Source: Collective Evolution

In response to the torture and subsequent death of millions of animals every year, a supposed friendlier substitute, genetically modified ‘micro humans,’ have begun their eventual decent into chemical testing farms, reports the Times of India.

In fact, early versions of these micro-humans containing a gut, heart, lung, liver and kidney are already being used to test cosmetics, drugs and other chemicals that are conventionally tested on animals.

The GM micro-humans are being designed to simulate the response of humans to substances inhaled, absorbed through the gut, or entering the bloodstream. ‘Farms’ that would contain hundreds of these micro-human machines are now in the works, and could be replacing animal testing farms within three years.

If the micro-human farms are approved by regulators, most animal testing farms would be shut down worldwide, said Uwe Marx, an engineer from Technische Universitat Berlin and founder of TissUse, a firm developing the technology. Genetically engineered micro humans for chemical testing would save the lives of over 90 million animals each year.

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