by Olav Phillips

Originally founded in 1924, Pittsburg High School has served the community of Pittsburg for over 90 years. A pillar of the community, it has produced many amazing athletes such as Eddie Hart who won a Gold Medal in the 1972 Olympics, John Henry Johnson who is regarded as one of the greatest fullbacks to play in football and of course Regan Upshaw who went to Super Bowl XXXVII with the Oakland Raiders. In recent years the marching band has also gained some notice having been featured in the 2009 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as well as 2013/2014 New Years Parade in London. But even with all that success, there is a dark side to this much-hallowed school.

For many years now it has been reported that there are three distinct hauntings which reside within the walls and halls of Pittsburg High School. History is sketchy on the source of the hauntings, but their reports litter the Paranormal world.

The first haunting is of a very indistinct nature. In the little theater on campus people have reported a presence. Nothing definite, no manifestation but a presence never the less and that feeling of being watched, peered at through the darkness bothers the little theater’s many visitors.

The second haunting appears to track to the mysterious and long-lost story of a girl who hung herself in the school’s darkroom, for reasons unknown. As a result, when a visitor enters the dark room they feel her overwhelming presence and many have reported feeling cold and uncomfortable with shivers latterly running down their spines.

The last haunting believed to occur at the school is perhaps the most disturbing and appears to be related to a story of a man who was shot to death on campus. So the story goes, verification has not been made, of course, a man was shot some 18 times in the hallways of the school and if you happen to present at the wrong time and of course in the wrong location you can still see a vision of him running down the hallways, screaming as he runs for his life. The truly disturbing part of this dark manifestation is that if you are a witness to this event you can even hear the shots being fired as the man is running so take cover and stay out of the way.



The school is, of course, an active school, playing host to over 2200 student each year, and your presence is probably not wanted on campus. So for this one, you will have to study from afar, but as it has been recorded this school is very haunted.