It all started simply enough, these things usually do. I was a guest on Ground Zero Radio, hosted by the venerable Clyde Lewis along with Rob Daven of ConspiracyHQ, talking about the Secret Space Program, Solar Warden and the like when in the fourth hour we had a very interesting call.

A gentleman called in from Washington state and wanted to discuss a secret program he had worked on back in the 1970’s. Being that he called in from Washington state I have some suspicions about his employer.

So he called in and began to describe a project he had worked on called “Space Warden” which was part of the SDI program, but wait…. The SDI program was launched under president Ronald Regan in the early 1980’s right? Well here I have a guy on the phone saying he was working on a functional program in 1974!

Well the discussion got even better.

He reported to us that the program he had worked on, Space Warden, was well underway in 1974 and was field deployed around the time Regan announced SDI.

Ok very interesting, but he continued. The facility he worked at in Southern California, probably “Plant 42,” was guarded by United States Marshalls not the usual Wackenhut guards but instead U.S. Marshalls.



At which point he went into some detail about the program and stated that to his knowledge there were three components, two killer satellites with lasers in a equatorial orbit and a third hunter killer which was a rover and moved around and that got me to thinking.

When you get a call like that you really have to pause for a minute and think about things.

Any conspiracy researcher worth his weight in anything has a vast storehouse of sometimes-meaningless information that they have to access from the recesses of their brains to make a connection and for me a connection was forming.

Its kind of like an old TV show I used to watch called “Connections” hosted by James Burke.

I vividly remember in one episode that Burke was in a estate garden holding a briefcase. As was so common with him he nonchalantly asked the implied viewer something to the effect of “I bet you’re wondering what’s in the briefcase, well it has enough power to light a small city for a year.”

Then he went on to say “But it doesn’t do that because it’s a Nuclear Bomb, boom..” then he tossed it in the air.

Connections was a great show because James Burke was a master at connecting seemingly unconnected things, and this skill is one the proper conspiracy research must have as well. But I digress, and back to the story.

So I remembered back to my youth, about a graphic I had seen when Regan introduced the SDI program as well as a conversation I had once had with a Russian man who had worked in the Soviet space program about SDI. Both of which supported the caller.

The idea was simple you have a particle beam or laser satellite or “Killer” and you have a “Spaced-Based Interceptor” or a “Hunter Killer.” The Killers had orders program into it from the ground station to hit a missile, or object in space, where the Hunter/Killer is independent and I would suggest autonomous.

All very interesting stuff to think about, but 1974? Much more interesting! Rumors have been going around for decades now that programs like “Space Warden” had not been cancelled as we were lead to believe but instead keep right on trucking and were actually deployed, only now its looking like SDI was running by the time Regan announced its development which makes sense.

I would also add that in the hours after the call I tried to find any reference to “Space Warden” and could find nothing which is strange I guess.

But Systems like “Brilliant Peebles” or “Thor’s Hammer” had been hypothesized to exist for sometime, but now we had something to go on and a witness that they exist and are up there now.

So that got me to thinking about another thing I had seen, mainly the infamous STS48 ufo video.


To give you a brief rundown an object enters the screen from the right and is hugging the outer atmosphere of the earth. There is a flash and the object quickly makes a 90 degree turn out into space. Moments later two objects launch past the screen ostensibly being fired at the object.

Now the interesting part if that a few seconds after that mission control comes on and asks the shuttle pilot Kenneth Reightler (a Captain in the US Navy or equivalent of a Coronel) to execute “The Maneuver” followed quickly but an explanation of dumping waste water.

So a couple of things here to think about. When the STS48 video came out there was some discussion at the time about those two objects being part of a space based weapon shooting at a UFO. So that idea is old hat, and I think given the support of the idea that SDI was active in 1974 probably the case.

But what’s more interesting is the flash, which comes from behind the camera. Could that have been a laser firing at the object? There has never really been a good explanation of why the object changed course, well maybe that Hunter/Killer our caller spoke of was firing.

The other interesting thing about STS48 and this confirmation of the SDI program being active was the request by ground control to execute “The Maneuver.”

Back in the day, when STS48 originally occurred there was a lot of chitchat, even from the venerable Richard C. Hoagland, that STS48 was rolled over with the camera pointing to the right place as a sign that whistleblowers were trying to allow us to see a UFO in orbit, but I think now given the command and the immediate change in attitude that was not the case.

I think they accidentally caught SDI firing on something and went to a commercial break so to speak.

The other thing about this video that I think needs a reappraisal is what were they firing at? Was it alien, has been the collective theory or was it something else? I would agrue given recent developments in research we might have been firing at some other group.

The easy money is firing on a Soviet or Russian vessel of some sort but given what we have learned over time it would appear that we are in this together, and maybe just maybe the Soviets were reacting to what we were reacting to, some sort of outside force – human but outside force never the less.

Alternative Three argues that we were carrying out joint operations, and given that if our equipment and their equipment was clashing then it would start a proper war. But instead someone or some people go to extraordinary efforts to keep this quiet and silently carry out a war over our heads. That alone argues the idea for a second breakaway group which is not sanctioned.

So why does that make sense? Well publically we seem to be in lock step. In the 1960’s the US Air Force had come up with a daring program to bring warfare to the high reaches of space utilizing a space station called the “MOL” or Manned Observation Laboratory.

The “Laboratory” was to be equipped with a laser to directly ostensively to compete with a Soviet program called “Almaz” which was launched in 1973 on Salyut 2, which is right around the time our mystery caller said his Hunter/Killer went into orbit.

There were three ALMAZ stations publically flow and the second successfully fired its cannon in a test. No one is really sure at what but it was appearently fired.

So we have three Almaz stations, a MOL and a Hunter/Killer with two killer satellites in orbit, sounds like a standoff right? Maybe but as I have pointed out before you don’t spend that much money and keep these devices crewed for nothing, and this wasn’t a MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) scenario.

Those devices were there for a reason and at this point I don’t think it was to engage each other or they would have done so. It also doesn’t make sense to engage an enemy so powerful they could come here from another star and not think the enemy would escalate.

You would think they would bombard us with high technology if they were aliens being attacked, but instead it’s a quiet war.

Based on that I suspect they were while both active, we know the Soviet one was, and they both took potshots at the competing space vehicles.

Strangely or rather not strangely I guess never hit anything which would make the news. Why? Because then questions would have to be answered and people would be held accountable for whatever is going on up there.

But that being said it is very interesting that those programs, the MOL and Almaz, seemed to work in lockstep. Different approaches but the same end goal and that is a little strange unless it was part of a larger planned defense or even offense.

Space War? That’s NUTS! Maybe not…

There’s another reason I think this, or rather two reasons really. The first being a rather strange incident which occurred in the late 1990’s involving a UFO crash near Livermore, CA. We had gotten a call into Ground Zero and Clyde had alerted me to check it out that an object had crashed in Tracy, CA.

The object was seen to streak across the sky and crash near a secret test facility outside Tracy. Following the crash a massive tire fire had started and the entire area was sealed off. For more information I would refer you to the UFO Hunters episode: UFO Surveillance.

Right after the crash we received a fax, it seems like that always happens! Well the fax had said a object had come in over the Pacific Ocean and two F-18’s where scrambled from near by NAS Lemoore to shoot it down over the Pacific Ocean and that it had been damaged by a KKV or Kinetic Kill Vehicle.

But reports also stated that the object was on fire already went it got to Livermore it was apparently hit by a laser. Someone really wanted that think destroyed. But one thing is for certain, that event did trigger a “Moondust” or “BlueFly” operation and witnesses reported seeing large numbers of semi’s coming out of there with tarps and stuff under the tarps.

It is also important to point out that once the incident happened and the are was sealed, recovery operations as well as firefighting were performed by a special team from Livermore’s top secret weapons lab.

KKV? Well it turned out that we do have a KKV program called Project Thor, and the system in orbit is called “Thor’s Hammer” a system, which uses tungsten rods as kinetic energy, weapons. Maybe the object had been hit in orbit by one of these “Rods from God” and was already damaged by the time the F-18’s were sent to take it out.

The other reason why I’m starting to wonder if we did/do have a bit of a war in space going on is the work of Ed Grimsely. Grimsey has shot video and has reported over the last decade about seeing space battles replete with lasers taking place in orbit. Grimsley can reproduce this feat at will, but what is fighting up there?

It could be the Russians vs NATO, but I kind of doubt that especially now. It doesn’t make sense to me, but it also doesn’t make sense that its alien.

One thing is certain if these things are accurate then at a minimum its one breakaway civilization vs another. Be they Nazi or whatever.

The case is that they are fighting, and there is a lot of hardware up there to help the fight. There is also footage, and STS48 is only one example but there are others.

The interesting thing to me is that whoever is fighting they are keeping a low profile and that is the next part we need to figure out. Who is fighting up there? Maybe it’s the Nazi’s from Base 211 darting across our skies in the latest Haunebu? That is as reasonable as any other idea.

One thing is for sure, it certainly makes things like Space Warden, SDI, and Solar Warden sudden make sense in the larger scope and if there was an unsanctioned group up there and the Russians and Americans were working together then the synchronized timing would make a lot of sense to me.

There is a big plan, multinational plan to use Space Warden, Solar Warden, SDI and everything else we can think of to isolate and unitize the problem. That’s good planning, and good execution.