Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 12.01.10 PMThe Olympia Sync Summit

On the weekend of August 8th Sync Book Press is organizing The 2014 Olympia Sync Summit.

This event will feature…

– A live ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Radio8Ball Show with The Radio8Band & (Celebrity Guest – TBD).
– A tour of the “Kabbalistic Tree of Olympia” (from the book “Accidental Initiations” by Andras Jones)

& presentations from…

– Alan Green (Sync Book Press)
– Rodney Ascher (Room 237)
– Joe Alexander (Apophenia Productions)
– Marty Leeds (MatheMagic)
– Will Morgan (42 Minutes)
– Scott Onstott (Secrets in Plain Sight)
– James Evan Pilato (Media Monarchy)
– Ezra Sandzer-Bell (Tone Color Alchemy)
– Michael Schacht (Gosporn)
– Andras Jones (Radio8Ball)

But mostly, it’s an opportunities to enjoy sync in a magickal town at the most beautiful time of year, in a state where pot and gay marriage are legal, and the death penalty isn’t.



We are raising funds to cover travel expenses for our presenters.

In order to produce the best event possible we need great presenters and even those who are willing to contribute their talents and insight for free, still need help with their travel and lodging.

The funds we are raising will cover these costs. Anything left over will pay to document the event so those who are unable to attend will still be able to enjoy the event.


If the experience of synchronicity inspires you, then you’re like us, and we’d like to meet you in Olympia this summer. Your participation in this campaign will make it a reality we can all share.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please share this campaign with your friends and loved ones who dig sync.