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In this issue: Chappaquiddick – Who Sank Ted Kennedy’s Presidential Hopes? Secret Roots of the KKK Rock and Roll Satan The Night Wilhelm Reich Disabled 2 UFOS!  

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In this Issue: – The Killing of the King – Masonic symbolism in the JFK Assination – River Phoenix – Cult Victim? – Blackdeath – OJ vs. THE NWO – Alias Oswald – Clinton Deaths? – Medical Mayhem – We the People….  

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In this issue: Madonna Live! Virgin Mary Sightings, Prophecy and UFOs Satanic Child Abuse Coverup! Psychic Warfare Watergate Deaths Lindbergh Baby Hoax

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In this issue: – Waco Secret Weapon – Who Framed Leonard Peltier – Child Abductions – Flight 007 – The Oswald Myths – Jonestown Part III – Fascist FEMA  

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This is the magazine which started it all.  The infamous PARANOIA MAGAZINE ISSUE #1 – Now available as a PDF download!  Check out articles on Who Killed Malcom X, ’92 Voter Fraud, Mysterious Deaths, Nuns on the Run, Alien Coup d’Etat, and Tribulation 99. DOWNLOAD!

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