hand-of-conspiracy2As the Internet has grown, and streaming has evolved, there has been a proliferation of streaming audio which bounce across the ether.  Shows such as Ground Zero Radio, The Higher Side Chats, The Middle Chamber and others have emerged to spread the word and explore those topics normally not discussed in conventional media.  Each show is interesting and amazing, but there is another show which defies classification. Its kind of like listening to pirate radio crossed with the ultimate conspiracy lecture.

Its history is as confused as its start time – yes you heard that right, because no one actually knows what time the show actually starts each Saturday!  I believe the show started in 2004 in Toronto Canada as a late night conspiracy talk show (including call ins) but today it exists as a weekly three hour odyssey into the darkness of the conspiracy world.  The host, Gary Bell or “Space” as he likes to be known, is our guide in this weekly odyssey and he advertises going deeper then a black hole into these topics, and he does.  The best comparison I can make is probably AVFS to the ancient PBS show Connections.  Much like James Burke, Space uncovers the links and exposes the theories.  The show is mesmerizing, hypnotic and at times confusing but it is addictive! It’s also hard to get.  There is no Facebook, no podcast, no twitter, no call-ins only two email addresses – [email protected] or [email protected].  A few diehard fans have pieced together archives which are updated, but really you need to listen live. Listen, you wont be disappointed.

Be warned, its a deep dive and can be controversial – and I don’t agree with everything he says but Space will make you think and question.



http://roku.theanomalieschannel.com/podcast/space/index.php?p=archive&cat=all – The Anomalies Network hosted and updated podcast.



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