By Olav Phillips

For many years now I have noticed a constant ebb and flow of the self-titled “Disclosure Movement” and in that time I have observed a pattern start to develop which I think needs to be explored now. I think it’s one of those things that may not win me friends but I do believe that it is important to now discuss, but there is a danger because like many movements, in some ways “Disclosure” has become an obsession or a religion for some and that makes belief in it very close to the heart. So close it may obscure the truth and cause one to blindly defend that which is rationally false.

So what am I really talking about? Well, to be blunt I would like to argue to you that Disclosure is not only not coming but never was. That while there is a grass roots movement pushing for disclosure, as I am, many of the self-imposed leaders are either disinformationalists, misinformed or simplely ineffective. There are exceptions to the rule, always, but I think it’s fair to say that many of these self-imposed leaders are not actually serving the movement. I should also add that when I say Disclosure I mean the whole shooting match – UFO’s, Covert Operations etc..

Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. For a few years now I have commonly seen Pastor Lindsey Williams listed with shocking titles such as:

  • Why the Dollar Will Collapse in Feb 2016
  • Lindsey Williams Beware Market Crash 2015 Imminent
  • Lindsey Williams An Asteroid or Meteor will Hit the Earth on September 24, 2015
  • Lindsey Williams New World Order Announced on Sept 25th, 2015

That’s just four but I could easily go on. A quick search of Before Its News yielded some 14 pages of results, which were pretty much all wrong. I mean like not even close. At the same time I can go on his website and can easily purchase one of his 20 odd videos for $48 or I could buy gold and even supplements.

Or maybe we should look towards Gordon Duff, Press TV and Veterans Today? Duff has penned many an article about UFO Disclosure or coups in the United States or whatever – but who is Gordon Duff?? Well I wrote a whole article about it but long story short? He is the employee of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s IRIB, and yes he has admitted it. Not sure I trust him. Needs details? GO HERE!



But what about Jessie Ventura? You know I like Ventura and I think he is trying to expose these secrets, but he picked the wrong place to do it. I mean really wrong place. Now I know right now all kinds of people are coming out of the woodwork to praise Vladimir Putin, not sure that’s a good idea either considering his past track record and the fact he served as a KGB Officer, but the fact that he personally approves Russia Today’s budget and they pretty much slid into replace Pravda to become the Propaganda, Fake News, Disinformation Newspaper for the Kremlin. I mean seriously they even moved into Pravda’s old address! Jesse, I know you are fighting for freedom but having shows on a Russian propaganda network is not good. You should embrace online technology and do it yourself.

So I think at this point you’re getting the idea of what I’m saying. I mean there are more, so many more, but I don’t think I need to belabor the point – you get the idea.

Ok so back to the point of UFO Disclosure.

For some time now there have been numerous stories about Disclosure being eminent. One in particular, spun off a storyline which has lasted through this last election period, and I think it would be interesting to explore.

In August of 1995, then first lady, Hillary Clinton went to visit Laurance Rockefeller (uh oh Rockefeller – now that’s legit conspiracy discussion material!) at his ranch in Jackson Hole Wyoming. While there she was photographed carrying a book entitled “Are We Alone: Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life” by Paul Davies which, when discovered, kicked off a huge controversy. It apparently signaled that she was a UFO enthusiast hell bent of the disclosure of UFO Truth, or at least that’s what the self-described leaders of the Disclosure movement lead us to believe, because of course, they had done top secret briefings, had connections, and were pushing the agenda forward, or were they?

What is true is Hillary Clinton did seem interested in “getting to the bottom” of UFO’s. In the Conway Daily Sun she said “Yes, I’m going to get to the bottom of it,” and when pushed by reporter Daymond Steer. “I think we may have been visited already. We don’t know for sure.” Sounds like she wants to push a Disclosure Agenda, or at least pander to our crowd to get some votes which she did do to multiple niche groups.

What is undeniable is that John Podesta is really interested. During the same interview, she said ““He has made me personally pledge we are going to get the information out,” Clinton went on to say “One way or another. Maybe we could have, like, a task force to go to Area 51.” All the Disclosure pundits said Clinton and Podesta were the and many actually claimed Clinton would win because she was supposed to release the info. But how interested was Podesta really?

For my ten cents I would argue he was interested like many of us but he had other things to do as well.

A case in point – Edgar Mitchell requested numerous times for a meeting with Podesta but they didn’t seem to connect despite Mitchell sending messages like this:

“The urgency as I see it is to explain as much as possible to you and to President Obama about what we know for sure about our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe who are peacefully assisting us with bringing zero point energy to our fragile planet.”

In fact many times people sent messages to Podesta which he seems to have ignored.

Like this one from “UFO Lobbyist” and Paradigm Research Group Executive Director Stephen Bassett

From:[email protected]
To: podesta@xxxxxx
Date: 2015-02-13 17:25
Subject: Time to meet?

Mr. Podesta:

Isn’t it time for you and I to have a private, off-the-recor meeting?


Stephen Bassett


Now what’s interesting about this is the for years Bassett has been positioning him self as a Disclosure leader who getting connections and getting into the deep government.

From:[email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: 2015-08-18 10:28
Subject: Please review

Mr. Podesta:

It is certain this email contains nothing you have not already considered in depth. Nevertheless, it needs to be conveyed.

Any reasonable person would think it too early to predict whether Secretary Clinton will be the next President of the United States. Our elections now start too early and cost too much, but that is now the norm. Based upon input from multiple sources, it is increasingly apparent to me her candidacy is in doubt. Which is not to judge whether the onslaught arraigned against her is fair. Not my call.

Truth is I do not care one way or the other. What matters for the advocacy movement in which I am involved is whether or not the American people are finally told the truth about the extraterrestrial presence. That truth must come from the President, and the President is Barack Obama.

Whatever the future holds for Mrs. Clinton, at this time she very much needs a major change of subject – an issue so significant it transcends all others. That issue, of course, is well known to you.

The media is very close to breaking the Clinton/ET connection wide open. With that in mind, the equation would seem simple.

Wait for the media to arrive and be dragged into the truth process on the ET issue, thus reinforcing on a massive scale the meme that plagues her, OR, preempt the media and proactively speak to the issue and perhaps transform the meme overnight.

“If you choose to speak truth to power, it is not enough to select those truths which are convenient or safe or self-serving. You must speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth and place your fate in the hands of history.”

If I can be of help in solving the equation in such a way as to produce the most positive outcome for your candidate, I am happy to discuss that at your convenience.


Steve Bassett

What’s interesting about this email is the line below:

The media is very close to breaking the Clinton/ET connection wide open. With that in mind, the equation would seem simple.

We’re they really? No probably not. Granted she may have been interested but I don’t think this connection existed.

But he did ask his assistant to send a tweet about Mitchell’s passing.

“We should tweet something like Sad to learn of the passing of Edgar Mitchell, an American hero.

Ck his Wikipedia page to make sure that won’t seem too goofy. He’s A big UFO guy. Former astronaut.”

You know I always had the impression Bassett was connected but these emails and the 4 others in there don’t come across that way. They seem like cold calls but I do know he’s always trying to get hearings and circulating petititons but in Trump’s Washington, with the people he has been bringing into the cabinet – people who keep secrets – I don’t see those strategies working.

The other interesting leader is Steven Greer, MD of the Disclosure Project. Greer has for years, been out in front of Disclosure pushing for the truth. Releasing tweets like this:

Dr. Greer gave John Podesta (via an intermediary) a complete briefing on the UFO / New Energy subject for President Obama.

He’s had conferences, had generals speak but still no disclosure? I started to ask why? And I came across an interesting letter.

Greer claims that December 13th, 1993 he traveled to Washington D.C. to covertly brief James Woolsey
(CIA Director) on Disclosure and UFOs. Subsequently, Woolsey, along with his wife and several other people claim wrote a letter which denied there was a covert briefing and it was in fact, a dinner party where they sat with Dr. Greer and kindly listened to him. This resulted in a war of words with Woolsey as Greer claimed it happened and Woolsey said it didn’t’.

But what is interesting is if you look at the tweet above is interesting because he says he gave Podesta the briefing for Obama but oh wait – through a third party – what does that mean exactly. It’s also interesting because, as of late, the Disclosure Project has come under some fire with Edgar Mitchell, amongst others, expressing some concern of being associated with the project. Mitchell’s withdrawal tells you something.

Beyond that there is also this idea of shadowy government operatives working under the Cointel-Pro program or even better Operation Mockingbird. So what’s that you ask? Cointel-Pro was an FBI / CIA Program to infiltrate social organizations with agents who would not only report the activities of members but also provide provocation where needed. It was through the Cointel-Pro program that CIA and FBI agents infiltrated UFO groups such as NICAP and others. They were given the task of monitoring KGB Deep Cover Agents, or Illegals, who were joining UFO organizations to attend skywatches and take notes about secret aircraft, amongst other things.

Operation Mockingbird on the other hand was a program which recruited journalists, includingwell-knownn ones, into a CIA propaganda program. This program was extensively used over the years including a series of stories which claimed the A-12 (CIA Oxcart Program) was in fact a UFO.

The truth is that there is only one way to do research – do research. Everyone has an inside source, secret information or contact with aliens. The problem is that all these sources fail to move Disclosure forward.

Now that’s not to say Disclosure is not possible. The tragic story of Bob Oschler would seem to indicate that either a very sophisticated disinformation plan was in progress or the U.S. Government was indeed going to disclose the truth.

The story occurred by in the 1990’s and was aired as part of the Sightings television show produced by Henry Winkler and hosted by, yes this is true, Gen Tim White USAFR. On the show there was a story about a former NASA contractor named Bob Oschler who had been approached by Admiral Bobby Ray Inman after being suggested by Timothy Good. Inman starts to have a series of phone calls in Oschler who talks to Inman about a travelling road show with, I think, three trucks filled with artifacts including alien bodies etc. The logistics were going to be handled by the Barnum and Bailey company. Luckily for us Oschler didn’t trust Inman and taped all the phone calls which were played on Sightings along with a promo video and other things. People were shocked and Oschler was exposing this Disclosure operation. That’s when it happened.

Oschler gets a manila envelope from Canada in the mail saying it came from “Guardian.” Inside is aVHS tape which apparently shows a UFO landing attended to by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Of course Oschler exposes this and then suddenly researchers and journalists start exposing things about the video which eventually caused Oschler to leave Ufology.

Was he setup? I think so – it sounded awful Mockingbirdish.

So is Disclosure dead? I would suggest it never started. What has been ongoing to diligent work by researchers, investigators and hobbyists who want to understand the truth. Disclosure as a thing is like a get rich quick scheme. There is no easy answer!