Source WITI

Do you believe in ghosts? It’s a question often asked this time of year. For two long time friends, a recent fishing trip has solidified their belief in spirits.

Brookfield native Mike Jacobs, and his friend Bill Wobbekind, often fish in Western Wisconsin. Along a spring fed creek, they have found their happy place. The two admit, not all of the stories that leave here, are 100 percent accurate.

“He`s absolutely forthright, upright, 100 percent straight, except when he is talking about the size of the fish he catches,” says Wobbekind about his friend.

All of the fish they catch, the sportsmen release back into the waters.

“You kind of leave things there for other people, to enjoy and the fish are able to live,” says Jacobs.



After a first day of fishing on a recent trip, the men headed back to their nearby lodge. Before heading out on a second day, a strong storm moved through.

“We saw it was starting to clear finally, and we got up,” says Jacobs.

In the West, a double rainbow appeared. Jacobs, an amateur photographer, grabbed his camera, and started snapping.

“The pictures were very pretty,” says Jacobs.

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