by Richard Hoagland
(Originally printed in PARANOIA Issue #29)

The world has crossed a Rubicon into a new and extremely dangerous phase. The portent of this new period was defined by the passing of Sirius across the Giza meridian at precisely 12:00 midnight on January 1, 2000, an event which we have shown could not have been “coincidental.” At that time, we asserted that this singular event, dictated by a series of deft manipulations of the western Gregorian calendar, had been planned and worked towards for perhaps more than two millennia.

The authors of this extraordinary and meticulously planned celestial event were a series of groups which have come to be loosely known as “secret societies”—semi-hidden bands of hand-picked and self-appointed “leaders” who frequently attempt to manipulate secular political events.

Yet still, when we first witnessed the horrific acts of terror and cowardice that brought down New York’s twin World Trade Center towers, it simply did not occur to us that we might be witnessing such a “manipulated” event. Random acts happen. Violent, murderous thugs commit unspeakable acts of murder against innocent people everyday. The world is full of religious and political zealots who seek to either convert or kill those that refuse to bend to their will. This, in our initial reaction to the horror, most likely was the case with this worst single attack on American soil in our history. Then the numbers began to come in. It became obvious fairly early that there were some strange coincidences surrounding these events. As was quickly reported throughout the Internet, there were a whole bunch of odd “9-1-1” and “11” coincidences that linked to these horrific attacks.

For instance:

  • The attacks took place on 9/11 9+1+1= 11.
  • Each WTC Tower had 110 floors, which is a multiple of 11.
  • The aircraft which ultimately hit the Pentagon was American Air-lines Flight 77. 77 is another multiple of 11.
  • American Airlines Flight 11, the first plane flown into World Trade Tower2, had 11 crew members.
  • A total of 65 people were on Flight 11. 6+5 = 11.
  • The second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, hit the World Trade Tower 1 at 9:02 AM. 9+2=11; and so on. A total of 65 people were on Flight 11. 6+5 = 11. • The second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, hit the World Trade Tower 1 at 9:02 AM. 9+2=11; and so on.

As many news agencies immediately pointed out, the week of 9/11 is the week of the Camp David Accords—which made peace between Israel and Egypt in 1978 (with an official signing on March 26, 1979). But that seemed a bit too simplistic, so we kept digging. As it turns out, 9/11 is also an ancient date of special Middle Eastern significance. September the 11th is New Years Day in the ancient Egyptian Coptic Christian calendar. That this day must still hold special significance to the people of Egypt is reflected by the fact that Egypt ratified its current constitution on that same day in 1971.



But why would a terrorist pick this day—a day of unique significance to Christians in Egypt—against targets in a primarily ‘Judeo-Christian’ country like the United States? And why these particular targets?

The US was founded essentially as a great “Masonic experiment.” Most of the driving forces and compelling personalities behind the American Revolution originated in the Masonic lodges of the time. The evidence of a pervasive Masonic influence is present throughout our culture, then and now: in our symbols (looked at a dollar bill lately?); architecture (how about the Washington Monument?); and traditions (what is the real reason July 4th is celebrated as Independence Day?). What is not commonly known is that the roots of modern Freemasonry extend far beyond the mid-18th Century, all the way back to ancient Egypt and through a Middle Ages movement commonly known as the “Knight’s Templar.”

It is the remnants of this Templar/Masonic/American axis that were the true target of these attacks; September 11th was a direct thrust at the heart of the American Revolutionary Experiment in the critical year of 2001. In 1095 AD, Pope Urban II declared a “holy war” against the Muslim invaders of the Holy Land, and launched an effort to retake the “sacred” city of Jerusalem; the infamous “Crusades” had thus begun. By 1099, this was accomplished. Then, in 1113, a new order was formed within the Catholic Church that came to be known as the “Knights Hospitalers.” One of the original members of this Order, St. Bernard of Clairvaux, also created a monastery in Seborga in northern Italy in 1113. Documents found in this ancient monastery state that it was built to protect a “great secret.”

Later, nine Knights (this number will become important later) split off from the original Knights Hospitalers and, all dependent on one another through a complex series of family relationships, presented themselves to King Baudoin I of Jerusalem in 1118—requesting the duty of keeping Christian pilgrims safe on the roads and highways leading to the holy city from the port of Jaffa. Obviously, such a task was far beyond the capabilities of a mere nine men, and the entire “protection gambit” was a ruse concealing another agenda for public consumption. Upon arrival in Jerusalem, the Knights (under the patronage of this Vatican appointed Monarch of Jerusalem) proceeded directly to the Temple Mount, the ancient site of the Temple of Solomon, and immediately began excavating the (even then) ancient ruin. It is for this work that they received their name, the “Knights of the Temple” (Knights Templar).

According to Knight and Lomas in “The Hiram Key,” the Temple of Solomon was a structure designed under the precepts of “sacred geometry” by the earliest progenitors of Freemasonry, and was laid out in such a way as to invoke the essence of the Egyptian myths of Isis and Osiris. According to the Royal (British) engineers who later examined the excavations of the Templars (in 1867), the Knights in 1118 found a secret room be-neath the Temple Mount, apparently knowing exactly what they were looking for and where to find it. Just “what” they found is the subject of legend, but it has gained scholarly support recently. It is supposed that the object was the Ark of the Covenant.

Ultimately, the Templars became a threat to the Church itself. The Pope and the nearly broke King of France, Philip le Bel (1268-1314), plotted to undermine the Order and seize their considerable treasures in France. On Friday, October 13th, 1307, the King’s men moved against the Knights and arrested many of them. This is why “Friday the 13th” is now considered ‘unlucky.’

Although the Papal conspiracy with King Philip succeeded in obtaining various “confessions” under torture and a considerable sum of Templar wealth, the conspirators never found the ultimate “Templar treasure” itself—which by now had been secreted away to Scotland. Even so, most of the Order was wiped out in the “10/13” raid (the leader, Jaques de Molay, was burned at the stake), and its members scattered across Europe and beyond. On March 22, 1312, the Church officially dissolved the Order by Papal Bull. Surviving German members formed the Teutonic Knights, and the Scottish members went underground, to eventually re-emerge as “the Freemasons.”

What this brief history documents is that the Founders of our Nation—Washington, Franklin, Hancock, and others—were intimately connected with and philosophically descended from these original Knights who fought against the Islamic forces in “the Crusades” over half a century before, across the Middle East. They were in fact so enam-ored with Templar rites and traditions that they made sure that our own Declaration of Independence was ratified on July 2, 1776 and signed July 4, 1776—dated with over-whelming significance to the Templar Order.

In other words, for some followers of Islam, America could easily be viewed as the literal embodiment of their oldest enemy of Allah … a literal, infidel “Knights Templar State.”

In light of this little-known history, there were other unusual “numeric coincidences” surrounding the New York and Washington attacks which now seem highly relevant. For instance, the Templar Order’s date of official recognition by the Vatican: 1118 AD. which, when added (1+1+1+8) equals another 11. Also, there were nine original Templar Knights involved in the founding of the Order, which, when added to the previous Templar founding date, equals—911. This brings us to this crucial year of the “911 Attack”—2001. There are exactly 883 years between 1118 and 2001. And these, when added (8+8+3) equal 19—which was the exact number of hijackers on the aircraft.

The Code: Simple Facts

The reason this latter number is important, and was obviously carefully planned by the architects of this terrorist assault, is to be found in several scholars’ recent discovery of a remarkable pattern of “19s” throughout the Koran. In the view of many modern Islamics, the scientific discovery of the “code of the 19s” provides the final proof of Allah’s direct Revelation of the Koran.

Though the code was initially discovered by examining the occurrences of Quranic initials in the initialed chapters of Quran, there is a large number of much less complex parameters to the code. Here is a brief listing of some of them:

  •  There are 114 chapters in the Quran, or 19×6. • The total number of verses in the Quran is 6346, or 19 x 334.
  • Then you add the 30 different numbers which are men-tioned in the Quran’s text (i.e. one God, two brothers, etc.), the total is 162146 or 19 x 8534.
  • The first statement in Quran, “In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful” consists of 19 Arabic letters. Known as the ‘Basmalah’, it prefaces every chapter except Chapter 9.
  • Though missing from Chapter 9, exactly 19 chapters later the Basmalah occurs twice. Chapter 27 has this statement at its beginning and in verse 30. This makes the total number of times the Basmalah occurs in the Quran 114, or 19 x 6.
  • Since there are 19 chapters between the missing Basma-lah and the extra one, the sum of those chapter numbers is a multiple of 19. (The sum of any 19 consecutive numbers is a multiple of 19.) But the total, 342, is also the exact number of words between the two occurrences of the Basmalah in Chapter 27. This number, 342, is 19 x 18.
  • Every word in the Basmalah occurs throughout the Quran a number of times which is a multiple of 19.
  • The very first revelation that was given to the prophet of Islam, Mohammed, came as 19 words.
  • The total number of letters making up the 19 words of the first revelation is 76, 19 x 4. • Chapter 96 consists of 304 Arabic letters, or 19 x 16.
  • The last chapter revealed (Chapter 110) has 19 words, and its first verse is 19 letters.
  • God’s name in Arabic, ‘Allah,’ occurs in the Quran 2698 times, or 19 x 142. If you add the numbers of the verses where ‘Allah’ occurs, the total is 118123 or 19 x 6217.
  • The main message in the Quran is that there is only One God. The number of times that the word ‘one’ is used to refer to this concept of One God is 19. And so on.

Once this maze of details is studied, a highly disturbing pattern emerges, one with a unique Templar/Islamic signature, indicating that this striking series of “coincidences”—the symbology surrounding the “911 Attack”—may have been as meticulously planned as the attacks themselves. Since the Freemasons are now considered to be the Templars’ direct lineal descendants, it makes sense that the perpetrators of this crime—in their apparent hatred of America—would choose targets that had some symbolic link through the Masons to the original Knights Templar Order. In fact they did. But before we get to that, it is necessary to study and understand just who “the adversary” truly was that fateful September day.

The Assassins

Osama bin Laden, widely believed to have been the mastermind (with possible help from the Iraqi’s) of this vicious surprise attack, is a well-established figure in the radical Islamic terrorist community. The son of a wealthy Saudi oil and construction magnate, bin Laden has forsaken all the privileges of his family’s wealth and stature in favor of his escalating anti-US campaign. In news coverage of these events, bin Laden has frequently been described as a modern day Saladin—the great Islamic general who defeated the Templars at Hattin—a modern recreation of that general in his current “Holy War” against the United States. However, Bin Laden is far from a military commander or general. His methods are not those of an honorable warrior, but of a cowardly and murderous assassin. With all due respect to the producers of “The West Wing,” there’s far more to this story than they had time to tell.

The original “Assassins” were a quasi-religious sect of murderous “defenders of Islam” formed in 1090 by “al-Hasan ibn-al-Sabbah”—the same period that the Templars and the Catholic Church began their ill-fated attempt to “retake” the Holy Land in the Crusades. According to Islamic scholar Edward Burman, author of The Assassins: Holy Killers of Islam, though founded in Egypt, the Order soon moved to a mountainous region of Persia (modern-day Iran), organizing their campaigns against the invading knights from a well defended castle called “Alamut.” According to Berman, the cult was a ruthless, closed, secretive—even occult—society, one that used murder, guerrilla warfare, and (at times) overt military conquest to achieve its aims.

The Assassins were much feared (and simultaneously admired) by the Templars during the Crusades, for their almost mystical ability to strike at any time and without warning—and against any target. Their almost inhuman willingness to sacrifice their own lives for the cause they were fighting made them a fearsome enemy. According to the famed explorer, Marco Polo, who visited Alamut in 1273, the Assassins used a variety of techniques that we today would call “mind-control” to obtain and indoctrinate new members. These reportedly involved the use of drugs like hashish, and the transfer of the recruit to “a sumptuous garden filled with beauty, feasts and women.” In this drug-induced state, the recruit on waking was convinced that he had literally gone to Paradise. Upon his return to the “real” world, over time and at the hands of artful teachers, the recruit’s original beliefs in Islam were replaced with a perverted version called the “Nizari Ismailis”—which ultimately convinced him he could return to this Paradise by means of sacrificing himself for the Cause and its leaders. Internally, the leaders of this sect referred to it as the ‘New Propaganda.’

Readers who have studied bin Laden should now recognize many echoes of this 12th Century Ismailis cult in bin Laden’s fanatic 21st Century followers, who apparently carried out the fatal September suicide missions holding similar bizarre “Islamic” beliefs. Clearly, according to a document discovered by the FBI in one of the hijackers’ bags, the hijackers were convinced that the simple act of carrying out their mission would get them “back to Paradise,” a striking parallel to the Assassin’s original beliefs. This, of course, is in stark contrast to traditional Islam—which teaches that suicide is a sin against Allah, and that one must live an exemplary life to return to Heaven.

This underscores one of the many puzzles of this increasingly paradoxical event: how supposedly “devout Muslims”—some of the suicide pilots and their henchmen—were seen drink-ing and carousing at strip clubs the night before the attacks! The answer: like the brainwashed members of the original 12th Century Assassins, the suicide hijackers also did not believe that they needed to follow the traditional external teachings of Islam to get to Heaven. They had a “shortcut.”

Eventually, the Assassins were driven out of the Holy land, only to retreat to Afghanistan and Pakistan—precisely where bin Laden now has his base— perhaps subtly referring to this ancient heritage, bin Laden calls his current world-wide assassination network “Al Qaeda”—”the Base.”

Modern Afghanistan, after they finally defeated the invading Soviet Union in the 1980’s, was taken over by a fanatic religious revolutionary government called the “Taliban,” which trans-lates from Arabic as “students of God” (Allah). This revolution, which began as a religious weapon—a “jihad”—against the Soviets (with the direction and encouragement of both the CIA and the Pakistani intelligence service, ISI), was subsequently taken up and is now quietly being continued by a series of Islamic madrasas (Muslim religious seminaries) in both countries. It is here, according to New York Times reporter Jeffrey Goldberg, writing in the summer of 2000, that the next generation of bin Laden’s brand of “Assassins” is now being quietly trained:

… the secret of the Taliban— the secret of Talibanism—is not found inside the Shrine of the Cloak of Muhammad. The secret is embodied in the two 11-year-olds cocking their fingers at me, and in the taunts of the students in the mosque who raised their hands for Osama bin Laden, and in the person of Mullah Haji Muhammad, my 17-year-old minder in Kandahar who has no interest in any book but the Koran, and in the hundreds of thousands of young men like him at madrasas across Pakistan and Afghanistan. These are poor and impressionable boys kept entirely ignorant of the world and, for that matter, largely ignorant of all but one interpretation of Islam. They are the perfect jihad machines.

Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri

Protected by Afghanistan’s Taliban, it is apparent that bin Laden sees himself as leading a new generation of Islamic fanatics—to be molded into modern descendants of the ancient Assassins—in a continuation of the “900-year-old holy war” against the hated infidels of the Crusades of almost a thousand years ago: the Templars, and their ultimate creation, the United States. This war is to be prosecuted using, among many weapons, naked fear and terror against innocent civilians: the slitting of the flight crew and passengers throats aboard those aircraft and the allowing of last-minute terrified cell phone calls from the hijacked planes was obviously designed to be an unmistakable reminder to those “in the know” of the fearsome “signature of the Assassins.” Other weapons in this “new” (actually, very old) war: subterfuge, disinformation, the planting of “sleepers” in the enemy camp years before, and a campaign of escalating terror clearly now being planned with a final, global outcome in mind.

In this role as a modern “al-Hasan ibn-al-Sabbah,” in addition to using his great inherited wealth to underwrite this now literally global network, bin Laden is recognized even by his enemies as a devious and highly educated mastermind—and one with a determined long-term plan. But recent evidence has surfaced that a major part of that “plan” may not have been the sole creation of bin Laden, but a shadowy figure known as Ayman al Zawahiri—a highly educated medical doctor, and bin Laden’s right hand man.

Al Zawahiri also began his terrorist career in Egypt, being a young medical student when he first became involved in a plot called “the Muslim Brotherhood” to kill then President Nasser in the 1960’s. Later, he was put on trail and jailed for three years for being part of Islamic Jihad’s successful plot to kill Nasser’s successor, Anwar Sadat, in October 1981. Surfacing in Pakistan in 1987, where his medical training was used to aid Afghani resistance fighters to the Soviet invasion, al Zawahiri first met bin Laden.

According to CNN terrorism expert, Peter Bergen: “Ayman al-Zawahiri’s influence on bin Laden has been profound. According to a number of people who know both men, he helped him become more radical, more anti-American and more violent.” According to Bergen’s sources, this is because al-Zawahiri has a vision of “an apocalyptic conflict between Islam and the West.” In other words, an Armageddon War—the Last Jihad. Mustaf al-Amin, a contemporary authority on Freemasonry, in his book Al-Islam, Christianity & Freemasonry notes:

During the period of the Crusades, many of the ideas and practices of the Muslim groups were adopted by the European Christian warriors. More specifically, it was through the Knights Templar that most of the Eastern secret societies’ methods were introduced to Europe. The Templars were influenced by the Order of the Assassins.

Al-Amin goes on to observe that the Assassins, when carrying out their missions, took great pleasure in the actual killing— believing that the victims, in dying, gave up their gnosis (life force) to their assassins. Given this background, it was still astonishing for us to discover an unmistakable “signature” unequivocally linking the millennial-old Order of the Assassins to the horrific events of September 11, 2001. If you take the current year, 2001, and subtract the year al-Hasan ibn-al-Sabbah founded the Assassins, 1090, you get—911.

Obviously, whoever was behind this modern horror wanted us to unmistakably connect the unique and ancient Middle Eastern “secret and warrior society”—the Order of the Assassins—with this specific 9/11 event. Further, as previously noted, they wanted us to realize that 2001 is the only year in which the addition of the numbers in the year of the founding of the Knights Templar—1118 (1+1+1+8 =11) —plus the number of founding Knights in the Templar Order (9), gives the same identifying number—911.

“Symbols of America”

It should now be obvious that the same “someone” who meticulously planned these attacks wanted it known that there was a major nexus between their planning and the Templars—between the date of the Templars formation in 1118 (and that first Crusade, which brought them to their secret excavations on the Temple Mount)— and this one date: September 11, 2001. And an equally fundamental connection between the Templars and the Assassins themselves.

There is historical evidence pointing to the Order of the Assassins being present at the seminal battle of Hattin, in 1187, where the Knights Templar were resoundingly defeated. Is it coincidence that the term “Assasseen” in Arabic signifies “guardians,” and that some commentators have considered this to be the true origin of the word? But—”guardians” of what? As we dug deeper, it became apparent that many additional layers of sophisticated Assassin/ Templar symbolic “fingerprints” had been deliberately encoded in this tragedy. The real mystery: to what end?

Even conventional news organizations have noted some of the more superficially “symbolic” aspects of these strikes— calling the twin WTC towers and the Pentagon “symbols of America.” They are, of course, correct. But it is clear that, beyond the now much-used cliche “they’re the heart of the financial and military power of the United States,” these media pundits simply do not understand what these objects— especially the Twin Towers—are truly symbols “of at a far more fundamental level.

It is true that the Pentagon is the heart of American military prowess and pride. It makes sense as a target, if the aim of the Assassins was to put doubt into the minds of the enemy, just as their ruthless predecessors did with the Templars so many centuries ago. But, again, why the twin WTC towers? Why not, if your aim is to strike at the financial center of America, take out the entire New York Stock Exchange?

The reason the twin towers were such inviting targets to radical Islamic fundamentalists like Bin Laden, was that they were symbols, first and foremost, of America’s Masonic/Templar roots. It was no accident that these particular buildings housed the financial center of the Free World; they represented the Templar’s little-known inven-tion of the international financial system that has enabled the United States to become the global superpower that it is now.

This legacy, again, stemmed from whatever the Knights succeeded in retrieving from the Temple Mount in 1127; that it was “something of enormous value”—both financially and culturally—seems apparent in their subsequent reception across Europe. When news spread of the Templars’ success in their “retrieval operation,” history records that the Knights became revered by one and all. And, in spite of their newly-acquired Jerusalem wealth, major donations also began flowing in from all other quarters. Suddenly, no price seemed too high to secure identification with the Templars. According to one writer:

Within a decade of their return, the Templars were probably the most influential body the world has ever known. Nonetheless, despite the prodigious holdings of the Order, the individual Knights were still bound to a vow of poverty. Whatever his station in life, every Templar was obliged to sign over title to his possessions. Even the Grand Master, Hugues de Payens, had done so. Yet still the sons of nobility flocked to join the Order, either as warriors in the Crusades or as traveling ambassadors and political consultants. Being so well funded, the Templars established the first international banking network, be-coming financiers for the Levant and for practically every throne in Europe.

Thus, in striking at the World Trade Center, whoever carried out the attack was striking not just at the political concept of “America”—but at the underlying financial aspect of the Templar legacy. A legacy overtly symbolized by the very nature of the twin World Trade Center Towers themselves.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.19.04 AMThe “Twin Pillars” of Atlantis

In the Mythology of the Freemasons/Templars, one of the core legends is that of Jachin and Boaz … the “Twin Pillars” of Atlantis. All Masonic lodges have these two pillars at some location in their architecture. In the earliest Lodges, they were said to represent far more ancient pillars, supposedly erected by “the children of Lamech.”

On those ancient pillars—one of brick, one of stone—were said to be engraved all the then known sciences to preserve them from destruction “by fire or inundation.” As such, they symbolized the esoteric importance of the knowledge of the builder’s (mason’s) art, to be guarded and preserved by future faithful craftsmen.

Simply put, according to Masonic legend, “the children of Lamech” were the inhabitants of Atlantis. This information, passed down from that prior highly advanced civilization, is sup-posed to form the basis of the Masonic secrets “from the ancient times.”

Hundreds of years later, shortly before the American Revolution, these original representations of “ancient, preserved knowledge” were replaced in Masonic lodges with two brass pillars, representing two similar pillars originally erected at the entrance to King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem—the Pillars of Jachin and Boaz. The new Masonic pillars took on the symbolic attributes of “establishment” and “strength”—cleverly concealing their continuing representation of the great catastrophe which had destroyed a previous epoch of “high civilization” beneath layers of almost impenetrable (for most non-members) new symbolic interpretation.

These same two pillars also make their appearance in non-Masonic religious works, like the Bible: “And he set up the pillars in the porch of the temple: and he set up the right pillar, and called the name thereof Jachin: and he set up the left pillar, and called the name thereof Boaz. (1 Kings 7:21) “And he reared up the pillars before the temple, one on the right hand, and the other on the left; and called the name of that on the right hand Jachin, and the name of that on the left Boaz. (2 Chronicles 3:17)”

As the root source of the deep-est Masonic secrets—the literal “end of days” and the Masonic role in the subsequent “preservation and carefully timed re-dissemination of the sacred knowledge of Mankind”—these twin pillars, “Jachin” and “Boaz,” represent the most sacred objects in contemporary Templar/Masonic rituals. Because of this, their symbolic incorporation into the towering 110-story twin World Trade Center Towers made those “pillars”—not the New York Stock Exchange—the prime targets of the Islmailis “Assassins” still waging their millennia-long “holy war.”

George Bush’s Crusade

In light of the Middle Eastern history we’ve laid out here, and his being sworn in on the same Templar/Masonic Bible used by George Washington over two centuries before, George Bush’s use of the word “Crusade” repeat-dly in the days and weeks following the September 11th attacks could only have been deliberate and intentional—and aimed directly at bin Laden and his Assassin band of cut-throats (we now know where that term came from, don’t we?).

What we all must hope, in the weeks and months ahead, is that Mr. Bush does not become so blinded by his new-found “sense of destiny” —the belief that he has been literally chosen by God to lead the Nation in this hour of crisis, according to some close advisors and friends, “informed and shaped by the President’s own strain of Christianity” —that he falls into bin Laden’s carefully laid assassins’ trap of escalation to the ultimate Final War.

Take care, Mr. President. The game’s afoot, and you may not know as yet all the rules of this “new” (but, in fact, very ancient) war …. But it’s obvious you’re learning.


Excerpted with permission from Richard Hoagland’s Enterprise Mission website,