by Jaye Beldo

Lone Nutter News: Do you think that the Post-Quantum physics you describe in Destiny Matrix will be the final blow to the Newtonian paradigm which still persists in our socio- economic systems, in politics and, ironically enough, in science?

Jack Sarfatti: Good question. My answer is “Yes.”

LNN: Is there anything we can do to further accelerate the breakdown of the Newtonian paradigm, i.e., open ourselves to the same messages from the future as you have? In other words, how can we become more aware of our own Destiny Matrices? I’m speaking as someone who only has an intuitive grasp of quantum and post quantum physics.

JS: That is too psychological or even spiritual question for me. I am only a warped quantum mechanic down in the Engine Room. 🙂 Seriously, ask Russell Targ about that, or Jeffrey Mishlove, or Fred Alan Wolf.

LNN: I only ask these questions because of all the Aquarian hype about the inevitable merging of the spiritual and the scientific. Such a merger has been hinted at in The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra and more recently with The Spiritual Universe by Fred Alan Wolf, also an excellent book called The Quantum and the Lotus (a dialogue between a Buddhist monk and a physicist). Are scientists doomed to forever remain separate from the spiritual-the psychological, i.e., trapped in the Engine Room?



JS: Yes, it’s Bohr’s Complementarity Principle. To the extent you get more spiritual you stop doing physics. I mean if you seriously meditate and also if you spend too much time with people and their emotional issues. Physics is difficult and is a Stern Jealous Mistress – All Consuming, The Dark Energy of The Black Widow. 😉

LNN: Maybe you just haven’t found her G-Spot yet ;-)~ On that note, let’s take things to a more pragmatic level then. What use value does post quantum physics have? Will it enable us to patch up ozone holes, alleviate pollution,get people to kick their antidepressant addictions? Or has this science already been co-opted by the military only to be used to further destroy the planet?

JS: It will enable us to be Men like Gods, like Q in Star Trek. Why do you think THEY put me on this primitive planet? 😉

LNN: And for my final question, a trick one at that: What are the possibilities of a future intelligence beaming Marylin vos Savant back into the 1970’s hit Hee Haw? What would she say to the audience as she rises out from some Tex-Arkana corn field?

JS: Why Tex-Arkana?

LNN: Because it is sufficiently above the 33 degree line-enough so to prevent Freemasonic interception/distortion of the Savant transmission.

JS: If you read my book “Destiny Matrix” carefully you will find a very significant reference to Texarkana, I think it’s in a footnote. Happy hunting. Let’s see how good a detective you are.

LNN (after finding Texarkana reference in the index of the book): So what would Marilyn vos Savant say to Joe Peeples, the Mid-East arms dealer from Texarkana mentioned in your book if they were both on the Hee Haw T.V. show? If you were beamed back to the Hee Haw show-beamed there by THEY who sent you to this primitive planet in the first place, what would you say or do?

JS: A+ 🙂

LNN: My last question was not answered, but my spadework into Destiny Matrix seems to have been graded by Professor Sarfatti. With such ambiguity in mind, I’ll leave it to the reader to judge the relevance/veracity of Mr. Sarfatti’s place in the world of post quantum physics.

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