By Eugenia Macer-Story

An entity does not need an organic nervous system with the exact same sensory complexities in order to be part of a telepathic pattern involving inter-species communication or communication with Advanced Intelligence. In my recent book Dark Frontier, I give the example of my whimsical attempt to direct by telepathy a lady bug away from the precipice of my bathtub rim toward a specific area on the adjoining window sill. This small beast seemed to register my exact directive. I had not wanted to handle the insect or re-run a bath which had become insect soup.

Sometimes, perhaps, people are in relation to interdimensional or extraterrestrial Advanced Intelligence as the lady bug was in relation to the lazy bather. The AI/ET has an agenda that the person intersecting with that agenda may not comprehend. But an agenda that is not understood is not necessarily negative. By analogy, a person walking near a precipice overlooking the sea may suddenly have the overwhelming irrational impression to run toward a specific State Park truck, not their own, and jump into the back just as the vehicle is pulling away from the seaside park after collecting trash. In process, the percipient may “see a UFO light” or the visage of a religious figure which has the symbolic meaning “divine intervention.” Seconds later there is an earth tremor which dislodges the cliff path and would have plunged the hiker into the sea.

For years the rescued hiker will tell this story to family and friends as if the person walking by the seaside at the time of an earthquake were the center of the numinous experience. But maybe this is not so. Think about the telepathic “rescue” of the lady bug. My thought was the inconvenience to me of the lady bugÑwhich did not “know” it was about to spoil my hot bath. But suppose that, slightly out to sea of the possible injury of the falling hiker, there was a location which AI/ET wished to conceal or had been askedÑby “prayer” or conjurationÑto protect. Rescue teams sent to assist the hiker might disrupt the occult scenario. So one person’s rescue might be another Intelligence’s “attention diversion” strategy.

I have often been given strong telepathic directives by what appears to be Interdimensional IntelligenceÑor my own link to the collective human superconsciousÑto “go to a place,” using a motivational context which is, in essence, “misleading.” However, the agenda of Advanced Intelligence may be, literally, misleading but, in essence, truly of satisfaction in terms of some long term “desired result.” One of these instances, described in my book Dark Frontier, was when I was inwardly prompted to go to Oxford Circle in London by the idea that I had lived a previous lifetime in London and had been a blacksmith at a stable near the Oxford Underground StationÑthen a meadow. Feeling more than a little odd inwardly, I played the overt role of an ordinary sightseer and took photos of the Oxford Circle intersection.

Clearly visible on one of those photos was a figure whimsically holding a rising glob of ectoplasm in her outstretched hand, as if she had posed for the camera. No such figure was apparent to me as I took the photoÑonly the bustling crowd of students and shoppers. An enlarged cutting of the face and hand from this color photo is published in the “Artifact Arcade” section of my book Dark Frontier. I am not sure I completely understand this artifact.



But I have found various ways to rationalize this appearance. The Unidentified Figure does seem to me to resemble my original inner image of the character Desiderata from my play Desiderata: An Alchemical Satire. The Nordic blonde actress who ultimately played the roleÑthough an excellent performerÑcame in as an understudy, and was not the exact physical prototype of an impish Italian Renaissance vagabond I had originally envisioned. Also, this play had been an “issue” in my career, as I envisioned the character as separate from myself. Desiderata is a traveling rogue alchemist who does satiric historical sketches of her dilemmas, living an immortal life after having stolen the alchemical elixir from her employerÑthe infamous sorcerer Joseph Balsamo. I think of this character as a dramatic creation, but critics have insisted that the play is autobiographical because I am also a painter interested in the occult. Not so! Here, the image of Desiderata exists quite separately from my conscious intentions and isÑin that senseÑthe alchemical “desired result.”

Here I must coin a new term: “telepathic fusion.”(1) For I am never quite certain how much of the behavior and content which emerges from these expeditions is from my own superconscious and how much is by “outside” direction of the ET or “demigods.” It is truly a fusion. In my example of the telepathic redirection of the lady bug this is also the case. I did not run away from the edge “for” the little insect. I directed the behavior mentally and the lady bug obviously knew how to move its own legs.

Energy Bodies & Non-Human Intersections
Energy fields extend beyond the organic bodies of all living things, as has been demonstrated by Kirlian photography, which, by the addition of certain electromagnetic fields near a photographic plate, enhances the ability of film to register these innate energies. But these are, by definition, electromagnetically-enhanced views of these auras. The auras themselves are not wholly electromagnetic. Another sort of living substance, called by the original Soviet researchers “bioplasma,” is visually enhanced by the Kirlian technique. In certain of these photos one can clearly see the orange energy present when a “healer” is extending energy from her fingertip and the absence of that particular energy when the fingertip is at rest.

Additionally, missing parts of organic structure will “fill in” under specific electromagnetic illumination, manifesting “phantom” bridge images which duplicate the missing part. The electro-bioplasmic aura may represent or be “woven with” the subtle matter ancient systems of yoga call “prana” (life energy) and more recent Western occult systems call “astral” energy.

As this research demonstrates, our subtle energy fields extend well beyond the visible physical shape of the body and, thus, our sensory and sensory/cognitive capacities also extend beyond the brain/body mechanism in a very real physical sense. Thus, our intelligent “reflex” actions may precede any rational or analytical registry in the brain. This can be seen in such activities as dowsing with a pendulum or rods and the use of the Ouija planchette. In both of these activities, physical results are obtained which are interpreted later by the percipients as having significant meaning.

How do telepathic or anomalous events attributed to ET or Advanced Interdimensional Intelligence (angels, spirit guides or demons) differ from other types of telepathic directive – which may come from living people, animals or spirits of people or animals? How do the percipients distinguish Advanced Guidance from Mundane Guidance?

Foolish Awe
A sense of presence of an awe-inspiring or controlling force which is comprehended as “beyond mundane understanding” leads to the feeling by the percipient of being “foolish.” The ancient wisdom of the Tarot represents this state of mind as a fool with one foot off the cliff, mysteriously poised, while a dog (representing non-human forces of harassment) nips at his bare buttocks. But the Tarot “fool” is going forward, eyes aloft toward the future rather than the lower-level nipping past, regardless of annoyance or future peril. Also, the Tarot card of the “Hanged Man” shows another sort of cosmic fool, held upside down by one foot by a rope descending from the sky. In this process, the individual suspended by cosmic forces tries to make the best of this situation by pointing one toe gracefully heavenward, as if toe-dancing upside down. Reverse the position of this card. From the overview of the “powers that be” this is an ordinary ballet pose.

From the observer’s point of view, the behavior of the “telepathically guided” individual will often seem erratic or foolish because the individual is not moving solely by reflex/ response to external stimuli mutually perceived in the material continuum. Rather, the “foolish” individual is moving in response to external stimuli (directly telepathic or prescient), which arrive to a variety of senses from multidimensional timespace, including future, unknown and distant material locations, as well as the “dreamtime.”

The Fluidice Transduction Model
How might this transmission from shared multidimensional timespace to linear material, neural cognition be accomplished? Various technical systems limited to four-dimensional electromagnetic possibilities lack a coherent configurational (i.e. intelligent “shaping”) explanation for systems extended in linear time.(2) As presented in my talks on “Fluidice: a New Form of Transduction” (July 2000) and “Fluidice Enhancements” (July 2001) for the U.S. Psychotronics Association, I have begun to develop a comprehensible technical formulation, which includes the quantized atomic system within a larger structural context.(2) This is accomplished by embedding the electromagnetic quanta within a past-future interfaced “solid state” energy enclosure or “fluidice matrix” termed fluidice//traction fluidice, an information pattern which is guided by the “mind pilot wave” at various densities. The various levels of mind, supermind and teleological logos are not within the substance of this structural coding. The Fluidice remains separate as a “recording matrix” (similar to clairvoyant Edgar Cayce’s “akashic records”), yet also structurally interpenetrates matter (similar to the “bioplasma” of the Kirlian formulations).(3)

The Fluidice matrix is not your “mind” or your “soul.” It is the palpable means by which your mind knows itself and senses the environment. A disembodied or non-organic mind knows itself by this same means. Fluidice is a transmitting medium, like electricity is a transmitting medium. The mind or soul of whatever species is a different issue.

Diagram One Diagram Two
As shown in the Fluidice diagrams on this page (see also footnote 2), the Fluidice matrix enters structurally upon the electromagnetic matrix and is able to shrink or expand the coherent orbital relationships in that molecular nexus, causing timespace dilationÑwhich can result both in non-sequential information transfer and literal non-sequential transport of molecular structures.

Kirlian Photo Of Fingertip On Magnet
As demonstrated by Kirlian technique photos taken by Dr. Thelma Moss during her explorations into Soviet psychotronics research during the 1970’s, the presence of a magnet enhances and gives directional orientation to the usual aura effect, generating the visible bluish tendrils of energy. These photos, displayed during the video of this lecture, were published in resource books now out of print. As reproduced here in “Fluidice Diagram Two,” it seems from data gathered in the exploration of “earth chakra” areas in Northern New York State and Canada that the magnetic vector or field is indeed the key to triggering non-local ESP/Psychokinesis transduction.

I began to develop this Fluidice Model shortly after my “UFO light” sighting on December 30, 1973. This sighting, as described in the original edition of Congratulations: The UFO Reality (1978), had the effect of bringing the action of this “additional” energy both to ideational consciousness and to reflex registry within my organic, neural system. The result was both an enhanced perplexity about the nature of “reality” and an enhanced awareness of ESP/PK events. This can be compared to the rising of a “kundalini” type of pranic energy as jump-started by an external stimulus, the “UFO light.”

In my initial article on Fluidice entitled “Time as a Function of Prana,” I linked the action of the solid state Fluidice matrix to the traditional Yogic life energy termed “prana,” because I had no other name for this organic transduction energy. Subsequently, I realized that “prana” is a specialized function of the Fluidice traction energy. The configurationalÑor intelligent “shaping” function – of this energy is not limited to organically-living bodies.

Of course, certain Yoga practitioners and animists would claim that all substance is living and that each planet and sun, as well as each molecular or atomic unit, has a “logos” or “intelligent codeword identity” which thinks its innate structure into existence. This is an interesting view. But such a perspective requires an adjustment to current Western ideas on intelligence and causality. It is quite possible to understand the function of living, non-local signal propagation or “mind over matter” without entering the religious discipline of “yoga.”

If the operative Fluidice matrix-energy is seen as “Universal Mind,” a way to conceptualize this teleology beyond complex mathematical formulations becomes easier. But the Fluidice energy-coding model I have been describing is not a complete representation of Universal Mind. The Fluidice energy matrix serves rather to implement mental or sensory action. In this context it can be understood that the brain/body systems of human beings may not be able to completely register the action of Fluidice, although the consciousness of the individual may know for sure that “something or other” is trying to be transmitted.

But, then, the idea that human organic mechanisms may not be up to cosmic, intergalactic specifications as regards “channeling” this configurational energy also becomes understandable. The brain/body may not be able to register fully the entire spectrum (or spectra: for if there is an [extra-sensory//sensory] Fluidice matrix, there also exists one or more additional density spectra). As an analogy, the eyes of certain animals do not register the full spectrum of colors seen by most human beings. But dogs and other animals are telepathic and can sense inner intent as well as at times precognitively sense danger or the location of future hunting prey. Animals may be able to receive more persuasively at times the thrust of a “directive” via the Fluidice traction energy simply because they have not internalized the intellectual interpretive systems which, like unnecessary software, sometimes clutter the reception hardware of human beings and other species with similar intellective faculties.

Possibly some addition to the human neural system, acting as regards the brain/mind reflex system as a zip drive booster to a computer hard drive, may assist people in decrypting configurational energy – as does the peripheral device of a dowsing rod/pendulum or Ouija planchette – but this peripheral device cannot fundamentally alter the organic perceptual system, only add to it. In similar fashion, contact lenses do not replace the eye, but add to the visual capacity of the eye.

One of my goals as a researcher into these topics is to understand the Fluidice energies more completely so that a “physical peripheral” can be devised which is completely exterior to the human organism and is not invasive, like the “implants” claimed by various “UFO contactees.” These internal “implant” devices upset people both chemically and psychologically and – whether or not they are part of an extraterrestrial or covert human project – are to be ethically deplored. Unlike a simple heart pacemaker, which gives an electric boost to natural heart rhythm, the implant devices like the original “stimoceiver” brain and neural system implant developed by Dr. Jose Delgado at Yale University, are not natural boosters to the human, organic mechanism and, like a piece of shrapnel, could become encapsulated and troublesome.

Only the process of evolution and adaptation would actually change the human internal organic mechanism to be more receptive to the additional spectra of communications energies. Possibly advanced DNA engineering might assist in this process but genetics is also a troublesome and difficult ethical topic. Can the geneticists of today – brilliant as they might be – actually know which qualities will be of the greatest advantage to future generations who may face environmental situations which the elder generation cannot adequately conceptualize? Are contacts from Unexplained or “Advanced Intelligence” from our earthly “supernatural” past or future, or are these appearances the masque of an alien, extraterrestrial probe or guidance as regards terrestrial civilization?

People in Black
Into this area of speculation comes the issue of human contact with MIBs or “men in black.” I should say “PIBs,” as I have experienced “people in black” of both genders. The way in which an Advanced Intelligence is able to manifest may include appearing or projecting the appearance of humans wearing black, as described in my book Dark Frontier, which includes an anomalous photo of a woman taken under unexpected circumstances on Eighth Street in Manhattan. On one of these frames, wherein an orange light near the surface of the street also is recorded, the woman’s feet do not touch the sidewalk. (4) There is also an anomalous swatch of hair at the upper right corner of this frame accompanied by a trickle of red liquid, possibly blood.

This photo was taken during a period of time in the early 1990s, when I felt “telepathically guided” to visit certain locations of the city with my 35mm camera. I do not habitually travel anywhere in order to photograph “people in black” and was not actually sure what I would be photographing, if anything, at the locations I felt like visiting with my camera. This is the only clearly anomalous series of photographs of a “person in black” from that period of time. Why might so many numinous appearances involve pale or swarthy-skinned people wearing black clothes? Perhaps the Intelligences making this appearance may not be able to choose, in the sense of deliberate fashion, clothes with colors; or may find it easier, in literal terms of the visible color spectrum, to appear and disappear to human vision wearing the uniform color black, which is additive of all three primary colors.

The Anomalous Woman of Gamla Stans
As one example, consider a photo taken in July 2000 in the Gamla Stans section of Stockholm, Sweden. This is an island in Stockholm harbor which contains the older section of the city as preserved with narrow streets and ancient landmarks. In the modern day, Gamla Stans is also the site of boutiques and art galleries. I had just finished a week-long exhibit of my paintings there and was taking one day off to be a sightseer. Other than suddenly feeling “lazy” because I was enjoying my second cup of cappuccino at a sidewalk cafŽ by the sea instead of collecting mementos for family and friends, I felt no numinous telepathic guidance on this occasion. But I did suddenly feel motivated to enter a market near the cafŽ to buy an extra roll of film. I then unsheathed my camera and hung it around my neck as I went back into the summer tourist crowds. On this “extra” roll of photos taken of landmarks, old narrow streets, hippie tourist jugglers and ships in the harbor, there is one anomalous frame.

This photo is quite clear and “in focus” right down to a sharp image of a little flag on a pole at the harbor end of the street. The unusual image of a woman in the forefront shows a less dense and fully formed image rather than a distorted close-up of a conventional face.

Chris Roth, a Midwestern ufologist with relatives from Sweden (who was shown a scan of this photo without explanation) remarked that “the painting” is interesting work, and asked if it was on a wall in the narrow street. I had to tell him that this was not one of my “interdimensionalist” paintings. This is an actual photo wherein the image of the face has an unusual density, making it look like woven fabric or painted work in enlargement. I noted also at this time a small “koala bear-like” face dimly visible at the throat of the image, and that the light-colored conical extension at the top of the person’s forehead looked like a horn at the crown chakra. Both Chris Roth and his wife Angela believed this to be a part in brunette hair above a high forehead. On this high forehead, which is unusually indented, there is a jagged, lateral scar.

Barry Klugerman of Elfin Light Press, an expert in the work of occultist Austin Speare, was also asked to view the original snapshot without any interpretive prompting. After an extended period of time during which Klugerman turned the photo this way and that, squinting at it critically, I had given up hope of corroboration. I thought: “He is going to call me an idiot.” Instead, Klugerman handed the photo back to me calmly, commenting: “As well as the woman’s face there is a hooded death’s head at the center of the frame to her left.” Indeed, there is the suggestion of this image at the center of the frame. It is very faint and looks like an illustration from another era. Klugerman’s eyes found it because he is used to looking at such illustrations.

One can launch into an extended technical discussion of the multi-colored points of visible light as they record in an enhanced enlargement of this unusual visage. Suffice to say that the composition of this Gamla Stans wraith face does tend to support the view that there is an additive function of density transduction which normally makes the colors of the vestments or form of certain apparitions black, dark or gray to our eyes. This is because those apparitions or multidimensional energy forms have additional density variations due to the effect of “fluidice coding” on visible matter and/or neural receptors in the brain or nervous system.

The visage of the face may seem to “shine outward” with some sort of differing energy density which is projective (yet, subtractive in visual effect rather than additive). The sallow, yellow-brown tones of this photo may indicate the compression of the visible red/yellow area of the spectrum. There is a vertical white stripe of light beside the Gamla Stans wraith face. But in this image there are no markedly blue or purple tones.

In my research I have obtained blue and purple photo anomalies in a variety of “earth chakra” areas which are either elevated in altitude or which present very evident gravitational anomalies. (5)

The presence of an additional Fluidice density spectrum, which can alter molecular structure and thus change the way frequencies of light (photon reception) are affected (by the variation in the visible spectrum from red through yellow to blue) may explain the intense “gray-blue” appearance of certain ET Intelligences or apparitionsÑas well as the equally intense “yellow light” appearance of other Interdimensional Intelligences (which may also seem clothed in black). Remember also that yellow, as a primary color, occurs centrally in the spectrum, midway between blue and red. As painters know, blue and red add to brown. So yellow, with a touch of both red and blue, results in a variety of skin tones. All colors added result in black. So “gray apparitions” may be compressed spectra at a different molecular density.(6)

At the time the photo showing an image of the woman with a scar on her domed forehead was being taken in Gamla Stans, there had been the death of a woman in my family. I was not notified of this death until shortly after I had returned from Sweden. This was an elderly aunt-in-law who had been close to me all my life and whose ancestry is partly Swedish. She had experienced several strokes and died of a sudden massive stroke. The lightning bolt scar across the forehead of the apparition? But the face of the apparition does not resemble her at all, though she did have an interest in my psychical and UFO research beyond the interest shown by other members of my family.

Before viewing the photos, which were developed in New York after I returned from Sweden, I had experienced a continuous feeling of “sorcery in the area,” which is recorded in the journal I kept during the Stockholm exhibit of my paintings. But I did not expect to see this specific, unusual photo. The existence of the composite image on the film is a definite communication, however exactly one might interpret it, whereas the various expressions in my journal are inferences from events which struck me as odd or contained some form of interdimensional cues.

If you think of such events as a “step down” into four dimensional space-time (for purposes of communication) by a multidimensional presence, then certain “rough edges” of the experience can be understood as the move from topological to specific orientation, as when the written stage direction of a play says: “In the street now appears the Ancient Countess.” In this stage direction, as in all good stage plays to be performed by a variety of different physical persons, the exact specifics of the Countess character are not given, only her basic identity coding. So the viewer, when the moment comes for the entrance of the actress, will ideally have simply the thought: “Here is the Ancient Countess. Awesome!”

The “weird photo image” then is a multidimensional bit of information, like a word is a combination of letters and meanings. In a sense, the organic individual we may view at any one moment along a timespace lifeline is such an approximate image of the living individual’s entire material destiny, as perpetuated by combinations of the DNA.

“Black magick” may then sometimes involve the perpetuation of the material image or identity by other than organic, reproductive means, as in the “bringing through” of one “god” or “teacher” entity by a succession of spirit mediums, whose organic systems are somehow materially altered by the formulations of the creature as the emulsion of the film can be shaped by these formulations. The “use” of blood in preternatural vampirism may literally provide the raw materials of visible “material shape” for the multidimensional Intelligence to manifest. Recall the swatch of “hair and blood” in the photo of the PIB taken on Eighth Street in Manhattan. I regard this “clue” in the frame as being a positive rather than a negative symbol, a “tip off” by the Intelligence which manifested rather than an instance of vampiric aggression. No direct harm occurred to me as a result of my taking this photo.

This odd photo image simply calls the attention of the researcher to the ritual use of blood or other organic secretions and body parts in power-oriented alchemy and spiritist practices. Perhaps this ancient practice has a basis in observed reality. If so, modern dabblers in this area of research should take practical precautions.

The Tools of Magick Store
Recently, an informant from California phoned the Magick Mirror Space in Manhattan to assert that the occult store “Tools of Magick” in San Francisco had hosted human sacrifice events. This store was in the process of closing and the informant, having seen several of your present correspondent E. Macer-Story articles about black magick mischief on the web, wished to send me a photo of the store’s logo and display before it vanished from the Internet. I accepted these photo scans but did not exchange any information with the informant because the person telling the “human sacrifice” tale wished to be completely anonymous and was using a post office box registered to an anonymous person.

Beware of this strategy, my friends. Do not accompany such an individual who “needs help fighting black magick” into places where you might be alone with this individual or a group of people dedicated to “black magick,” and who are unknown to your family or friends. For it is possible that the informant, who claimed to be conversant with the some secret neo-Santeria practices associated with the black skull, red feather and cauldron displayed on the website photo of the “Tools of Magick” storefront sign, was actually the black magician, rather than the store owner. A black skull, red feather and cauldron are nothing but common stage props or illustrations in fairy tale books. The owner of the store had just closed up shop and left California. But, when questioned, the California informant could tell me all about the infamous Matamoros, Mexico “human sacrifice” killings, and how body parts of the victims were kept in a cauldron.

In this form of South American “black magick,” which is similar to European and Celtic necromancy and perhaps derives from the ancient Mayan and Aztec sacrifices of long ago, the heart of the victim or some other vital body part is removed and kept in the sorcerer’s special cauldron. It is believed that powerful spirits may then utilize the life force of the victim to materialize and do the bidding of the sorcerer. So, as the “Tools of Magick” Songbird intensely and cheerfully informed me, the victim chosen for such rites is usually very attractive and healthy. The disembodied “Intelligence” that fuses with the energies of the sacrificial victim does not need to go through incarnation and a natural developmental process. It can “jump start” right into some sort of palpable manifestation. But of course this process is not always positive for the sorcerer, since the powerful, diabolic Intelligence may then work through the conjuring individual, tapping vital energies and causing that person to completely lose any ordinary human identity.

Often, sensitive and intellectually-oriented persons, whether technical or aesthetic in aptitude, are vulnerable to attack or control by multidimensional Intelligences working through or in collaboration with nominal “creative historical reconstruction” or “neo technical” organizations. Sometimes these Intelligences will identify themselves as “extraterrestrials.” At other times, they will manifest the identity of “Crypto-Atlantean Priests of Yore,” the “Real Druidical Regents,” “Royally-Manifested Original Shaman Force” or some such grandiose but prehistoric form of religious royalty reawakened.

The key warning signal here is “ancient power systems awakened,” without practical reference to the modern cultural systems now prevailing or as a substitute for the real, mundane identities of the percipients. An ancient philosophy applied to contemporary events can only be philosophically mistaken, and perhaps may be illuminating only if enacted in civilized, contemporary context. Always, the more negative or misguided “black magicians” pull the mind/body of the percipient away from present material reality into the legendary past or into intergalactic distances, where these individuals may instantly become part of an atavistic and hierarchical royalist system.

A variety of unsolved violent crimes in the psychic research, anthropological and neo-technical demimonde may be due to the action of actual multidimensional entities “working through” individuals who have developed their psychic sensibilities without regard for preserving their own basic, material DNA identity, or even as an escape from ordinary, mundane identity. Possibly there is also a jet set black magical “power” cult which has stumbled onto (or preserved from antiquity) ways to harness mind/matter connections in order to produce “supernatural” or “super-normal” effects (perhaps involving the forced “As aboveÐSo below” image-matching of “sympathetic magick”). These cults may also be linked to blood sacrifice or a bloody sort of sado-masochistic sexual activity.

However, there is another form of “sympathetic magick” or “sorcery” which involves using only the innate abilities of the living person to make a “link” with an Interdimensional Intelligence whose body is simply energy of a different density. This type of creature has no need to take on a material physical body but has a body of its own in a different multidimensional form. As couriers of energy, these beings can assist in making a functional link between a small, ritual act and a larger “destiny-related” event, such as when a person lights a candle, prays to a prosperity angel and gets a pay raise. If there is Extraterrestrial Intelligence visiting this planet from other material, celestial bodies, that form of Intelligence may actually know more about these terrestrial, multidimensional life forms than is now documented in our present scientific canon.

Living and Dead Kirlian Leaves
Possibly these “devas” as they are called in the Hindu lore may actually be assisting positive Extraterrestrial Intelligence in establishing communications with human beings. Devas were thought to reside in earth and vegetable matter. Photos of a living and a dead leaf taken with Kirlian technique show a similarity. in the energies of the living leaf to the bluish “astral globes,” which appeared on film taken near naturally growing forest trees in the Adirondack area visited as part of the “Fluidice 2000” expedition.

Yet, on the Kirlian photo of the dead leaf, the bioplasma is still present but the color induced by the electromagnetic fields is red. On another photo of seeds on paper, which was taken during a research interview to record the covert dropping of a talismanic charm by a “peeled stick” sorcery practitioner, the same distinctive color of coral red infuses the paper on which the seeds are resting. There is a “blue chain” or snake of blue dots the same color as the turquoise Kirlian auras included in the same frame. The paper on which the seeds were resting was actually a plain white sheet of printer paper. The photo effect causing colors to register lies in some change of frequency of the light impacting the film emulsion or actual slight change of matter density in the area of the camera.(8)

Traditional sorcerers practicing an ancient art in contemporary context have much to teach scientists and healers, but it should be stressed that the actual act of leaving these “magic seeds” was subtle and covert. Somebody was definitely trying to “hex” me and this person was not donating holy water.

In order to understand the ways and powers of people outside Christian “establishment”-educated ways of understanding the world, it is necessary to be alert for such secret seeds. For if establishment scientists are ignorant of the mundane use of these very real subtle energies, they certainly may also be fundamentally ignorant of communications and technical techniques utilized by Extraterrestrial Advanced Intelligence.

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The preceding talk was presented for the S.P.A.C.E. seminars in midtown Manhattan in November 2000.

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(1) In the events described in the reissue of my book Congratulations: The UFO Reality (2000) and in the original Fluidice expeditions into certain “earth chakra” areas now published in e-book form as the Afterward 2000 of this 1978 book, there are many such events of “effects & artifacts” being generated from situations which, on the surface, seemed to have a different conscious agenda from the ultimately visible agenda which emerged under telepathic direction.
(2) Systems limited to “quantized electromagnetic atomic orbital systems” cannot explain telepathy or telekinesis because these systems do not admit effects from outside the quantized orbitals except by suitably quantized photons. Yet common sense observation tells us that interruptions of multidimensional energy into the linear, material continuum do occur to almost everyone in the form of precognitive dreams and accurate hunches; while reliable scientific observation also tells us that atomic orbital systems are quantized within a forward-moving time flow and cannot admit these non-sequential bits of information. This presents a situation of innate contradiction, which the “fluidice matrix” model addresses by creating a physics model that presents the possibility that the structural “traction fluidice” enters sequential registry from this matrix coding through the nucleus of the atom, causing a coherent shift in orbital arrangement. See Proceedings of U.S. Psychotronics Association, July 2001.
(3) For more technical formulation of these ideas with specific, scientific citations see the “Afterward” section of my Congratulations: The UFO Reality 2000 e-book, available from Or order copies of the technical papers from the “customer service” page of this same site. Online discussion of these concepts at
(4) See photos in Dark Frontier,
(5) Some of this research is included in the reissue of my book Congratulations: The UFO Reality 2000 in MS-DOS e-book format, or is available separately from [email protected] as the complete USPA 2000 lecture in secure Adobe format.
(6) There are specific wavelength and frequency numbers which might be used in this discussion but I am deliberately restricting the information in this talk so that persons without a technical background can understand the basic information.
(7) See U.S. Psychotronics Association proceedings 2000 “Fluidice” lecture video or order illustrated paper from [email protected].
(8) See Dark Frontier, “Artifact Arcade” section. Order paper or video with Kirlian photos from Quotes: Our subtle energy fields extend well beyond the physical shape of the body and our sensory/cognitive capacities extend beyond the brain/body mechanism in a very real physical sense. Animals may be able to receive the thrust of a directive via “fluidice traction” energy because they have not internalized the intellectual interpretive systems which clutter the reception hardware of human beings. The disembodied “Intelligence” that fuses with the energies of the sacrificial victim does not need to go through incarnation and a natural developmental process. It can “jump start” right into some sort of palpable manifestation. Misguided “black magicians” pull the mind/body of the percipient away from present material reality into the legendary past or into intergalactic distances where these individuals become part of an atavistic royalist system.