Source: UFO Report 8/78

One time TV regular Roy Thinnes debated for several years about whether he should tell anyone about a UFO sighting he had witnessed. After all, Thinnes was the star of the popular series, The Invaders, and talk of unidentified flying objects might easily have been taken as a publicity stunt.

But now that the series is over, Thinnes is no longer hesitant to speak about what flashed before his eyes one day: ” I was driving across the Arizona badlands in an old car when suddenly the engine died. I got out and started to lift the hood when I noticed a tremendous circular object in the sky, hurtling into the distance at an incredible speed, giving off color waves- first green and then orange. It made two right-angle turns, and then suddenly shot straight up. Within a couple of seconds it disappeared completely from sight. It was because of this experience that I was so eager to play the role of David Vincent in The Invaders.”

Thinnes is not very soft spoken when it comes to expressing his opinion of the U.S.A.F. investigation of flying saucers.

“During the years in which they were in charge of collecting reports, many individuals feared ridicule from government officials who displayed a continuing policy of poking fun at serious observers. I am fairly certain that numerous sightings went unreported because of this attitude.”