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Mysterious Disappearances, National Parks, and the Break Away Civilization – Evidence of Batch Consignments?

One of the things which has always been perplexing about the Break Away Civilization was the notion of “Batch Consignments.”  Batch Consignments was a term used in Alternative Three to describe the movement of individuals offworld for use as slave labor to construct bases on the Moon and Mars.  The idea of Batch Consignments was to use effectively slave labor as a commodity work force for construction of the bases needed by the Break Aways for expansion.

On the surface the idea seems quiet reprehensible, people being forcibly relocated and forced to perform slave labor, but then again you are dealing with a group which does not necessarily hold human life in high regard, but it does make sense. It is cheaper to use slave labor then to use a skilled group of people to perform any task.

So here’s the problem – How do you prove that Batch Consignments exist? A relatively large workforce would be needed, the work would be grueling and the mortality rate would probably be high due to accidents, overwork and other causes.  So you would need a constant supply of new people being kidnapped to provide the labor force.  So where do you get large numbers of people over a long term? The answer, at least in part, may surprise you.

Ever year thousands of people go missing under mysterious circumstances.  Accidents, murder, and many other reasons can provide the context.  Recently there have been many stories about people kidnapped who spent decades in captivity before escaping to tell their story, but there are others which actually defy conventional logic.

Most batch consignments, if they exist, can be attributed to political instability in the third world.  During many of the regional wars seen in Eastern Europe, Africa, and South East Asia instability and large numbers of displaced individuals provide a large source of labor.  During these conflicts entire villages could disappear without a trace with little or no attention and the level of humanitarian catastrophe in the worn torn regions makes it almost impossible to catalog the number of people displaced, lost or just vanished.

During the Rwanda Genocide in 1994 more then 800,000 people were murdered and hundreds of thousands simply vanished and are presumed dead.  This would represent men, women and children and some of those individuals could have become batch consignments very easily.



But there is another mystery which was discovered by researcher, and ex police officer, David Paulides. Paulides has undertaken research into disappearance clusters and his research has proved some very interesting results.  On one hand he has documented numerous cases where, in National Parks, children have disappeared within feet of their parents only to be found miles away sometimes even over mountain ranges with no recollection of how they got to that location.

In other cases he has documented cases where people simply vanished leaving their cloths in a pile as if they were snatched from within their clothes.  Their clothes simply simply piled where the person had been standing.  In both cases dogs were unable to pick up the scent, which is strange, it was as if the person just dematerialized.

Whats more interesting is the locations of the clusters of disappearances.  If we look at the map which Paulides has made, we can see that at least some of clusters are  located near places like Tonopah/Area 51/Nellis, Edwards AFB, Sandia, as well as many other major installations which could be used for movement.  In fact many of the disappearances are reasonably close to facilities documented on a map made by “TAL” dating back to 1990 where he documented secret underground bases and a secret underground rail network which links them.  The match is pretty uncanny.

More over Paulides has documented numerous cases of disappearances inside National Parks, and when people inquire with the NPS about the disappearances?  They are stone walled and told the National Parks Service does not keep records of disappearances.  This lead Paulides and others to file FOIA requests which have as of yet provided no further information.

In fact on occasion researchers have even been intimidated by National Parks Service personnel when filling FOIA requests.  So why the secrecy?  One would think the NPS would be doing whatever they could to locate the missing campers or hikers.  One would also imagine that, given the numbers of visitors, the NPS would be working hard to protect people which I think they do to some major extent but you still cannot escape the fact that many of these clusters are in National Parks.  But that also makes sense.

If you want to harvest labor you are going to go where people are, and there are a lot of them in National Parks. They also provide a good cover – Well Bob went hiking and got lost case closed.  But the patterns Paulides is finding is disturbing.  As Paulides put it in an interview with George Knapp:

“People disappear in the wilderness all the time. We’re talking about something different. These are unusual things that don’t make sense, that happen to cluster together in three to four, sometimes as many as 20 to 30 people missing at one location.”

The numbers here, at least the numbers we know, are fairly small.  Paulides has found about 400 cases so far of strange disappearances but that is what he has found.  The actual number could be far higher, and is high enough that he has written four books on the subject. So I think he’s touching the tip of the iceberg.

He has also documented large number of disappearances of young people in Canada where young men and women have disappeared from native villages, and again there is no official comment.

Could these disappearances be linked?  I think its possible especially when comparing his map to that of TAL’s map.  It is very odd to me that even given the small geography TAL represented that there are clusters of missing persons around his facilities.  That is just strange to me, but it also makes sense. You need to be able to take people somewhere for transport.

Will we ever know for sure that is whats going on?  I don’t think we will but one thing is for sure – The next time I go into the wilderness or a National Park which is a hot spot I will be keeping a close eye on my friends and family.

For more information on David Paulides amazing research you can visit:

The CANAM Missing Persons Project – http://www.canammissing.com/page/page/8396197.htm



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19 Responses

  1. What about the 100,000 people missing from a government underground installation? Some were talking to people on the outside who heard people screaming bloody murder! When sent to investigate, only sticks of wood remained! No sign of anyone else! Shortly after that, Obama brought back 100,000 military personnel from Afghanistan! Coincidence?

  2. Maybe the E.T.s take them to feed to their pet chupacabras. Oh wait they’re goat suckers… this is just my opinion but…
    An organization could have snatched them up to experiment on… lord knows certain scientists will go through extreme lengths to get the desired results. (Mad scientists)

  3. Another thought would be that somebody is experimenting with some type of transportation technology. This could explain children being found miles away. they are using humans to “tweak” their “beam me up” technology. No telling what all those satellites surrounding the Earth can do and see. I can see someone sitting at a telecom type desk with all kinds of computers thinking up designs, then with micro wave laser type instruments making crop circles.

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  5. I read the original book, ALTERNATIVE THREE, and the people they kidnap were educated from UK and US. They want skilled people working on the moon and mars, not those from Third World countries. They are useless for such a project. In the book an engineer living in he UK would get a job offer in the US and move with his family, He would never be seen again along with his family. And the idea that people who disappear in the national parks are being kidnapped for A3 is working.. They want to kidnap people with a proven skill or education, not just some random hunter or bird watcher.

  6. I’d have to disagree. I’m sure that the “upper crust” of people would be recruited, but those people need minions to do the heavy lifting. As far as technology has come, it’s still not as flexible as a human. They would need a slave group in order to do all the labor work required by such an operation. They are not going to take a particle physicist and make him dig a tunnel.

  7. hi Michael,

    According to the ALT 3 scenario there are two classifications. The first, trained and educated, are hand picked and recruited. This comprises a fairly small group to start but expands over time. The second group, “Batch Consignments” are effectively slave labor to the project. They spell this out very clearly in the program.

    Its interesting you mention the book. The ALT3 book, written by Leslie Watkins, has a very interesting story. originally Watkins was contracted to write a semi fiction book based on the ALT3 program. During the writing Watkins, who has since gone off the radar, claims to have been contacted by elements of the break away group as well as having discovered information leading him to believe ALT3 was true. The problem is that during his move to Australia his cargo container was broken into and his research vanished.

    The original ALT3 program is available on conspiracyhq.com so I would check it out. If you enjoyed the book you will love the TV program.

    – olav

  8. Olav there’s a human precedent for exactly the sort o’ scenario you’re proposin’.

    The authorities of the UK where I’m from had a very long an’ nasty habit which continued right on in t’the late Sixties an’ Seventies apparently o’ seizin’ kids from their schools tellin’ ’em their entire families’d been wiped out in some terrible disaster an’ puttin’ them on the boat to start a new life in Australia. Meanwhile the kids’ schools an’ families’d be told “Them kids somehow unfortunately died but for reasons o’ state security you’ve all got’o forget they ever existed.”

    One o’ the precedents for this sort o thing o’ course was the British practise o’ law courts condemnin’ people gulity o’ the most innocuous o’ crimes t’life in the Australian penal colonies.

    Another was the British practise o’ press gangin’ people ie beatin’ ’em so unconscious when they finally came to they were in the middle o’ the ocean involuntary members of the Royal Navy.

    If it was done for the likes o’ Australia y’can bet y’arse our own governments never mind other vested int’rests’d have absolutely no compunction doin’ much the same t’establish bases on the moon or Mars.

  9. The maps might be similar but Paulides stated many a time that Texas and Florida would be a book by themselves so he skipped the cluster marking for those two states.I have read all three of his books and what I know is this : It’s been happening more than a hundred years, all age groups are represented, the cause of death is usually from exposure and the survivors have no memory or are to young to speak.The National Park Service isn’t talking (bad for business) and the FBI won’t tell what they know. It’s highly strange and I would recommend people to check out his books.

  10. The Missing 411 books by Mr Paulides were the most riveting, fact filled, suspense books I have ever read. I enjoyed the first book in his series just as much as the third and most recent one. I am hoping he writes a 4th…and a 5th..He has uncovered a monumental mystery the NPS doesn’t want you to know about. Mr Paulides has done a brillinant job presenting the facts of each case which are all tied together by an undeniable and spine chilling theme….

  11. Lifting cargo out of earth’s gravity well is a very energy intensive process. If beings with the technology to do that on a massive scale needed a labor force, automated equipment, with sufficiently advanced AI, constructed in place, and able to replicate and even improve itself as needed would seem to be a far more practical labor force. Current human technology is only a couple of decades away from that. Perhaps advanced beings could be kidnapping humans on a massive scale and using them for other purposes, but what might those be? If they have sufficiently advanced bioscience to need the genetic material for some reason, a small number of humans should be sufficient as batch starter material for replication purposes. Even if they needed meat for nourishment, why would it need to be human, and what would stop such an advanced technology from simply grabbing a few individuals with the optimum characteristics and mass cloning meat from them? There is simply no practical technical reason for a more advanced technology to squander so much energy in transporting large numbers of humans off world. I suspect that the more practical answers are that as a society, we tend to underestimate the number of us who desperately want to disappear and never be heard from again by those who knew us in the circumstances from which we departed. And, on a more sinister note, we underestimate just how many psychopathic monsters there are among us, and how ingenious some of them are in disposing of their victims. Slavery is illegal almost everywhere on Earth, but by all accounts, the global illegal slave trade is flourishing, and almost always involves removing people from places where they might have some potential help and support, to places where they don’t–and then terrorizing them into silent submission. No nefarious alien intervention is needed.

  12. Hi Amanndaa:

    I really think they don’t openly do this is because they don’t want a mass panic on their hands. They want to maintain the status quo…….calmly getting up in the morning, going to work, coming home, taking care of your family and paying taxes. In other words, they don’t want to rock the boat.

  13. I’ve read both of David’s books, and I believe that people are being taken for different purposes: Batch consignment slavery, experimentation(by aliens and humans), satanic ritual abuse, sexual abuse(by higher-ups in government), and as a food source(I do not believe we are at the top of the food chain). I also heard about some homeless people who were found dead atop several high buildings. It was puzzling as to how they got there. It’s as if they were killed and then dropped there. I’m not sure what is going on, but it’s definitely done by a malevolent faction, whether alien or human or both.

  14. These people are being taken back in time by Ancient Egyptians who go through their prisoners to find engineers from the future. Quite often the engineers come up with ingenious contraptions using materials at hand. More often, the Egyptian Time Army grabs earth moving equipment from several different time periods, generally from the 29th century, not our century. Being time travelers they may be time aliens, but not aliens as in space residents. By the way, the time machine itself was taken over from Islamic State pilots when they went back in time in oder to kill Abraham. They failed, the Egyptians got a time machine. An interesting thing is that they continue to go back to the same fragment of time to re-take the time machine. It is much easier than having to keep refueling it.

  15. You may want to take a look at these – i heard the guest on Coast to Coast and other podcasts. Seems there is some evidence about who or what is responsible for people missing in national parks Steph Young has researched from ancient folklore through to modern testimonies and there’s a combination here of MILAB /alien/demonic/ http://www.amazon.com/Stephen-Young/e/B00KE8B6B0/

  16. I think the many odd disappearances is some sort of genetic engineering and testing project.. Perhaps the people who are recovered are somehow not suitable for whatever project.so are rejected.. Found later… And maybe the ones that are never seen again meet the criteria of whatever bioengineering project.. That’s my theory.

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