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Lee Harvey Oswald, Fortean Man

by Colin Bennett Lee Harvey Oswald had what Charles Fort called a “wild talent.” He was designed and built for escapes of all kinds, not only from fixed determined background and psychology, but from the very space and time that contained him. He could not help violating such things any more than Saint Joseph of Copertino (1603-1663) could not help ...

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Invisible Warfare – Geophysical Weapons of the Secret Government

by Jerry E. Smith “Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.” – William S. Cohen, U.S. Secretary of Defense, 1997 The above startling statement was made during a Q&A session following Secretary Cohen’s keynote address to a Conference on Terrorism, Weapons ...

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Human Compromise and the Protection Racket

by Paul D. Collins The following seamless story of human compromise, and the protection racket surrounding it, spans decades and continents. This is how it works. Listen up. When the Eliot Spitzer Emperors Club prostitution scandal broke out on March 10, 2008, the first person this author thought to call was retired legend, New York Police Detective James “Jim” Rothstein. ...

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Everything you always wanted to know about cancer, sex, and the mandatory Human Papilloma Vaccine

Word count 2970 HPV has been found in a variety of human cancers, such as cancer of the mouth, tongue, tonsil, esophagus, lung, breast, liver, colon, lymphoma, and in skin cancers and in healthy skin. Evidence suggests that cancer could be a communicable and/or a sexually transmitted disease. How effective is it then to forcibly inoculate young women? By Alan ...

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Dark Migration: Nazis in South America

By Scott Corrales Ordinarily one would have suspected that Germany would have had little interest in Latin America, on the other side of the world for practical purposes, yet modern Venezuela had been turned over to the German banking family of the Welsers by Charles V in the 16th century as collateral for his loans and immigration from the German ...

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Covert Intelligence Involvement with ET-Contact Witnesses

The Minders Covert Intelligence Involvement with ET-Contact Witnesses An Interview With Melinda Leslie by Randy Koppang Melinda Leslie has investigated evidence for “covert intelligence” surveillance and re-abduction of ET-contact witnesses for over twelve years. She has worked with over a hundred experiencers and researchers of this phenomenon. Melinda may be the leading researcher of evidence for so-called Covert Intelligence Surveillance ...

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Cover-up in Space, An Insider Report

A government investigator uncovers a RUSSIAN TROIKA of corruption and cover-up at NASA! by Joseph Richard Gutheinz, Jr., J.D. Sometimes I catch myself looking up at the sky and remembering. I remember that terrible year, 1997, when I investigated the Russian Mir Space Station fire and crash. I remember warning anyone who would listen that NASA’s relaxed posture towards safety, ...

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Bob Dobbs, Secret Council of Ten, Interviewed by Joan d’Arc

Finnegans Awake! Or Who is Driving our Luxury Vehicle? Bob Dobbs Interviewed by Joan d’Arc I first heard of para-media ecologist Bob Dobbs when I read Robert Guffey’s, “Synchronistic Linguistics in The Matrix, Or How Bob Dobbs Became the Tetrad Manager,” (link www.paranoiamagazine.com). Guffey had tuned in to KPFK in Los Angeles one morning in 1993 to hear Bob’s “confusing ...

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Black Sun Rising, Satanism and Exorcism in the Americas

by Scott Corrales Evelyn Isidro was a dutiful daughter: on January 6, 2007, her mother sent her out to buy diapers for her baby brother. Six year-old Evelyn never came home, with or without the diapers. It wasn’t that she was hit by a car or fell down a ravine. The little Guatemalan girl had the misfortune to run into ...

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Agent Orange in the City of New Orleans

The War at Home by Jane Crown In 1929 the stock market crash was on the lips of people in many cities. New Orleans was no different. There would have been people living in the B. W. Cooper housing project then, mostly of Italian descent; one of my aunts (by marriage) lived in one of them until the latter part ...

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A Grand Hotel on The Hudson: Antonio Gaudi and Ground Zero

By Paul Laffoley, Architect, A.I.A., 2002 Both the beginning and the end of Post-Modernism involved the destruction of buildings that had been designed by Minoru Yamasaki: the Pruitt-Igoe Housing Project and the World Trade Center. Antonio Gaudi expressed Barcelona’s Islamic and Gothic heritage through riotously polychrome biomorphic forms. This makes Gaudi the last authentic practitioner of the Baroque in the ...

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Check Out the Winter 2012-2013 Issue of Paranoia Magazine!

Between the Mormon bid for the White House through one of its Favorite Sons (unsuccessful this time) and researching chemtrails for a book I’m writing—check out my rundown on the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails conference I went to in LA this past summer—and Patrick Geryl’s 2012 timetable of planetary alignments (http://www.howtosurvive2012.com/), the adventure of getting up every morning has developed quite ...

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