by Martha Rose Crow, M.S.

Auto comes from the Greek reflexive pronoun, while genocide comes from the Latin words gens meaning “race, tribe” and cidere meaning “kill.” American Autogenocide is the deliberate, systematic and legal murder of American citizens; the socially-engineered die-off of populations that are “problematic” for the interests of wealth and power. Most victims prematurely die from social forces targeted at them, which cause them to wear out by stress. This process is called “Weathering Away” or “Attrition By Stress from Shock.” The simple formula for this is: SHOCK=STRESS=PREMATURE DEATH BY AUTOGENOCIDE.

Autogenocide is committed under the radar so the media won’t report it and the people won’t see it or understand it. Moreover, the genocide is blamed on the victims, and their deaths are hidden – attributed to other causes rather than the primary one of autogenocide. Unlike other genocides, this unique genocide doesn’t produce mass graves. Instead, the victims are spread over a large geographic area and buried singly, thereby hiding the body count. This keeps the deaths sanitized and homogenized.

Six Primary Factors
There are six primary factors underlying genocide. First, there is an overpopulation of groups that are not economically or socially important to the political and economic elite.

Second, genocides usually happen in times of shortages. The shortage behind the current American autogenocide is work. America is losing jobs while the population continues to grow. The wealthy and industry are loathe to pay taxes to support negative- or low-producers (useless eaters) because the costs of maintaining these people (via increased taxes and social costs) affects their profits and earnings.

The third factor is that genocides are common to psychopathic societies. The stronger the institutional and cultural patriarchy, the greater the chances for acts of genocide to exist, whether external or internal.



A threat to power (now or in the future) is the fourth underlying factor of genocide. For example, approximately one-third of all Americans are minorities and that number is expected to rise unless that population begins to die off. If minorities become the majority, the old, established rule of the country by white male elite will not hold for long unless the country becomes a dictatorship.

The fifth factor of genocide is that women and children are the primary targets. Women are exterminated because of their fertility. Eliminate them and the next generation of unwanted people will automatically be eliminated, or at least be considerably downsized. This applies to the elimination of children as well.

Sixth, modern autogenocides don’t happen without the help of the media. They constantly distribute the propaganda preparing the village psyche for acceptance of the deaths. Meanwhile, they officially ignore the suffering and premature death, thus lending approval to its justification and execution. As good servants to the status quo, the media hides the parts of America the ruling and economic elite doesn’t want the majority of the village to see. Only by a fluke, like an Act of God like Hurricane Katrina, will America see its other, darker side. Now even that has faded and become buried as the national media has mostly forgotten it at the request of their elite masters. Autogenocide has to be hidden until all the people that are considered liabilities (debit people) in the books of the Psychopathic Capitalist Country are disappeared.

Five Types of Genocide
Roger Smith (Studies in Comparative Genocide, 1999) identified five genocide typologies: retributive genocide; institutional genocide; utilitarian genocide; monopolistic genocide; and, ideological genocide.

Retributive genocide may play a role in all genocide. It is usually rare as a principle motive and isused mainly as a rationalization. It usually flows from the dehumanization attached to victims.

Institutional genocide was politically sanctioned mass murder in ancient and medieval times. It is a universal result of conquest and is an inherent form of warfare. It is motivated by the desire to terrorize and exert dominative power and eliminate any possible retaliation.

Utilitarian genocide was very prominent from the 16th to 19th centuries. It is used for the colonial domination and exploitation of indigenous peoples, although many would argue that the free market system dominates and exploits all groups of people who have no economic or political power. The basic proposition of utilitarian genocide is that some people must die so others can live well, and the major force driving it is ethnocentrism and greed.

The most frequent cause of genocide in the 20th century and early 21st century has been the struggle to monopolize power. Monopolistic genocide is a tool for the elite to monopolize and centralize power in the hands of a few.

Most genocide prior to the 20th century was external, with the goal of conquest and colonial expansion. Today, most genocide is internal or domestic (groups within the same territorial boundaries are destroyed). Issues not at stake in external genocide are the center of internal genocide: who belongs; who is to have voice in politics; what is the shape of the community; what should the purposes of community be.

The fifth type of genocide is ideological genocide. Religion usually provides a rationale. In many cases, the genocides are carried out to protect and defend a particular religious faith, including certain forms of nationalism.

Albert Camus explained ideological genocide as a metaphysical revolt against humanity in which an attempt is made to create/reestablish a system providing for order and justice that humanity thought to be lacking. At the same time, ideological genocide strives for a type of salvation that strives to eliminate all that is perceived to be impure.

Hybrid Genocide
Most types of modern genocide are a hybrid of two or more kinds. For example, the Nazis committed retributive genocide as well as institutional, utilitarian, monopolistic and ideological genocide.

Retributive: The Jews had to be punished for killing Christ and for controlling finance. They and other “enemies of the state” had to be punished for running down decent society in general.

Institutional: Nazis mass-murdered large groups of people, usually with the help of locals. All was politically-sanctioned.

Utilitarian: Some people had to die so others could live well.

Monopolistic: Nazi Germany committed both external and internal genocide. A premiere reason behind this was to monopolize power.

Ideological: Untermenchen (sub-humans) and other defective people were dragging German society down. Religion provided the perfect rationale as the early Christian fathers and Martin Luther wrote/instructed that the Jews killed Jesus, thus were a cursed and hated people. This was taught for millennia in churches and theological schools.

The modern American autogenocide is also a hybrid. Like the Nazis, it is a hybrid of all five types of genocide.

Retributive: Since Barry Goldwater in the 1960s, the conservatives have done nothing but attack and demonize/dehumanize the poor, until they lost all their perceived humanity. The lazy, tax-sucking, tax-dependent poor had to be morally “saved” by eliminating social safety nets so they would be “motivated to work” when in reality, there was little if any work for them and certainly no work that paid a living wage.

Institutional: The old, established order of elite males rule by terror or what is known as the “patriarchal authority of violence.” Institutional genocide reinforces this kind of violence. The autogenocide going on in America right now is politically-sanctioned mass murder. It is politically sanctioned through legislation and through non-legislation (e.g., the continued dismantling of social programs when they are needed more than ever and lack of energy, motivation to reinstate them) and through patriarchal institutions. Moreover, autogenocide is politically sanctioned by bureaucracies, male institutions and the corporate-owned media.

Utilitarian: Some people have to die so others can live well, including receiving more share of the community distribution of wealth and more chances for work.

Monopolistic: Autogenocide is internal genocide. The autogenocide being committed against Americans is done to keep the wealth and power in the hands of the established white male order for now and for the future. Think of it as negative, “preemptive” population control to keep the System as it has existed for over two hundred years for the next two hundred years.

Ideological: The conservative right claimed that the poor were dragging the country down morally and economically because they were costing society (living on welfare or getting some other public benefit) when in the “Land of Opportunity,” “anyone” who “really wanted” a job could get one. The right’s “think-tanks” and other propaganda institutions launched and paid for “studies” to “prove” their ideologies in their favor. Afterwards, they flooded the social tapestry with “evidence” to sway public opinion in the corner of the right.

The Nine Stages Of American Autogenocide
Gregory H. Stanton presented his model of Eight Stages of Genocide to the Yale University Center for International and Area Studies in 1998. It is a fine model, but he missed the most important stage: The Decision to Kill. Whether singular or collective, the decision starts the genocide.

1. Decision. Like other forms of genocide, autogenocide is a process started from the top down. The planning begins at the top of the elite psychopathic hierarchy and works its way down the social pyramid to all levels through male channels. The decision is made in a way so it is never traced all the way to the top. To this day, no paper has ever surfaced to tie Hitler directly to ordering the holocaust.

At least 95% of all communication is non-verbal, thus the language transforms into something else, something usually less concrete and more surreal. Non-verbal communication can (and usually does) becomes or evolves into one or more of the following forms: symbolic, semantic, rhetorical, allegorical, cryptographic, metamorphic, philosophical, psychological, hypnotic, controlling, psychopathic, oppressive, numerological, occult, erotic, homoerotic, theological, prophetic, epiphanic, spiritual, so forth. Many messages with double/triple meanings are woven/hidden within these forms on non-verbal communications.

Most of the messages for autogenocide are conveyed non-verbally, indirectly or through a third-person. The order is usually “innocent” and done in an indirect way. The elite are always surrounded with males from upper social levels and these males lean on every one of their masters’ words. The order is usually given in an informal atmosphere where the ultra rich go. The order can be given at a club, a country club, smoking room, a fancy restaurant, a sauna, a dining or meeting room of an estate, an executive bathroom, on the golf course (where much of the world’s fate has been decided for decades), at “charity” functions, posh parties of the rich, so forth.

There are always lower tiers of the elite at these places, including politicians, as well as business and society journalists. The males of these upper groups, as well as the media (that are basically owned by the elite) and other conveyers of culture are conditioned and socialized to hear and obey the males above them in the hierarchy. That is how patriarchies work and that is how the ruling patriarchs spread their messages.

The top elite male will start a conversation about one thing and segue it into something else that leads into the “problem.” Afterwards, he will make his complaint in an indirect way. He hesitates for a few moments while changing his posture, then changes his tone of voice into a more authoritarian one. After silently and discreetly checking for responses of the male faces in the room and to make sure the right ears are listening, he adds more power to his non-verbal language: he segues from a man to a divine person as he begins to talk like the biblical-type wise man/savior of the village.

After he is sure the right male ears are listening, he begins his list of complaints to strengthen and justify his original complaint. The male ears at the table, urinal, golf club, country club, boardroom, fundraiser, so forth, listen and wait for the “solution” that is really a secret command in the world of males.

Then it comes. The Man of Power will make short, casual, “benign” remarks like, ”Something has to be done about this,” or “The numbers (statistics of growing populations that threaten power) have to change,” or “Back in other times, they knew how to fix this” (this is an indirect order to solve the “problem” by using classic psychopathic methods of rule, including the patriarchal authority of violence and genocide.) Never once does the patriarch offer any concrete suggestions as to how the numbers of unwanted people are to be changed. This is a phenomenon of Denial, the Ninth Stage listed below.

It is up to the elite males below the aristocratic elite to carry out the order by creating and unleashing legal, social forces at the individual/s, groups, population, so forth, designated for removal.

Right from the beginning, the media is always there, helping in every way. They disseminate the propaganda, weaken opposition by various methods including direct and indirect demonizing of the victims and those individuals/groups who support them, as explained throughout this essay.

As the order for autogenocide goes through the male channels, it will be picked up and sculpted for palatable delivery in earnest politicians’ speeches of the extreme right or in the speeches of those politicians who seek the support/help of the political right, including the Christian right.

The males from the other parts of the social pyramid hear it and if they agree (particularly if they benefit from white privilege), they will repeat the mantra until it is spread throughout the entire community. This starts the denial process of the community. When everyone is in denial, almost all will ignore the truth in front of them.

2. Classification. All cultures have categories to distinguish people into “us and them” by ethnicity, race, religion and most recently, nationality (e.g., muslims, middle-easterners that aren’t Jews from Israel, illegal Hispanic workers, so forth).

In psychopathic, patriarchal hierarchies, every one has a class worth with another value that appraises women according to the set patriarchal beauty standards in the culture. In plutocracies and oligarchies, human value is awarded or subtracted by the wealth you own, with race, gender and other categories factored in such as “good breeding.”

Then there is monetary worth. Everything, from air to people, is for sale in the “free market,” thus everyone and everything in the capitalist marketplace has a monetary value. Insurance actuary tables prove this, but so does the recent settlement payments to the survivors of the 9/11 victims of the World Trade Center. Survivors of dishwashers (who worked in the fancy restaurants in the towers) received about $200,000 while survivors of bankers and stockbrokers got at least ten times that.

In America, not only are Americans classified along race, gender, religion, age, so forth, they are also classified by their worth (or negative worth) to plutocracy and industry.

Having wealth can give you a better classification, but it didn’t help the wealthy Jews in Nazi Berlin and it didn’t help O.J. Simpson or Michael Jackson and a host of other wealthy people. That’s because wealth doesn’t always guarantee power. Power is held in select, white paternal hands. Oprah can buy some power with her wealth (opulent lifestyle and choices) but if she doesn’t stick to the script (she’s an entertainer, not a journalist), the males at the top of the media chain will pull the plug on her entertainment products.

Because it’s their System, aristocrats, whether titled, merchant or military, do not die of autogenocide unless a new type of government is installed.

3. Symbolization. Names or other symbols are given to the classifications (above) so they can be easily identified. Symbols can be concrete (e.g., a swastika, a “think tank” study that frames one of their issues against certain groups, so forth) or the symbolization can be opaque or invisible (e.g., a zip code).

Innuendoes, gossip, jokes, myths, half-truths, lies, propaganda, attacks and stories are spread throughout the community about selected individuals/groups/races/communities that are targeted for permanent removal.

4. Dehumanization. Dehumanization overcomes the normal human revulsion against murder. One group denies the humanity of the other group. People to be destroyed are justified/equated as lesser forms of life. They are scape-goated as factors for lower quality of village life caused by political and economic corruption.

All the genocide propaganda comes from the conservative right in America, although it is silently supported by some members of the left. The representatives of the old order never stop demonizing people/victims that don’t fit perfectly into the white protestant, patriarchal power model, the needs of industry and/or are a real/potential threat to established power.

The right-wing politicians, with right-wing “think-tanks” institutions and the media, demonize the poor/minorities/independent women and spread psychopathic justification that these groups deserve what they get because they are dragging the rest of the villagers down.

Institutions that exist solely to promote the status quo (GOP, conservative “think-tanks,” conservative media institutions, federalist societies, so forth) start executing skewed studies and statistical surveys whose conclusions always point in the favor of dehumanizing the groups that are to be permanently eliminated.

The media starts releasing and recycling the “conclusions” of the studies and surveys, while all the time, never questioning their authenticity and procedure, nor probing to find out who funded it and why. Moreover, the media is always blissfully ignorant of all the negative, hurricane-strength social forces it unleashes and creates when it broadcasts the dehumanizing information.

The media constantly reports the rise of bastard babies, violence, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, criminal activities, sexually transmitted diseases and other diseases: diseases associated with sloth, sexual promiscuity, and filthy living conditions, thus connecting the targeted people as unhuman. The media either portrays these people as dangerous and as “carriers of disease,” that threaten the larger society, or the media helps the village forget these people by ignoring them in their newscasts. This has been happening lately. By ignoring the other humans of the group, the media has dehumanized them because if these people were important to society, the media would be reporting on them and favorably about them like they do the middle and upper classes.

Conservative politicians jump on the bandwagon and denounce the traitorous citizens who “refuse” to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and join the homogenized “melting pot,” American family of workers. “Self-reliance” and “self-initiative” is stressed and the causes of un- or under-employment or the real amount of jobs available (or not available) is ever addressed.

The stronger group denies the humanity of the other group. The stronger group’s rhetoric segues into arguing/selling the idea that the people to be eliminated from are less human and more like animals or insects, particularly (economic) leeches and (cockroach) people.

Welfare recipients are demonized by being called “welfare queens” by politicians and the media. Black males are demonized by being portrayed by the media as drug dealers, pimps and other kinds of criminals. White trash is made fun of. Jerry Springer and South Park are good examples of this, and any kind of fringe group are always the target of white comedians.

Laziness is considered worse than a disease in a society that continuously promotes a work ethic that primarily benefits well-connected white males. Laziness is connected to moral diseases (sloth, shamefulness, immorality, drug taking, drinking, bad health, so forth). Through twisted metamorphoses of the symbolic/symbiotic connection of those who don’t work (for any reason) or are poor for any reason (because the world’s richest nation is sold as the “land of opportunity” where “everyone” can get rich if they work hard enough), autogenocide is righteously sold and justified by Symbolism.

5. Organization. Because autogenocide has to be perceived as non-existent, it has to remain invisible. Thus, it has to be organized and spread by surreal methods such as symbols, innuendoes, urban myths, propaganda, other forms of non-direct, non-verbal communication and/or by “cocktails” (mixtures) of some or all methods. Messages for organization, propaganda, improved propaganda, so forth, for the autogenocide are presented and distributed regularly or daily on the internet. and the conservative “think-tanks” are prime conveyers.

Right-wing radio, “think-tanks” and other conservative/psychopathic organizations begin to verbally attack and demonize the targeted people, but they never infer to their permanent removal. This would make the autogenocide transparent. Still, these organizations and institutions, plus the corporate-owned media, purposely spread xenophobia throughout the land.

Local, state, and national politicians begin demonizing the citizens to be culled. They write and pass legislation to start the Siege. They try to become blissfully ignorant of the suffering and death and even when they know the truth, they respond by doing nothing (premeditated non legislation). Politicians do this because this is not what the hidden elite want (their reasons will be discussed later).

The media, owned, dominated and run by members of the elite, continue to hide the truth from the village or minimize it when the truth comes to fore.

Support systems are taken away while others are bribed. Government help is cut off as much as possible. “Crises” are created (like a war, threats of terrorism, a virtual war, energy shortages) so public money must first be spent on those things. This purposely drains the public treasury of money and resources to try to save the unwanted.

Religion is bribed from speaking up by offering them juicy government contracts to privatize “charity.” This swells their coffers and at the same time, hires members who will faithfully tithe part of their salaries back into the churches’ coffers. The Christian “standard” for tithing is ten percent. More, evangelists get the bonuses of having captive audiences of desperate people to sell their religion and will to. Many of the extreme poor end up trading their souls for a bowl of soup and a sandwich at government-funded Christian soup kitchens and/or homeless shelters.

The internal police force is built-up (“Homeland Security”) and files are maintained on every citizen they can build a file on (so far its about 256 million Americans). The ruling patriarchs keep information on everyone just in case someone might decide to say something public about the autogenocide. The information kept by the government is used to Bully, Blackmail or Buy people (including politicians and victims) to keep their heads down, their eyes closed and their mouths shut.

6. Polarization. Extremists drive the groups apart. Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda. Extreme right groups and representatives target moderates to intimidate and silence the center. Privileged, educated males from the extreme right start writing books like The Bell Curve (Charles Murray, Jr. and Richard Herrnstein) to “prove” that certain groups are subhuman or as the Nazis called them, “Untermenshen.”
This separates the favored groups over the ones selected for permanent removal. The polarization forces the people who are safe from genocide to side with the government if they want to remain comfortable and/or live. Remember, anyone who doesn’t agree with the American federal government is considered a “traitor” and traitors are scorned, ridiculed, hated, publicly denounced, humiliated and called “Benedict Arnold.”

The middle-class try to stay “neutral,” but by their silence and acceptance, they are on the side of autogenocide. The middle-class has to stay silent. Their privileged way of life for them and their children depends on this silence. In America, anyone can “fall from grace” and the best way to do this is to be a person of conscience and do or say something against the status quo.

7. Preparation. The autogenocide has to be conceived in invisibility and executed in invisibility. Suffering and resulting premature deaths have to blamed on something else: diseases, violence, hunger, homelessness, hopelessness, accidents, suicides, murders, so forth.

No one is going to visibly agree or assist in the holocaust. This means that it’s all done in the abstract. Welfare “reform” laws and other laws are hyped as “tough love” that means, in Orwellian or Alice-in-Wonderland language, that powerless people are being left to their own devices to survive without resources or enough resources to survive or have any kind of a quality of life.

Social forces from Mandora’s Box are released from legal, third-parties. This includes legislation, non-legislation, bureaucracies and male institutions.

The groups to be removed are isolated. If they were isolated before, they are made more isolated. The young men are taken out of the Targeted Neighborhoods/Groups. Before any kind of genocide can be carried out, the men of “battle age” (15-45) are always removed. Since the beginning of history, this has been the standard practice.

It also explains why laws and incarceration in America are aimed at imprisoning and/or disenfranchising men from groups scheduled to be removed. The major population of prisons in America are packed with poor and/or minority males of “prime” age. More and more of these males are being imprisoned all the time, thus emptying the ghettos, reservations, barrios and poor rural areas of men.

With males not around to physically, financially and emotionally protect their women, children, relatives and neighbors, these people are easy targets to disappear.

Social safety nets and jobs programs are removed or altered. This forces poverty, reinforces poverty and depresses the quality of life to the point people start dying in record numbers.

Racism disenfranchises women/minorities/disabled from decent work so they’re ushered into work that doesn’t pay a living wage, plus workers without social power are many times forced to work dangerous jobs.

Public transportation in “red zones” does not help the people get to other areas of the cities so they can get better work. Medical insurance is impossible to afford or get from the low-wage jobs the disenfranchised work. All of this, plus debt, is part of economic genocide that results in autogenocide.

People are pushed deeper into debt and other crises like homelessness, hunger, disease and despair.

Civil wars between sub-groups are started by the elite and media to keep them not only isolated, divided and conquered, but to keep them in so much chaos that these groups have no chance to confederate and become a big enough political power to stop the suffering and deaths.

Schools in “useless eater” areas are purposely underfunded, thus bringing down the quality of life for individuals and communities. Quality of Life is very important: read on.

Quality of Life affects Life Outcome. If Quality of Life is high, people are usually healthier and live longer. If Quality of Life is low or non-existent, many people will get sick and usually die from premature death. Bring down the overall quality of life in individuals/communities/groups and make sure that Quality of Life does not go up even an increment, and people will start dying in droves. Every professional politician knows this.

8. Extermination. The New Romans use the modern tactic of Silent Siege (Silent Slaughter), which indirectly kills people. Isolate and starve people economically, physically, mentally, psychologically, materially, artistically, financially, spiritually, socially, and culturally (except for the nationalism and Christian cultures that are toxic in themselves), and predictably, people will die of premature deaths from the stress caused by the isolation and starvation.

The media continues to keep the autogenocide hidden.

High stress factors lead to high mortality rates. Unleash ruthless, deadly social forces against certain individuals, groups, neighborhoods and/or communities and they will begin to implode. When stressed, your body creates extra energy to protect itself. This additional energy cannot be destroyed. If not used, it creates an imbalance within your system that weakens and/or destroys the immune system. This usually leads to less resistance to high blood pressure, disease, mental depression (thus suicides), more. Every social worker, sociologist, psychologist, doctor, nurse, police, urban planner, politician, historian and military strategist knows this.
Stress usually doesn’t produce immediate death like the Nazi Holocaust, but it achieves the same result. Premature death is death.

But add in all the factors of Stages of 7 and 8, and the body bags really begin to add up.

There is a scientific name for the “weathering away” of poor people by stress: AXIOM OF BIOLOGICAL STRESS FROM POVERTY. I believe that this name limits the scope of death by stress in the American landscape. The proper name to describe suffering and mortality should be: AXIOM OF BIOLOGICAL STRESS FROM OPPRESSION.

The victims are always blamed (“poor life choices” when they had no choices or only a choice of bad choices). They are blamed for their stress when the stressors are external and almost all are socially engineered, and socially engineered to kill.

When safety nets are gutted and politicians/economists/business leaders/sociologists/urban planners/scientists know it will result in the deaths of countless citizens. It is socially engineering and “framing” social forces to target and kill the Untermenschen.

When politicians won’t or refuse enact national healthcare insurance, knowing full well that it will result in premature death for a large number of people with no or low socio-economic value (estimated at 100,000 americans each year), that is socially engineering autogenocide. When you enact legislation knowing full well that it will lead to enormous amounts of preventable death and you vote for it, you are committing autogenocide.

9. Denial. Because American autogenocide is carried out in the abstract, thus the surreal, it is hard to prove. That’s the evil beauty of it. The deed doesn’t lead directly back to the leaders, but to the village itself. The blood is shared collectively and equally in the village because it is collective murder: it happened in a “democracy” (even if it’s mostly rich people directing it) and thus, the crime is owned by the whole village.

This phenomenon of community evil spreads the blood around so thinly that the remaining people don’t see it on their hands. People who did not stand up against the autogenocide are as equally guilty as the leaders who caused it. This makes a village of denial and this enables the autogenocide to continue.

More, the corporate owned media ignores or downplays the suffering and death. These are forms of denial because hiding is a form of denial. If the media is someday confronted about the autogenocide and feels it has to “cover” itself, then it will work to deny the holocaust that happened under its watch.

Graduate students, organizations and others are having difficulty performing mortality studies (especially those related to the poor and/or minorities and singe women) on the local and state level. More, they are having a hard time getting any completed studies results reported by the media, including the internet. This makes connecting other studies and statistics difficult, if not impossible to prove the massive autogenocide. Hiding and distorting mortality rates plus preventing scholars, statisticians and other professional people from adding up the mortality numbers of other American communities and cities keeps the autogenocide invisible, thus denied.

Genocide is never directly traceable to the leaders who wanted it. This makes it easy for the elite, politicians, captains of industry and other instigators to deny it. Again, to this day, there is no physical proof (papers, orders) to link Hitler to the Nazi holocaust. Underlings gave the orders and executed the genocide, but everyone knows that orders for the holocaust came from the top.

It should be noted that the Nazis “cleansed” other people from their communities besides the Jews. They targeted the hopelessly unemployed, “immoral women” including prostitutes (prostitution is rife in hard patriarchal economic times), problematic women (including independent women), the mentally ill, non-heterosexuals, political enemies, minorities, so forth.

The New Holocaust in America is also cleansing US communities of the poor, “immoral” women (poor single mothers), problematic women (women who want to live independently of a male sponsor, feminists, so forth), the mentally ill, gays, political enemies (Senator Paul Wellstone’s death still remains a mystery), minorities and other unwanted people.

Why Autogenocide?
In a 1978 letter of resignation from his position of president of the UAW, Douglas Fraser wrote, “I believe leaders of the business community, with few exceptions, have chosen to wage a one-sided class war today in our country—a war against working people, the unemployed, the poor, the minorities, the very young and the very old, and even many in the middle class of our society…”

1. Autogenocide has been solving the population problems of the American elite since the beginning of the country. Its been applied in many different forms over the centuries: small pox blankets and starvation for Indians; cannons fired at protesters in the mid-1800’s, the disappearances of little towns who resisted selling out to the Railroad Barons; the CIA introduction of crack to ghetto neighborhoods; criminalizing everything to keep the prisons full of members of certain groups; letting Dickensian poverty in its modern form make people suffer and die prematurely. Thus, American autogenocide is “business as usual, ” making American autogenocide inherently institutional.

2. American autogenocide hides the deficiencies of American-Anglo Saxon (AASAX) capitalism until it controls all the markets of the world. Capitalism, by its nature alone, simply cannot provide enough paying work for all the workers who need work in America. More, the number of jobs is declining while the number of workers is rising. Quite simply: industry has no use for many people.

3. Killing off the excess population is cheaper, easier and faster than having to deal with them. In capitalistic thought and lexicon, this is called “efficiency.”

Low, non- or negative producers are costly for a pay-as-you-go, you’re-on-your-own (YOYO), pull-yourself-up-with-your-bootstraps merchant society and psychopathic mentality. People without work or with little work and/or without money, still need food, shelter, emergency help, medical care, so forth.

Since the famous “restructuring” of the economy (which is also a restructuring of society back to a close resemblance of the old white patriarchal power hierarchy), more and more people—usually those from the lower tiers of society–can not earn enough money to properly live. This leads to tax money spent on social and emergency services. The rich complain that the tax money could have been better used—used for the priorities of the elite: tax reduction; reduction of capital gains taxes to zero; greater dividends to rich investor; huge salaries and pay packages to CEOs; so forth.

4. As mentioned above, the political and economic elite are restructuring society back to its original institutional, constitutional model of plutocracy and its support model, the elite psychopathic paternal hierarchy of subordination.

5. Autogenocide is utilitarian but the sacrifice of the victims is not for the benefit of the village, but for the benefit of the economic and political elite.

6. Now that the country’s infrastructure is in place and hardwired into the federal government, surplus people aren’t needed and won’t be needed in the future.

7. The wealthy elite and many big businesses are against paying taxes (cuts into their net profits) and governments (local, state and federal) have to raise taxes to support the poor and disenfranchised. Eliminate as much poor as you can so the demand for helping them (and for taxes to do it) drops.

8. Too many unwanted people might figure it out and organize themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

9. Too many people with no hope, no hope for the future and nothing to lose can result in organizing, protests, strikes and rage-fueled riots.

10. Too many poor, disenfranchised and/or minorities with votes threaten the established power and wealth structures. Within 50 years, it is projected that there will be more minorities than whites. This new majority could take out the elite, white psychopathic system. This makes the current autogenocide a “preemptive” genocide. It guarantees continued power and wealth of the elite by keeping the majority of votes in the hands of whites.

11. It is negative population control. America is running out of room for its current population which is continually expanding. More, there is a current global “food shortage.” Over population can result in greater pollution, social suffering, epidemics and greater food shortages. In the mind of psychopathic leaders, somebody has to be removed, so the powerless—the people few will speak up for—are quietly and invisibly removed.

12. Autogenocide can remove enough people to let the earth heal so the rich and powerful can continue plundering it and enslaving the world’s populations.

13. Symbolically and literally scapegoats and punishes the powerless for the deeds of the real culprits, the ruling and financial elite. Vents the anger and frustration of the remaining villagers at someone “safe” to blame.

14. It is a result of the natural institutional racism of the System.

15. It is a predictable result of corrupt psychopathic power.

16. It is modern witch-burning. Male economics has historically struggled with the problem of unemployed women and women without male sponsors. Psychopathic patriarchal societies have historically responded by killing/burning them as witches. It is estimated that ten million people, mostly women, were killed as witches from 1400-1750 and most of these killings were related to economics, psychopathic paternal control of females and the use of scapegoats to soothe the village’s anger/tension over corruption, plagues, wars, so forth.

17. Arrogance and racism.

18. Pleasure and the thrill of being able to kill and get away with it.

19. Greed and selfishness.

20. Entrenches more power and wealth in the hands of elite.

21. Shapes reality and the country to the elite’s psychopathic, market ideology, will and dreams.

21. Reduces the numbers in slums. Slums are incubators for plagues and civil wars or civil rights movements.

22. Thins out the middle-class. As with all psychopathic hierarchies, there are sub-hierarchies within them. Examples are the hierarchy of white women, the hierarchy of minorities (by skin color, gender, age, so forth). For example, the federal government has several categories for Hispanics, including “White Hispanic.” There is also a sub-hierarchy for the middle-class.

In the early days of the country, a small middle-class existed. Many modern politicians embellish the truth about the colonial middle-class to connect some kind of mystical American middle-class of yesteryear to the American middle-class of now. It’s all propaganda. The colonial middle-class was small and more prominent along the seacoast.

The Founding Fathers, most wealthy, untitled aristocrats, never intended for a large middle-class to exist in America. Only the descendants of the existing colonial middle-class were to be allowed to be middle-class. Constitutional scholars know this.

Controlling the number of the middle-class worked for almost two hundred years until unionization, the GI Bill and other government programs helped villagers from the lower working class tiers strive to achieve the American Dream. The new middle-class became a problem for the traditional, inherited, historically- and politically- guaranteed white middle-class.

Now that we are facing a work-less world, the elite has no use for such a large layer of middle-class. The primary reason is because they are expensive in a imperial capitalist system whose wealth was designed to accumulate in the hands of the few elite. The nouveau middle-class have come to expect work with decent wages and fringe benefits when the world is flooded with the unemployed, thus the privileges of the last half of the 20th century have become antiquated. This is one of the realities of the “invisible” hand of the market.

Too many middle-class pose other problems for the elite: if there are too many of them, some will vote left or away from patriarchy. It may be legal, but it is a social faux pas against the masters of society.

Autogenocide is the perfect way for the elite to thin out the classes so they are disappeared or more manageable. Not only that, everyone gets the invisible messages of terror, so they are more likely to do as they are told.

Autogenocide tells everyone in the village what their place is and what happens to those who “fail” or “fall.” It doesn’t matter if the loser were destined to fail. In a highly materialistic, pay-as-you-go-society there are no margins for compassion and empathy. Those things don’t make money but cost it.

In the end, American autogenocide has always been about maintaining the current power structure and System, that acts like a modern (evolved) version of the colonial period power structure and System. The only difference is that modern politicians don’t wear broad-coats and powdered wigs.

Faye Weldon, British writer and feminist said, “Everything has changed but nothing is different” about feminism. The same thing can be said about American government since its beginning to now.

23. New American Eugenics in a New American Gilded Age. Despite the weak laws and strong propaganda, America remains classist and racist. Racism is unavoidable because it is institutional and because in psychopathic market economies, where the elite receive the lion’s share of the village’s wealth, racism works as a selection tool to determine who gets the remaining crumbs and how much.

The first Gilded Age was the era from post-Civil War/ post-Reconstruction Era from 1865 to 1930. This time in American history saw unprecedented economic, territorial, industrial, and population expansion. There was a great increase in ethnic and racial diversity. The economic gap between rich and poor was great. At the end of this Gilded Age, the elite of America and their institutions began supporting a pseudo-science called eugenics that promised to help solve the social problems of that age.

From its beginning, eugenics has been supported by prominent thinkers, including Plato, Sir Francis Galton, Charles Darwin, Alexander Graham Bell, George Bernard Shaw, and Winston Churchill. More, eugenics was an academic discipline at many colleges and universities.

American Eugenics was conceived at the onset of the twentieth century and was implemented by America’s wealthiest, most powerful, most learned and most influential individuals and institutions, including the Carnegie Institution, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Harriman railroad fortune (the Bush family fortune comes from deep, intimate business relationships with the Harriman family), Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale University, Stanford University, the American Medical Association, Margaret Sanger, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Robert Yerkes, Woodrow Wilson, the American Museum of Natural History, the American Genetic Association and a sweeping array of government agencies from the obscure Virginia Bureau of Vital Statistics to the U.S. State Department.

American eugenicists sought to methodically terminate all the racial groups, ethnic groups and social classes they disliked, feared or deemed a threat to established power, then or later on.

Their goal was to sterilize fourteen million people in the United States and millions more worldwide—the “lower tenth.” Afterwards, they planned to eradicate the remaining lowest tenth until only a pure Nordic super race remained on the face of the earth.

American eugenicists exported their philosophy to nations throughout the world including Nazi Germany. American elite, through foundations, gave grants to Germany for its eugenics program.

The American Eugenics Society was organized in 1921, following the Second International Conference on Eugenics held in New York City in that year. In 1972, the American Eugenics Society was reorganized and renamed The Society for the Study of Social Biology.

These modern economic times have been called the New Gilded Age because it compares with the first Gilded Age. Today’s economic and social conditions, including the enormous inequality that is becoming greater (the gap between the elite and the poor), mirror those of yesteryear. White Supremacist books like The Bell Curve have been legitimized and praised by the status quo. Eugenic ideas are circulating again, but this time with fury, thus greater power.

Eugenics and genocide is synonymous. This is because eugenics provides a big justification for genocide.

A 1911 study, financed by the Carnegie Institution, identified eighteen possible methods of implementing eugenics in American and around the world. Gas chambers were deemed to be the most effective method, but it was felt that American society was not yet prepared to accept them (and this is where the Germans got first got their idea for gas chambers). Thus,a number of other eugenic methods were adopted, most notably mass sterilization. By marshaling government forces to continually identify and sterilize those citizens deemed unfit for reproduction, it was estimated that the ultimate goal of the master race could be achieved over a period of generations.

The world is running out of any kind of paying work and because work in America is rewarded and rewarded along psychopathic-defined class lines, the bottom twenty percent—mostly minorities, single adult women, disabled, gays/lesbians (despite the media hype, many are poor), the poor, so forth—will be hopelessly unemployed in the future. What is to be done with these people that industry and power elite have no use for and are loathe to support? These people are negative numbers on the balance sheets of a corporate country.

As before-mentioned (#3), it is easier, cheaper and faster to kill undesired groups of people than to help them live decently.

Cause & Effect-The Principle of Causality/Determinism
A. Spirkin writes, “All certainty in our relationships with the world rests on acknowledgement of causality. Causality is a genetic connection of phenomena through which one thing (the cause) under certain conditions gives rise to, causes something else (the effect). The essence of causality is the generation and determination of one phenomenon by another. In this respect causality differs from various other kinds of connection, for example, the simple temporal sequence of phenomena, of the regularities of accompanying processes. For example, a pinprick causes pain. Brain damage causes mental illness. Causality is an active relationship, a relationship which brings to life some thing new, which turns possibility into actuality. A cause is an active and primary thing in relation to the effect. But “after this” does not always mean “because of this”. It would be a parody of justice if we were to say that where there is punishment there must have been a crime.

Causality is universal. Nowhere in the world can there be any phenomena that do not give rise to certain consequences and have not been caused by other phenomena. Ours is a world of cause and effect or, figuratively speaking, of progenitors and their progeny. Whenever we seek to retrace the steps of cause and effect and find the first cause, it disappears into the infinite distances of universal interaction. But the concept of cause is not confined to interaction. Causality is only a part of universal connection. The universality of causality is often denied on the grounds of the limited nature of human experience, which prevents us from judging the character of connections beyond what is known to science and practice. And yet we know that no scientist restricts his reasoning to what he can immediately perceive. The whole history of humanity, of all scientific experiment knows no exception to the principle of determinism.

The connection between cause and effect takes place in time. This temporary relation may be defined in various ways. Some people believe that cause always precedes effect, that there is a certain interval between the time when the cause begins to act (for example, the interaction of two systems) and the time the effect appears. For a certain time cause and effect coexist, then the cause dies out and the consequence ultimately becomes the cause of something else. And so on to infinity.” (

Autogenocide and the Principle of Causality/Determinism
Autogenocide is socially-engineering predetermined outcomes of human lives by cause and effect. Because it is done through legal means and arenas, American autogenocide is a procedure that is little more than a carefully-orchestrated effort to cast an aura of legitimacy over an entirely illegitimate set of predetermined outcomes.

A Favorite Tool of Autogenocide
If poverty is essentially murder, then the issue of income inequality needs to be looked upon differently. “A society that allows high levels of inequality is in essence killing its own citizens.” Rochie Saks, Income Inequality and its Repercussions for Us, page 131 (

David Williams and his colleagues at the University of Michigan ( found that people with annual incomes of under $10,000 had more than three times the risk of dying in a given year as those who made more than $30,000. Scores of other studies have produced similar findings.

Socioeconomic status is one of the strongest predictors of health and longevity. Researchers have found that at each step down the socioeconomic ladder, health is poorer on average and people die younger.

The U.S. income distribution is currently among the most unequal in the industrialized world, and life expectancy in the U.S. lags behind that of any developed countries. Recent research suggests that these two occurrences may be linked–that the unequal distribution of income in the U.S. affects the health of the populace.

Growing income inequality is a direct result from the cause of the elite restructuring society, culture and economics. Growing income inequality-a sharp trend in the United States since the early 1980s-results in a breakdown of social cohesion, increased competition for scarce resources and greater levels of stress, frustration, despair, hopelessness and depression: all that usually lead to poorer health.

When a scientist studies American autogenocide, the best forensic tools are charting cause and effect from government action that predetermined the outcomes. For example, the government has constantly protected the health industry over the needs of citizens, particularly those citizens who cannot afford medical insurance. It is a statistical fact that people – usually the most helpless of all in society – who don’t have health insurance have a 25% higher chance of dying.

“… I am a social worker at a local mental health center in Southern Ohio… Our funding has been cut and we now cannot enroll people without insurance. Our local health clinic that served people without insurance is also getting their funding cut and will probably close. The evidence of a class war is so evident in this area. If you don’t have insurance you don’t deserve to live. It is getting harder and harder to get Medicaid in Ohio even if you are disabled, so go off and kill yourself or die of an easily treated disease…” Steve from Ohio

Economists can predict economic trends and forecasts. Their reports always end up on the desks of the elite, politicians, tycoons and planners. Politicians shredded the social safety nets when they knew that there were not enough jobs for all the bodies that would need them. Politicians knew that this would cause great suffering and death and it has. Twelve years later, the numbers are starting to trickle in. The poor, single females and/or minorities are starting to die in large numbers.

The modern American autogenocide is primarily carried out by legislature. Politicians and other representatives from the status quo, including Big Business, cleverly draft laws that cause negative social forces to target and stress out the populations selected for elimination.

Taught in graduate psychology classes, B-O-B is a simple scientific tool and barometer to explain the outcomes of cause and effect (Causality/Determinism). B-O-B means Behavior (How does it behave?), Outcome (What Are the Outcomes?) and Benefit (Who Benefits?)

Complex things, including systems and how they work, can be more easily understood and subsequently diagramed by breaking down the components with B-O-B. A social or cultural scientist always knows that major social change/restructuring usually occurs to Benefit someone or something. Thus, the decoding with the B-O-B model can start with looking for who benefits.

The psychopathic elite obviously benefit from American autogenocide, but others do as well. They are the rest of the villagers who are allowed to live, although the New America is going to look and act more like it did a hundred years ago, only with modern buildings and technology.

In a raptor-vicious market, competition for resources, including jobs, is more fierce and ruthless than ever. Permanently disappeared villagers and their generations means less competition for the economic and social scraps that are left over after the few elite have received their enormous share. More, the property of the deceased is distributed to the remaining villagers in many ways, including public auctions where property is sold cheaper than if it had been sold on the market.

What’s American Autogenocide Really About?
Power. The greatest motive for American autogenocide is Power. Power means imposing your psychopathic/materialistic/greedy/capitalistic/selfish will on someone else: it is the control of human lives to the point of being able to manipulate them, influence them, destroy them and/or take them at whim or with righteous, legal or biblical justification.

Human evil is that which destroys human lives. Autogenocide is the pinnacle of human evil.

M. Scott Peck, M.D., author of People of the Lie, profiles evil people: they have no regard for the truth; they lie and live in a world of lies. They are masters of disguise and cloak themselves with masks of respectability, goodness and often piety. Religiosity is a common and effective disguise. More, it is the appearance of propriety and respectability that is the important factor to cloaking the evil of the person.

Peck defines evil as: “The exercise of political power – that is, the imposition of one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion…” Or in other words, it is the use “of political power to destroy others,” for the purpose of defending or preserving the integrity of one’s sick self (or group).

American Autogenocide Told From An Eye Witness
It was a Minnesota State Representative who told me about autogenocide. This happened in August of 1998. I called him at his home. Many times, I’d call him about news reports I had seen on television announcing that the “government” reported a surplus of jobs and a shortage of workers. This was almost the daily news in the late 1990’s. Chronically under-employed, I wanted to know where these jobs were. Nobody ever seemed to know. When I’d call the television station or Job Service and actually talked with a live being on the other end of the phone (most of the time I would be forwarded to an answering machine), someone would promise to call back and never did.

Over twelve years later, most people know that it was all propaganda. The abundance of jobs that the government and media constantly told the village about didn’t exist in reality.

When I called the politician this time, I was worried about the upcoming vote to continuance of the end of welfare. The state government was forcing the most poorest and helpless women in the village to work, when work was almost impossible to find and when it was found, it paid minimum-wage, was part-time and offered no fringe benefits. Armed with research I had been doing, I told him there was not enough work for all the workers in the village.

“How are these women and their children supposed to survive on part-time work and no welfare?” I asked. “Don’t you know that many women and children are going to die if you do this?”

I could hear his frustration with me as the tone of his voice changed on the other end of the phone line. Exasperated, he told me, “Okay, Martha, I am going to tell you something off the record. If you ever tell anyone, I will deny it.” I listened carefully as he proceeded to tell me something that shocked me all the way to the core of my being.

First, he asked me, “What do you know about farming?”

I replied, “What does farming have to do with women not getting work?”

He replied, “A lot and I’ll get to that in a moment.” Then he told me that economists, industry and politicians knew that the ‘flush’ economy was going to last until around the year 2000 (he was right), and then ‘welfare reform’ would have to be shelved because the more privileged people in society would demand all the remaining jobs of a slagging economy. This didn’t happen because the Will of the Elite became too powerful and entrenched, plus the virtual war on “terror” that sucks all the money out of the treasury and is spent on the new police state instead spent on citizens who are going to die from governmental neglect.

The local politician told me that in the interim, someone, namely women and children, had to be sacrificed. Yes, he said, politicians knew that some innocent people were going to die, but ‘welfare reform’ was a ‘red button’ political issue that ‘had to be addressed’ because the middle-class and the upper-classes did not want to pay taxes to support disadvantaged people. Therefore, some of the most powerless people had been targeted for elimination from society.

“It is no big deal,” he told me, “Every society does it. Think of it in these terms: Farmers don’t keep animals that cost more than they produce. People in power have to make those same decisions regarding people just like farmers have to make the same decisions regarding livestock. Someone has to control the size of the herd. Unlike animals, it is the powerless, not the sick or lame, that are selected to be removed.”

“Politicians have to make difficult, executive decisions for their constituents, even if it seems unfair. That’s what they are elected for and they are giving the voters what they really want. If politicians refuse to make these decisions, they won’t get reelected. There are lots of people willing to run for office and make those executive decisions if the current politicians won’t do it. These choices are natural and a fact of life, Martha. I told you, every society does it.”

Surprised and confused, I replied, “Wait a minute, are you telling me that our society intentionally kills our own people, even women and children, only because the wealthy don’t want to share? That these deaths are intentionally planned? Don’t the wealthy know that poverty is one of the ‘natural’ byproducts of capitalism, that capitalism depends on an official ‘average’ five percent unemployed to hold it up? Are you telling me that all politicians, local ones to national ones, not only know about this murder but willingly participate in it?”

“All of them know about it, Martha,” he told me. “Now you do, too. Don’t ever call me again and don’t ever quote me. I’ll deny I ever told you this.”

“Wait!” I said, “How you can be a part of this and live with your conscience?”

He hung up on me. I tried to call him several times after that and he would never talk to me.

Putting Flesh and Blood On the Surreal
Any kind of a murder is surreal. It is a symbol of power: Someone has taken someone else’s life. It is a symbol of evil, of the dark side of the human existence/experience. The first book of the Bible, Genesis, gives murder (particularly murder of your brother) not only the symbol of ultimate evil, but its parable is a warning to all humans.

Murder always creates a surreal atmosphere. Its name and dynamics are psychological “red buttons” that the psyche (subconscious) recognizes before the conscious. Murder is always dark and it hides in the darkest places that people don’t want to peer into because of many reasons including the fact that it might affect their conscience and make them depressed.

Only the perpetrators, researchers and real thirsters of justice will look inside these dark places. You have to have courage to do this because these dark places are rabidly shielded and watched by guards of the elite. Like any murderer, the persons who caused the murder will do everything to keep the evidence hidden. In the case of Silent Autogenocides like the one that is happening in America, the truth of it will remain hidden until all the players have long since left life’s arena. More, few ever mourn for the loss of weakest members of society.

When the spotlight is on the murderer, motivation, premeditation, biographies, facts and more are explored to depth. When the spotlight never reaches the murders or the murderers, its accepted by most people that the perpetrators will probably get away with it.

This is not always the truth, particularly in the case of autogenocide. It will eventually be caught but usually when all the players in power who caused the autogenocide are long gone from the political and/or human stage.

Forensic anthropologist Clyde Snow, speaking before the May, 1984 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, correctly said,”Of all the forms of murder, none is more monstrous than that committed by a state against its own citizens… The homicidal state shares one trait with the solitary killer–like all murderers, it trips on its own egoism and drops a trail of clues which, when properly collected, preserved and analyzed are as damning as a signed confession left in the grave.”

In the two months it has taken to write this article, the author estimates that at least 20,000 Americans have died from autogenocide. These deaths include any kind of premature death by any of the legion of ills that poverty creates or exacerbates. Deaths can include exposure, accidents, gunshots, hunger, drug overdose, lack of medicine or medical care, suicides, homicides, asthma deaths from breathing cockroach feces, cancer, tuberculosis, AIDS, so forth.

Americans, even the ones on the left, are trained (brainwashed) from the cradle to only accept the truth in spoonfuls. This essay is more than a spoonful of truth. Only the most courageous readers have read this far. Its time to wake up the Sleeping Village! Its time to throw the wild cards on the table and start the dialogue that needs to be started.

The economic and political elite of America have consciously and cognitively rigged the Lottery of Life to force premature deaths of those not valuable to white male society and/or industry. The full consequences of mean-hearted, reckless, racist, psychopathic, patriarchal, right-wing Christian, laissez faire capitalism legislation won’t be seen for years. By then, tens of millions of unwanted citizens will be dead before their time. That’s how American autogenocide works.

Socialists, feminists, activists, minority groups, women’s groups, social service groups, ghetto committees, Indian reservation councils, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, ACORN, the Black Panthers, the Gray Panthers, prisoner groups, so forth, need to start counting the deaths around them, including statistics like race, age, income and cause of death. No longer can the usual “causes of death” be attributed to victims of autogenocide. New categories, like “poverty” and “the violence of poverty” need to be considered as primary causes of death with the physical diseases listed as secondary causes.

A central organization or website needs to be established to begin the grim task of counting the bodies of victims and disseminating the information. Once the counting begins, the picture is going to be bigger than anyone ever imagined. It has to be done or the American autogenocide will continue.

The villagers from the lower tiers of society have to collect the death information and find someone neutral to interpret this data.

From the cradle to the grave, propaganda sewn everywhere in the social tapestry tells us that the government and its agents are infallible. As in “the good old days,” almost every politician prostitutes themselves to the elite and big business today. Look at who’s in the White House right now and how the country’s run. The government or corporate-owned media can not be trusted to perform this counting. The people – people in every corner of the US – have to count, literally. P

For further reading, I whole-heartedly recommend Naomi Klein’s book THE SHOCK DOCTRINE: THE RISE OF DISASTER CAPITALISM.

For further reading, I suggest Michael Parenti’s article “Hidden Holocaust, USA” at

Martha Rose Crow is a feminist, vegetarian, socialist, poet and writer living in the Netherlands. A psychologist, social economist and cultural scientist, she holds four university degrees in Marketing, Management, Communication and Information Media (master’s degree). She can be contacted at [email protected]