By Kurt Glemser

In MIB by Robert Easley and Rick Hilberg, Mr. Easley states his belief that the MIB are the occupants of the saucers. UFO expert John Keel was probably the first person to bring this fact out. The most startling revelation in MIB is that Mr. Easley was shot at after he gave a UFO lecture. The shots came from a dark-colored car driven without its headlights on by two men.

Riley Crabb, director of the BSRA (Borderland Sciences Research Associates), in a letter to myself, two years ago, wrote:
“From the point of view of occult science, “men in black” are sub-human, elemental-type creatures with minds and etheric bodies but no hearts, no warm, blood-circulating system and thus no human feeling of love or pity or compassion. My guess in that the “men in black” are the Lucifer spirits from the moon, described by Max Heindel in his “Cosmo-Conception”.
“These are ‘fallen angels’ from an earlier evolution. To put one’s self under their control, as Al Bender did, in highly dangerous business and actually retrogression, In the Middle Ages such a contract was termed “making a pact with the Devil”, and it is dramatically portrayed in the Faust stories.

“In “The Secret Doctrine”. H. P. Blavatsky has much to say about the moon and its relationship with the earth. Earth-Moon form a binary system sharing one etheric double and the Moon is the senior partner. The “men in black” are etheric creatures, so they can move back and forth between earth and the moon with considerable freedom — and in the intrigues of both. Any UFO researcher who pushes into this deeper aspect of the phenomenon would do well to study ceremonial magic and learn some of the protective rituals which erect invisible but very real protective barriers in the etheric world.”
There seem to be several types of MIB. John Keel describes them in the May, 1969, issue of his magazine Anomaly:
“One group appears to be more psychic or hallucinatory than real. They appear and disappear suddenly in bedrooms and the witnesses often experience paralysis or a sudden rise in temperature during their presence.

“Another type now common throughout the U.S. is represented by men who travel in pairs. The same description is always given. One man is tall, blond (usually has a crew out), fair-complected and seems to be a Scandinavian. His companion is shorter, with angular features and a dark olive complexion. The blond usually does most of the talking while the other remains in the background. There seems to be several identical pairs of these individuals operating simultaneously in several states.

“Men with Oriental features, dark complexions, slight stature and a heavy, undefinable accent are also frequently reported. These men sometimes pose as salesmen or poll-takers.”
The fact that there are “several identical pairs of these individuals” seems to give credence to the theory of fallen angel MIBs.




“Members of groups the whole world over,” writes A E. Bran in Panorama, an Australian publication, “will know of various incidents where documents have disappeared, seemingly without trace, photographs sent to laboratories for analysis have failed to be returned and when questioned the authority concerned has just shrugged its shoulders and denied any knowledge of their whereabouts, Also, for some unaccountable reason, tape recordings and magazines mostly containing just general sighting information consistently fail to arrive at their destination.”

Mr. Bran cites the “Tully Affair” where a small case of exposed film was sent to the Kodak Ltd. in Melbourne, Victoria, from the Queensland Flying Saucer Research Bureau “containing visual evidence of several sightings”. It was sent through the mail in the usual way, with a 14-cent stamp, early in March, 1969. The container was received back two weeks later with a covering note, stating that it was empty on receipt by Kodak!

“It was reported to the police, and several weeks later the QFSRB was informed by a CIB detective that the films were then in possession of the Department of the Interior and the QFSRB would not be able to claim them!” writes Bran.
Bran observes that: “Films sent from UFO investigators to be processed by reputable firms, either do not arrive at their destination or disappear after printing.”

Instead of blaming the MIB (at least directly) or the space people Bran calls this mysterious element “Force X” — “ungodly influences on the psychic plane who try to prevent us from the attainment of the ultimate union with our cosmic brothers.”

It is from “Force X” which I derived the term “forces” alluded to this magical demoniac intelligence throughout this book.
There are rumours of the “54-12 Group” — a hidden power centered in the Federal government before which even presidents bow, and which is determined to sit on the UFO secret until it can discover the source of “free energy” used by the saucers , and thereby comer the market so that the oil industry may survive. Of course if it did exist, it would only be rumours anyway.

There have been similar top secret groups, alleged government conspiracies, referred to in the past. “The Silence Group” became popular in the 1950’s.

Then there were the “International Bankers” or “Interstellar Bankers”. Some Years back in Cleveland a UFO researcher was visited one night by three men in black suits driving an Eldorado Cadillac. The foremost claimed to be Otto Von Mobile, head of the “Interstellar Bankers”.

The association of German names with the MIB is not uncommon. Recently a stranger, identifying himelf as Gustaf Heinrich, telephoned various ufologists involved with “free energy” research and warned them to give it up. He speaks with “a German accent”.

A few years back Joseph Henslik of Greenlawn, Long Island, N.Y., was visited by two men who wanted some photographs he had recently taken of a metallic disc near his home. The men were deeply tanned, wore black trousers, black turtleneck sweaters, and jackets like “black smoking jackets or pajama tops”. They carried a slight Scandinavian accent and said that they were from the government.

Raymond Bernard in his book The Hollow Earth writes on the reports of UFO occupants: ” … The fact that these people not only look like us, have the same stature, and even speak with an accent (in many cases, a German accent), seems strange if they came from another planet… ”

The government “hush-up” policy is too obvious when we read of such instances as the following:

In 1959 John Lester told in the Newark Star-Ledger that a committee of fifty airline pilots were disgusted by the “ridiculous” censorship policies of the Air Force. Lester disclosed that civilian pilots who do not maintain secrecy on UFO sightings were subject to a 10-year prison sentence and a fine up to $10,000.

“When we report a UFO sighting to the Air Force, we are treated like blundering fools and told a bolt of lightning followed our plane for a hundred miles,” said one pilot.

Our secretive document on the CIA UFO panel in 1953 told that UFO organizations “should be watched because of their potentially great influence on mass thinking if widespread sightings should occur”. The report is cryptic, illogical, as if the CIA is trying not to “spill the beans”.

In 1955, 20 workmen in southern New Jersey were witnesses to a UFO. As they were getting off their job that day a man in civilian clothes gathered them into a meeting room. He told them to sign an oath of secrecy. Those who refused were warned that they needn’t “Come to work tomorrow — or ever again.”

During the 1966 Exeter, New Hampshire “flap” an Air Force officer went around purchasing copies of the Union Leader (Manchester, N.H.) that published detailed stories on the phenomenon. A correspondent for the Haverhill, Mass., Gazette was told by the USAF not to publish UFO reports. These cases were brought to light by Dr. J. Allen Hynek at a hearing of the Committee on Armed Services in Washington, D.C., in 1966.

Ray Palmer, the so-called “father of flying saucer” and a prominent ufological figure, revealed that “when the Shaver mystery was running in Amazing some FBI agents came to visit Shaver and spent two days with him. They told Richard that his stories were 25% correct!”

Earlier we mentioned that these “forces” will seem to guide people to the solution of this mystery, but why we cannot say. Why squelch information then give it out? Perhaps they want this thing to be gradual so that the public will not panic and kill themselves as in the Orsen Welles radio broadcast War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells, at Camden, N. J. It seems that they control most activity on earth and are seeing that our society will not fall into complete chaos.
Palmer adds that the CIA has been discrediting UFO research and financially supporting the contactees and far-out researchers (though we should discredit neither).

The defunct Canadian group, CAPIC (Canadian Aerial Phenomena Investigations Committee), ran an item by editor Allan K. Vezina in their bulletin UFO, November, 1967, about Canadian government secrecy. About their American counterparts he writes: “Some even informed me that the CIA and Secret Service were looking into their affairs.”

Vezina writes that a close friend who was going to do the vari-typing and plate-ma}.(.ing for CAPIC’s magazine was forced out of business when the man who owned the presses was arrested by the CIA for counterfeiting money.

“Another correspondent had to cease holding public meetings when she found CIA men in attendance with tape recorders,” he writes. “This person also began receiving complaints from her readers that they were not receiving their issues of her publication. I have had the same complaint and can find no reason, outside of theft by our useless postal authorities, as I know I sent every member an issue.”

He also cites the folding of Dell Publishing Company’s Flying Saucer-UFO Reports by the “powers that be”.

In James Moseley’s Book of Saucer News there in told the story of Olden Moore from Ohio, who on November 6, 1957, observed a UFO landing near Montville. Air Force investigators later came down, got him into a helicopter and flew him to an Air Force base whereupon he was flown to Washington, D.C. Two officers took him into a small room where he

underwent hard interrogation for three days, all the while trying to discredit him. The officers never left him, even sleeping and eating in the same room. Before leaving he signed an oath of secrecy.

Sometime later Moseley visited Wright-Patterson AFB and an officer confirmed the story but said, in effect, that Moore didn’t know what he was talking about. After the interrogation, I’m sure it seemed that way.

The Jaroslaw Brothers from Lake St. Clair, Michigan, who in January, 1967, took the remarkable UFO photographs near their home, said that during the course of the sighting they noticed several helicopters from a local Air Force base, and also photographed these. The pilots, when questioned, said they had seen nothing that day.

During the Wanaque, N.J., “flap” people reported numerous helicopters in the area. There was also reported that Air Force officials herded witnesses into a meeting room where they were told not to discuss their sightings and that they had seen nothing.
Wanaque had some other fascinating aspects. According to Ralph Rankow in Flying Saucers-UFO Reports several witnesses during a UFO sighting saw a Volkswagon dim its headlights and disappear. The “vanishing car” phenomenon has also been reported at Mt. Misery and crops up now and then in various instances.

In Japan, on November 19, 1963, a car vanished in a puff of gaseous vapor to the amazement of several witnesses. And some years ago in Los Angeles, a car was seen to go into a drain pipe. Police followed the tracks but found that they abruptly stopped at a certain point. Rumours have it that “Lizard Men” are living under Los Angeles.

In Kurt Glemser’s Men in Black: Startling New Evidence the author tells of the Oklahoma City UFO investigator, Tony Kimery, who was warned that he would be killed if he did not cease research on a designated date. About that time the prophecy was almost fulfilled when a car in which he was riding almost collided with a “black car”, He also reported that “my phone has completely gone haywire”.

Amid this Tony’s home was buzzed several times by an unmarked helicopter. He managed during one instance, to take black and white photos with his 35mm camera. The helicopter activity followed him once to a friend’s home.
In Ramona Clark’s The Truth About the Men in Black there is told the detailed story of a young researcher that involved mind control, nightmares, hallucinations, MIB, headaches, mental disorders, et al. The young man had discovered, from a news items that there was a car theft ring dealing in Cadillacs, Buicks and Oldsmobiles and thefts of license printing machines from nearby towns, in his area.

Richard Shaver cited the belief that thousands of Ford cars were sold to the underworld dero.

In the book Let’s Face the Facts About Flying Saucers by Gabriel Green and Warren Smith, there is described a report from South Miami Florida, in which a resident, on March 19, 1961, claimed to have witnessed a cigar-shaped object transport three new Ford Galaxies, with human drivers, near his home. Miami reporters only treated it as a joke, as they do anything else unexplained.

Dale Spaur and “Barney” Neff during the 1966 Ravenna, Ohio, “chase” encountered the Ford with walkie-talkies and the MIB lightning insignia.

If there is a government alliance — probably world-wide — with these “forces” when did it begin?

It could have been that our country was predestined to exist. Consider the Great Seal given to Thomas Jefferson by a black-garbed stranger, a recreation of the mysterious and ancient Petra. Of course many great civilizations seem to be guided by an outside influence — the Egyptians with their mysterious “dynasties”, the Mayans, who were a stagnant, primitive people before the “serpent people” came in their great silver “serpent ships”.

The state known as Nazi Germany, a mystical and bizarre order that relished world conquest, was, according to Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier in their book Morning of the Magicians, influenced by occult forces.

Adolph Hitler was fascinated by esoteric subjects, particularly the idea of a hollow earth, a belief that grew common among German scientists and the Nazi High Command. As Professor Gerard S. Kuiper wrote in Popular Astronomy in 1946:
“High officials in the German admiralty and Air Force believed in the theory of a hollow earth. They thought this would be useful for locating the whereabouts of the British fleet…”

There was an even stronger belief that a powerful, underground secret race emerged from time to time to walk amongst us undetected, underworld dwellers likened as god-men. The Nazis claimed that the Nordics, the Master Race, could only breed with these supermen in a mutation of a “new man” as Hitler called him.

In relation to Nazi Germany, Pauwels and Bergir are fascinated that “a nation’s destiny should have shaped their policy to some extent on mystical institutions.”

Rauschning believed without doubt that Hitler was possessed by forces outside of himself, demoniacal forces of which Hitler was only the “temporary vehicle”.

His birthplace, Braunau-Am-Inn, Austria, was called “a center for mediums”.

Several of the Fuhrer’s associates told of him entering into a trance where he would be in communication with these supermen. Records Francois-Poncet: “He entered into a sort of mediumistic trance; the expression on his face was ecstatic.”

Hitler referred to the Gypsies, Negroes and Jews as outside of humankind — a crossbreed experiment.

After the war there were found, by British agents, documents pertaining to top-secret experiments, beyond the technological capabilities of any world government. One wonders how a small country, crippled and defeated after World War I, could have risen in a few short years to only steps away from global domination.

We touched upon the Nazi’s interest in the hollow earth and as researchers of the inner earth know, the access points to this underworld lie at the poles. Is it pure happenstance that after the war every major nation began to take part in “scientific research programs” in one or both polar regions? In a three-year period, 1948-51 more men, money and material poured into antarctica than had been sent there in the proceeding two hundred years.

The Nazi UFO theory has had some support in the past, mainly among European researchers who had more access to this type of information than their American counterparts.

One man who took into account these ideas and facts was Edgar Simons, a Belgian ufologist, involved in a secret program to find the truth behind the UFO enigma. In August of 1967 Simons published a special edition of his popular newsletter on the relationship between UFOs and the Nazis. After this came a final issue in December, 1967. Then suddenly he stopped all research, refusing to give an explanation for his actions.

Then came two visitors, the Belgian secret police. They searched his home over and over and took back with them some pictures and publications.

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy, riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas, was brought down unexpectedly by an assassin’s bullet. Months before many people had “sensed” that something would happen in Dallas, from Jeanne Dixon to Billy Graham, but their warnings went largely ignored.

After this came the Warren Commission Report, sweet and simple, leaving most of the questions unanswered, as does anything official. Kennedy was dead; may he rest in peace.

On November 1, 1967, Roger Craig, 31, was leaving a Dallas cafe. Suddenly a pistol shot rang out, creasing the hair on Craig’s head just above the left ear. One of his companions had fallen to the ground while the other dove for cover.
Craig was a deputy sheriff on Nov. 22, 1963, in Dallas County, and at the time of the assassination, he had seen Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged killer, jumping into a station wagon driven by a “Latin”. Mere coincidence?

No, not when one is confronted with the eerie fact that 32 people who knew something or told something important about Kennedy’s death all died within four years!

Ten were outrightly murdered and in a most grisly manner. One received a fatal karate chop to the neck; one was killed by a machete and pistol; another, a female doctor was stabbed and burned in her apartment (she was working on a cancer-inducing experiment which she thought was responsible for some of the deaths); another was shot by her husband. Likewise, the death of Lee Harvey Oswald, as the others, is shrouded in mystery.

Four died in road accidents; one a hit-and-run case. Six apparently met death by suicide. David Ferrie died of “natural causes” (he is excluded from the suicide count here) but had left two suicide notes.

Three including Jack Ruby, died of cancer while two others died of a heart attack. One, “Maggie” Higgins, was killed in Vietnam.

The noted writer Dorothy Kilgallen, who in the I950’s broke the story of little men from saucers in possession of the British government, and Mrs. Earl T. Smith ( dying two days after Kim Kilgallen) died of undetermined causes. Two were killed by police, one in a police station.

In the book Were We Controlled? by Lincoln Lawrence — a pseudonym — (University, New Hyde Park, New York) there is presented evidence of”mind control” in the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy. Lawrence also mentions that the Warren Commission tried to steer clear of any such implication.

The author furthermore brings to light that somewhere in Argentina and Brazil, where many of the Nazi high command are hidden, a Germanic group planned the collapse of the stock market at the precise moment Oswald and the others were to kill the President.

In addition there is also told how psychiatrists, such an Roy Shafter, and attorney Dlli noted the “uncontrolled” behavior of Ruby, as though unable to control his body actions. Shadows of “Nazi-anti-Semitic” conversation was said to creep into his conversation.

Sirhan Sirhan, the convicted assassin of Robert F. Kennedy, is claiming to lawyers that he had no control over himself that night in June of 1968. During one instance in his cell he started climbing up the bars, without knowing what he was doing at the time.

Richard Shaver believes that deep beneath this Oswald set-up, dupes, et al, lurk the Dero with their mind-controlling “telaug” machine. He further adds that the death of Martin Luther King, another assassination wrapped in mystery, was part of a plan to cause a black insurrection. It did of course has serious reverberations.

Shaver says that Dag Hammerskjold died under the same circumstances of a “hidden conspiracy”, while ufologists have presented evidence that Hammerskjold’s plane was destroyed by UFOs. A witness to the crash, on Sept. 19, 1961, in Southern Rhodesia, Timothy Kankasa swore he saw a craft above the airplane. The object emitted beams of light resembling a “flaming torch”.

It in uncertain why JFK, RFK, King. Hammerskjold, and others were killed, unless it was to create warfare or, as we said, to liquidate those having knowledge to a mysterious factor in our government. Writes Shaver: “All of mankind’s great leaders die unnatural deaths — except an occasional one who knows some rules for avoiding personal destruction.”
We can find a remarkable parallel between the deaths of top political figures, Kennedy assassination witnesses, and investigators of UFOs.

Otto 0. Binder in his article in SAGA Magazine, January, 1970, tells of the strange deaths of UFO writers and researchers, The deaths include suicide, heart attacks, cancer, gun play, etc.

The purpose of a controlled society? To keep their stronghold on earth which has been slipping until now.
The purpose of the anti-war and anti-Establishment movements? To try to keep mankind in a peaceful state without continuous warfare.

With the country, and eventually, the world, awakened we will see a New Age. However, the shadows of evil will recede and, as today, society will be controlled.

And after this? The “forces” will strike.

Adolph Hitler was fascinated by esoteric subjects, particularly the idea of a hollow earth. Hitler also believed in a secret underground race, a race of god-men.

Some claim that Hitler was possessed by forces outside of himself and that he was a ”temporary vehicle” for these forces.

Associates of Hitler stated that he entered into trances and would communicate with the race of underground dwellers.
After the war documents pertaining to top-secret experiments were found. These were beyond the capabilities of of any
world government.


Ivan T. Sanderson in an article in Argosy Magazine (see “Visitors from Outer Space: Are They Real?”, February 1969) outlined various claims that man’s appearance on earth was a result of outside forces. Three major points were that this planet was “seeded”, that it has been interfered with by a superior intelligence, or that we are “owned” by something.

Of course, this is no more fantastic than the concepts of the scientific establishment who maintain man evolved from lower life forms, or religious fanatics who stand steadfastly on the biblical conception of Adam and Eve,
Charles Darwin’s own co-advocate of the theory, of evolution, Alfred Wallace, believed that natural selection was impossible as far as man was concerned.

Of course, we can envision that these ape-things were only bad experiments after the collapse of a world similar to ours at present. In 1869 an unusual piece of feldspar was taken from the Abbey Mine, near Treasure City, Nevada, embedded within an iron screw. Clearly visible were the screw’s taper and the regular pitch of its threads. The feldspar, in which the oddity was embedded, was 10 million years old — older than man’s appearance.

In the scholarly INFO Journal, Vol, One, No. Four, there is reported an analysis of the “Coso artifact”. a supposed “geode” which contains inside an object described as a “nail and washer”. INFO’s x-ray analysis showed nothing of the sort, but instead what appears to be of all things a “spark plug”. The rock itself is covered with an incrustation of fossil shells.

One wonders how many civilizations existed on this orb, great cities like out of some fantasy novel; cultures built by giants, little men, and all sorts of humanoid forms; continents such as Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria and the mystical fantasy-like Hyperborea; the lizards or dinosaurs that were dropped here; the emergence of man, perhaps the Nordic or Aryans being the prime culture with later groups being the Amerindians,Gypsies, Jews, and other groups; and to the present.

Archeological oddities, ignored naturally by the scientific bigots, include the finds of both tiny and monstrous-sized beings, At the number three Eagle Coal Mine at Bear Crooks Montana in November of 1926, miners unearthed two huge human molars in strata determined to be thirty million years old. In 1833, soldiers digging a pit for a powder magazine at Lompock Ranchos, California, found a twelve-foot skeleton in cemented gravel. Of course, the Bible asserts “there were giants in those days”.

But, I believe that these giants, even though dating beyond man’s appearance, were remnants from a much larger, older race, the traces of which were long destroyed.

In Octobart 1932, gold prospectors at the Pedro Mountains about sixty miles west of Casper, Wyoming, discovered the mummy of a tiny, man-like creature. He was dark brown, deeply wrinkled, with a face somewhat monkey-like in respects. Dr. Henry Shapiro, head of the Anthropology Department of the American Museum of Natural History, said that x-rays showed a small skeletal structure covered by dried skin, this obviously being of extremely great age.

In the 1920’s a three-foot mummy was found on a ledge in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, showing signs of being a few centuries old.

Remnants of the little people, like our giants, apparently scattered themselves into contemporary times. Undersized tunnels and stairways have been found in the pre-Inca ruins of Sachuaman and other South American dawn cities.
Of course we have our so-called freaks — the giants and dwarves said to be the results of glandular abnormality. Goliath measured about nine feet, during the time of August of Rome there was the giant Posio and giantess Socundilla both measuring some 10 feet, and history tells of numerous people attaining heights of such enormity,
Students of Atlantis say the Atlanteans were men of very large stature.

Dwarves have populated historical records as well, including such notables as Attila the Hun, Charles Third (of Naples), Pepin the Short, Gregory of Tours, and the historian Procopius.

What of the pygmy tribes of the African veldt, the Watusis (interestingly enough both groups dwell quite close to one another and will carry on trade), and the mysterious ‘Patagonian Giants” encountered in a region between the Rio Negro and Magellan Strait.
There are legends of the Cyclops. Frank Edwards in his Strange People tells that in a backwoods community in Mississippi there dwells at the present day a middle-aged Negro with a normal-sized eye in his forehead. Glandular disorders or some bizarre hereditary traits that linger among us from brief encounters with these other beings?

We have various races of people, white ones, black ones, yellow ones, and colors lost in time. Charles Fort speculated upon a great race of blue or purple Britons in ancient times, He cites the case of a blue child born in England. He also ponders the enigma of the ancient vitrified forts of Scotland, Ireland, Brittany and Bohemia, all surrounding England. The melted forts could have been built by people forced into the hills by these blue Britons, or the Azurians as Fort called them, the non-bluish races, their enemies, but their fortresses were assailed by lightning charges causing the stone to melt into glass.

Curiously these giants, dwarves, Cyclops, and other vanquished races seem to have emerged into the UFO scene riding aboard the flying saucers, the so-called humanoid operators. In the book, Humanoids Gordon Creighton analyses cases of saucer pilots reported throughout South America and places them into the following groups: giants, tall men, normal-sized men, tiny men, hairy dwarves, green-skinned creatures, and a hairy giant that admirably fits descriptions of the abominable snowmen. Are past civilizations scooped up, after serving their purpose, and then used for other purposes?

Where do vanishing people go? On June 5, 1964t at Pajas Blancas, Province of Cordoba, Argentina, a Buenos Aires doctor and his wife, wishing anonymity, reported that they encountered a cigar-shaped craft blocking a road on which they were traveling. After some time a figure approached the car and told them, “I am terrestrial(!) I am carrying out a mission on earth, My name is R-D-. Tell mankind about it, in your own fashion!” They did, but who knew what it signified?

We spoke rather frightfully of the union between world governments and these “forces”. It is an obvious fact that UFOs are sighted often times over military installations and Air Force bases. One such sighting involved a 56-year-old electronics engineer, William “Eddie” Laxton, who on March 23, 1966, while on his way to work at Sheppard AFB near Wichita Falls, Texas, observed a cigar- shaped craft land near him, He saw the ship in great detail and recalled that along its fuselage were the numbers TL 47(or 41)68. But most astounding of all was the mysterious fellow who clambered out of it. The pilot was wearing a mechanic’s cap with the bill turned up and had on “green-colored fatigues”.

“I got the idea that he had three stripes above and three below on his sleeve,” Laxton related. “The above stripes were in an arch and the below stripes were in a wide V shape.”

After Laxton’s sighting Air Force personnel hit the site.

“There were generals, majors, captains, sergeants, secretaries, and stenographers,” Laxton says. But after exhaustive questioning and investigation of the landing site, an officer finally said: “We’ll put down that you saw a helicopter.”
The UFO phenomenon seems to intertwine with our society, until it in impossible to determine if these craft originate from elsewhere or from earth bases established by our military. Of course we must envision that what we refer to as society is only an offshoot from the source of this mystery.

On the south coast of Peru there can be found the strange Nazca Lines, geometric configurations, outlines of men with their arms held aloft and many representations of animals. Some of the lines run exactly parallel for miles, others converge as railroad lines. Still others appear to go straight into the bases of mountains and then come out again on the other side at the same level and in complete alignment. These appear to be remarkably similar to the elusive
“canals” of Mars and of grid-like markings on the moon.

The moon, Mars and Earth all exhibit crater formations. There are hundreds of craters along the coastlines of North and South Carolina. In Mexico there is also a group of craters similar to the famous one in Arizona and of just the same size and appearance as small craters upon the lunar surface. Curiously enongh, these are recorded on aerial film made by the Air Force and are marked “classified”.

For years astronomers have watched with disbelief as lunar craters appeared, disappeared, changed into diffuse, nebulous, brilliant white spots, exhibit weird lights and encircling mist, and sometimes light up with an inexplicable glow.
Fort in his New Lands records various meteoric rocks found in Arizona: Feb. 24, 1897, a great aerial explosion over Tombstone, a meteor fell at St. David; Sept. 12, 1898, thundering noise at Tarnell and “a large meteor struck the earth at this time”; July 19, 1912, 50 miles from Crater Mountain came a loud detonation and a great fall of stones (note: do stonefalls and meteors have a relationship?); Aug. 18, 1912, a month later an earthquake at Holbrook.

Now if we concede earth is only a colony of sorts, that we are and have always been at the mercy of other forces, what of the conception of a soul?

The “souls”, astral bodies, or spirits could be electromagnetic forms existing in a chemical body, a chemical universe. This would admirably fit within the concept of reincarnation (which is quite valid) — the transmigration of the soul to another body and of course the idea of life after death.

In Carl Jung’s Flying Saucers: A Myth of Things Seen in the Sky there is told of a dream case involving a woman who dreamt that she was standing at the edge of the earth, staring at a flying saucer. Inside were the souls of the dead which the ship had carried off from earth. Shortly after the dream, Jung reported the woman died.

Ancient cultures hold beliefs of the soul taking a journey to an exotic land at death on up to the Christian belief of a heaven and hell as derived from these ideas.

Besides carefully screened cases of reincarnation, there is the widely reported astral projection most frequently reported in MIB cases.

At this point, the reader might sit back and ponder what Charles Fort said in his writings “we are property”.