By Frank Berube a.k.a Disembodius


Do you think you’re living your own life? Ask yourself how much of it is yours to live. First look behind the curtain of your subconscious mind and behold the subliminal strings controlling your thoughts. Try to free your mind from these imprisoning forces and see what happens. You’ll soon discover that you cannot make your way through the inner darkness outside the borders of normal consciousness, much less deal with whatever is sure to be hiding there.

A powerful psycho-gravitational force is pulling minds into its orbit, imposing subliminal constraints on thought processes and preventing consciousness from expanding beyond the borders of the brain and the senses. Imprinted within the psychic substructure of the mind are subliminal mechanisms that regulate what you think by restricting mental activity to lower levels of consciousness and keeping our thoughts and ideas within the jurisdiction of the Mental Status Quo, a.k.a, the MSQ.

This “built-in” code of mental operations controls our thought processes by defining the conceptual standards whereby the functions of the mind are determined to be rational or irrational, intelligent or stupid, making sense or just nonsense. There are implicit linguistic rules and regulations for all mental activity and most of us automatically comply with them whether we’re aware of it or not.

The MSQ enforces the psychological standards of the official consensus reality, making sure all incoming impressions are screened for renegade content, and all outgoing projections are imprinted with an invisible seal of approval. The minds of millions of people are being manipulated by forces beyond their control: this is what makes up consensus reality and fuels the MSQ.  Mass mind control works by controlling thought processes and preventing the free flow of the mind from violating boundaries and discovering other dimensions of consciousness.



The subliminal commands of the subconscious mind communicate their intentions to waking consciousness via the shadow-dominated ego. If some thought or idea threatens the official standards of the consensus reality, the thought police are there to see to it that nothing disruptive intrudes upon the structured mindspace of the MSQ.

We should scrutinize our thought processess and reflect upon our repressed shadow-side, instead of accepting superficial explanations about ourselves. When we work to uncover our shadow-side, we unravel the workings of the MSQ and free our minds to explore other realms of the psyche. From this kind of self-knowledge comes the revealing perception that the ego is a fabrication of our subconscious mind. There is more to consciousness than what the senses can detect and the intellect can register. There are other dimensions of consciousness and other aspects of who we are awaiting our discovery beyond the brain-bound horizon of the MSQ.

The MSQ is the only qualified state of mind deemed acceptable by the strict linguistic standards of the reigning consensus reality. It is a quiet and safe state of mind, where there is no self-doubt or painful recriminations to face, a perfect setting for the harried ego to get away from its nagging inner self. Anyone raised and educated in the good old American corporate way has been conceptually imprinted with this standardized mentality, which is considered, I might add, to be the pinnacle of human intelligence by many educated people.

But we as individuals are not living our own lives, because the MSQ has its own built-in thought control system designed to shape how we think, influence what we say, and predict how we will respond. The MSQ keeps the mind unconscious of itself by focusing inner attention on the ego and shutting down all other mental activity deemed unacceptable by the authorities.

Learning about the unknown world within is not a bad thing, but it can be if you’re trying to hide from your true self. Lots of people are hiding from themselves and living a lie, repressing what they’re afraid to find out about their unconscious mind and rejecting anything that might disrupt the MSQ. They see only what is reflected back at them when they project their expectations onto their experience and respond predictably to what they think is happening.

The shadow’s subliminal tentacles reach up from the depths of the subconscious mind, strangling awareness and narrowing the range of perception. How you feel, the thoughts you have, how you see yourself and view reality, are predictable mental reactions to the subliminal programming of your subconscious mind. It just seems that you are making up your own mind and it merely appears that you’re doing what you want. While you may think that you’re in control of your life, you’re simply obeying subliminal orders and acting the way you’ve been conditioned to act. The illusion of the dream being real can be maintained as long as you don’t wake up and turn the lights on.

Unraveling the subconscious workings of the MSQ will reveal that the consensus reality is a collective illusion. To uncover the hidden controls and get beyond the MSQ, one must be willing to engage these subliminal forces and put the repressive mechanisms that protect the ego out of commission. Only searing rays of high-powered perception can penetrate the ego’s defenses and bring light into the mental darkness of the subconscious mind.

This is the reason everything is happening like the ego expects it should. One takes their small world to be the whole world by focusing too much attention on the ego and material things, falling asleep to our transcendent selves and living unaware that other dimensions of consciousness lie perceptually dormant in unexplored regions of the psyche.

The psychiatric authorities are there to see to it that anyone who strays from the straight and narrow of the MSQ is diagnosed with some kind of mental illness and treated with a neuropathic drug. They get to define the borders of normal consciousness, thinking up names for mental illnesses and prescribing pills that deaden consciousness and weaken the human spirit. People who are living their lives confined to lower levels of consciousness do not seek to know their inner self or experience alternate realities, and they remain unfulfilled and restless, no matter how happy they appear to be or what lies they tell themselves.

Those who are true to themselves won’t settle for the lowest common denominator and go along with the crowd. By making up their own mind, they aren’t conforming to the dictates of the consensus reality, which precludes their membership in the MSQ Club. That’s when the alienation begins. The human race is populated by the waking minds and the sleeping minds, with many variations in between, as if the people on each level of consciousness came from different planets and were treating each other like aliens.

The mind must be prepared to encounter renegade knowledge by developing higher degrees of perception, otherwise information and ideas concerning alternate realities cannot become a functionally working aspect of mental activity. Renegade knowledge cannot be reduced to the foregone conclusions of those who fear their unconscious mind and deny complicity in their own mental enslavement.

Captain Ego & The MSQ

The authority of one’s inner Self should govern the operation of the mind, not Captain Ego and the MSQ. The quality of consciousness and the sharpnesss of perception is determined by how much we know of and about ourselves. The ego that stays home with the MSQ doesn’t want to go trapsing off into inner space, so it doesn’t  need to develop the perceptual instruments to navigate through the otherworldly spheres of hyper-sensory dimensions of consciousness. These ego-maniacs are living their lives unaware that a vast inner world of consciousness awaits discovery beyond the cranial walls of their brain-bound existence.

Humans who become adults without knowing themselves within are kept in the dark about their fate, unaware of the greater pattern of events their lives are embedded in, because they are unable to perceive that other dimensions of reality exist behind the appearances they so completely take for granted. People who do not know about their transcendent potential are living their lives experiencing only a small band of the full spectrum of reality. All that matters to unconscious people who are cut off from their true selves is that the MSQ prevails and the Ego reigns supreme.

That’s because only phenomena registering within the range of the senses and only experience that fits in with one’s belief-system is taken for real, everything else about oneself and reality that doesn’t fit in gets cut out of the picture. Whatever doesn’t make sense or threatens to expose the charade gets mentally stomped on and thrown into the dregs of unconsciousness.

Being self-absorbed is a normal state of mind sanctioned by the consensus reality because it keeps the ego asleep on lower levels of consciousness, where it is unable to access the transcendent realm of the psyche or acquire much self-knowledge. Egotistical people are caught up in the endless demands of their personal lives, completely absorbed with their interests and concerns and totally focused on self-gratification and personal security. Seeing their reflection wherever they look and hearing their sentiments echoed back to them wherever they go is the order of the day and the only thing that makes any sense to them. Solipsism is considered by many of these people to be what matters most in life.

They are cut off from the transformative potential of their psyche and forced to live wasted lives as impostors to their true Self. People whose fondness for money and distraction is proof enough that the MSQ is keeping the Ego bound to lower levels of consciousness and keeping their lives confined to a self-absorbed existence.

They are not likely to give up their right to remain unconscious, because waking up means stopping the show and ending the performance. Opening the mind to its transcendent potential and apprehending other dimensions of consiousness presents paradigm-busting challanges to the reigning consensus reality. There is a hyper-dimensional region of consciousness that is mysteriously interwoven within the three-dimensional sense-based realm, but subtle degrees of perception separate normal consciousness from this psychically hidden area of our mind.

The subjective view of reality we get from our private mindset appears to us like a chronologically unfolding series of events that is happening more or less as expected. This grand illusion is convincing enough to make the performance look real, with the ego as the star of the show.