For almost 50 years two secret spy radio stations transmitted to the world, beaming out secret spy orders across the airwaves at B-52 bombers and Tu-95 bombers circled each other at their fail safe points – circling and waiting, ready to launch a cataclysmic war to end all wars.

The bombers were part of the MAD or Mutually Assured Destruction scenario cooked up by war planners at RAND based on pioneering research into “Game Theory.”  The transmissions were coded orders  to legions of intelligence operatives around the world.  But then as the Cold War cooled and the Soviet Union disbanded an official end to the “Cold War” was called and the bombers went back to their hangers and over time the broadcasts slowed.  Eventually two of the most famous of the broadcasts stopped, effectively, and their bizarre messages no longer danced across the nights sky.

Then things changed.

A Russian spy ship Viktor Leonov SSV-175About a month before the Ukraine crisis the first of the two most famous stations reactivated.  The “Woodpecker,” a radio station silent since 1989 which broadcasts repetitive clicking sounds at 10hz, was reported to have reactivated.  Now UVB-76, the infamous numbers station, has gone online within a day of the annexation of the Crimea.  This coupled with the presence of the Viktor Leonov (SSV-175), reported back in early February and most likely now operating along the east coast of the United States and Cuba, seems to indicate a movement back to the Cold War of the 1980’s (vs. the almost hot war of the 1950’s).

Now in some circles – people believe that this movement may indicate a coming World War 3 scenario designed to usher in the New World Order (NWO).  This may or may not be but it does appear that the Russian Federation is moving back towards the Warsaw Pact and working hard to bring its former satellites back into the fold (especially when one of them controls most of the natural gas shipments to Europe – The Ukraine and GASPROM).

This is a big deal and we are now entering a new and more dangerous world so watch out….