by Eugenia Macer-Story

Amazingly, a bit of casual map dowsing first made the solid connection for me between UFO “spirit light” phenomena and what appears to be an ancient form of organized crime. A friend with an interest in “high incidence” UFO areas had asked me to dowse a map of upstate New York area for geo-hotspots (Earth chakras), where we might experience the classic “UFO lights” and other phenomena.

The area my pendulum hit on the map turned out to be a restricted enclave on a steep hill with a zigzag road and artificial landscaping. As we drove up the hill, people came out of their houses to scope out the car, quietly apprehensive and custodial of the place. They seemed to be the same type of people one might have seen on the streets of Little Italy, in New York City, during the heyday of flamboyant, late-20th century mob activity there.

A scene in the film “Angelo, My Love,” a tale of contemporary Gypsy lore shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 1983, came to mind quite strongly as a link between the quest for “UFO places” and the tight situation on the landscaped road. Most of the supporting roles in that film were played by people I could visually recognize as the clerks and proprietors of actual shops on West Fourteenth Street, where I had recently shopped at that time. So the anchor to my memory of the film itself was that there were “actual people” documented as supporting a live tradition of storytelling.

At one point in the film, the characters discuss seeing aerial spirit lights “in the old days, in the camps.” As we advanced slowly upward on the landscaped road on a “UFO light” quest, the “city type” individuals now active in the country caused me to recall the cinema tale in which the boy, Angelo, is seeking his inherited magic ring – a piece of jewelry stolen by rogue Gypsies of a rival Gypsy lineage. I thought then of the New York City poet “Rose,” and her accounts of Sicilian sorcery and folk magic from the island country of her origin.

Much that law enforcement officials studying “terrorist” activity may not understand lies in the type of association made on the “rigged road” found by dowsing an ordinary map of New York for a relevant “UFO light” area. Authorities may not fully comprehend that the spirits, angels, and/or demons conjured by traditional sorcery practice are actual, and can have a perceptible tele-hypnotic effect on a variety of circumstances.



Thus, “detectives” and like-minded investigators do not see (or pretend not to see) interdimensional effects “out of the corner of the eye,” and so cannot solve certain high-profile criminal cases, not the least of which involve the activities of “Al Qaeda” or “Isis.” FBI counterterrorism expert Joseph Billy, Jr. is on record as stating that as far as attempted contraband missile sales go, the Italian mafia, Russian mobsters, and Asian mafia are conduits terrorists might use for infiltrating the United States.

Matt Heron, head of New York City’s FBI unit, has commented to the Associated Press that “They (the mafia) will sell to a terrorist just as easily as they would sell to an order of Franciscan monks.” As author Joseph Farrell stated during a recent “Church of Mabus” interview with Jeffery Pritchett and Andy Colvin, one should not in present context forget that Nazi SS officer Al Husseini, aka the “Grand Mufti of Jerusalem,” was the uncle of radical Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat.

There is an active Middle East connection between bandits moving contraband on the modern “silk road” between the mountains of Asia and the international markets in Eastern Europe and China. Exact connections between current visible political leaders in the Middle East and the “silk road” tradition of unaccountable commerce will not be discussed here, because no one exactly knows those unwritten covert connections beyond speculation that the latest crazy bomber or ousted dictator might, with available cash flow, take refuge in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile, or Argentina. But there is a visible connection to neo-Fascist elitism.

Joseph Farrell tends to sidestep the “occult” presence in these hereditary clandestine arrangements. He much too facilely calls neo-Nazi claims of achievement in the “UFO” arena fantasy or hoax material. The fact is that extensive research was done by the Nazi Ahnenerbe (Folklore Research Operations) under Karl Haushofer.

Although it is on record that Haushofer tried several times to eliminate Hitler and to defect from the Nazi regime, he was not successful and ultimately committed suicide in prison after his son, Albrecht Haushofer, was arrested during the failed July 20, 1944 conspiracy to assassinate Hitler. There is an “occult” aspect to historical process in this complex context, which is seldom dealt with by political analysts.

In his book Inside The Third Reich, architect Albert Speer comments: “Hitler put the blame for Hess’s flight [to England] on the corrupting influence of Professor Haushofer. Twenty-five years later, in Spandau prison, Hess assured me that the idea had been inspired in him in a dream by supernatural forces.”

Maybe that dream was actually due to a supernatural force, and not simply the fantasy of a sensitive man under extreme stress. Although, probably, there was a snitch within the failed conspiracy to eliminate Hitler.

Yet many SS-connected individuals did escape by various means during and at the end of WWII to South America, Canada, and other areas of the world, taking among them persons with information related to Haushofer’s “geopolitical” occult folklore research, and also to the “silk road” contraband organization, active since antiquity in transporting opium, fine fabrics, gems, and weapons.

In my first book, Congratulations: The UFO Reality, I describe humorously certain neo-Nazi occultists who telephoned me in 1977 when I was doing research in the midst of a “UFO flap” in the Boston area. They wanted to sell me the book UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapon?, and to demonstrate their ability to make a needle float on water while I was on the phone with them. The needle sank, but I ordered the book from an address in Canada anyway. Leave no stone, however strange, unturned in this area of inquiry.

When my own book came out in 1978, the publisher’s office and apartment building in Los Angeles were torched from four directions. Fortunately, the psi-research group I was working with, Mobius, was able to buy cartons of Congratulations: The UFO Reality in a literal fire sale, and sent them to me in Hoboken, New Jersey, where I was living at the time.

But the fire brought clearly into view the reality of a swastika-oriented contingent of hypersensitive “true believers,” if not evidence of extraordinary mental ability. In fact, the fire itself, ignited from four directions, was fairly stupid as a tactic, demonstrating to the observer the type of crude metaphysical belief system behind the arson.

These fires actually caused me to continue to study and write about rogue occultism of several sorts, including the Treta Yuga “Thantatos” adepts described in my 2003 book, Doing Business in the Adirondacks: True Tales Of The Bizarre And Supernatural.

There was another such covert slip-up quite recently, just after I had listened to the archived Joseph Farrell lecture. Shortly after the end of the interview on Paranormal Radio, all hell broke loose in my computer. This cyber affliction included: 1) a sudden interruption (not restart) of DSL transmission; and 2) a by-now-familiar effect involving “ink system failure.” At this cue, there is never actually a failure of the ink system. This message is followed by the message: “Improper shut down; turn power off, then on.”

What the dutiful printer mechanism is recording is an interruption that gives the printer system the impression that the power source has been fluxed – as when a power switch is flipped off and on. This intercept had fried the Zip drive somehow, and it was magnetically locked onto the disk. The zip disk was fused inside the case and I could not remove it, even with needle-nosed pliers.

Looking back on this cyber interruption adventure, I noticed one positive result. My desktop computer, which previously had been slow in starting, now starts faster. Maybe the wireless “interrupt” improved the system or is programmed now to start with the system. Who cares? It is a mistake to fight on a lower level with this type of situation. Simply noting the possibility of negative attention is actually a good defense.

Because of the circumstances, the interruption could be strictly mundane surveillance, or it could be a combination of occult/supernatural techniques and technical expertise. In a similar situation, which occurred prior to the advent of the Internet and is discussed in the book The Black Alchemist by Andrew Collins, the recipient of obviously cued intrusions began to respond speculatively to these events (usually involving odd “found” objects or phone calls) and thus brought into being a strange and damaging scenario.

My opinion is that Collins did not imagine the provocations – which may have come from sophisticated high magick involving angelic/demonic presence – as being other than human game-playing, and so did not heed the advice of all exorcists: “When the Devil speaks to you, do not answer.” In other words, one can describe the odd behavior of an intruder or person outside the window without entering into an actual discussion with that person, which creates a shared energy situation.

At one point, Collins identifies the “force” connected with the opponents he describes as human magick practitioners acting covertly as “Isis” or the Egyptian goddess “Urt-Hekau,” associated with mental serpent power. He had done elaborate research, which of course, simply fueled his credulous elaborations into the diabolic scenario of his alchemical opponent, imagined by Collins to be a male human (with a female accomplice) wearing a black cowl for a solo ceremony at a landmark “ruined” chapel.

But could Collins have been facing a “force” of mental power quite different in essence from the conventionally described antics of the human protagonists he thought he observed when he wrote his book? He does seem at moments to realize the concept of non-human energy channeled through a living person but loses this mental thread in analytic afterthought.

In these alchemical investigations, Andrew Collins was working with a psychic using the pseudonym “Bernard.” In the following passage, he described “Bernard’s” encounter with the apparition of a woman channeling disruptive force:

As Bernard drew within three feet of the black-cloaked woman, the deafening roar of the wind climbed in pitch and power as she began to reach out towards him with her right hand. He was tempted, even though he knew it was a terrible risk. Yet he knew that if he wanted to make contact with her mind, then it was the only way.

Therefore, with some slight hesitation, he took hold of her hand as an almighty gust of wind tore viciously through the treetops, engulfing the entire area and nearly knocking him off his feet. Contact with his adversary sent electric shock-like jolts through his arm and into his body. He flinched twice at the immediate pain. Yet it was too late to go back. The two minds had now become one.

As images and impressions began to flood into his mind, he knew he was now linking directly to her very thoughts. Yet he realized it had its price, as he felt her searching his mind for similar answers. His breathing became erratic, and an expression of mental torment formed on his face as the full power of the radiant apparition surged into his body.

Yet, as we learn, these images were not originally from the woman’s individual experience or imagination, but from a sorcery ritual designed by another mind connected with the storm wind Andrew Collins and “Bernard” were experiencing at the same time.

Andre VandenBroeck describes in his book, Al Kemi Hermetic, Occult, Political, and Private Aspects of R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, elaborate ritual procedures undertaken by this well-known Egyptologist and occult scholar. In the course of his alchemical apprenticeship, VandenBroeck discovers amid elaborate disciplines that his gentleman mentor holds extremely elitist racial and social opinions.

Schwaller de Lubicz’s wife, Isha, who was excluded (as a woman) from his traditional alchemical practice, has written a book entitled The Watchers, about powerful interdimensional beings who supervise and control human activities.

Could Andrew Collins have encountered this elitist level of alchemical expertise in his dealings with the “Black Alchemist?” Moreover, is this elitist mental tinkering – wherein people are hypnotically channeled as pawns – linked to the “Thantatos” sorcerers, individual adepts traveling outside linear time from the Treta Yuga, many millions of years ago?

Might this type of “force” link itself to “mob” and “silk road” sorcery under the elitist supposition that street-level human criminals could be easily manipulated, since they had supposedly accessed simple Satanic black magic – when the reality was quite different, extending back into antiquity with inscrutable historical goals?

This perspective can also be applied to the use of “psy-ops” (by whatever country or contractor) to undermine the individual self-confidence and/ or opinion structure of those regarded as “less” than the initiated “black ops” adept, as described in the recent article in Rolling Stone magazine, “Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators” (February 2011).

Here also we have the obvious situation that persons malleable to psy-ops training and elitist assignments may actually be high-level criminals, in the same sense as the elite Third Reich SS or more overt Fascist militias. Those psy-ops agents (undercover operatives of whatever government or contractor) may also fit the pattern of the employable hereditary “mob” sorcerers mentioned at the beginning of this chapter. But fortunately, as in the tale of the Gypsy boy, Angelo, all people gifted with a bit of mental magick are not malevolent.

Likewise, all interdimensional creatures (angels, elfin, or demonic) are not always “evil” in effect. But these beings cannot be completely understood in terms of simple human agendas. Here’s where the occult conspiracy or sense of “supernatural conspiracy” often occurs. There must be a pact of cooperation, within an agenda, which the human mind and sensory apparatus cannot quite understand.

Because the mind, at any particular moment in spacetime, may not realize the full implications of any incident noted as unusual or synchronous, sometimes it is best simply to describe the incident without excess interpretation. For the cosmos talks to us not only in spoken language, but also by talismanic presentations, a situation beyond symbolic analysis or exegesis.

Recall now the mention of the “Ink System Recovery” incident involving the archived Internet interview with author Joseph Farrell, radio host Jeffery Pritchett, and synchromysticism researcher and co-host, Andy Colvin. This signature “intercept” occurred several times, after the meltdown of the Zip drive, when accessing certain cast correspondence about my recent play “The Fish Catcher Experiment,” and once when accessing a Facebook message thread, with Andy Colvin. At no other times did the triggering occur.

But there is a synchronous postscript to this “Ink System Failure” intercept, which questions any ordinary human origin for this signaling. When drafting the portion of this paper that refers to the work of Andre VandenBroeck on “Al Kemi,” I thought I recalled I had put the book in a special file on malevolent incidents, which I keep in a basement annex far from my sleeping area.

So, I went there to find that book, but it was not in the file. (This book will most probably turn up somewhere else later.) I did notice in the annex file some manuscripts of violent plays by another playwright, briefly my student in New York City. A writing pen was also in the file. Without thinking of this placement of the pen, I took it upstairs and into the house with me, and later attempted to use it while drafting a poem. It would not write normally, and seemed to be unusually thick in diameter.

I originally crossed out a few lines I would need to copy or revise, and then realized that the pen itself was affecting my mental state – my literal ability to write. I looked at it carefully. It was dark blue, and on one side, in neo-Gothic lettering, was written the word “Inc.” and then some worn, illegible lettering, and in small font, the word “pen.”

I knew immediately that this was intended to be a supernatural blockage on my writing, with the word “Inc.” referring both to the ink in the pen and the concept of a corporation. I threw the pen into the garbage, and used a regular pen bought at a convenience store. Then I thought differently about the “Ink System Failure” cyber incidents. Maybe these were not originating from a conventional human surveillance source.

It has been claimed that the World War II Nazi leadership was possessed by demons brought on by misusing ancient sorcery systems, including the Nordic, Tibetan, and East Indian. Maybe this is actually the case. Maybe the men or women in black seen by people on various occasions are actually supernatural appearances, or people puppeted by such intelligences. So the “control” factor perceived by some conspiracy theorists and/ or anxious witnesses may lie in the reality of other dimensions of intelligence – other worlds.

Recall here the experience of “Bernard” and Andrew Collins with the powerful apparition of the woman in black channeling electric shock-like energy. Also in Collin’s book is a an illustration of the “Formula Of The Crab” as set forth by Zosimos of Panopolis, the Greco-Egyptian alchemist of the fourth century A.D. This formula was originally published in Alchemy: The Philosopher’s Stone by Allison Couders, and matches certain inscriptions on spearheads left by Collin’s supposed “Black Alchemist.”

After research, Collins came to the conclusion that the entire inscription, except for the obvious “crab,” was entirely comprised of nonsense symbols. But to what purpose? Are ancient texts trying to notify posterity of nonhuman intelligences active in sorcery situations? Certain of the sigils attributed to the Italian magus Giordano Bruno also contain this type of germlike symbol, but without the long flagellum.

Might some of the knowledge available to Zosimos and Giordano Bruno still be active in the deeply concealed folk traditions of the Middle East and Mediterranean regions? If so, we need to pay attention, not only to the spell-casting possibilities, but also to the sightings in Loch Ness and other locations worldwide, which show the outlines of creatures, at great depth, with several short legs or flippers, a stout body, and an extended long neck.

Are these creatures intelligent and telepathically gifted? Is this the dreaded secret of the ancient alchemists and can communication with these life forms be deliberately harnessed? Millennia ago, were these allied to the powerful Thantatos intelligences?

It is a fact that when I typed this last sentence on my laptop, there was a “ding” on the DSL, and the printer mini-screen displayed “Ink System Failure.” Symbolically, this may indicate that as has been known from antiquity, the language of Al-Kemi cannot be written – only indicated in writing.

Printed with the permission of New Saucerian Press