by Clyde Lewis

This morning I got up early for some reason. I usually set my alarm for a little after 9:00 AM. However, I was awakened at 7:30 and decided to wander downstairs. I grabbed a glass of milk and immediately delved into the news. I glanced at the headlines that are gathered in a clip service and saw once again a story that continues to haunt me.

It is the story of the “tall whites.” Now I know many people are probably laughing and some say that it is all nonsense, but I can tell you that when a listener tried to tell a story about former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer’s testimony about tall white aliens working with the U.S. government – our broadcast was cut off.

I was able to find his testimony and play it on the air. The story of Hellyer made its way to Russia Today and the Huffington Post.

I was notified that the John Batchelor radio show also reported that Iran’s Fars News also reported the story. I was told however that the Batchelor did not know what to make of the story only that it sounded odd. Forbes magazine also latched onto the story using it as a reason to ratchet up “Iranophobia” claiming that this is chilling insanity coming from a country that now has nuclear power.

It was pointed out by a few Ground Zero listeners that much of what was talked about by Fars News was first reported at a website that is infamous for disinformation.



The website that is the work of someone called “Sorcha Faal” also includes an alleged leak by Edward Snowden that within the nearly two million highly classified top-secret documents he has leaked there is classified information that the United States government is allegedly working with the “tall whites” and that these beings are the same beings that directed the Nazis in the 1930’s.

It has been noted by many people who read the website that Faal is deliberately disseminating disinformation.

Now, disinformation is not necessarily a lie, it’s simply misdirection and with every ploy of disinformation there are a few truths that are hidden between the lines.

I can recall that back in 2001, I was being sought after to be a speaker at the UFO expo in San Francisco. I had just wrapped up an article forUFO Magazine at the time and I was elated, because I felt that being published in one of the most read UFO magazines would send me on my way to the top.

I flew to San Francisco and was honored to be on the roster with many well-known UFO researchers and extraterrestrial investigators. I had breakfast with Richard C. Hoagland, Robert Dean, and the renowned Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan.

All of them were interested in what I was going to present at the expo and that was the strange story of “tall white” alien beings that allegedly communicated with fishermen in Chile. The story was first published in Spain and was given to me by a linguistics professor from Monterrey, California.

The fishermen claimed that they had communicated with beings that called themselves “Friendship.”

I had exchanged e-mails for some time with one of the Chilean fishermen and he had communicated to me that he met a “tall white” alien being named Ariel. Ariel also had blonde hair that was cropped like a “Beatle cut.” He wore a black jumpsuit with a hood.

He also told me that Ariel had others that he was working with saying that they were officials from an undisclosed government. The government was not Chilean and he suspected that they were either British, German or American and their base was located somewhere near Ascension Island and the Guaitecas Archipelago.

At the time I was not too familiar with that area, however the “Friendship” enigma caught the attention of Maussan and Hoagland. Both had speculated that the group of “tall white” aliens was possibly the same types of “Nordic”-type aliens that allegedly had worked with the German high command’s saucer programs during World War II.

This was actually the first time I had ever heard of any tall white aliens working with the Nazis on flying machines and ever since I was fascinated about the legendary Vril saucers.

I later was acquainted with the writings of George C. Andrews and Joseph P. Farrell, two authors that have researched extensively the secret occult meetings of the Nazi hierarchy and their secret saucer programs.

Andrews had originally written about the rogue Rosicrucian lodges called the “Initiated brothers of Asia” whose symbol was a swastika and how initiates were eventually introduced to a tall white being that would impart great secrets of the universe.

These same tall white alien beings were actually from inside the earth and not from space. There were other groups who claimed to be in contact with the “tall white” messengers. Andrews claims that other sources tapped into the power of the tall white beings such as “The Green Dragon Society,” “The Order of the Golden Dawn,” and the “Thule Society.”

Edward Bulwer-Lytton who was a member of the Golden Dawn wrote a book about these beings called “The Coming Race.”

The book was originally titled “The Power of the Coming Race.” Lytton was fascinated by the group and how it was able to communicate through cipher manuscripts. Each manuscript contained magical symbolism. The Ciphers contain the outlines of a series of graded rituals and the syllabus for a course of instruction in Kabala and Hermetic magic, including astrology, tarot, geomancy and alchemy.

The beings were described as tall and grayish white. He also describes lesser or smaller beings with dark eyes and small heads.

The “tall white” beings were known as the “secret chiefs.” These beings were summoned by the use of dark occult magic. It is argued that the “secret chiefs” are beings that are emissaries from another dimension.

We can look back at occultists like Aleister Crowley, Edward Kelley and John Dee and how they used special keys to open star gates and communicate with beings that looked like the sylphs, known as “the grays“. We also have learned of rituals like the “Babalon Working“, carried out by rocket scientist Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard.

The objective of all of these alchemists was to find a doorway to heaven or hell depending on the perspective of historians. It is even remarkable fact that recently the Nobel physics prize was awarded to CERN for smashing atoms and getting a glimpse of the “stargate” where the power of god begins.

After Peter Levenda appeared on Ground Zero to tell us about how the elite consulted beings such as these in order to get information about technology and future events, we realize that the Nazis did the same when the Thule society had their meetings and Hitler joined their ranks. The Nazis rounded up Jews and others and did vile experiments on them. SS doctors like Josef Mengele were trying to find the secrets of the Ubermench and the Arayan roots of mankind, Hitler ordered these doctors to do the experiments at the behest of the “secret chiefs” or “tall white” cosmic advisers whose mission was to give instructions on how to prepare the world for the new ‘Golden Dawn’.

It has been recorded that Hitler would often go into rages in clandestine meetings with these so-called “tall whites” claiming that he ordered his henchmen to carry out experiments and torture as many people as possible before the ‘golden dawn’ was to begin.

This daisy chain of contact with these beings allegedly continued as Nazi space scientists and agents were brought to the United States to work For NASA and the CIA during Project Paperclip.

Strangely, it was after the pipelining of Nazis to America and the nuclear age that UFO sightings increased and later there were reports of alien abductions happening all over the world.

In 1961, the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case case made the headlines. Olav Phillips reports in his Paranoid magazine article “Close Encounters of the Totally Germanic Kind”:

There is a small element of the Betty and Barney Hill case which is often glossed over, which may give us some gateway to the true identity of these “Nordic” aliens. During hypnotic regression Barney Hill, Barney made the observation that the aliens looked like Nazi’s and moved with a Nazi like precision. He also claimed they were dressed in shinny black uniforms with peaked caps, which is very reminiscent of the uniform of the SS. He had also reported hearing them speak something, which sounded like German.

During the Apollo missions there has been information spread by Richard Hoagland and Timothy Good that when Armstrong landed on the moon there were communications that purport that there were saucer craft lined up to greet the astronauts in 1969 and that one of the purposes of the landing was to do a ritual on the moon in order to communicate with these beings.

This was a very important meeting because it started the negotiations with Russia about a joint space program to learn more about these beings.

According to Leslie Watkins, David Ambrose and Jim Keith, this was all part of a plan called “Alternative 3” where even before we heard of things like global warming it was already theorized that the earth was on a collision course with doom. Whether it was from an ecological catastrophe, overpopulation or spent resources the aliens were colluding with American military intelligence to provide an escape plan or an evacuation protocol.

The story wound up being presented as a documentary on a British program named “Science Report” and later as a book detailing the plans for a “cosmic Noah’s ark” that would be loaded with human beings for possible colonization on the moon or Mars.

While the documentary was later dubbed a hoax, Jim Keith called it clever disinformation where the truth was buried in the lie and deserved further investigation.

The Daily Mail now reports that creating structures in space that astronauts can live in has become a priority for NASA. In their latest article, “NASA’s plan to build homes on the Moon: Space agency backs 3D print technology which could build base,” the Mail reports that:

With a manned mission to Mars on the agenda, and plans for lunar exploration underway, scientists are increasingly looking towards unconventional construction methods. The most promising of these is 3D printing, which could make building a lunar home in space a matter of pressing a button and letting a robot do the work.

Here in the United States, we have been given the impression that the new moon missions and any manned missions to Mars have been scrapped. The question is: Could they have been planning all along to create away teams of people on “arks” to escape a possible catastrophe on Earth?

“Alternative 3” appears to be underway and – if you believe the weird stories from Russia, Canada and Iraq – it is happening under the direction of the so-called “tall whites.”