(circa 1970)


Occult lore and religions tell of good and evil forces at work. The contactees speak of the “dark forces” and the forces of light. Could there be two distinct “forces” in the UFO Mystery, or are these “forces” trying to create a front in order for the earthlings to accept and worship them?

C. T. Adler writing in Searchlight Magazine, tells of the “fear group” represented by the “men in black”. They perform feats of ESP and have the ability to control minds to some extent,” he writes. “They threaten and spy on some of our researchers and reporters. They ride in dark cars, dress in black clothes. Sometimes they show symbols on their cars and clothing. usually something with a red lightning bolt.”

The lightning bolt insignia gets around, George Smith of Elizabeth, N.J., a UFO researcher plagued by the MIB around November of 1968, writes in the UFO publication Saucer News about a black Cadillac that parked outside his house:

“It was then that I noticed there were no handles or buttons on the doors, The car had four doors and big fins on the back. On the side of the front door was an inverted pyramid, with a ‘V’ with a bolt of lightning through it …. ”
It was also reported in the 1966 Ravenna, Ohio, UFO “chase.” As the report goes, Deputies Dale Spaur and W. L. “Barney” Neff were driving in Car 13 heading east along US 224 between Randolph and Atwater when they saw a red and white 1959 Ford alongside the road. Thet checked it out and found it filled with walkie-talkies and other radios.



A strange emblem was painted on the side. A triangle with a bolt of lightning inside it. Above the emblem was written the cryptic message “Seven Steps to Hell”. As they pondered over the strange car suddenly a huge saucer-shaped craft rose out of the woods.

The “lightning bolt” probably has a relation to the lightning associated with paranormal phenomena.

Adler continues in his article: “Next we have in this group the ‘big brothers’ who seem to be gaining so much popularity. These are the ones who offer peace and healing to the sick, if only we let them land and take over a farm, town, city or what-have-you. They tell us through their chief contacts that if we don’t stop killing one another that they will destroy most of our civilization for us. They tell us they are from other planets and also inside the earth. They have come here to straighten us out if only we will listen to their representatives. They can control weather and natural disturbances and if we don’t submit they will use all this power to teach us a lesson. Indeed, they have admitted killing a number of persons when it serves their purpose.”

Then he mentions the “peace group”, who “are very beautiful and radiate a light. They are not hampered by walls and doors as the ‘dark’ people are (the ‘dark’ people being the MIB). They have never claimed to be connected with the inside of the earth since the bowels of the earth have always been associated with ‘hell’, devils and fear. They, too, call themselves our ‘big Brothers’, but have never threatened any force or violence if we reject them. They too have warned that to do so is to perish….

The “hell” of theologians originally had nothing to do with the Devil and his diabolical tribe under the earth, Keel writes in the Alternate Horizons Newsletter:

“In very ancient times, the existence of an ‘invisible’ or parallel world was recognized and frequently alluded to in legend and lore. Before the churches edited and censored the original biblical texts, this ‘invisible’ world was the central theme of those texts, The word ‘sheol’ meant ‘invisible world’ but the Bible translators turned it into ‘hell’ and gave it a whole now meaning …. ”

Perhaps this “hell” is only another conception of the 4-D, the spirit world, etc.

Adler goes on: “My association with the ‘fear’ group — by chance and very brief The entire period was one of unrest, uneasiness, and even severe apprehension at being left alone in the house. Only in the light of day did I feel safe. My mail was tampered with and strange people began popping up. Although there was no definite contact I had the sense of an ominous force present. All this sounds like the beginnings of mental sickness and I can only say that I fought it with all the spiritual strength within me and emerged with renewed spiritual fervor and was stronger for it.”
One might compare the heavenly descriptions of Adamski and other contactees concerning their “spacemen” and the visitations of “angels”.

At Fatima, Portugal, some Catholic children witnessed what they thought was the Virgin Mary, a luminous angelic figure. Some 50,000 people who gathered to witness the recurring miracle observed in the sky an object that looks as if it were ‘detached from the sky” and became like “a polished silver disc, not blinding bright, with clear cut edges.”
Similar objects were seen and there occurred a Fortean sky-fall of some white substance from the sky. There were similar showers of white rain at Cova da Iria, notably on May l7, 1918 (on the first anniversary of the miracle) and On May 13, 1924.

In June of 1961 at San Sebastin de Garabanda, Spain, four girls witnessed the appearance of the figure of the Archangel Michael, or so they conceived accompanied by a sound like”thunder” (many UFOs are accompanied by thunderous sounds). The apparition was seen several times and spectators ( who never saw these angels themselves) commented that when visions appeared the girls would go into a trance-like rapture.

These trances also produced a weird phenomenon in which the girls, during their”raptures” (receiving messages by telepathic means), could not be moved, not even by strong men.

Most of the “messages” they were not allowed to divulge (neither are the contactees) though they often spoke of the punishment if mankind does not heed “the blessed Virgin’s message and the miracle. If it does not take place, then I know what it will consist of, because the Virgin told me, but I am not allowed to say. What I can assure you is that, if it comes, it is far worse than if we were enveloped in fire …. ”

The Madonna also spoke of punishment “if we do not change our ways”. Curiously, the description of the Virgin Mary greatly coincides with Adamski’s Venusian. The Madonna was described as having thin lips, being young with long brown wavy hair and a fine nose.

Adamski described his visitor as beautiful enough to pass for a wowan, (“an unusually beautiful woman”) with “a finely chiseled nose, about 28 years of age”, and his hair “sandy in color” that “hung in beautiful waves to his shoulders”.
Norwegian Edith Jacobsen and her sister Asta Solvang met a space being, as they thought, in 1954. The account published in Flying Saucer Review of London reads similar Adamski’s and that of the Catholic girls:

“He was of Medium height, had pleasant, regular features and long hair with a natural waves …”

Another case involving an angelic being comes from Resistancia, Province of El Chalo, Argentina, in 1963 (precise date unknown); in which the crew of a three- man freight train running from Presidencia la Plaza to Resistencia observed a tall being in a one piece garment, walking along the railway line towards them. He had a pale face, long hair, and carried in his hands what appeared to be the body of a small child “as though making an offering”. The apparition suddenly vanished by shooting up in the sky.

A few moments later the same entity was seen descending from the sky at Resistencia in
the garden of Justo Masin. The description by Masin is identically similar to that of the train crew.
The young girls at San Sebastin told of the Virgin Mary once appearing to them holding her “infant son”, as in the above case of the being with a small child.

Adamski-type beings have been reported off and on in the British Isles. On October 21, 1954, at Ranton, England, a Dutch housewife reported a disc-shaped craft hovering near her home. Inside, through transparent panels, she discerned two men with white skins,shoulder-length hair, wearing bluish “ski suits” (Adamski also told of his visitor wearing a
one-piece “ski suit”). Their expressions, while looking upon the area, was “sternly, not in an unkind fashion, but almost sadly, compassionately.”

Hans Lauritzen, a Danish researcher, related his experience with the beings behind the flying saucers. He had contracted liver hepatitis while in Africa in 1966. In November, 1967, while at the 7th International UFO Congress in Mainz, Germany, he was informed by a Swedish group that his name had been placed on the list of the space people and that soon he would be contacted.

On a UFO observation tour with four friends on December 7, 1967, he spotted “two great, dim, yellow globes”. Afterwards he began to walk away. “I walked in a semi-trance — like I was guided. I just walked. I felt a presence of something above, but I could not see anything. So I said — not loud — what was most important to me. I said: ‘Please help humanity. Please let me help you in helping humanity.’ A telepathic conversation followed …. They told me that I should give not receive. And that I should not be alone. And they said: ‘You are only standing here by the help of your friends. Then you also have to go to your friends.”‘

They told him he had “a very strong power” and that it would go stronger, This admirably fits in with the idea of those with some psychic ability being the most likely contacts and having their powers strengthened by these “forces.”
A short time later Lauritzen realized he was cured of his otherwise chronic hepatitis.
He continues: “Later on we discovered that we had all five been prompted to take a walk alone in the wood. One ofus was blinded by a strange bluish-light during his walk. We all suffered from after-affects, although they were not exactly identical for all of us.”

“Soon after the contact I felt the most pleasurable states of mind so wonderful that it cannot be described. At other times I felt such a strong fear and anxiety that I dared not go outside the house. At such times I was also most inclined to deny that anything had happened to me at all. After some months, such states of mind as sorrow, depression and desperation came, I have never experienced so hard suffering before. Gradually the effects faded.”
“If I could make a summary of it, I would say: It has been the most wonderful and pleasurable experience in my life. It has been the most horrible and painful experience in my life,” Note how much ofLauritzen’s story parallels with that of C. T. Adler.

According to witchcraft lore, possession in when the Devil will beset the person inside the body. One is more susceptible to this when destitute, alone or depressed (likewise a person can seem to be more attuned to these “forces” under certain states of the mind. Indications of possession include the revealing of secret and hidden information; speaking or comprehending strange languages ( common today in Voodoo ceremonies where participants will go in trance and in various religion ceremonies); displaying phenomenal strength and extraordinary bodily movements ( as the girls at San Sebastin and in Lauritzen’s experience who says: ‘Soon after the contact I felt like something was spreading inside my body. Something was moving up along the spine from the bottom of the neck and backhead, It was accompanied by a pleasurable feeling and made me stand up and make strange movements and turns.”); and reacting to sacred objects
(which occured in the poltergeist/possession at Gillingham, England, where the child was revolted by the sign of the crucific).

The revealing of secret and hidden information is interesting. John Keel in his UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse told of how these things behind this UFO-psychic-fortean mystery seem to have guided him to the answer. Other researchers have reported similar things — in which these “forces” give them the answer.

As a close observer of the UFO phenomenon, I have noted that the answer to this mystery slowly evolved. First there were the outer space theories, then the idea of an earth origin (that these beings and their craft come from an old earth civilization), 4-D … which gave way to Greenfield’s alternate reality concepts, the theories advanced by Palmer — involving psychism, and lately the new theory of Keel as outlined in his two books, Operation Trojan Horse and Strange Creatures from Time and Space. In my opinion, these answers could not have been reached without an outside influence.
Likewise, the course of society probably has advanced this way. Brinsley Le Poer Trench in his Men Among Mankind talks about certain men who appear upon the human scene whose thought and action have influenced succeeding generations.
Let us go back to the idea that these so-called benevolent forces, imbedded in biblical and occult lore, are nothing but a “deception”.

Keel in an article for Alternate Horizons Newsletter tells of “cult” in Denmark who received telepathic warnings of a nuclear holocaust that would end the world on Christmas Eve, 1967. But needless to say this was another “miss”.
Gustav Davidson, who has spent years on researching “angels” ( of all things), wrote in his Dictionary of Angels of encountering a “nightmarish shape” while returning home one winter night. He further wrote of being bedeviled by angels and that he could not tell good from evil.

Rev. Anthony De Polo of Boardman, Ohio who encountered an angelic space-type being near his home was involved in a serious car accident sometime after his experience. It was alleged (in public)

that the steering “failed because of a chronic steering mechanism fault”. But the car was going 25 mph and, at that, failed to negotiate a turn.

The purpose of religious orders, established by people who usually have “visions” — from Mohammed to Joseph Smith, could be to deceive mankind and make it worship these “forces”, to willingly accept their presence for whatever plan they have in mind for us.