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14 Responses

  1. I attended Olav Phillip’s presentation today at the local MUFON chapter in Sacramento on “Apollo 20.” All I can say is keep up the great work on the questioning attitude. I’ve had my own enounters with the PsyOps types, and they will do anything to hide the truth.



  2. Hey, I’m SO glad to see Paranoia is back!

    Original subscriber from issue #1

    What issue do I start with from the last issue before the PARANOIA reader?

    Are you the originals from Rhode Island?

    Keep up the great work!

    Jake in Boston

  3. How do I get a subscription? I’ve clicked on ‘add to cart’ severl times, but it still shows the cart is empty. I’ve tried to get a subscription before with zero luck

  4. bookstore stopped carrying PM so I am a little behind for two years or so-how do I order back issues?

  5. Rivers of blood could flow from well meaning words. Jesus tried to warn the Zealots of the sacking of Jerusalem preceded by a siege where cannibalism was common.

    At first mainstream news tried to make it appear that the populace was buying all the ammunition. Now we know it is Homeland Security. They want pockets of armed resistance to break out so they can crush them one at a time labeling them extremist. With the surveillance and lack of ammunition there is no way the populace can mount armed resistance with no form of un-monitored communications and not enough ammunition to sustain a full scale revolution. That’s exactly why the South lost the civil war. They wee winning for most of it but attrition ended it.

    What most of your listeners are thinking privately is that it finally is time for a revolution, that once it starts everyone will join in and will overwhelm our armed forces, but other countries will side with our armed forces through the UN and the populace would be bled dry and /America will no longer exist.

    I will release my first book soon PROGENY OF THE LIGHT, and the second within the year which is the main one that can give insight to this situation called the Pain Tree. I have been waiting for the right time.

    You need to have me as a guest on your show. I am your Austin caller, Tom. I have spoken on the show many times now.

  6. Are back issues of paranoia available for sale from prior to 2012. I was published in issue 38, an article about MK-Ultra and would like to purchase a copy for my portfolio. Any way this could be done?

  7. Hey there,

    I’m listening to you on The Conspiracy Show right now, and love your mag.

    My work is featured on Guerilla Media Network, Rob’s conspiracy HQ, and Mack White uses them as header art at times on his PSIOP RADIO pages.

    I’d like to illustrate for your mag.

    Chris Katko

  8. Hey, I’ve been trying to change the mailing address for my subscription for the past month and no one has responded to me … any ideas how i can get though?

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