These logs, sent to the Anomalies Network from an unnamed source appearently show a late night conversation between the Time Traveler John and several other individuals on IRC.

We hope you enjoy these, and thanks for the information (you know who you are!).

14 October 2000

8TimeTravel_0 has joined the conversation.
Yareisa : even now I still change my opinions, there is no definitive
G° : well, I'm not completely on the same wavelength as you and apollo,
I like it here.
Yareisa : hi time
G° : I will be back
G° : hi time T
Yareisa : good, we like you
TimeTravel_0 : greetings
G° : thanks
Yareisa : yw
Yareisa : you've been initiated G!
G° : sorry I can't stop to chat Time, but it's way past my bed time
G° : I have?
TimeTravel_0 : no problem
Yareisa : oh yes...I'll make sure you have plenty of experience!
Yareisa : lol
G° : thanks... I think. LOL ~)
Yareisa : well I have been awake for 24 hours!
G° : oh what the heck. maybe I will stop and introduce myself to time....
Yareisa : good! new I could persuade you!
Yareisa : knew
G° : LOL
TimeTravel_0 : please...and then myself.
G° : Hi TT, my name is steve, but call me G
G° : I'm 30, male from England
G° : and you?
TimeTravel_0 : My name is John.  Im 38 and a time traveler from Florida.
G° : Oh, and my PC could crash at any time, so I'll say goodnight now in 
case it goes again
Yareisa : alright, goodnight G
G° : which time are you from?
TimeTravel_0 : Goodnight.
TimeTravel_0 : 2036
G° :   g'night
G° : is it a good year?
TimeTravel_0 : For me...yes.
G° : it's not far to come?
TimeTravel_0 : Thats right.
Yareisa : do you want me to do my intro piece?
G° : so you have been born as well. That could be confusing. no problem
there being two of you at the same time then?
G° : yes please Y
TimeTravel_0 : Not at all.  In fact the "me" on this world line is
TimeTravel_0 : Hes 2
Yareisa : ty I'm Yareisa, you can call me yar, most do 39   Lincoln, UK
G° : upstairs? in your house?
G° : yar, ok.
Yareisa : or ok yar!
G° : lol. I was  thinking that...  lol
TimeTravel_0 : Not my house.  Im just visiting.
G° : tonight? or longer term than that?
TimeTravel_0 : I've been here for about 3 months.
G° : any reason? if you don't mind me asking... I'm interested is all...
TimeTravel_0 : I'll answer any question you have.  I don;t expect you to 
believe me anyway.
TimeTravel_0 : Theres a picture of my time machine on my profile.
G° : LOL  good. I'd really think you were mad if you did...
TimeTravel_0 : Your reaction is typical.
TimeTravel_0 : Im used to it.
G° : someone invented a time machine by 2036?
TimeTravel_0 : What would you do if you really met a time travlere anyway?
G° : what I'm doing now
Yareisa : what would you do if you met an alien?
TimeTravel_0 : fact the major breakthrough happens at CERN in
a year.
G° : cern? whats that?
TimeTravel_0 : The creation of microsigularities.
Yareisa : particle accelerator?
TimeTravel_0 : Yes!
TimeTravel_0 : You know of it?
Yareisa : yes a little
TimeTravel_0 : Most people here in the US have no idea what Im talking 
Yareisa : they go round until they hit each other don't they
G° : lol
TimeTravel_0 : Yes.  High speed proton acceleration.
G° : that about sums an incredibly complex bit of kit in one
sentence... but 
TimeTravel_0 : Ill be happy to go into detail but most people regret it.
Yareisa : go on, we'll scream when we can't handle anymore!
G° : whats the discovery? a new particle or something?
TimeTravel_0 : The information has been out for quite a while.
TimeTravel_0 : CERN is planning to start some very high energy experiments 
TimeTravel_0 : There has been some contoversy ...
TimeTravel_0 : over the damgers of it.
G° : is antimatter involved?
TimeTravel_0 : SOme are concerned it might be quite hazardous.
TimeTravel_0 : No...
Yareisa : wasn't there something about creating a black hole
TimeTravel_0 : Yes!!!
TimeTravel_0 : You've heard of it.
Yareisa : yes
TimeTravel_0 : Actually...
Yareisa : a little
G° : me too
TimeTravel_0 : its a black hole about the size of an electron.
TimeTravel_0 : Im impressed.
TimeTravel_0 : Where are you both from?
TimeTravel_0 : England?
G° : England
Yareisa : yes
G° : but different bits
Yareisa : certainly different bits!
G° : but next door according to US geography
TimeTravel_0 : Being from 2036...Im not as ignorant as my colonial 
G° : so are you staying with your parents then, whilst your here?
TimeTravel_0 : Yes.
G° : oh come on, it's not going to change that much in 30 odd years.. LOL
TimeTravel_0 : Really.
G° : sorry, Brit joke
G° : how did they take it? or have you not told them? Your parents?
TimeTravel_0 : I have to admit... your both quite polite.
TimeTravel_0 : Oh they know.
G° : hey, the sign on the door says show respect and keep an open mind 
doesn't it?
Yareisa : I'm polite because I understand what its like to be ridiculed
TimeTravel_0 : Im here because of a promise to my grandfather in 1975.
Yareisa : true G
G° : I've lived 53 lives on earth before this one. think everyone beleives 
me when i say that?
TimeTravel_0 : I appreciate that but I also know Im more entertaining than 
anything else.
TimeTravel_0 : I don't discount anything.
G° : LOL
G° : the truly mad wouldn't realise they were ... excentric?
TimeTravel_0 : You are more right than you know.
G° : the faxct that you don't expect to be believed has to be a plus
G° : sorry go on. your grandfather?
TimeTravel_0 : I find it quite intersting.
TimeTravel_0 : Yes.
TimeTravel_0 : I started in 2036, went back to 1975 and then came forward
TimeTravel_0 : Did you see the picture of my machine?
Yareisa : it wasn't there when I looked
TimeTravel_0 : If you click on the takes you to another page.  
I have 3 pictures posted.
Yareisa : k just doing
G° : yeah. is it in a cool car?
TimeTravel_0 : A good car for 1975.
TimeTravel_0 : The distortion machine is in a 4 wheel drive now.
G° : how come from then? was it kept in good condition til 2036?
TimeTravel_0 : Sorry...time machine.
TimeTravel_0 : I was sent back to 1975 to get a computer.
TimeTravel_0 : Its an IBM model 5110.
TimeTravel_0 : My grandfather worked on it.
G° : because...?
TimeTravel_0 : Thats why I was sent.
TimeTravel_0 : We need it in 2036 to recode UNIX which dies in 2038.
G° : who needed a 5110? and why?
G° : lost me there. don't enough about computers
TimeTravel_0 : the 5110 is able to read the old IBM mainframe code.
TimeTravel_0 : Its the first protable computer produced by IBM.
TimeTravel_0 : Actually its about the size of a small table.
TimeTravel_0 : We need on in 2036.
G° : so have you tried changing the past yet? or have you found that 
everything you do..
G° : has already been done?
TimeTravel_0 : Hmmm...physics.
TimeTravel_0 : Actually... world lines are not fixed.
TimeTravel_0 : They are all different.
TimeTravel_0 : There is no one "time".
G° : but you have a past... you remember things, and if one changes...?
TimeTravel_0 : Yes...
TimeTravel_0 : but they are different.
TimeTravel_0 : The fact that I am here changes this world line.
G° : so you havn't tried mucking with anything?
TimeTravel_0 : No...but I could.
TimeTravel_0 : Its just not that moral in my opinion.
TimeTravel_0 : Besides...Im not here for that.
G° : thing is, you might not have changed anything because you already
TimeTravel_0 : Thats right!!!
TimeTravel_0 : Very good.
TimeTravel_0 : In fact..I've noticed samll changes.
G° : I mean you upstairs asleep wouldn't have known if you now was 
G° : you have? thats what i was getting it
TimeTravel_0 : No...he knows me.
TimeTravel_0 : Yes...small changes.
G° : care to give an example?
TimeTravel_0 : Sure...
TimeTravel_0 : Football....(sorry) games that were lost that should have 
been won.
TimeTravel_0 : Incidental news stories that havent happened.
TimeTravel_0 : Books not written.
TimeTravel_0 : Small stuff like that.
G° : wow. surely that can't be anything to do with you?
TimeTravel_0 : No.
TimeTravel_0 : By definition, this world line is not the same as mine.
G° : so how come do you think?
TimeTravel_0 : Physics.
TimeTravel_0 : Have you ever been in a room that has mirrors on all the 
G° : you with the infinate worlds with infinate possibilities theory then?
TimeTravel_0 : Yes!!!
TimeTravel_0 : Multipole world theory is correct.
G° : like sliders
TimeTravel_0 : Sliders?
G° : tv show
G° : before your time... LOL
TimeTravel_0 : Hmmm...havent seent hat one.
G° : hmmm. I must admit, that theory has always bothered me
TimeTravel_0 : Have you heard of Schrodinger's cat?
G° : I mean, why bother? why create all these slightly different
worlds? no 
offence to you, just never liked it.
Yareisa : yes
G° : yes, talking about it the other day
TimeTravel_0 : Well...there's a little joke in 2036.
G° : can't remember though
TimeTravel_0 : If the cat had a distortion machine (time) he may not be in 
the box at all.
G° : oh yeah, that was it... LOL
G° : ( i was wondering if you were still ther Yar)
Yareisa : yes, deep in though
Yareisa : thought
G° : sorry, I have to call you Yareisa, I don't like yar....
Yareisa : ok!
G° : so. what can we do for you tonight TT? How come your here?
TimeTravel_0 : I enjoy the "paranormal" chat rooms for 2 reasons.
TimeTravel_0 : 1. I find the people here are more open to ideas.
TimeTravel_0 : 2. I find it ironic that when what they are looking for
in their lap, they can't believe it.
G° : sorry you've been doing all the talking....
8wyrmkin_37 has joined the conversation.
TimeTravel_0 : Its okay,
wyrmkin_37 : hello to room
TimeTravel_0 : I learn a lot from you too.
G° : hi wyrm
Yareisa : hi wyrm
wyrmkin_37 : hey
G° : so who owns the machine TT?
G° : who do you work for?
TimeTravel_0 : The military.
TimeTravel_0 : Im a soldier.
TimeTravel_0 : But civilan time travle is not far off.
G° : do they know your in the year 2000 chatting to us when you should be 
returning with the 5110?
TimeTravel_0 : Good question!!!
G° : LOL How would they know?
G° : unless your machine records jumps?
TimeTravel_0 : No...but i will return just seconds after I left from their 
point of view.
TimeTravel_0 : I will only age a bit more than expected.
wyrmkin_37 : what matter of singularities?
G° : Imust say, your a very friendly, chatty soldier...
Yareisa : temporal phase shift
Yareisa : oops, thinking aloud again
wyrmkin_37 : anti-matter or dimensional?
TimeTravel_0 : Well...I only fought in the civil war.  The military put me 
through school and I was qualified for this mission.
TimeTravel_0 : The singularities distort gravity.
TimeTravel_0 : Ill be happy to go through the physics.  The basics are 
already known.
wyrmkin_37 : please........proceed
Yareisa : please do
TimeTravel_0 : Ok
TimeTravel_0 : In 1967, a physist named Tipler came up with the basic 
equations for time travel based on massive rotating cylinders...ever heard 
of him?
wyrmkin_37 : in omni?
G° : no, sorry
TimeTravel_0 : no problem...
TimeTravel_0 : are you familiar with black holes and Stephen Halking?
TimeTravel_0 : Sorry...spelling
Yareisa : to some degree, yes
TimeTravel_0 : Ok
wyrmkin_37 : .......a brief history of time
TimeTravel_0 : Yes.
TimeTravel_0 : Black holes distort gravity...which distorts time.
wyrmkin_37 : theory
TimeTravel_0 : At there center is a singularity.
G° : yeah, with you so far
TimeTravel_0 : is proved.
TimeTravel_0 : In 1969, science invented a clock sensitive enough to show 
the time difference in a multiple sotry building.
wyrmkin_37 : kewl
TimeTravel_0 : On the first floor...time runs slower due to gravity.
TimeTravel_0 : Clser to the center of the Earth.
wyrmkin_37 : get outa here
G° : also the 2 clocks, one in a plane that flew off and came back
to the other one
TimeTravel_0 : Yes!!!
G° : ok
wyrmkin_37 : gravitation
TimeTravel_0 : The effect is magnified greatly in a black hole.
TimeTravel_0 : As it turns out...
TimeTravel_0 : If you encounter a black hole that is spinning and has an 
electrified field, you will not be killed passing through its massive 
gravitational fiuelds.
TimeTravel_0 : regreting asking yet>
Yareisa : no
TimeTravel_0 : Ok
wyrmkin_37 : no
Yareisa : I'm hooked
TimeTravel_0 : In about a year...
G° : is this the omeg point theory?
G° : omega?
TimeTravel_0 : CERN will discover some very odd things as a result of
high energy experiments.
TimeTravel_0 : in about a year.
TimeTravel_0 : from your point of view.
wyrmkin_37 : cern?
TimeTravel_0 : in Geneva.
Yareisa : particle accelerator
wyrmkin_37 : oh
TimeTravel_0 : They will accidently create microsingularities.
G° : makes things go round and hit each other...
TimeTravel_0 : Which will evaporate very quickly.
wyrmkin_37 : one in texas?
TimeTravel_0 : and create a massive ammount of X-ray and Gamma rays.
TimeTravel_0 : It will puzzle them for a while.
TimeTravel_0 : Until they figure out how to add and elcrtical charge and 
capture these strange odd and massive particles in a magnetic field.
wyrmkin_37 : they shoot electrons at the speed of light.......see what
bust up into
TimeTravel_0 : Yes.
G° : still with you...
wyrmkin_37 : quarks
TimeTravel_0 : If you bombard a singularity with electrons...
TimeTravel_0 : you can alter the size of its event horizon.
TimeTravel_0 : and thus its gravitational field.
TimeTravel_0 : By overlapping these fileds from two singularities...
TimeTravel_0 : you can travel forward and backward through time.
TimeTravel_0 : Its actuallyu quyite simple.
wyrmkin_37 : i follow now
TimeTravel_0 : Thats noit the hard part.
G° : didn't tipler say there was no event horizon?
TimeTravel_0 : No..he said it was possible to approach a massive 
gravitationl field from certain angles and not get squished.
G° : oh, sorry
wyrmkin_37 : lol
TimeTravel_0 : Actually...Im not really a physisit.
G° : but you know all about this stuff... is that why you were picked?
TimeTravel_0 : I specialize in 20th century history and my grandfather 
builds computers.
wyrmkin_37 : what base?
TimeTravel_0 : drive a car and know how to change the oil
TimeTravel_0 : I am based in Tampa Fl.
G° : actually, only just.. LOL
wyrmkin_37 : chas, afb
TimeTravel_0 : McDill
wyrmkin_37 : kewl
G° : sorry?
G° : in english?
wyrmkin_37 : zoomies
Yareisa : thats english?!
G° : you airforce wyrm?
wyrmkin_37 : yes
G° : your not working on a time machine are you?
G° : come here for guidance...
wyrmkin_37 : no just came in for chat
TimeTravel_0 : Altering gravity is not the hard part.
G° : LOL
Yareisa : go on...
TimeTravel_0 : Detecting gravity is the hard part.
TimeTravel_0 : I will tell you a littlke story.
TimeTravel_0 : When time travel was invented.
TimeTravel_0 : They built prototypes that would go back in time for a
second and then return.
TimeTravel_0 : They had sensors and cameras on them.
TimeTravel_0 : ...and they never returned.
G° : and forwards as well? how about a single jump forwards?
TimeTravel_0 : It was later discovered that the machines were ending up 
about 15 miles away and 3000 fett in the air.
TimeTravel_0 : feet
G° : doh!
TimeTravel_0 : The Earth was rotating away from them.
wyrmkin_37 : synchroniaztion please
TimeTravel_0 : A system had to be invented that would "hold" the machine
the Earth.
TimeTravel_0 : Its called VGL.
TimeTravel_0 : Its based on very sensative clocks and gravity sensors.
TimeTravel_0 : It stops the time distortion machine if radical changes in 
gravity are detected.
wyrmkin_37 : mechanical or electronic clocks
TimeTravel_0 : You wouldn't want to end up inside a mountain or under 
water...would you?
TimeTravel_0 : Cesium.
wyrmkin_37 : oh
G° : isn't all this classified? surely your suppoed to keep it secret
in the past?
TimeTravel_0 : LOL!!!
TimeTravel_0 : I know you think Im nuts...come on.
TimeTravel_0 : Who would believe me?
G° : just asking?
TimeTravel_0 : It my best defense.
wyrmkin_37 : isnt celsium a higher class of quartz? dont know
G° : but we don't have long to find out if you are or not
TimeTravel_0 : you know how big a hole 2 sigularites make
their magnetic filed colpases?
G° : won't be long before CERN (?) make the discovery
TimeTravel_0 : Thats right.
G° : no
TimeTravel_0 : Welll....either do I.  But I don;t want to know.
G° : LOL
wyrmkin_37 : i read omni since it came out and i do want to know
G° : maybe I'll pass on the theory to someone who does their own
and... BANG!
wyrmkin_37 : lol
TimeTravel_0 : I've been trying.
G° : any joy?
TimeTravel_0 : But Im the crazy yank
wyrmkin_37 : lmao
G° : What do you expect? you didn't tell them you from the future did you?
TimeTravel_0 : You might be interested in this...
G° : if you really wanted to, you should have just passed on the theory
G° : go on....
TimeTravel_0 : Its very hard to convince someone you travel in time unless 
you're related to them.
G° : or know something that will happen...
TimeTravel_0 : Good point...but you'de be surprised.
G° : not that I'm asking you to tell me something, cos I don't want you to
TimeTravel_0 : They usually think its your fault.
G° : LOL
G° : bummer...
wyrmkin_37 : very interesting
TimeTravel_0 : That's why I love these chat rooms.
wyrmkin_37 : me too
TimeTravel_0 : I know that nothing I say will make a bit of difference.
wyrmkin_37 : i can drink my jack and coke and learn a few things
G° : not true.. this is the place where you can make a difference.
TimeTravel_0 : Im not feeling sorry for myself.
TimeTravel_0 : Im actually learning to like the people here.
TimeTravel_0 : You have a very bad reputaion in 2036.
wyrmkin_37 : TT........who me?
TimeTravel_0 : general.
wyrmkin_37 : heard that
G° : how about those 80's lot though. they must be worse...
TimeTravel_0 : Don't get me started.
G° : LOL
TimeTravel_0 : At least your commercials and video games have gotten
through the years.
G° : and as for the 70's! Sheesh!
wyrmkin_37 : 60's were cool
TimeTravel_0 : Generaly... this period is thought of as the time when they 
had it all and squanderd it.
TimeTravel_0 : You diserve your fate.
wyrmkin_37 : but fun was had
TimeTravel_0 : That's true.
TimeTravel_0 : Can I ask you brits a question?
G° : sure
Yareisa : yeah sure
G° : shoot
TimeTravel_0 : When I was a kid...back in 2012...
G° : a good year for cyberpunk...
TimeTravel_0 : I used to watch a DVD called UFO that was made in England.
TimeTravel_0 : Ever heard of it?
G° : oops no, that was 2030, sorry
G° : the tv series? 70's?
wyrmkin_37 : i saw it on regular tv
TimeTravel_0 : Yes!!!
TimeTravel_0 : You've seen it?
Yareisa : oh yes I remember that one
TimeTravel_0 : Wow...we do have something in common.
G° : yeah, dreadful outfits!
TimeTravel_0 : No one has heard of it here.
Yareisa : straker wasn't it
G° : and hairstyles!
TimeTravel_0 : I loved that show!
G° : so TT, there is something you can tell me
TimeTravel_0 : Yes?
G° : what happens in December 2012?
wyrmkin_37 : i saw it the good guys were called shadow?
G° : anything?
TimeTravel_0 : Ahhh..the acient miayn prohecies.
G° : the very same
TimeTravel_0 : 
wyrmkin_37 : mayans
TimeTravel_0 : sorry
wyrmkin_37 : ?
TimeTravel_0 : Nothing happens...but there is a nuclear war in 2015.
G° : bugger
TimeTravel_0 : Its not that bad.
TimeTravel_0 : The bombs are much cleaner.
G° : i guess not
wyrmkin_37 : china and russia?
TimeTravel_0 : There's a civial war in the US.
wyrmkin_37 : whoa?
TimeTravel_0 : Russian launches against China, Europe and the US.
G° : it was bound to happen sooner or later...
TimeTravel_0 : Can;t you see it coming?
G° : whatamistaka to maka!
TimeTravel_0 : Does anyone read history anymore?
wyrmkin_37 : i saw russia and china but not usa
TimeTravel_0 : From my point of view...Russia helps us.  We win.
G° : how so?
TimeTravel_0 : But Im a little pissed right now.  Is that still the right 
wyrmkin_37 : wheat, money........lets make friends
G° : ?
TimeTravel_0 : The civil war in the US has two sides.
TimeTravel_0 : I fought on one side.
G° : they usualy do
wyrmkin_37 : proceed sir................
TimeTravel_0 : The other side got nuked by Russia.
G° : i see
G° : not north and south again was it?
TimeTravel_0 : In 2036, they are our largets trading partner.
TimeTravel_0 : No...more like city angainst country.'
wyrmkin_37 : majorities against minorities.......
TimeTravel_0 : Yes.
TimeTravel_0 : You know...guns versus no guns.
TimeTravel_0 : Power versus no power.
wyrmkin_37 : time to pour another jack and coke
TimeTravel_0 : Un troops versus no UN troops.
G° : well, it's been interesting talking to you John, but it's way past my 
Yareisa : what...I've been up 24 hours!
TimeTravel_0 : Sleep well.
TimeTravel_0 : Youve been very polite.
G° : look me up when you get back to 2036 will you?
TimeTravel_0 : I will try.
G° : if i'm still here
TimeTravel_0 : Go north.
TimeTravel_0 : Invest in hydrogen fuel cells
G° : goodnight Yareisa
Yareisa : goodnight G
Yareisa : thanks for staying up so early!
G° : thanks again TT, goodnight
G° : LOL
TimeTravel_0 : good night
G° : see you again soon
Yareisa : yup
TimeTravel_0 : Ill be here
TimeTravel_0 : Think up some good questions
G° puts on his coat and trudges out...
Yareisa : bye G
8G° has left the conversation.
Yareisa : I've given up going to bed now, might as well keep going!
TimeTravel_0 : Time is relative.
TimeTravel_0 : But sleep....
Yareisa : forgotten what sleep is!
TimeTravel_0 : What do you do for a living?
Yareisa : by day...web site design
TimeTravel_0 : Is your family close to you?
Yareisa : no
TimeTravel_0 : That's the one thing I will never understand about this
Yareisa : whats that
TimeTravel_0 : Don;t you feel alone without them?
Yareisa : not really, I'm used to being alone
TimeTravel_0 : Its very diffrent in the future.
TimeTravel_0 : I can't imagine being without my family.
TimeTravel_0 : I don;t know if I should pity or admire you.
Yareisa : I'm not sure either!
8wyrmkin_37 has returned.
Yareisa : wb
wyrmkin_37 : hello folks
TimeTravel_0 : greetings
Yareisa : I am known as a Warrior, I'm used to fighting to survive
wyrmkin_37 : been there
TimeTravel_0 : In the future, life is organized around the family.
wyrmkin_37 : good
TimeTravel_0 : and the community.
Yareisa : then it looks like I have a problem!
TimeTravel_0 : 'I can;t imagine what it's like to live alone.
Yareisa : I rather like it actually
TimeTravel_0 : If I may ask...why?
Yareisa : I can do what I choose, when I choose without having to answer
TimeTravel_0 : What about it appeals to you?
wyrmkin_37 : later folks
8wyrmkin_37 has left the conversation.
TimeTravel_0 : good night
Yareisa : Sometimes I miss not having company
Yareisa : but I'm very independant
TimeTravel_0 : Your answer is typical of the people of your time.
TimeTravel_0 : Do you feel you would be hindered by "answerinfg? to
TimeTravel_0 : What does that mean?
Yareisa : I was hindered, that is why I evicted my husband
TimeTravel_0 : Please explain.
Yareisa : I am a deeply spiritual person, I needed to grow, to expand, and 
he stopped me
TimeTravel_0 : How...if its not too personal.
Yareisa : he was a control freak, I had to do what he told me to do etc
TimeTravel_0 : I think you would like the future.
Yareisa : why is that
TimeTravel_0 : Its a common complainyt that people feel hindered.
TimeTravel_0 : In the future, life is more challenging.
Yareisa : is it more spiritual?
TimeTravel_0 : There is little room for petty problems.
TimeTravel_0 : Yes!
TimeTravel_0 : Mystery returns to existance.
Yareisa : beyond the human
TimeTravel_0 : There are fewer luxuries but life is more enjoyable.
Yareisa : I never like luxuries anyway
Yareisa : I live basically
Yareisa : do you consider yourself human
TimeTravel_0 : I wish I could show you the time machine and give you hope.
TimeTravel_0 : Yes.
TimeTravel_0 : I am very different from you.
Yareisa : in what way
TimeTravel_0 : My life is very different.
TimeTravel_0 : I harbor a ccertain ammount of anger toward this time.
Yareisa : why
TimeTravel_0 : I see an entire population of people who are sleeping.
TimeTravel_0 : I fell in love once and she passed away.
TimeTravel_0 : I blame you for her death.
Yareisa : why
TimeTravel_0 : She died of brain cancer.
TimeTravel_0 : You may find this interesting.
TimeTravel_0 : WHen I was training for "time travel"...
TimeTravel_0 : ...a great deal of what we did was pyscholgical training.
TimeTravel_0 : In one of our exercises...we had to go back in time and 
convince "ourselves" to do something we regretted not doing in our own
TimeTravel_0 : I told myself to get married before she died.
TimeTravel_0 : SOmething I was unable to do.
TimeTravel_0 : I hate you for that.
Yareisa : hate me personally?
TimeTravel_0 : Sorry.... I don;t hate you.
TimeTravel_0 : I mean this time.
TimeTravel_0 : Jacksonville Fl took a direct hit.
TimeTravel_0 : The radiation killed her.
Yareisa : I cannot say sorry for something that hasn't happened yet, but I 
am sorry
TimeTravel_0 : I talk too much
Yareisa : and I don't talk enough
TimeTravel_0 : I just wish things didn;t have to happen athey way they
Yareisa : we cannot change it?
TimeTravel_0 : Its too late.
Yareisa : I sensed that
TimeTravel_0 : I regret what you could have been bot what will result.
TimeTravel_0 : not
TimeTravel_0 : ...are you drinking?
Yareisa : no
TimeTravel_0 : I am... orange wine.
TimeTravel_0 : I love it.
Yareisa : I think my ethereal has taken over, my body has no need for 
anything more
TimeTravel_0 : Are you alone?
Yareisa : yes
TimeTravel_0 : No children?
Yareisa : none
TimeTravel_0 : Are you afraid?
Yareisa : what of
TimeTravel_0 : Being alone?
Yareisa : no
TimeTravel_0 : I don;t mean to be so perosnal.
TimeTravel_0 : I aplogoze.
Yareisa : its alright, I'm used to it
TimeTravel_0 : To being alone?
Yareisa : to being asked personal questions as well!
TimeTravel_0 : I appreciate your kindness.
Yareisa : ty, but that is my nature
TimeTravel_0 : I am familiar with Blue Oyster Cult.
Yareisa : oh, you've read my profile?!
TimeTravel_0 : I just took a look.
TimeTravel_0 : In father is a big fan.
Yareisa : the link to my web site is on there too
Yareisa : one of my favourite tracks is, Veterans of the Psychic Wars
TimeTravel_0 : Thats quite a webb ste...hold on.
Yareisa : k
TimeTravel_0 : Im asking my father.
TimeTravel_0 : He says thats from "Heavy Metal"?
Yareisa : I've got it on a compilation, Workshop of the Telescopes
TimeTravel_0 : "Cultosaurus Erectus" is his favorite.
TimeTravel_0 : I have no idea what he's taling about.
Yareisa : probably best not to, might cause a glitch in the space time 
TimeTravel_0 : Godzillia?
Yareisa : yes thats a good one
TimeTravel_0 : Hes lauging.
TimeTravel_0 : You wacky 20th century freaks.
Yareisa : Don't Fear The Reaper is good too, a classic
Yareisa : so do I presume the aliens don't come in 2012 then?
TimeTravel_0 : Noty that Im aware of.
TimeTravel_0 : However...there are plenty of things that will get your 
attention by 2012.
Yareisa : such as...can you say?
TimeTravel_0 : My father has a question.
Yareisa : go on
TimeTravel_0 : What do you think of "club Ninja"?  I have no idea what
Yareisa : I haven't heard that one
Yareisa : I've got Dancing in the ruins on the compilation
TimeTravel_0 : He says it was one of their last CDs.
Yareisa : yes, then there is Imaginos
Yareisa : I've just started to collect them again, used to have some
getting CD's now
TimeTravel_0 : Revolutoin by night?  What's that.
Yareisa : another album
TimeTravel_0 : I see.
TimeTravel_0 : Perhaps you should talk to my father.
Yareisa : I could get confused!
Yareisa : Actually, I will have to go soon, its nearly 6 in the morning 
Yareisa : I got up at 5 in the morning on Friday
TimeTravel_0 : I hope to talk to yoiu again.
Yareisa : I would like that
TimeTravel_0 : Cheer up.
TimeTravel_0 : Things get better.
TimeTravel_0 : Get some sleep.
Yareisa : I will!
TimeTravel_0 : Good night.
Yareisa : good night
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