Ok the wait is finally over and the Roswell slides have been revealed so now what do they show?  Well at first review I don’t these images really show anything extraordinary.  In fact I think this slide is quite a mundane anthropological exhibit of a mummified corpse.  So why do I think that?  Well lets take a look at the image!


So what we have is an image of a body.  The body looks remarkably like a mummified corpse like this one:



This mummy was found in the city of Thebes in 1856 and was displayed at the Wistar Museum before being transferred to the Smithsonian in 1956 where it lies today.  Looks pretty similar on the surface of it. It’s also important to point out that specimen 2397 looks very similar even to the point that it is the same size of 86cm! It’s also important to point out that the damage pointed out (ie decapitation etc..) is also consistent with specimen 2397.



So lets look at some of the other elements of the picture!

We are told this image is of a alien from the Roswell crash, but at the same time it looks significantly mummified so why would that be?  Dessication like this would take processing (embalming) and quiet some time.  I would also ask why a body of such importance would not be stored in a preservative solution?  Any visitor to a natural history museum will remember that specimens of importance (from double headed snakes to brains) are stored in a preservative fluid.  But that’s nit picking, the important part  of this conversation is that within months of the body was mummified and placed into museum like setting.

There’s more…

The body is stored on a glass shelf using shelving which appears to be circa 1955, which also corresponds to the dress the woman in the picture is wearing.  There is also the question of the other items in the picture.  One object appears to be an animal head, and the others appears to be fabric which is reminiscent of the displays we have all seen in our tours.  Those fabric samples look remarkably like the wrappings used by the Egyptians during mummification.  See below:



We also need to look at the indecipherable identification card.  What does it say?  Most

So what do we all think?  Is this an alien?  Doesn’t seem like it.  This really looks like a mummy exhibit in a anthropological museum.  Given that we are being told that this is a alien body in the possession of the United States Army it just doesn’t look right. I would imagine that artifacts would not be stored in a museum setting until decades later.  If they are the presentation, I would image for such a secret dangerous object, would be in a much more military setting.  This really just looks like miss identification of a museum exhibit.

It’s too bad, I really wanted this to be spectacular.  I wanted this to be the smoking gun, but it isn’t.  I’m also concerned that the apparent experts could put so much of their credibility at risk for such an image.  Where does that put us?  Very disappointing.  If we want to find the truth we need to do better research.

No doubt I’ll take a fair amount of flack for this but the truth is the truth so I’m going to call it the way I see it and it would appear that the Roswell slide shows specimen 2397 from the Smithsonian.

For a great analysis check out – http://www.blueblurrylines.com/2015/03/is-this-mummy-famous-alien-in-roswell.html