If there is one question I always, and I mean always, get asked at parties is “Are Aliens Real?”  My usual snap response to this question is   to discuss the the Drak Equation and to talk about how lonely and cold the universe would be without other things out there.  They might have four legs and antenna and breathe methane but my answer is always math tells us that aliens are inevitable.

The next part of the question is usually something to the effect of “But you’re a UFO Nut, don’t you think those are alien ships?” And that is a very interesting question.

My personal journey into the murky realms of Ufology started a very long time ago.  I must have been about nine years old, and I was laying in bed reading as was my past time before bed.  A practice I still perform as much as is humanly possible and a practice I advocate for all thinking beings.

Green_fireball_over_Brisbane_very_brightI don’t remember particularly what I was reading but it was probably a pulpy science fiction book, as was my choice for evening reading, when I looked up and saw a massive white light hovering gently, and slightly swaying, in front of my second floor window.  It was particularly bright, but it did scare me pretty badly.  So with a nine year old mind I thought, as do many, if I ignore it this thing will go away and I can proceed merrily along to go to bed.  It did not.  I hid under my blankets but it persisted, just sitting there gently swaying.

I finally got up the courage to get up and run, and I mean run, to the next room where my parents were sleeping.  I burst into their room waking them up.  In a trembling voice I said “Dad, you were in the Air Force right.  You’ve seen a lot of planes right?” To which he calming responded “Yes I have.”  At which point I explained I had something best described at “funky” sitting outside my window.  So he said lets go take a look.  Holding my trembling hand we went across the hall to my room, and it was gone.  I did my best to explain that I had really seen something and even today I have no doubt he believed me, but it was gone and unidentified.  He said it must have been a UFO, a term I was not that aware of.

The next day at school I found my way to our school library and proceeded to checkout every book on the subject, and surprisingly we had some which has always struck me as odd.



For the next two weeks I regailed myself of the likes of Vallee, Adamski, Menger, Leslie and Ruppelt as I searched for an explanation to what I saw that night.  The one that made the most sense at that moment was “Ball Lighting” which while rare did possess the elements of what I saw or maybe it was a spot light?  I’ll never know for sure, but that started the journey.

At that time must of what was available to me in the public library system was the notables which I listed above.  Much of the hard core research I was to have access to would come much later. But the preponderance of what I could find was of the contactee variety and even then something struck me as strange.  Never to be swayed I believed all UFOs were piloted by little green men.

As time went on and I became older I started to realize this might not actually be the base.  I started to find tales of military abductions where forms of mind control.  I started to understand deep black projects and the relative importance of the DARPA programs and slowly my belief in the total alien explanation died away.

But one thing always perplexed me and it still does to this day and then I remembered something I had read about the Betty and Barney Hill case that crystalized in my mind.  I started to question what we were actually seeing up there.

Enough history, get to it…

Ok so here we go.

In much of the contactee writings of the 1950’s as well as later work involving contactee style visitations there is a predilection for Venusians and “Nordics” as a source for the visitations.

So I know what Venus is but what on earth is a “Nordic?”

The Wikipedia describes Nordics in this way:

ASKET “Nordic aliens are said by self-described contactees and some UFOlogists to be a group of humanoid extraterrestrials who resemble European racial images, or more specifically Nordic-Scandinavians.

Nordics are typically described as six to seven feet tall with long blond hair and blue eyes, and are commonly reported as being male.Their skin is said to range from fair colored to tanned,they are reported to be in excellent physical shape, and they are sometimes described as wearing skintight clothing.During the 1950s, many contactees, especially those in Europe, reported beings fitting this description. Such claims became relatively less common in subsequent decades, as the grey alien supplanted the Nordic in most accounts of extraterrestrial encounters, but Nordic aliens are still occasionally reported.Some sources, such as UFO Contact Center International, refer to Nordic-type aliens as Pleiadians, referring to the Pleiades star cluster.”

So effectively Nordics are seen as the blond haired and blue eyed aliens from Venus or the Pleiades.  A description some psychologists have seen as a way of articulating our inherent racially biased fears manifest through alien visitation.

But what if, just for the sake of argument, the contactees really did meet Nordic looking individuals who claimed not to be aliens but simply from somewhere else, like Venus, and the came across the vastness of space in a flying saucer.  Who else could they be?

Hill_Nazi There is a small element of the Betty and Barney Hill case which is often glossed over, which may give us some gateway to the true identity of these “Nordic” aliens.  During hypnotic regression Barney Hill , Barney made the observation that the aliens looked like Nazi’s and moved with a Nazi like precision.  He also claimed they were dressed in shinny black uniforms with peaked caps, which is very reminiscent of the uniform of the SS. He had also reported hearing them speak something,  which sounded like German.

So is it possible the Hill’s were picked up by a UFO staffed by a German crew?  It would appear to be very plausible, but that isn’t the half of it.

During the early regressions he also pointed out the presence of a red headed Irishman, not very alien if you ask me but this also points out another element to this story which is generally lost to time. Notably during the early part of World War Two Ireland, apparently where this gentleman hailed from, was neutral but the country did have a large population of very much pro-Nazi or at a minimum Nazi sympathizers in its government as well as active in the IRA.  In fact many of the senior members of the IRA including Sean Russell who went to Berlin to specifically be trained by the Germans in the use of German military equipment.

It is also not widely reported that during the Spanish Civil War the IRA sent two units to aid the fascists. Both the Irish Brigade and Irish Contingent of the International Brigades fought on the fascist side of that bloody conflict.  So it is not necessarily surprising that there would be individuals who were ethnically Irish on board especially if they were high ranking sympathizers.

It should also be pointed out that this element of the Hill abduction is also not widely reported, and seems to be lost to the mists of time.

starmap One other interesting element of that much of what we know about the source of the vessel comes from a map which Betty Hill had seen and memorized.  Later drawing the map, which was investigated by Marjorie Fish seems to indicate their home as being Zeta Reticuli.  The main issue here is that if the map was indeed seen, and properly drawn it was matched against earth relative view point which would, to me, make the map somewhat suspect.  I do find it interesting there was a star map but I’m not sure that it truly indicates the source of the ship, and frankly could mean anything.

Imagine it like this, you are an alien who has spent quite sometime to come to the Earth.  Your star maps would be relative to the source not the destination.  If you were to draw a map even in the reverse its orientation would be clouded by the source since your understanding of navigation would be relative to your home.  So the fact that the star map is relative to Earth either means that the occupants were SOL (our sun) centric or the map is a red hearing devised to confuse two individuals who were scared and confused. Meaning this could have potentially been done to fill the narrative for the abductees and help them frame their experience.

But this is not the only report of saucer occupants speaking German.  Legendary contactee George Adamski had reported several times overhearing the Venusians speaking German and later Everett Clarke reported German speaking aliens landing in the field behind his house.  Around the same time Reinhold Schmidt reporting a landing in Nebraska and actually conversed with the  “Nordic” crew in German.

Probably the most famous, or infamous depending on your point of view, case of Nordic interaction was with Billy Meir and his interactions with “Semjase.” A name some researchers have pointed to being listed as a fallen angle in the book of Enoch.

Each time the crew was dressed in a similar fashion to known uniforms of the Nazi era, and each time the crews spoke fluent German. Is that a coincidence?  Well there is another part of this story which requires discussion and that is of course the UFO’s themselves.

However, the story does not end there its only beginning to expand and they said truth is stranger then fiction.  It just might be!

valientthorOne of my favorite Ufology stories of that era revolves around a man named Valiant Thor.

According to the story in March, 1957 in Alexandria Virginia one of the highest ranking Venusian leaders came to meet then President Dwight D. Eisenhower and was brought to us by Howard Menger.

So the story goes Valiant Thor, Donn, Jill and Tanyia had come to Earth from Venus to deliver a special message and an offer to help the Earth. To which Eisenhower apparently responded that the people of Earth were not yet ready for the disclosure of aliens and their public presence would pluge the Earth into an “abyss of chaos.”

He did however invite Thor to stick around and help out for awhile while he spoke with other leaders to come up with a sort of game plan. To this Eisenhower was given three years to sort it out.  In the mean time Thor and his crew would assist scientists and they did so.

The story goes on from there, but the main points of interest here are the names and several photos taken of the crew including Thor.

The first thing we should do in discussing Valiant Thor is to take a look at his and his companions names.  One would imagine that coming from a foreign land their names would be decided alien in nature.  Instead there is Valiant Thor which represents Brave God of Thunder and his name is a obvious reference to Norse/Nordic mythology, as well as Donn, Jill, and Tanyia all of which are either common enough names or slightly modified from the normal spelling.  What strikes me as odd is that the leaders name is an obvious norse reference, and something I could see space Nazi’s naming their children.  The others?  Fairly common.

Now one could imagine Venusians picking earthly names as to not confuse us little ape decedents, its not unheard of even today when people from another country pick Anglicized names to ease integration into their new homes. But why choose a Nordic derived name? That is very odd.


The UFO’s

Horten_Ho_229_varldens_forsta_stealthflygplan_1944_Nazi_GermanyThe term “Flying Saucer” is actually a misnomer.  It is largely attributed to Kenneth Arnold who saw a large formation of odd aircraft flying near him in the Cascades and described them as traveling as though they were saucers skipping across a pond.  What Arnold actually reported was seeing a large formation of arc shaped craft specifically reminiscent but updated version of the Horten HO 229.

Later interactions with Nordics involved the use of more true flying saucers of a classic variety.  What is interesting is that if you compare these saucers to the known German designs of the World War Two era they seem to be a pretty close match, even down to the anti gravity pods on the lower portion of the ships.

ArnoldUFOWhat’s more interesting is that if you look at the basic contactee era UFO, the German style UFO then compare that to the UFO that Robert Lazar reported in 1989 what you see is evolution and modification which makes me believe the “sportster” style UFO which Lazar reported seeing is a evolutionary step and with modifications to improve upon a older, maybe captured, design.  The anti-gravity amplifiers are still there but hidden inside the under structure of the UFO vs a 1950’s era UFO or a World War Two era design where the pods could be seen.

The other interesting element is that when Lazar boarded the ship he said he cold see a strange kind of writing scrolling across a screen on the front of the room. The script he saw looks alien in artists renditions but could have been some sort of bastardized Runic alphabet written in a kind of cursive.  That is a bit of a stretch but still possible none the less.

adamski&coniston2The thing about Lazar is that despite being bombarded with claims of being a hoaxer, more then 20 years later he still tells the same story. He has also, on several occasions, produced a W2 tax form and other minutia which seemed to indicate he was present at the site.  So in my estimation he absolutely believes what he is saying, but that’s not to say he is absolutely accurate in his appraisal.

Its my notion that much of what Lazar has told us was told to him in a series of briefings and in briefing documents but, I believe at least, that the information was not completely accurate.  This would make sense, and is a classic disinformation ploy which assumed he would tell other people what he had been told and thus spread an in correct story which could not only muddy the waters but could also be used to discredit him if he went public, which it was attempted to do.

UFO_3This is a tactic the military and CIA have used before.  In fact during the early A-12 program and later SR-71 program the CIA and military used UFO reports to cover-up covert flights.  I think the same is probably still being done to cover up Aurora flights as well as the numerous government derived flying saucers and space planes which appear to do the sky per my articles on Solar Warden and the secret space program.

UFO’s make a convenient cover for covert operations.  They always have and frankly still do. Then again these aircraft, when sighted, are unidentified flying and there are certainly objects.



So are the Nordics Nazi supermen and women from the planet Venus or do I deserve a tin foil hat?  I think a strong argument could be made either way but if we apply Occam’s Razor to this problem, and the simplest answer is usually the right one I would say Nazi’s from Venus is more likely then Nordics from the Pleiades. The tin foil hat, only time will tell.

300px-Lebensborn-imageWe know that the Nazi’s were working on  the creation of Aryan super soldiers and have a quite sophisticated selection program.  We know they founded the Lebensborn birth centers to execute this strategy, and if there are space Nazi’s it stands to reason that almost 70 years later they might have achieved their goals. So if they came here, those crews would probably be some of the best they had and as a result would demonstrate their success with the Lebensborn.

If we look at Nordic interaction, the uniforms, their physical make up, and the fact they have been overheard speaking German I think one could make a good argument that the Nordics are Space Nazi’s.  I know how that sounds, but it makes a lot of sense.  They come here to manipulate, like Valiant Thor, or they come here to monitor, like Adamski or Leslie, but both of those operations would be something you would do.

I always liken it to a television show of my youth.  It was called “Wild Kingdom” and each week Marlin Perkins would show us some fascinating wild animals.  The show usually involved a helicopter and tranquilizer darts, then there was the tagging which allowed the scientists to track the movements of the Elk or Buffalo, whatever.

Substitute a flying saucer for a helicopter, and a implant for the tag what do you have?  Something coming here, abducting people, doing some experiments, and tagging them for tracking and that is something you would want to do either as an alien or as a group of former earth people who left the planet and want to come back.

Do I know that Nordics are Space Nazis?  No concretely but it does make a lot of sense.  So the next time you meet up with a Nordic, if you talk to them regularly, you might want to enquire as to their planet of origin as well as the history of their society because I think the answer you get may shock you.