Georgia_Guidestones_English_FullFor many years one of the staple principles in the conspiracy lexicon was the massive depopulation by the powers that be.  The principle was that someone, to only adequately support about 500 million people, deemed the Earth, and through attrition (i.e. starvation, war, and genocide) the powers that be would target that population for an ongoing rate.  As defined in modern conspiracy literature it effectively meant that around 6.5 billion (with a B) people would have to be exterminated by some means.

This motif was perpetuated by the Georgia Guide Stones which, clearly outline that the population needs to be at 500 million to co-exist with nature, or something to that effect.  Now what’s the importance of that?  Well the Georgia Guide Stones have long been seen as a sort of handbook, carved into stone, as to the near future plans of the power that be. But there is a problem and that is the crux of my article.

GaGuidestones4cleanNo one in the conspiracy meme will argue you with you that a depopulation program exists, in the west. We look out towards Agenda 21, a UN sponsored initiative to create sustainable populations.  The Georgia Guide Stones address it as well, and we’ve had the provocative statements made by Prince Phillip, who apparently would like to return and be reincarnated as a virus to further snuff out a large population.  Even Bill Gates took the provocative stance of releasing tainted mosquitos in a conference to drive the point home.  But in all the literature, at least what I’ve seen, it seems to discuss “humanity” or human populations and I think we need to actually understand what that means.  I know it sounds simple, but I think the truth is far darker then Agenda 21, or any of the conventional machinations of depopulation conspiracy.

See the issue here is that Agenda 21, and the depopulation meme are already at work here in the west.  Forbes published an article in April, 2012 called “Warning Bell for Developed Countries: Declining Birth Rates” with a subtitle of “There will be a shift in power unless birth rates increase in the developed world.”  The gist of the article is that in most western developed countries our population rates are now almost static with total fertility rates of 2.1 or 2.0 which apparently is effectively replacement rate. Why birthrates in the west are declining is also an interesting discussion, and branches off into the fact that birth control drugs have been found to taint most of the water supplies in the developed countries, along with anti-depressants and a host of other interesting drugs. Which seems like the depopulation program is underway and is being done via attrition, meaning we make less children then people who die.

So if total fertility rates are declining in the west, where is this massive depopulation going to occur?  The answer is the third world, or is it?

So I was giving this a lot of thought, and if you look at the population growth maps most of the population growth now occurring in the world is occurring in Sub-Sahara Africa and South America.  Now this is interesting because of their proximity to developed country zones of North America, Europe, and Asia.  If you look at the map it becomes really obvious.




So what’s the game plan here?  The developed world is self-attriting while the less developed countries are exploding? And it got me to thinking…

When I was younger there was a game many of us used to play called Cyberpunk. It was the 1990’s and Cyberpunk was all the rage.  So R. Talsorian games came out with,  a rather interesting dystopian game to answer the demand.  Cyberpunk was set in a future a little further then our own, where the network was alive with virtual reality and weapons had become very interesting. It had a kind of Blade Runner motif.  But more importantly (if my memory holds out) large portions of the third world and less developed nations had been taken over, literally, by corporations. So the Ivory Coast for example was no longer the Ivory Coast but instead it was owned by conglomerate XYZ and the citizens of that nation served as production slaves working in vast manufacturing complexes and lived at near starvation level in slums surrounding the plant. Think Soilent Green, and do remember its people.

ADRIFT_working_title_1920_1200_Concept04So it really got me thinking about who is this 500 million?  And the answer I came up with is that all those agendas and plans are really targeted towards reducing the overall population of the west or developed countries to 500 million, and leaving the less developed nations alone to produce billions of worker drones who live in squalid conditions and work for pennies to produce the cultural artifacts for the well developed countries cheaply.   We can already see it in places like China where prison labor produces shoes for pennies on the dollar, which in turn are transported to shops here and we pay $60.00 for. Just think about the markup there.  You have a shoe, produced by a prisoner, which probably cost $1.00, to make and you are paying $60.00 for it. But that’s the only strategy which makes sense because the reality is that most of that 6.9 billion population exists in less developed countries.  They are under-educated and will work effectively for food and shelter.

Now that doesn’t mean that the more developed countries are not targets, but it appears the de-population program is taking the long view and waiting for the population to naturally correct and if you think about it that is the prudent strategy because it creates a silent war, there is no revolution or angry mobs just less people which is the penultimate goal.

I know it sounds far fetched but if you look at the numbers and the cold logic of it, there is a strategy there.  As I said look at the map and it will begin to become clear, and as nation states are compromised by the IMF in the third world it will become more obvious but it is also the long view and that seems to be the option the powers that be take.  Put the frog in the water and slowly heat it until you boil the frog.

 The Guide Stones