by Robert Bruce Baird

If you are truly interested in learning, you will become capable and well read, with all kinds of references that support your perception that no one really has the perfect answer…

But if you enjoy ‘tripping the light fantastic’ and you find ‘possibility thinking’ a useful way to extend your horizons… you must really be careful.

For if you dare to challenge authority and call into question the sacred or tenured ‘cows’ of convention, you will be ridiculed by the ‘experts.’ Even worse, you will find that the people who you love enough to try to help will distance themselves from you, unless you learn to keep your opinions to yourself.

If you are one of the few who have not given up and continue to think and have hope, you will also hear the word ‘conspiracy theorist,’ not to mention Paranoid!

No one likes to hear things that aren’t known or easily understood. Clearly a large number of people like things just the way they are and they benefit from keeping things ‘on an even keel.’ In time, even if your pet cause is the enlightment and enablement of all the oppressed, you will be called an elitist or worse. The filth you will hear directed your way might include Anti-Semite, ‘nut’, ‘witch’ or worse.



Joseph Campbell and Thomas Carlyle were not Nazis or originators of the need for power. They and others are tarred with the very thing they fought so hard to end. But once it becomes fashionable to be into this war or that war, all reason and true contemplation of alternative viewpoints goes quickly out the window. Passions run high and testosterone can be sensed by your nostrils or by the bruise on your face.

The World Wide Web
Is it a cesspool of lonely and disassociated people seeking validation? Chat lines are potentially something that could enable people to develop mutual learning, but instead they devolve into sexual games and titillation, which may be a true reflection of all that matters to the obsessed participants.

World Wide Web communities are infiltrated and swarmed by Christian reactionaries and ‘true believers.’ A little knowledge or interest can truly be a diversion to be sure. It can also provide a resource for checking into the facts or to develop one’s skills at writing and researching, but a two-week in-depth exposure to it makes me wonder.

As a serious researcher of all knowledge, I can appreciate why people vilify me out of context for presenting alternatives they think I ‘worship.’ But in truth they are projecting upon me from their own attitudes and knowledge. I felt especially vindicated when NEC labs produced 300X the supposed absolute speed of light or when shortly thereafter the US Army let out contracts on faster than light speed information transfer. This is the basis of paranormal occurrences of many different sorts, as well as time travel or ‘viewing’ of the ‘remotest’ kind. Quantum teleporting gates are already being developed for inclusion in computers.

One MSN community I joined has a Member of Parliament’s wife in it. She gives forth Biblical diatribes and government reports as if the Gospel had no alternatives. I referred her to ‘Apocrypha’ that she and others had never even heard of (Jasher, which tells the feminine hero Miriam’s story) and to the work of Professor John McKnight on social care of welfare recipients and the downtrodden. I got kudos from some who had actual experience, but the general consensus seemed to be that people prefer not to know the facts. Here is the response from one who actually had experience in the prison system: “Robert, I agree with you there. Problem is our society is like putty in their greedy fingers in our search for a quick painless cure that does not require taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions.”

This writer summed up the societal part in what is wrong with the acceptance of ‘pharmacological lobotomies (Breggin and Cohen)’ rather well. Her response hit the nail on the head about our acceptance of ‘painless cures’ that are dreadfully destructive to the individuals who have been victimized, alienated and then blamed for their reaction to it. How vile is our vengeance against those we blame, rather than looking in the mirror.

To say there is a Cult of Stupidity is an understatement. The high-flying wife of the politician calls the ‘nuisances’ the outcome of flawed education, and takes little comfort in my pointing out that parents give the teachers a no-win situation, which authorities refuse to alter by giving real authority to teachers. Teachers get the pleasure of being glorified baby-sitters while observing the effects of family violence or worse issues. That, of course, doesn’t include the fact that educational psychologists like Alfred North Whitehead, and others before my time, were already aware that the system wasn’t designed to make people think for themselves.

So much for my na•ve enchantment with the potential of sharing thoughts and developing ethical compassion through the Internet; now I must hope that the templates Teilhard de Chardin spoke about are going to work in time. This is the real ‘Worldwide Web’ and it leads to the World Mind, which I think is a scientific reality. Unfortunately, the prevailing paradigm puts more soulful energy into their side of the ledger through the ‘witnessing and testifying of true believers (Jihad or Christian). Now there is a real easy way to discuss the effect of letting others interpret God for their ‘fleeced flock’!

Jihad vs. McWorld
“Jihad vs. McWorld” is the title of an article that was originally published in Atlantic Monthly in the mid-90s. It made a big revival after 9-11. It correctly identifies the elitist power structures and ways that people in the West are duped, while fairly presenting the stupidity of prelates and theocracies that control all aspects of society in the Arab world. In one of the chat communities I joined there is a participant who goes by the moniker ‘Golan.’ He seems to enjoy being part of a society that supports criminal and immoral behaviour. Osama would say Golan is the result of the work and propaganda employed by the “Great Satan.”

To quote him verbatim would be a disservice to him because English does not appear to be his native language, and your mind would reel and roll while trying to figure out what he is saying. This is the same group that includes the social worker and the politician’s wife. All of us are engaged in a discussion on the same topic, which has become enmeshed in economic statistics relating to the underground economy, and the need to keep all the millions of legal support staff and jurisprudence officials watching over the ‘nuisances’ that the politicians wife refers to. Golan uses the argument that ‘JOBS’ would be lost if we had an ideal society, and that would lead to chaos.

I empathize and try to grasp the full extent of his tortured reasoning and then I tell him he needs therapy, along with the Enron executives and other bureaucrats, while pointing out that the social worker has said she looks forward to seeing her job become obsolete. It is not nice to put this attack into the public forum of such a community, but this man’s thinking and the argument has gone on incessantly for many weeks. There are almost a hundred posts to this one entry and we engage the same ideological debate in other entries. I use words like ‘ignorant’ and ‘dangerous,’ just as the politician’s wife did about the ‘nuisances’ who ‘play the system.’ The difference is that I may suffer the response of an indignant person, as well as a community that will say I broke the rules of polite debate. So be it!

Following is one of my many responses and let me add that there was a response questioning whether I was being respectful of another’s right to have an opinion different than my own:

Dear Golan:

You use my point to suggest you are right. There are innumerable jobs that are dysfunctional and harmful. As Mara (who has one of them) says, she would love it if her job became obsolete. You are so ignorant as a ‘thinker’ that it is hard to gather any sense from what you say, even as I try to empathize or put myself in your ‘head space.’ You need to get therapy with the Enron executives and politicians as someone else suggested. Perhaps, a large part of the problem is that English is not your native tongue and you have difficulty expressing yourself. I am not sure this is the case.
I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and allow that you are taking the ‘prevailing paradigm’ position that greed is needed and the ‘One Pie’ ideology works. I am sorry to be so blunt and say what many others might be thinking, including those who might be on the side of the ‘prevailing paradigm.’ You are part of a dangerous element far worse than the ‘nuisances’ our esteemed MP’s wife refers to. In an ideal world you would join the potential parents in mandatory re-education programs that demonstrate you have given time and effort to try to grasp the reasons for all individuals deserving respect; and the right to pursue creative employment of personal desires – rather than a forced requirement to work at jobs that destroy hope and the quality of life.
Because you are one of the ‘chosen ones’ or in the community that keeps this ethic alive, you are empowered through the fact that your statistics prove the system is working. It is working despite the efforts of those who produce the enforcement of tyranny that the esteemed publication The Economist says led to an inhumane bureaucracy as a result of the Napoleonic Wars and massive ‘standing armies.’ Einstein fought and argued for most of his life to end ‘standing armies.’ [You say] the economic multiplier of money spent on education is around 17, whereas it is only 7 or 8 for armaments. I do not know why that stat impresses you, because it is doubtful you understand economic multipliers. In addition that stat does not include the destruction of Afghan homes and farmer’s fields, or the landmines and subsequent toll they take.”

Real Issues are Denied
In the whole spectrum of social intercourse, one can find similar examples and demographics, I know. That makes me feel sad and sorry. The lack of ‘light’ in the world is truly amazing, but even worse are those who think they shine light while dumping dirt and prejudice upon those who are agents for change or ecumenicism. I made this point to Golan after he called me a dunce and said his head hurt as he tried to contemplate economic models without any criminals or abusers. It is easy to attack but far harder to get another person to agree on what it is they have really said.

If we all simply attack and defend, with the resultant wars and prejudices, there is little hope to be realized. Yet, if we do not attack the unclear propositions or thoughts that aren’t fully considered by those mouthing them, we allow meaning or potential agreement to slip away. Where does that leave us as we mouth half-truths and platitudes? Sharing purely mental masturbative ego does not advance the potential that real sharing and ethical caring can offer humanity. We are left without ethical guidelines and we resort to ostracism. In the broader political framework, it seems that some prefer to attack and little else as they sling mud and worse at each other. I guess we will soon see the fruition of these attitudes. From a purely moral perspective, I think mankind should not send any genetic material into space on the Von Neumann probes until we stop calling each other Terrorist or argue about who is closer to God.

In the history of philosophy it is hard to say whether Western culture has advanced one iota from the time of Buddha, Confucius, Zoroaster and the Greek sage Pythagoras. Plato pandered to his noble friends and family while Nero fiddled, and we hold these people up as Classical Civilizations. There was more Brotherhood and understanding when women still were equal, but the last true queen was Ariadne on Crete, before the Trojan War. I do not espouse the idea of queens or kings, but I do doubt the existence of true democracy.

I spoke with a learned person the other day who did not know there is a large percentage of permanent or appointed members of the Electoral College. He likened it to tyranny and agreed that the Eastern Establishment, including the Tri-Lateral Commission, puts the candidates forward for both parties and has most of their top aides in their pocket. The U.S. says it is the bastion of democracy, but it would be more correct to say they manage the media to ensure their people get elected in most countries.

I have read Chomsky and I have read a lot of other volumes of factual bases for my doubts about democracy. In fact, I have done a complete history going back before James Joyce’s ‘nightmare’ of a 5,000-year history. In this history, I have identified the Perpetual Sailors, who met off the coast of Miletus, as the real forerunners of the Bilderbergs. They are reported by Michael Grant to have met in camera away from prying eyes of citizens shortly after the Trojan War.

I also believe the use of religion has been the stock and trade of social engineers since the time of Tuthmosis. There is no enabling ethic afoot now, and we have a long history of Hegelian dialectics in some Platonic ‘top-down’ hierarchy. When I point these things out to Egyptian aficionados, they seek to castigate me without factual basis. There are those Americans who don’t want to believe they are global imperialists forcing opinions and decisions of everyday life upon all people in this world. It is much easier to use satellite states today than it was to enforce Empire or Colonial management upon people.

The U.S. didn’t have to clean up their mess in Afghanistan of forfeited lives after Afghani ‘freedom fighters’ fought their war against Russia. It was easy to leave the million rotting bodies of Afghanis behind, but if America had lost one percent of this number of citizens there would have been Hell to pay at home. Do you know about the 300,000 U.S. citizens left behind in Vietnam despite the promise given to them by authorized U.S. personnel? The Mung were quickly eliminated after the U.S. was gone.

I could be like Chomsky and rave about all the atrocities done in the name of democracy, but instead let me liken it to the Crusaders who spread the Christian sword and the Plague throughout Europe. Yes, I can prove they knowingly spread the Plague among Europeans. Churchill even (briefly) reports it in his book The Island Race.

Looking Forward From The Past
The situation is gloomy indeed. People still argue about the non-existent structure of democracy, while genetics empowers the elite to become immortal (almost) and robots to make workers unnecessary. Bill Joy, one of the founders of Sun Microsystems, did an excellent appraisal of what he knows technology can and will soon be able to do (Wired Magazine Mar/April, 2000). His experience and knowledge is beyond merely credible when he says humans will be redundant in 35 years. However, there are things he did not know that will make it much sooner.

The reality of time travel is a serious one now that NEC proved they can produce 300X the supposedly absolute speed of light. This is central to mystical and psychic reality, which has been written about for millennia before the time of Christ. Within a year of his article, faster than light speed information transfer contracts were being released by the US Army. Quantum teleporting gates are now in computers and there is more in store that will accelerate his estimates. Even working with what he said, we have ten years before most jobs are irrelevant, even with the screwy standards employed in unethical states.

Needless to say, I haven’t broached these subjects with Golan or the others, as yet. I haven’t even raised the matter of gene therapy and who will get it. Most of them will conclude that only the ‘chosen ones’ should have it, I think. It will be possible to double our lifespan next year if it isn’t already. Shortly after that it will double again. The researchers say by 2070 we should be able to live to the age of 900+. There is some talk of age regression back to the point of being a 25 year old! It is hard to imagine what massive impacts this will have on the societal systems currently entrenched. Of course Homo sapiens immortalis may decide what the rest of us deserve.

Without going into too much detail, let me opine that the real problem starts with the abortion of the soul. The soul includes knowledge, or the ability to access wisdom that no longer seems to be allowed a fair hearing. Clearly the situation is better (in the Western world) since the end of the Inquisitions and Crusades, but the same ethic seems all too prevalent.

It is difficult to discuss psychic things without getting a rather arrogant smirk from many people. The ones who think they know what it’s all about have little or no actual knowledge. They are just as much a part of the Cult of Stupidity as are those who keep their heads in dark places. I find every science and discipline has proven the spiritual is most relevant, but this is only talked about under the breath or by the very open-minded.

How can psychology and psychiatry address the human condition when it suffers under such repressive ideology? Jung is having a bit of a revival and that is hopeful, but the fad will only contemplate a small segment of what he knew. Following is an anthropologist from the early 70s skirting an issue he has little insight to, who confirms the wisdom I speak about:

Plea for the Appreciation of Shamans
“In the anthropological literature, shamans have often been categorized as natural neurotics who would have been social misfits in a society like our own – the craziest hunters of all. Actually they are exceptionally intelligent and well-disciplined men, as able to hunt as non-shamans are. Their ability to go into a trance is not automatic. Meditation is one way. Dancing and singing monotonously can produce hyperventilation and ecstatic states, as we know from physiological studies of Muslim dervishes, and the same is true of ‘Holy Rollers.’ Bushmen and Veddas also go into mass trances.”

Stupid fool! Doesn’t he know the psychiatrists have this all figured out? They call it Trance-Possession Disorder Syndrome.

Shamans are also given credit for extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, and telekinesis (which means moving objects by ‘mental’ rather than by ‘physical’ energy). Two close observers of the hunting scene, R.P.Trilles and Martin Gusinde, were not convinced that shamans completely lacked these powers, and new evidence from the Soviet Union indicates that these ‘psychic’ phenomena are being studied there seriously.” (Carleton S. Coons Ð The Hunting Peoples, Little Brown/Atlantic Monthly, 1971, pg.390)

In fact, the US had a ten-year head start on Russia. The Russians got the non-lethal weapons put into SALT. The US has just unilaterally withdrawn from SALT as they ramp up to SDI – There Is A Connection! I am very knowledgeable in these areas of the paranormal. Since the book referred to (Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain) was done in the late 60s by Ostrander and Schroeder (two women teacher-researchers), I have been involved with many of the top control subjects and was offered a radio talk show in the mid-70s.

You can deny these things, but the weapons of today can duplicate what the Druids and shamans did a very long time ago. If there are any in the community I belong to who wish to add their comments, I hope to hear from them. It is a challenge that I expect they will not rise to the occasion to participate in.

Robert Bruce Baird can be reached at [email protected]. He lives in Toronto but spent most of his adult life in the U.S. He has been successful at various business pursuits and now spends his time writing books and articles. His unpublished manuscripts are being refined and include: Hitler vs. Frabato & The Charm of Making, The Prehistoric Worldwide Import of the GREAT LAKES, Diverse Druids: The Origin of All Religions, The Kelts: Children of the Don, The Bards and the ‘Bees,’ A positive encyclopedia – P.E.A.K. P.E.O.P.L.E. – 2 of 4 volumes complete with 2000 pages, The Penis and The Pocketbook – a trilogy on History and the Phoenicians, People on the PATH Ð my Meetings with Remarkable Men (and Women).