Peaches-Geldof-at-Glastonbury-2013The sudden death of the British sometime-model Peaches Geldof at 25 has freaked out the British so much that there are now journalists accusing other journalists of writing excessive, weepy, hang-wringing tributes to a girl who was famous for nothing more than being a rich man’s daughter.

The daughter of Sir Bob Geldof was found dead in her home on Monday, April 7. An autopsy has shown the cause of her death was inconclusive, however, heroin was found in her system and “played a role.”
She was a new, married mother of two baby boys and had just posted baby pictures online 19 minutes before she died. No suicide note was found. Nothing.

This is the third shocking, untimely death in the Geldof family: Peaches’ mother, Geldof’s ex-wife Paula Yates, died of a heroin overdose in 2000, not even three years after her boyfriend Michael Hutchence of INXS was found dead, hanged in a Sydney hotel room. Yates, Hutchence and Geldof were in the middle of a miserable court fight over custody of the three Geldof girls: Fifi, Peaches and Pixie, as well at Yates’ youngest, a daughter with Hutchence, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily.

Hutchence hanged himself.

Yates only lasted more three years until she was dead from drugs.

Who is at the center of these deaths? Bob Geldof.



Either he is one unfortunate man who keeps being struck with the worst kind of luck imaginable, or … the deaths were no accidents.

geldofIn shorthand, the average American who follows music and pop culture has a basic character understanding of these people: Paula Yates, groupie, junkie, unfit mother; Hutchence, crazy, wild, wife-stealing rock star, and Poor Bob, musician, Live Aid hero for Africa, Knighted at 34, fights poverty, and raised four girls as a single father.

“Saint Bob,” as he is known in Britain.

Why do such terrible things keep happening to him?

Or do they?

Geldof is a man of extreme power and influence.

showbiz-peaches-geldof-phaedra-blood-foreverPeaches’ death is without a doubt the most horrific of the three. She leaves behind two babies, ages 1 and 2, not even old enough to truly remember their mother. By all accounts it would have been no surprise had she died from a heart attack. She had lost what looked like more than 50 pounds in less than a year on a liquid diet and looked rail-thin. Her late mother also suffered from eating disorders, it has been said. What got little attention was that she had been estranged from Bob in the months before her death. She had even railed on him for not spending time with his grandsons.
Peaches-Geldof-OTOCould it be that Peaches had caught on? She was the most outspoken of the three Geldof girls, loud and opinionated. She was also flighty. One moment she was debating a TV host about attachment parenting, and the next she was Tweeting about being a member of OTO, the elite secret society. She went from tattooed party girl to married stay-at-home mother. She was unmoored.

After her death, secrets started spilling. Witnesses claimed to have seen her arguing with her husband, Thomas Cohen, on a train to London. She was reportedly obsessed with Elliot Smith, a singer-songwriter who overdosed on heroin. She was broke and having to sell her $1 million mansion because Cohen had quit his band, SCUM, and their spending was outpacing their income.

For a woman whose father is worth more then $50 million, financial worries sound ridiculous.

Not convinced Bob Geldof’s daughter was a junkie? The recently deceased socialite just received quite possibly the world’s worst insult: she was so far gone that Courtney Love once threw her out. Love has gone public with a statement that she wanted to “mentor” Peaches Geldof after Peaches showed up at a hotel with a friend and 500 Oxycontin pills in a bag. Too frightened of flipping back in to her own addiction, Love says she demanded Peaches leave. Love could have served as a role model for Peaches, she insists.

20050706-3_f1g6512jpg-515hBob Geldof has a reputation for many things. He is often accused of being brusque, and is a fan of serious profanity. He does not suffer fools. For being such a saint, it is interesting how people who cause him problems conveniently disappear.

But Hutchence’s family, in Australia, were not believers of the Bob Geldof myth. They long suspected foul play in Micheal’s death and suffered for years in a custody battle for Tiger, Hutchence and Yates’ daughter. To the British and Americans, it may have looked like poor and selfless Bob had adopted this traumatized orphan. What was not publicized was that she has a large family in Australia who desperately wanted her.

In that family, there are no fans of Bob Geldof.

“I think he’s Satan,” said Tina Hutchence, former INXS frontman Michael Hutchence sister during an interview with Australian television show A Current Affair.

story_23456_23456-xlarge It has also been reported that Patricia Glassop, Michael Hutchence’s mother who recently passed away,  had spent years trying even see Tiger Lily.  Reportedly seeing her last in 2006 when Geldof allowed her to see her granddaughter for a few days.

But things have not been going so well for Geldof whose celebrity may be waning.

In 2012, Geldof cancelled concerts in Italy, reportedly, after dismal ticket sales. In Milan, less then 50 people showed up for a venue that seats over 11,000. He refused to perform, thanks Saint Bob.

The fans who did show up were angry with Geldof.  Many having come a long way to hear him, but Saint Bob wouldn’t change his mind. Only 50 people?  No concert.  Geldof doesn’t play for less then several thousand.

Better stick with saving the world, actual music doesn’t seem to be paying the bills anymore.

Geldof seems to have fallen into whats been called the  “Bono Syndrome.”  The “Bono Syndrome” is the perpetuation of a delusion that ones saintly charity work among the world’s diseased, poor and oppressed somehow renders him beyond the realm of ordinary mortals.  Implied to be “above the law” so to speak.

article-0-1B89F6E500000578-822_634x770Still not convinced?  Tina Hutchence has also made a series of other statements about Tiger Lily, Geldof and the state of their relationship.  This has effectively separated Hutchence entire family from Tiger Lily with Geldof as the gatekeeper.

“I can’t talk about it because I’m not a part of her [Tiger Lily’s] life. British courts decided that the man who was not her blood relative, someone who’d openly despised her father, they handed her over to him didn’t they. I mean, you know … I speak to her a couple of times a year, that’s it,” she told a friend of her relationship with Hutchence’s now 17-year-old daughter.


“I got tired of calling and being told, you know, Bob [Geldof] would say ‘oh she’s not here’, or ‘she’s asleep’, or ‘she’s at school’. It just gets to where you just know, I went to London a couple of times and he took her somewhere else. Once he took her to Paris, another time he took her to Spain.”


Then there is the engagement of Geldof to long time partner Jeanne Marine.  That engagement coming just weeks after Peaches had died, and his family was “beyond grief.”  Sounds like an excellent time to propose marriage.  Oh wait, and it was announced on May 1st!  That’s Beltane or May Day depending on how you look at it.

So if Geldof is Illuminati, it’s conceivable he sent someone to that hotel room to get rid of Hutchence. Both Hutchence and Yates had reportedly said Geldof  told them, “I am above the law.”

Not content with destroying his rival, his ex wife still stood between Bob and his myth. With Hutchence out of the way, Yates was easy to get rid of. Not long before her death, a scandal broke out in which she discovered the man who raised her was not her father. Then a raid of her home found drugs. Drifting, alone, and grief stricken, a drug overdose came as absolutely no surprise. Another link in the chain of mysterious deaths around Bob Geldof.