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  1. DavidWoggins


    When I first saw the movie Donnie Darko I knew that it was an important film for our time.

    At the time I was going through some emotional and spiritual journeys. I was not big on conspiracy theories, and had never heard anything about Project Monarch or MK ULTRA. It was only after reading an article about MONARCH symbolism in films recently on Vigilant Citizen, that I finally realised what this movie was about.

    Suddenly the critical scenes all made sense to me.

    ‘They made me do it’

    This led me on a trail of research and exploration of the phenomenon. I now firmly believe that I have had my own experiences with Monarch programming, and understand what the elites plan for Monarch is, and can see all the subliminal messages in Hollywood films.

    I had been having bizarre synchronicities for months….

    Things finally clicked for me when I was watching a David Icke seminar and he mentioned the illuminati ” spider in the centre of the web”. Whilst I don’t believe word for word everything David Icke says, he does have some good points, and this happened so synchronously with other events in my life, that I knew I had finally pieced it all together.

    Wether you believe in ‘the illuminati’ (A shadow organisation who runs the world) or wether you just understand that the powers at be use various forms of mind control to manage the population is not important. What you must understand is that the elites do have a religion, and illuminism IS that religion. This is why they practice rituals such as Bohemian Grove and other luciferian rituals. What I have finally come to understand is that the reason why the elites are so obsessed with Monarch mind control is because they need to REPLACE god. Once the illuminati are completely in control of all human minds, there is no need for a god anymore, they will have completely written him out of the book, so to speak.

    This is exactly what Donnie Darko is about. Fighting against the mind control.

    When the Mayan Calendar ended last year, a lot of people were disappointed that nothing happened. The real truth is, something DID happen. The illuminati finally took complete control over our minds. It was this year that I first found out about Frank. ‘The spider in the centre of the maze’ I have found lots of information about this.

    His name is Frank. (Could be Pope Francis) or A british psychologist named Frank webster. But most likely this False Prophet WILL reveal themselves as king of the world THIS HALLOWEEN. Just like in the movie Donnie Darko.

    This website is a kind of maze. If you type ‘highkey’ in the top box and ‘lowkey’ in the bottom box you will get past the first screen, it also trails right across the web to all sorts of strange locations, government sites. Its linked to the film Donnie Darko if youve seen it is essentially about an anti-christ figure called ‘Frank’. Coincidence?

    So now the illuminati has our minds. The anti christ WILL rise. And they will write God out of the equation.


    November 6, 2012 Reply
    • Thomas Walker

      Heres something I spotted on Youtube in regards to your mentioning about Synchronicities ? Just over the last year or so I found much comments and short explanation films about a movie called HELIOPHANT ? From what I have researched on were the film origanated from is mystifying to me. My question about it be created is that this film is suppose to be about: symbalism,numeralogy, and interpretated synchronicities by the beholder or simply put the “viewer”. Is’nt this just some sort of internet cyop made through hollywood film makers in connection with New age materialists ? Trying to stir up hype through curiousity by useing the internet as a clever tooling source ? Just to pitch more psuedo-science mixed with a mainstream realigous view point ?

      November 6, 2012 Reply
  2. Thomas Walker

    This is something in regards to the research of Kenn Thomas. From the book JFK & UFO Military industrial conspiracy and cover-up from Maury island to Dallas. He talks about popular T.V. serie’s during the 1960’s that were possibly based on real factual statements’ from linked witness’s and there testamonys inregards to events leading up to and shorltly after the assassination of JFK. Here is something of interest to the question of ther being ank kind of validity in these kinds of possibilitys pertaining to certain Alien invasion strategy’s. That are perhaps covered-up by Compart-mentalisation methods applied as trainging progams in the military? From about that time to the current. With my own personal consideration of the Rendalsham Forest event that fits in to the scenario episode of the serie’s from the 1960’s called “Nightmare”. Basically it was a miltary training operation. That you as the viewer were not made aware of that until the last ten minutes or so of the episode ! “That episode is from the origanal 1960’s Outer Limits by the way” Now available on Youtube for free.

    November 6, 2012 Reply

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