing.  I tend to suspect it was climbing vs. descending but it was using its less efficient engines so much like the SR-71 it might have needed to be refueled.  This would explain the low speed and low altitude.  It would also explain why the aircraft was seen South West of Amerillo, TX.  If we assume the aircraft were refueled at Kirtland, AFB (Kirtland would be a good choice because it is a testing a research facility) then headed onto Havana it creates a flight path consistent with a South Western sighting.



Meanwhile back in Europe, the Russian have been massing troops along the Ukraine border an at this point have over 40,000 troops according to NATO’s top commander Gen. Breedlove.  According to Breedlove, Russian forces could invade very quickly and we have seen reports that the Russian forces are now stationed within 15km of the border.  As a result NATO is now moving forces into Poland, Lithuania and many of the former Soviet satellite states in what appears to be a preparation for some event.  NATO has also suspended all cooperation with Russia, and  expelled the Russian representative to NATO.  But it gets worse from there.  Several countries have recalled their  ambassadors to Russia, as has Russia.  It would appear Russia is preparing for a fight, as is NATO.

SURE_rgb-30mmAll the while we are focused on a lost plane…Oh wait, and now IBM employees are sending cell phone pictures while being captives of the CIA at Diego Garcia!  IntelHub and Steve Quayle have reported a IBM employee on the plane smuggled a iPhone 5 into Diego Garcia after being held captive by the CIA on Diego Garcia after the Malaysian Airlines Aircraft was hijacked.  They point to gps data stored in the image’s meta data (EXIF) that point to the photo being taken at Diego Garcia on 3/18/14.  There is only one problem, well two actually…  The first issue is, despite what Intelhub and Steve Quayle are claiming, that the EXIF can be edited and it is a well known process with many many tools to do the job.  The second issue is that after getting in contact with the cell phone provider on the island, yes there is ONE,   Sure.io (formerly Cable & Wireless Diego Garcia) that this scenario was absolutely impossible.  According to Sure.io, an iPhone  with a sim card from China, Malaysia, or anywhere else for that matter will not work.  According to Sure.io you absolutely must have a sim card from Sure.io or the phone will not function. So someone set up Steve Quayle and the Intelhub – no doubt about it and they pushed this story as they were expected to. So much conspiracy research lacks even basic research to see if the theory was even possible let alone probable.  They didn’t check and they got played.

flight-recorderThen last night (4/4/14), while again monitoring short wave broadcasts, I picked up the same trawler signal, loud and clear, on 4986khz as well as another signal believed to be a US Navy cryptographic station. I also picked up four, possibly five but it was feint, new encrypted stations include one which is generally a clandestine station from the Ukraine.  I have to be honest, I have been monitoring shortwave for some time and commonly I will locate the station believed to be the US Navy, and I might pickup one now and again like the trawler or even a numbers station but to pickup the trawler, and possibly five more encrypted frequencies is not something I’ve seen before.  So at that point I sent an email to Clyde Lewis  at Ground Zero Radio and warned him something is coming.  The next morning China disclosed they think they found the black box 28 days after.  It is important to note that the black box only has 30 days worth of battery so its very convenient that those boxes were found 28 days after the “crash.”

Planes disappear, and the world is distracted.  Someone hoaxes a iPhone photo from a captive on Diego Garcia, and the world is distracted.  Two of the biggest conspiracy researchers latch onto the story of the iPhone hoax, and the world is more distracted and now we have black boxes, more distration.  They must almost be done since they are preparing to kill the plane story. Meanwhile troops move, missile defensive systems are installed, and the world prepares for war and they did it while we slept.  That is the way the world works… Now we need to figure out whats next.