by Frank Berube a.k.a Disembodius

Dehumanization is what the new world order is all about. Cold and merciless impersonal life forces determine what life will be like inside the blank walls of the corporate monolith.

In a time before video arcades there were penny arcades where, amidst the bustling arena of flashing lights and the clatter of games, we would come upon a gypsy figure inside a small booth encased in glass. A scratchy recording would invite us to stop and have our fortune told. Even though the lady was made of wood she gave the impression of being a real-life sorceress with the power to predict your future for the price of a nickel.

The gypsy in the fancier models held a tarot card, and more often than not the card was The Fool. She seemed to know that if she spoke in mystifying generalities about falling in love and getting rich, it would be enough to satisfy the simple hopes and dreams of most fortune seekers. Despite all appearances she was no dummy.

It was during this time that I recall standing in front of the local drug store trying to figure out why the last episode of “Leave it to Beaver” left me with the uneasy feeling that people depended too much on appearances in their daily lives. TV shows were supposed to be funny, but there was something more going on here than entertainment, and whatever it was wasn’t meant to be entirely apprehensible by the viewers. The starchy atmosphere, the contrived conversations, and the endless rounds of stupidity were masking more sinister matters having to do with shaping public opinion and showing people how to conform to the Mental Status Quo (MSQ).

But at the time there were no words for these things. All I could think of was that “the Beav” was a sham, and so was the whole mom-and-pop polished routine. Not so much because it was so far from the real thing—because on the surface it wasn’t—but because of what it left out by not portraying people naturally, and by not showing daily life as it really was. Instead, life was presented as being filled with situations devoid of the unsightly defects so prevalent among humans; as if the appearance of normalcy was hiding something nasty behind the practiced smiles and snappy one-liners.



There are good reasons why movies and television shows portray the American family and reality, in general, in such a simpleminded way. Taking charge of the production and distribution of television programming and filmmaking makes population control a whole lot easier. And it doesn’t seem to make much difference to most people that reality is very different from what is being portrayed on the screen.

Growing up during the Fifties had an almost magical effect on children’s lives. Then came lots of home appliances, TVs, gadgets galore and plastic everything. But most of us didn’t notice what we were losing in the process until it was too late. Corporate mergers ate up small businesses and the institutionalization of social services did away with house visits and the unique character that made each community the special place it was. We were losing ourselves.

The breaking of communal bonds slowly depersonalized social life, while the public was herded via the subliminal instructions of the mainstream media. Almost everyone took for granted that this was the price to pay for progress. Without something new happening to help young people find a way out of the MSQ, there was nothing to stop this generation from rubber-stamping itself into the next.

Without my being completely aware of it, the freewheeling spirit of the Sixties helped to create an inner theater of imagination that magically activated spectacular psychic effects—mysterious yet strangely familiar zones of consciousness that even the visually stunning silver screen had not been able to bring to life. As I began to read, I went from insight to insight, and came upon my own vision of the story of humankind’s struggle for peace and love on this jewel of a planet floating within the awesome mystery of cosmic space.

A bunch of kids were going through the early stages of self-transformation—caterpillars shedding their skins to find a paisley bell-bottomed butterfly within, wildly acting out the inner turmoil taking place upon the raging sea of blitzed-out bodies, trying to free themselves of what no longer fit who they were becoming. Movements for inner change came bubbling up from the occult underground and overflowed into mainstream society, rescuing people from being dragged down into materialism and dehumanization. Throughout the centuries, such free spirits have been lumped together with crazed heretics, charlatans, hysterical fools, the demon-possessed and the clinically insane.

What happened to me and you and millions of others back then was real enough to have developed into something special, perceptually speaking. It’s sad to say that many of our brothers and sisters still see the world in a limited way and are resigned to living their lives in a self-induced trance. But the bastards haven’t put everybody to sleep yet, and we have to let them know that there are still some awakened beings running around wild out there.

When you look at these magnificent specimens closely you see the effects of the Sixties on their renegade lives. The survivors of the devastated movements for social change that ravaged a whole generation are still alive and kicking, and positioned right there on the leading edge. They’re not about to allow the new world orderers to be the only ones holding the cards on the future of the human race.

The cumulative insight into the secret workings of the cryptoclub threatens to expose the grand scam and put an end to the rigged game. Every generation the cryptocheats play a few trump cards from the bottom of the deck—the king of censorship followed by the ace of terror. They hunt down the renegades and shut off the flow of disruptive information in society. They suppress works of art and literature that inspire self-determination, and defile anything that nourishes the transcendent qualities of higher human nature. They put a stop to projects that shed light on the secret workings of the underworld. Then everything goes back to normal again until the next generation of troublemakers is rounded up, and their creative works destroyed.

Dehumanization is what the new world order is all about. Cold and merciless impersonal life forces determine what life will be like inside the blank walls of the corporate monolith. Only semi-conscious and half here—knowing little more than how to hit keys, push buttons, and flip switches—our youth live a depersonalized existence with only virtual prospects for the future. Being on automatic pilot, they miss important details of their self-development that go unnoticed or are quickly forgotten. These vital yet unappreciated insights fall by the wayside and become part of the fossil record of the psyche. There they will remain until they are psychologically excavated and brought to the surface of consciousness, where they can be properly examined and catalogued as perceptual artifacts of prior states of mind and earlier models of oneself.

It takes fooling around with the strange interplay between worlds that brings all the drama into our lives. There are things happening all the time that are made just for us; funny coincidences, mysterious hunches, weird dreams that hint at what has been left out of the picture by the limited view provided by the ego and MSQ. There are other dimensions of our lives that transcend time and space that “exist” beyond the borders of normal consciousness; yet this unknown realm of our inner world remains a perceptual veil away from awareness. The better part of who we are is being kept out of sight by the thick-headedness of the sense-based mind, and its resident psychological stooge: the shadow-dominated ego.

When a synchronicity occurs there is an instant recognition of something meaningful and something random happening simultaneously. The well-timed pairing of a mental and physical event, considered together as part of a personal perspective, reveals precious insight that only the true self can comprehend and find useful. This kind of self-discovery can only be appreciated and understood by the person experiencing the event and making the connection.

It’s up to you and me to apprehend these perceptual miracles when they occur and learn from them what little we may about the soulful mystery of our lives. But left with no inner authority to think for oneself, unreflective minds default to outer authority. Living the impoverished life of the mind demanded by the ego and the MSQ means missing out on the transcendent realm of consciousness that awakened perception bestows upon the personal circumstances of our mortal existence.

Now is the time to put aside egotistical pursuits and conceptual differences and open ourselves up to the planetary consciousness of the earth. The future of the human race depends on enough of us hot-shots jumpstarting the morphogenetic grid—giving people seeking the kingdom within something to draw upon when they need the psychic energy to overcome inner obstacles and keep moving on in full self-consciousness. All of us have something intuitive waiting in the wings that is attuned to hyper-dimensional states of consciousness—we just have to turn off the egotistical chatter long enough to become aware of its subtle presence in the background of our minds.

The new world orderers have their secret societies and global club houses, places where their kind gather to recharge their mechanical hearts and initiate new recruits into the fold. These creepy graduates of horror school are, in effect, mind-controlled robots doing the bidding of their master programmers—just like us only they get to play with the super-toys and see themselves on television. Evil entities are manipulating the lives of the rich and powerful so that their new world order agenda gets carried out in the proper manner and the human spirit is eradicated from the collective psyche forever.

As we know only too well from looking back over the 20th century, the only way for evil to take root in the world is for good people to do nothing. As long as the human spirit survives in individuals, the forces of good are able to work through our everyday lives, which gives the world soul the boost it needs to run those inhuman bastards out of morphogenetic city and give back the collective psyche to the people!

As unlikely as it may seem, it is through knowing oneself within that we can save ourselves from the invisible tentacles of the neuro-electronic monster that is even now descending upon us. Stand up to the demon of dehumanization by staying true to yourself and remaining human. Just refuse to accept that we are at the mercy of forces beyond our control. The collective psyche is everyone’s personal repository of the psychic script for each of our lives. Tap into its universal abundance and avail yourself of  its treasure trove of transcendent truth derived from ages of human development to actualize the innate gift of higher potential granted to us all at birth, and go on to become the one-of-a-kind person you are destined to be.

Take your place alongside others preparing themselves for the grand finale and keep alive the human spirit in all that you say and do. Help others to help themselves. This is the answer plain and simple. No big time organizations, no celebrity nonsense. Let’s put the bastards out of business!

We know we are in for a heck of a ride and if we get ready and brace ourselves we can ride it out, because no matter how overwhelming it seems, the human spirit has done it many times before and will do so many times more. But if you attempt to escape by piling up supplies and hunkering down in fortresses, you will join the rest of the terrified mob rushing to save themselves—a mass of desperate people too caught up in the details of their own survival to care about anything else. Sorry to disappoint you folks but it doesn’t work that way.

The cryptocreeps have assured themselves that whoever dominates the morphogenetic grid (or world sensorium) determines what the mind-controlled public is capable of thinking about, never mind having a big influence over the programmed manner in which their subjects live their lives. The Ego, not having access to the transcendent realm of the mind, sets the stage for the subliminal takeover of the subconscious realm between the conscious and unconscious dimensions of the psyche. Splitting the mind by separating the two modes of consciousness into isolated compartments—intuitive and intellectual—makes it possible for the mental invaders to move in and take over the psychic netherworld, where worldly and otherworldly realms intersect and the stuff of dreams are made.

This is why it is vital to the survival of humanity that we not let these evil entities enter our sovereign mind space, impelling the overpowering neurological necessity to submit to the new world order and live our lives in virtual reality. They would never get past the front door if our true selves had anything to do with it. We must ask ourselves, where have all the true selves gone?—long time passing, and if there isn’t an answer to be found, then we must wonder when will we learn—when will we ever learn?

The answer my friend, is relative to the observer, the answer is relative to the observer.


©Frank Berube began writing articles for Paranoia in 1994 (issue 6) under the pseudonym Disembodius. He died in July 2006 alone in his apartment in Fall River, MA, leaving me several disks of his writings. In his many writings Frank discussed the subliminal invasion of our minds using psychotronic technology and psychic sorcery. He walked us down the dark corridors of our minds to meet our own subconscious complicity: “an inner betrayer that conspires with the subliminal invader, a mental double agent that secretly smuggles in the psycho-propaganda and ad-hype for the media goons who run the show.” Frank spoke of television as a subliminal trespasser in our living rooms. He cautioned that “TV can exploit the shadow aspects of our Ego because the entranced viewer is a willing participant in the need to remain unconscious.” He disturbed our peace with rants like, “Waking sleep becomes the distraction of choice: the half awake sleep of mindlessly gazing at the TV screen, the mechanical repetition associated with most jobs, the hypnotic trance of being self-absorbed, and the isolated anonymity of being alone in public places with its stark and ever present alienation.” He spoke of our own “repressed shadows” which go along with hidden agendas of the cryptocracy as if they were our own.